Welcome to Real Food Radio! This week Nicole interviews Emily Callahan, a Registered Dietitian with over a decade of experience in the world of nutrition and public health. She started her career working for the American Heart Association and the AHA and national academy of science engineering and medicine. She currently consults with national organizations and specializes in health and nutrition research, communication and policy, and as a science writer and editor. Today we talk all about bias and credibility in nutrition research. 

  • What does “evidence-based” mean? What are the pros and cons of an evidence-based practice?
  • Why nutrition research isn’t black and white and how that impacts nutrition advice
  • The difference between the absolute and relative numbers in research
  • How public relations and journalism impact the way the public receives nutrition research
  • The role of bias in nutrition research. Can we trust industry funded research?
  • Best tips for identifying solid nutrition information
United States


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