When people say, “it’s the journey, not the destination,” we're almost certain they’ve never trained for a marathon. Training — even just learning — can be full of obstacles, failures, misguided hopes, and actual pain. Some of us love it. Others? Not so much. Training, for whatever your goal, is meant to be a challenge. But is there a way to make it easier? To make it more effective?
On this episode of the Packcast, we did Headspace’s Sport Training pack — 10 days of rethinking your thinking on training. This pack took me from reluctant jogger to planning a trail marathon. Tune in for where it might take you.
Hosted by Kelton Wright, Alex Pompliano & Jennifer Azlant.
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00:00:03hey and welcome to head faces podcast what has been guided meditation for everybody and what the pack well ahead Face Pack is a series of guided meditations Senator on a specific topic like motivation or sleep or focus and like a book club we're going to trial each pack and report back to what we learned hopefully finding new favorites for us and helping the issues your next pack
00:00:30hey I'm welcome to the podcast I'm counting right and today we are talking about the sport training meditation pac-10 Daypack all focus on getting your groove with your training how did you guys take it freaking loved it new favorite feeling sporty took those great maybe we should give the readers of a breakdown of our typical athletic Endeavors I think it's helpful to get some color around how athletic we are in our day today in like what training technically means Alex wouldn't consider myself I'm working on it I am physically active 7 Days of the Week mostly because I don't have a car and I walk most places but I hike on the weekends and I'm I'm in the gym maybe like three times the week
00:01:30did you previous two even doing this talk have like a quote-unquote training program
00:01:39yeah before doing The Pact II was I was just considered it like working out or exercising it was never like I'm trading towards something cuz I don't have like any competitions or you know anything like like like no one's like a looking Freddy results in me and they're not there's an expectation for me, but this I would never have considered considered a training but in doing this pack of it's 10 days lateralization if you're just hitting the gym like hitting the gym but you are training you you are working towards something so I had to like how to reframe what training meant what it what about you John I train for specific things like races and and such but I think of training now before this back and also inclusive of the fact I was nodding enthusiastically a lot to this one
00:02:39I just like getting to the rest of life and training to endure all that our body and mind has to just put up with but yeah I like to make sure that I'm moving at least 5 or 6 times a week sometime 7 I left a box around the bed like a surf but I mostly just kind of like a generalist Enthusiast and I'm not currently trading for anything specific
00:03:05Brad yeah I mean I have a
00:03:10and I always changing relationship with the concept of training my husband racist bikes for a living so his days is our scheduled around his training program in a training program is extremely strict and he follows that strictly I don't really consider what I do training because I am I'm staying fit essentially and staying capable only time like what I want to get faster fitter he'll be like will you need to incorporate intervals and you need to incorporate let strategic rest days and things that I'm like too serious too serious
00:03:47what is going to ride my bike but this year I did put myself on a training plan to be able to run a trail Marathon by the end of the year yeah yeah which I think would be really cool am I historically have issues with my knees so I'm I'm being airing on the side of a lot of forgiveness around failing at the school that I think it's a nice one said this pack came at the right time for me cuz I'm essentially starting a new sport for myself and or get it getting back to an old sport I was around her for a long time but it's been it's been about 5 or 6 years I think and so this that came at the right time incredible the so discouraging because you're in the way better shape than me and you both are and it's tea have you like saying I'm going to be on that I'm now there's something that I'm like working toward I'm like all man even if you're in Tip-Top shape there's always something else you can be doing life in general no like there's always someone out there
00:04:47like are you kidding me I scroll through your Instagram and it's like oh wasn't enough that you've done all these cool things now you have to like sell a screenplay I may not to cut already into 2/3 of the fact that this to me was actually one of the most exciting parts of looking at gratitude which is at some people like Kelton looks at the opportunity to train or be athletic as something she gets to do and had the choice in and is looking forward to and other people such as yourself Alex think of that is something that like oh I should be doing I have to do so maybe for you something such as this pack offers the idea the option to think of something you've got to do rather than you ought to do have to do
