In this English podcast about Mother Nature, we are talking about Mother Nature and some of the powerful things we have seen this year: earthquakes, hurricanes, flooding, and droughts. In the Real English Tip, we have some advice that is easy to apply and it can really help you to get motivated and start seeing progress with your English skills.

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English Podcast about Mother Nature
When we talk about 'Mother Nature' we are talking about powerful forces that are caused naturally by the earth. Some examples are volcanos, earthquakes, hurricanes, snow storms. Nature is very powerful compared to the structures we build to protect us! An earthquake can collapse a huge building in seconds or cause a massive wave (a tsunami). These

This conversation talks about some natural disasters we have seen during 2017 and some of the ways they have affected the people and communities where nature has caused devastating disasters that have caused many deaths as a result.
United States


00:00:00hey everybody it's Curtis from real English conversations and in today's conversation lesson we're going to talk about Mother Earth and her powers and for the real conversation tip we're going to give you some small goal setting advice to keep you motivated this is the real English conversations podcast to be able to confidently use your English in the real world
00:00:32before we get started with today's conversation I would like to take a moment out to thank you and each and every one of our loyal listeners because we know that you appreciate all the hard work and dedication that we put into these lessons and how they continue to be helpful to you as a way of showing your appreciation for the work that we continue to do and help our podcast to be known by other people we are asking that you take the time to tell one person that you know about this podcast that you think would be interested in it it could be a teacher or could be a friend that you know that is also learning English this small action will make a big difference to make sure that real English conversations continues to produce these awesome conversation lessons for everyone to enjoy or weather
00:01:32make sure what do we mean when we say that when we talk about mothers or Mother Nature Made into a person and we talk about it as if mother has power and she's able to do things that are really powerful and almost beyond our will they are beyond our control and often times it's more than we can comprehend so for example the Earth can produce very very powerful weather systems like tornadoes and hurricanes Heavy Rain that can cause landslides and that sort of thing and it can also affect weather patterns like droughts and flooding right and we've seen a lot of these different things happening within the last year and then we have other natural phenomenons that are like earthquakes
00:02:32pure options so this is what we mean when we're talking about Mother Earth's and her powers those are like the forces of nature that happen but almost seems like it's up to to produce these unbelievable things that happen things back to how they should be and it's really talking about how human civilization and the things that we build can't withstand the power of these natural events and I think that I don't know it's really hard to explain how we are people we build houses and cities in certain areas and Mother Earth can just come along and do something and Destroy them or just affect people's lives in what seems like in an instant
00:03:26so there's a few things let's start by talking about some of the floods and then some of the dry periods and we can actually talk about how British Columbia Canada was affected by these early in the spring this year so where we used to live in Kelowna BC they had crazy flooding in the winter time they had a lot of snow and it developed a snow pack they call it snow in the mountains so what's it started to get warmer that's snowpack started to melt but even more so they had a more than normal amount of rain higher than average amount of rent it doubled the amount of water in that in that area which caused flooding
00:04:20and Okanagan Lake was it's a very very large like it's more than a hundred kilometers long and I don't know how many feet it was above the maximum capacity of it I think maybe 8 Theater it up to me or something like that and anybody on the lake had sandbags and they were trying to keep the water out of their houses that flooded basements really really strange is never like at what does it happen every 400 years or something after the rain stopped everyone was happy that they accept the rain didn't start again and I got really really dry and during the summer always it's forest fire season this year was particularly bad and they are quality was horrible there was smoke in the air so thick it was blocking the Sun and dozens of community
00:05:20affected by the forest fires it's crazy because no rain for 2 or 3 months with warm temperatures and the forest labor and so easy so it went from one extreme to another flooding to fires and so dry they actually needed all of that rain in the worst possible time they needed that rain to happen and it didn't yeah and maybe all that rain was happening in Puerto Vallarta cuz we had a shortage of it and I'll give them in September that's for sure but yeah and then there were actually more devastating things that were happening and mother nature was being very very strong and showing her Mighty power with a couple of strong earthquakes that hit Mexico
00:06:20and then the second one was 7.1 I think yeah and the first one affected where was it in Oaxaca Oaxaca and then the second one was in Mexico City right and what was really Quince essential in a horrible horrible way was that the second earthquake that struck Mexico City happened on the same day as an earthquake that they suffered 32 years ago in 1985 and that earthquake in 1985 kill 10,000 people and it was very very devastating so what they do now as starter Lake earthquake awareness and preparation training they have these drills on the anniversary of that earthquake to help train the citizens and help them evacuated properly in try to minimize the amount of deaths that they would experience if there was another earthquake that occurred
00:07:20girls would be an earthquake drill if you're preparing for fires maybe you like in in school or if you would have a fire drill in a reaction go to the specific assembly area so anyways these workers in Office Buildings had just returned back to their desks after completing the earthquake awareness drill when the real thing happened on the same day as an earthquake that happened 32 years earlier this right what are the chances of that I mean it just horrible so there were a lot of buildings that collapsed there weren't as many people that died. Perhaps the buildings were stronger perhaps if people knew what to do or combination of both but very very powerful to think about how the Earth is thinking maybe not thinking but this is the way they
00:08:20yeah it says I need to readjust that tectonic plate let me just move it around or the pressure builds up so much that it has to move and on top of the Earth's crust is this Mega City with millions of people and it just shakes it like nothing there what made it so much stronger is that Mexico City is built on a lake bed so it kind of intensifies things right I think it amplifies the effects of the earthquake this crazy I think about building that maybe is 60 stories high yeah being able to just be shaken by the Earth some of these buildings just crumble too focused on the power over it that's what I mean about this massive City and how the Earth and the tectonic plate does an adjustment and it just it shakes it like
00:09:20yeah it's as if the city isn't even there and we know how much a building weigh is and how fragile are human lives are and are federal buildings are they can be affected by that something else that I think we had the awareness of how destructive wind and rain and where did we see that this year three major hurricanes that happened almost back-to-back one after another but they were some of the most powerful hurricanes that have happened in a long time and these hurricanes caused major destruction because of how powerful those winds were and there was a lot of rain that came with them and the storm surges well powerful thing and I haven't really paid attention to hurricanes until we moved
00:10:20an area that is also susceptible to hurricanes happening but wow I can't even imagine winds that are so fast it's the equivalent as an airplane taking off 300 kilometers per hour class hurricane class or Category 5 I think they call it just recorded wind speeds were with hurricane Irma and what was really really interesting about this hurricane I mean horrible for those that were affected by it don't get us wrong but what's interesting as weather phenomenon and how powerful and quickly these sort of things can develop is they have days where I can't remember the exact criteria of how they determine this sort of thing but they have a certain amount of kilometers per hour that if the
00:11:20speeds increase within 24 hours by this amount of kilometers per hour it is considered a very very fast fast fast Philippine hurricane and was Hurricane Irma or was it Maria I can't remember what are the Hurricanes they had very very fast development so it went from a tropical storm to a category 5 hurricane in less than 2 days I think that was the one that followed and these poor people the islands just went through very very devastating storm that affected I know Barbuda was very very badly affected by the word Island stick on I think okay so these islands 90 to 95% of the structures were damaged like nobody can lived
00:12:20so I really don't staying for that Community but then to have two weeks later what seems like a tropical storm and a tropical storm whatever we deal with those all the time turn into another very devastating hurricane that completely humbled Puerto Rico and destroyed its entire power grid ripped off roofs ruined buildings the worst possible scenario or situation that you could could go through I couldn't imagine being in that situation and was it that
00:12:57president of the Dominican Republic that had the roof ripped off his presidential house I think so and and how destructive wind can be to be ripping off roofs what about the things flying around in the air street sign can break off and fly through the air and kill you or kill someone is call element that's produced by Earth can be so destructive but really if you think about it with the earthquakes earthquakes are not usually very deadly themselves it's actually the buildings that crumble and the things that man has felt that are working against us in this case and it's the same thing with hurricanes I mean flying tree branches are not.