00:05:31could be doing touched on that it's basically I think near day 6 or 7 of the pack Andy encourage you help me I hear your heart kind of encourages The Listener to look yet not look at it at some point training at something that you have to do but look at it as something that brings you pleasure I forget how he phrases he describes it as a rare and unique opportunity that it's hard work but that we're lucky to get to have the option to do it actually in the gym which I found pretty helpful I did some days before I did some days like walking towards the gym and some days in the gym until hearing them say like you know you should be happy about this should be thrilled about working out it's like working out in a gym or working like going on a bike ride or whatever these are luxuries cuz it's for your health but they I mean it shouldn't be like a girl
00:06:31don't ask it was nice to have that reminder I thought that was like very encouraging a lot of these are able body that loves race absolutely so there was a quote in the pack that was umm as soon as you remember that you choose to do something then it changes your mindset and that I had to regularly remind myself I commute to work by bicycle it's 13 Mi through the canyon and then along the coast and then up into Santa Monica and a lot of days I wake up and I don't feel like doing it who could blame you because it's not a choice and I how I get to work I could drive so that's where I had to be like no you're choosing to ride your bike like you are begrudgingly doing it so when I when I did this talk I waited until I rode into work and got to my desk and then did it cuz then I had that endorphin high you know we had
00:07:31like feeling of I just accomplished that I did it safely I did it responsibly I had a good time and so then I did the meditation on training and sort of reinforce those endorphins a little bit I ever say I tried doing it before the ride but I was still just like timing really help to reinforce this pack for me
00:07:52yeah I think going back to the concept of training I mean it implies that you're working towards something or there is a result you're trying to achieve and so some of that came with me throughout doing this pack is that it's makes it really difficult to be present in training because you are your mind is already thinking about the vehicle or the muzzle end result totally I think that can be really daunting there's a difference between having one large goal that your training toward and breaking it down into essentially process goals which is been a really important part of me getting into trail running that it like dirt Marathon like big concept to me is I've never ran a marathon that sounds crazy I've only I ran half marathons years ago but those to work extremely hard and flat but thinking about how do I incorporate like this many runs a week how can
00:08:52I got the dog involves like what are neutrals like having these smaller goals or it's like oh this weekend I'm going to do this new Trail that's my goal but so I'm not thinking about the marathon I'm thinking about this weekend this Trail this amount of time that I want to finish it in which is super smart too because it's some point this idea of making choices so you're also making choices to include a pet you love and find a new Trail in to do all these other things that otherwise you may not to training and having drinks sessions it's easier to have this season have the short-term focus and really we should be looking for a long-term Focus I guess the dangers of having this this short-term a purse the focus is like you get caught up and you can kind of upset over something and input if you have a good long-term Focus the teacher Can't Let Go thought
00:09:52because like if you're getting caught up here thought I can like really just mess up your trading and I don't know was rad and I think he speaks about it maybe feeling contrived first that like the idea of letting go of thought as the descriptor of focus seems a little bit bizarre but yeah and a new method of focus and as Let It Go
00:10:18did I speak to either of you yeah I screenshot of that when we think very hard we might think that's focused but really focuses about letting go of thought and I I do feel like that's true there is one thing and he said in the pack that really resonated with me where he was like when you're thinking about your training program like a specific exercise might be very long and hard which is how I think about so many especially of my bike rides around like I'm supposed to ride 80 miles with 10,000 feet of climbing this Saturday like I don't want to the temperature like a wrong way to think about it like instead it's like having the coffee before your ride is a moment and like zooming along the PCH with like a Tailwind with all your friends is a moment's in like climbing arduously is a moment and in each of those moments you may be out of breath and like
00:11:18worried about getting to the top that those are individual moments that pass in time and if I dwell on the whole experience being long and hard it will be but if I present moment more passable and probably more enjoyable
00:11:38something that really stuck out to me in this pack is on any brings back the concept of beginner's mind and approaching trainer training with a beginner's mind so he hasn't recovered
00:11:52I don't know I think occasionally it comes up for the world's perfect so he would that kind of means to break it down it's just to come to everything fresh that would like to do you know have a better sense of awareness and try to try things differently so he can recommend like if you drink tea or coffee with your right hand try with your left hand and I cuz it seems strange and you're going to like you to be more aware of it obviously are you holding up with my left hand but I have that if the training is just like how I alright I perceived it was just like I tried different forms of working out cuz I it's easy to go again this routine of like I'm going to let you know to chess time do lakes and then just like today is chest day Bubba blah
00:12:48yeah okay
00:12:53like it's when you're doing that you can just going autopilot right now I'm doing this and do it it's not exciting and should be and he in any touches on the fact that these things should be like exciting and we already talked about that little bit so I was encouraged trying new things in the gym or just try different like even if you're going on a run I go run somewhere else and I don't know kind of kind of beginner's mind with movement Athletics Etc when I was a kid I got a family member have to do physical therapy and then my hometown we had like a big like I don't know what you call it like a gym hospital I said yeah let's do this
00:13:44but yes I was like my brother and I we had to get like gym memberships and why like the family member got PT we were just like has free roam which in retrospect seems very dangerous and why were they letting like this year old and 11 year old like have free rein facility pools and like you know I like all the exercise machine so the point of the story is if we would just kind of like go on every machine cuz it was like we've never been in the gym before I was like why would I have been in the gym so I was like trying you know the elliptical trying the bike with the little like computer graphics on it like trying this trying that it was so much fun cuz I want to know what this. I had no reception of like how are people watching me work out am I using this machine the right way I was not thinking about getting like apps because I was like 8
00:14:44no one to impress I was just like using it as I didn't know but I have the time I was just using it as a playground and I had like I was actually thinking about that like in the gym with this pack just like wow like you know you could look at the gym that's like a playground like I should be excited I wanted like kind of touch to that got childlike curiosity of being excited by the school machine with the levers the spoke to me as well I spent a lot of time practicing in teaching yoga and studying it and the idea of having ambidexterity with your body can also so clearly
00:15:19transfers to the mind so I think that when you realize what flexibility is in terms of like being able to fold evenly are being able to strengthen evenly like in fact it does strengthen your brain in a way that now I'm sounding like a little bit bananas but I think I did the idea of being able to brush your teeth with either hand or people typically step on and off curbs with the same flight and if you just start practicing those things differently I'm you recognize how quickly it correlates to the mind it's like traveling to a country where they drive on the other side of the road and you you instinctively always look one way tie in your own country and then you're like I don't know where the cars are coming from I think it's also important to say that that beginner's mind is not just about doing different exercises do you know I have essentially the same type of exercise all the time and that's because I have a sport that I'm focused on and that cycling and so not every day is going to
00:16:19I'm going to try volleyball or I'm going to go to the gym and try an elliptical so it's I have the same ride and the same bike and the same usually the same people that I'm riding with him it's having a beginner's mind in a context when you cannot change your training schedule is about looking at your training differently and so if for me in particular that's a 35 mile ride with us it's about feeling your muscles and like noticing your breathing pattern and being aware of like the strange mailboxes that people choose to have in their driveway is in the sign is the people put up in their windows and the different license plates you see on cars it's kind of looking at your experience a new every single time so that you're not getting bored of it so easy to just be like I don't want to do this but if you can take yourself out and be like okay what is new about today what is different about today and is everything everyday is brand new and if you can
00:17:19oh my God look at all of these things that I've never happened before cuz it seems on your periphery the same day over and over and if you can tune into all the details outside of the boring shitt than everyday feels now hundred percent yeah and to remind yourself how capable you are each new day of being curious being interested being fresh cuz I think it's also easy when you have a certain car that you're used to have like waiting for the markers waiting for the data whatever it is that reminds you that you're finished or that you're on route or whatever it is but then to also catch yourself
00:17:54knitting technique and that's where I meditation practice is really important to me because I do wake up kind of like same old bullshit and a meditation practices is essentially my cup of coffee that slaps me in the face and is like no different to drink caffeine before working out what the hell kind of course felt like it shaved like doing this like I'm going to have this coffee before I go hiking like I don't want anyone to know that I'm not drinking like blue sports drink and then I got a way to know everyone's either drinking caffeine like with mixed in with a powder or some shit are like a cuz that's good to hear you that you're