00:13:57yeah but flying street signs and live electrical wires that are knocked down by the wind and or even tornadoes tornadoes can can pick up how is this our cars and those things go flying through the air and who who knows what it's going to hit right exactly like the car can fly through the air and land on a house with people in it when it gets scary scary situation very strong forest fire that happened I think it was a couple years ago in Fort McMurray in Canada I came out of nowhere and it was just like all of the elements were perfect at the same time the fire has started the wind was strong and it spread very very quickly this community happen to be on the other path of the four
00:14:57fire and it was just an dilated wherever the fire went and it burned everything took I don't know how long to go out like there was a underground burning because the fire had not completely went out so we knew people there to my cousin actually lives there and she was evacuated and all that kind of stuff but yeah she said that I got all the stuff was burning burning and and there was still firefighters putting out hot spots and stuff months after months after a fire like that so yeah it's very very powerful and destructive and it almost seems like we're just getting in the way you know if an actual event is going to happen it's going to happen and it's going to destroy our houses and it's going to take the city is and if there's tornado is just going to ruin whatever is in its way
00:15:57without warning warning so it's very scary seeing that sort of thing but I think it's it's impressive how powerful Mother Nature is and how we have to continue to have respect for our planet and how it was developed take care of climate change so that we don't have these strong Super Storms and maybe we can reduce the throats and the floods yeah that's a good thing by taking care of your part to look after her that's right and this is the English conversation tip for quite a while already which I'm sure you have been because as an intermediate to advanced level learner listening to this podcast it took you awhile to to reach this level you've probably noticed that there are periods of time with your language learning where your motivation is a little bit low or you might feel a little bit lost about how to get to your final goals like for example
00:16:57able to speak fluently and being able to understand everything perfectly what do we recommend usually to our students at find themselves in this sort of situation what are those when you have a specific task that you wants to improve with your language learning your English learning and you do that within a short amount of time say for example a week by the end of the week you want to be able to do that like to cash out for yourself an example of a very very specific small goal that you could set for yourself related to listening something that you might do is let's say that you're an intermediate-level learner and you know that you need to improve your listening and what you do is you find a video on YouTube somewhere maybe a documentary and
00:17:57about a topic that you find interesting but it's difficult for you to understand because you feel a lot of the vocabulary that's used within this documentary you don't really have a good knowledge of and when you're listening to it you can kind of see what's going on with the video but you're not comprehending the audio very well so you might say to yourself I am going to learn the first five minutes of this documentary to be able to listen to it without the subtitles by the end of the week and this means that you're going to have to learn all of the vocabulary within the first 5 minutes to be able to understand it really well you're probably going to have to listen to the audio several times you may even have to slow it down but as long as you can understand the first 5 minutes of the documentary fairly well by the end of the week you will have achieved this small specific goal that is obviously going to help your listening skills so what is an activity that we
00:18:57give people that they can do today to improve their speaking skills we can come to her website she or latest conversation this one here that we want to talk right now exactly and you can download speaking practice exercises that we have on there and you would go through those speaking practice exercises and complete them by the end of the week so let's say if you're an intermediate student we're going to want you to complete this within 7 days if you're in advance level learner you should be able to complete it within a couple of days and that idea is with the speaking practice activities related to our conversations we want to help you learn how to talk about the same topics that we are discussing in this conversation and this one in particular because it's related to Earth's and there's a lot of terminology related to Natural does
00:19:57Masters and the climate and all that stuff it might seem a little bit intimidating or difficult for you to talk about these topics but it's not really that hard you can learn just a few of the really specific terms and you'll find that you're able to explain these topics a lot easier and the speaking activities are going to be the saying that guide you to be able to do that really really well so anyway come to our website is super easy to find our conversation last sentence get your download and take this actionable step that you're going to do today to start improving your speaking and improving your listening skills see you later

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