00:18:40I personally use a brand called Skratch Labs but I know some people use I'm jealous that have like 25 mg of caffeine in them while they're riding on the bike and that can be really effective and useful caffeine and I don't have a great relationship so it's not part of like my training regimen but that is super comment and like advised for a lot of alcohol and the folktale caffeine and people say off then that you're able to like in Durham or muscularly if you have adult of caffeine you can fight through Paths of things I think it was other people I was like weekend working out will it going on Hikes like early I was always go I need to get a coffee and it would be like oh well like I just go working out and I know I don't need coffee like I got my coffee hahaha I'm going to need a coffee
00:19:40can we stop and get a coffee I mean I think that very broadly that speaks to how different everybody's training routine is and I like it's your body it's your training like it's going to be different and you have to respect that and allow for forgiveness and adjustments and and kind of moving around and one of the things that just touched down for me this is a little bit of a A Long Walk for a turkey sandwich to get to this point but when Andy talks about doubt in this pack because there's so many things about like for you Alex on that story it's kind of like am I supposed to be drinking just water before this damn I am I super messing this up and it's like that's a doubt the thought you have experience that hiking is seems more enjoyable for you if you have caffeine before hand and that is easy listening to your body and being aware and understanding your own circumstances
00:20:40and you can tell brother doesn't need to be in that that's cool for him but you shouldn't be like routine shaming you I'm ready to fight him yeah and going back to the notion of just like finding these kind of like Curious childlike Joy is out of these activities I was really thinking I'm getting like really just like stuck in the past here but you know when you're in PE like in elementary school middle school everyone's playing darts for you. We had to bring in our own around stuff like you're playing every sport like volleyball volleyball today today you're running everyone's running around playing dodgeball today are today like the big parachute comes out and whatever those games where
00:21:40doing it you're there but then of course fast like going out for the basketball team or I'm going out I'm going to tell me run track like people start shaving off until I let there be no kind of built for like best that and then you can like either you lose interest or you're just like I was like I don't I'm not that person I don't do that so you can you stop, playing all these Sports at one time but I mean it's kind of silly like I want to like wake up on a Saturday me like I'm going to play volleyball right now that sounds like great actually I think that's one of the most incredible things
00:22:17keys at the people who no longer have a specific sport or might but also just for adults who haven't figured out that training can be a part of life and a choice which we've already spoken to a little bit but just like option rather than expectation on the options now again King about cuz I went to like you're very like typical American movie public Midwestern school like everything you ever saw in a movie about your average like football playing Ohio school is exactly my experience and so you're taught volleyball track basketball baseball football and like very few sports for girls at all in general and there's no there's no world beyond that and especially like there has to be like a level of wealth for you even to try skiing cycling kayaking like all these things are so unavailable to so many people whether that's
00:23:17because of financial reasons or because of just geography and so there's there's so many amazing sports that you could get into that you have no idea about in high school like I was playing volleyball and running track and I still have my journals from high school where it's like what are all the ways that I could potentially injure myself before track breakfast how do I get on the bench and I didn't until much later in my life discover sports that spoke to me and knows you know now I mean trail running is kind of like a weird exception came back around late in life and never ran cross-country and never wanted to but now it's cycling and when I am home with my parents kayaking and I know you know when I finally when I used to throw my Toys R Us
00:24:10mountain bike in the back of my Mustang when I was in high school and drive it to the park and lie to my parents that I was hanging out with my friends I was just riding around the park by myself like a loser like a great person you should definitely do that if your teenager having a minute and it wasn't until I was like 26 that I got into cycling was like this is great but has anybody told me this was a sport I have a good negative connotation with skiing I think skiing in general seems like such a privilege sport anyway but I'd like my I never went skiing as a kid like my parents never took me and I feel like there was just one day where I was in college in my whole entire like social group everyone was just already like mid-level skier music for going on a skiing trip and it's like I don't I've never skied I don't know how to ski and I was like project 21 at this time
00:25:09and then like you know I know it's fine it's fine it's fine we went to Snowshoe and we get there and it's like like you can go on the bunny slope like while we're going to go off on you like black diamond and runs and whatever it is like it's like you automatically feel like left out like you just like but it wasn't like later where I I dated someone who also has never skied and then we were able to get together the biceps together or just know she ain't no shame of the bunnies lay down but like I just I don't know I felt like Barry to scare Tyler skiing snuff not for me and Alex have mentioned this earlier that there's that this element with quote raining where you have to be getting better and you have to be an elite athlete before and even started and then you're looking at the examples and the coaches and that everything you see online is like these people who have done these insane things and in my personal community life is
00:26:09past summer what kind of got me onto the trail businesses that I went on two major hikes with first my friends and then with my dad and the one was 11 miles in one was 12 miles and in my Social Circle they were like oh that'll be pleasant and I was like I don't know how I am going to survive walking that far cuz like that in a few years previous had been completely out of my round because my leg knee pains were so bad and so I had to really work up to hiking 11 miles where is the people on that hike with me where a volcanologist and like a medical Anthropologist in like a former Lake pro athlete and I was just like barely keeping up some normal for them and I had to get back in my body and in my experience and be like forget these people like this is cool that you're doing this and your goal is to finish an 11 mile hike and that's it and like forget that all these people have already hikes like 6
00:27:09this year like relax they're not you you're not them like just this is your uncle and I think that that speaks the skiing like I I am also scared and I love a groom tail I love with pack down and you take like they're blue square medium Hill and you just take digs swooping all of them turns and I've got like one headphone in and I've got like a language song kind of guiding me down that is my kind of skiing and everybody was like oh do you want to go like Backcountry skiing in fresh powder and I'm like no I honestly don't like that see that you were good at that but my goal is a groomed Hill on a blue square that's rad Sports I mean obviously that Justin Hartley there's a lot of level of like competitiveness to it and I think
00:28:06they can be like toxic to a certain extent by where
00:28:10Angie's Pizza Miss Pack about effective versus non Effective Thinking and Counting I imagine that that blue trail that you describe allows you not to think about strategy not to have to plan to meet at practice to consider any of the other things and in fact does allow you to be present and enjoy and
00:28:37yatted to let your mind help you rather than like steer you yeah that's what I think about what is your goal I think it's so important in training to to Really narrow down on what your goal is right my goal when I'm skiing is to have a nice time and get to the bottom and have a hot cocoa or should I go has never been to be an Elite Class skier or to do like the first line ever on a mountain anything it's incredible the people that do that I love watching those videos and then my goals for cycling and for running are are bigger there they're more competitive and I having those different levels is important and like my goal this year is just to be able to do 50 pushups without stopping like that's another like side goal is like that's a personal goal like I'm not comparing myself to anyone in that and see if you tried you if you guys watch the CrossFit documentary like me about it
00:29:37single make you are unfit and watching that but I don't know I kind of recommend it cuz it's amazing to like you like all right if that girl can do 200 push-ups followed by the most excessive workout I've ever seen I can get 50 oh my gosh those tires on another podcast about growing up he was a huge huge huge Bob Dylan fan and he was just like oh Bob Dylan was just like born a genius and that's why he's a musical genius and like a later and I think in the 1970s a Blue Lakes are becoming a thing of a so and then they released all like Bob Dylan's like journals and notes for my riding like his Seminole albums so he's reading all of like Bob Dylan's like giraffes of lyrics and they're super Elementary and just kind of like all these are very basic and then listening to his demo is of him just like trying ideas and expanding and he's like oh Bob Dylan sure he's a genius but
00:30:37he wrote down everything and then he owned this for like ten thousand hours and like really worked at it like he didn't just come out the gate with this like album I like and I think it was a big Revelation for him another guy yeah I like obviously it's ya course but like I didn't like kind of like really that's like any or I can apply that to any like these people that you see that are way more advanced than you anything like I'll never be this person and cross I look like I just put the time and effort and it's not like they were born with this like magic or like that I like to some kind of secret to doing this it's like no they just put in the time and effort even if they were
00:31:23cancer predisposed naturally like made to be an athlete how does that affect your goal unless your goal is to be a good old molester World Champ like if you are goes like I want to get fit this year I want to hike a mountain I want to like start a pickup League whatever it is like those people who are super athletes and incredible and or have been working out really hard are very diligent make just try to narrow in on what your goal is because it's super unlikely that they affect at all yeah and chances are the happier you'll be the smaller you make the call you know I think Eddie speaks about trading the mines like the body which is to think about whatever set whatever exercise whatever bite-size manageable amount I had this incredible chat with a girlfriend over the weekend who was super nervous about not being fit enough to do something and I just was encouraging her to say
00:32:23like what if you just thought I could go in there for 3 minutes and if I make it to 5 cool and if I roll out at 3 you got to do that for 3 minutes that was fucking tough and it was new and different rather than like beating yourself up for not already being good at something for 40 minutes that other people seem to be good at I think you know we spoke a lot about the kinds of packs that are great for perfectionist and I think people who are perfectionist to don't necessarily spend time training or in athletics can get similarly confused about the idea of already having these expectations that make no sense when if you just break it down to two or three minutes which can be really tough like three rounds of boxing is so tough the Masters are exhausted and to expect that you're not going to be like
00:33:10really really really tired and really beat up by it is bananas yeah I totally agree I in my process of running how I started moving from hiking into actual trail running is that I was on the trail and I felt like running and then I just ran until I didn't feel like running any time and that for me was like 20 seconds the first time except that it couldn't have been more than that and my slow start before I head to side it's like really make this a goal was like anytime I'm on the trail and I feel like running I'm going to run until I don't feel like running anymore and then I would hike and walk and then later on I do like I feel like running again and just trying to not put this label on it and like you need to go out for a 3-mile run it's like no just go out on a trail that you like and Hike until you feel like running and then run until you feel like hiking and that amount of
00:34:07flexibility and forgiveness for the the way I'm getting into this is been so rewarding and so relaxing for me to not have these strict rules about what I need to do because I'm out there I'm on the trail I'm learning some things and I'm kind of taking it easy on myself because his goal is for me there's no deadline you know other than one eye arbitrarily set for myself and I think that is such for me a great way to train for anything right now help me realize that even though I'm like trying to train my mind not to be thinking about other people or compare myself to other people I'm still doing it like I've got these weird goals and expectations in my head while I'm working out like like I was just talking to tell him yesterday about I saw this Ed Sheeran music video and he was like boxing and he's like
00:35:07super shredded now and I was like oh man like I'm not watching it like this is a good music video at I'm like oh at Sharon's shredded now like if he if you can get shredded lettuce respect sat outside if you listen I could do that I could do that but like I'm comparing myself to Ed Sheeran in that moment it is like somewhat motivational but it's also like why why can't I just like be working out I do think it's hard that a lot of the images that Inspire us take so much work to get to that point or especially in the media are unrealistic portrayals of what that type of success looks like day today there's a lot of these like 30 seconds before and after photos on Instagram now where y'all people are staying at the it's about posture it's about the fact that I had like a weigh-in it's about me pre-race like haven't eaten this and
00:36:07like this like your your body changes all the time and we have to recognize that some of the stuff you see in the public sphere is one edited and then say yes stage 3 that the person who has that success that you want may be miserable and hungry you hadn't had tired yeah and like just really has insulted their mom by turning down her pasta every week just you know it's so easy for me to look at girls with like ripped arms and be like what is wrong with me like why can't I just workout my arms enough to get there and then it's like other people would be like I would kill to have the leanest that she has in her arm I know I know speaking for a friend wooden Wheels on the motivation pack before
00:37:07and I think we easily Drew parallels like how like this can pertain to other things outside of sport I think with this one and you know it's specifically like training Focus but like near the end of the pack I was thinking of the severely beneficial for someone who's studying to take the bar exam or like any that's all I example I can really think of huge mentally like Ike exhausting like half as like this would be this would work perfectly for that another example is when you're on a job hunt like if your big goal is your dream job and you constantly are you know if you put out the one application for it and it fails it's that's like your first time going running feel like I want to be around her this my first time running and then you just you flop it really does hard I couldn't do it I couldn't even run a mile
00:38:07then then yeah it feels terrible but that's stuff that Big Goal mentality when you're not thinking about process goals like great have that money mental goal but think about it on like a day-to-day basis how many emails did you send telling people in your network that you're interested in this topic you want to learn more you want to be prepped for that job how much time did you spend updating your resume taking online classes applying for different jobs interviewing you know there's so many process goals in so many of the things that are trying to achieve and I think that the training pack is about shredding your doubt it's about staying focused and present all while moving toward that large Urkel with also the knowledge that that goal might change and that is totally okay and all of these sets or exercises are somewhat contrived until they aren't
00:39:06don't like spending time with the resume writing a cover letter pulling out that LSAT book whatever it is because I was at spree bar see Matt's I think this packet also help you in like if you're applying for your dream job just like a little reminder of like why you're applying like what makes you excited about getting like this is just a journey like it's your journey toward what are the the job you had in mind or like you said I mean nothing is ever set in stone it could be another job that you find like oh this is actually my dream job and so you remind yourself like wire on this bathroom like what is your intention and like you know that I can just be like motivation and fuel
00:39:50yeah I love that I think Andy breaks it down to four at the top of the pack the first of which is in tension and motivation as you just said Alex II of witches Focus presents and awareness but thinking about focuses letting go of thought rather than embracing without the capacity to be able to do sets for it I'm having some appreciation for it and then the 4th is
00:40:22having analysis I think without certainty or while including uncertainty does that sound right
00:40:31sounds right sounds right I mean Dandy but that sounds pretty good to me I'll check in later I mean I think it's important to remember that a literally everything is the journey yeah that you know you said like you would shave your goal okay you trained you did it however well you did it what happens after that because it's like the training is the good part meaning is the fun part and it yet that burst of Joy when you're like I finished my goal I feel good and then it's like 10 minutes go by before you're like yeah for sure instantly that is so important to keep in mind the entire time that you're training in that to me makes training feel
00:41:19more flexible when I have that in mind if it's like if everything is about that trail Marathon for me then after that's over there's like there's nothing the trill marathon is just kind of like the the guidepost it's at the North Star that I'm heading in that direction but I don't know what's in that direction I don't know what injuries what new sports what new people what new like maybe I'll move to France let me know before you can plant right shut up the sky he's always saying that he's my age he's the one that's going on the field sometimes man I'm like now I'm I'm realizing what he meant like something you'd like to set some goals around now
00:42:12Ed Sheeran bod 2018 incoming how are you going to get there but if that's your that's your big call what are your little goals in between us I think that's where a lot of people get really caught up as they have they know what they want long-term but the the smaller steps can often be much harder to determine and to fit into your life so what's your plan and diverse and like obviously fits into my schedule and that's it feels like it's working like I'm not at the level yeah I know a lot of people like spend all the time on the floor I was like researching one of the best ways to work out where the best exercises you don't no disrespect for those people I do that I'm not at that level yet like to meet at some boring but if I do hit like a plateau in my work out where I'm like I'm not seeing
00:43:12like I'm getting results and then I stopped seeing results I will feel motivated to get go on these legs for arms and like at this kind of research so yeah I guess I'm just really trying to like find what is like fine and what works for me right now and then just kind of move on from there Alex how are you fitting it into your schedule that's I think it's easy to in your brain to process your own life and time with the sentence fitting it into your schedule but I think that's actually the hardest part for so many people is altering the schedule that they were used to to insert a new habit that is often not very rewarding at the beginning just totally different than you and can sometimes don't feel great but can sweaty and make you sick to your stomach and make you sore so how how do you actually fit into a schedule that didn't preview
00:44:12we accommodate that
00:44:15like I've always thought we talked about this before I've always been like an evening wear her out or like during the workweek and most people who I think are morning workout hers and yeah yeah I get like like kind of Sudley shame like oh you don't work out in the morning like oh why don't you why don't you just work out in the morning you have energy in the evening I'm useless I-75 have worked on Mars before and I found that it's me it's more time consuming to like get to the gym take a shower change do my hair in the evenings yeah it's like there's not a big deal to the shower and then get Ryan to my jammy-jams
00:45:02I mean working with your schedule is very very difficult especially if you have an active social life I don't but if you have to want to do it like you have to be willing to turn down the plans they know I I'm going to the gym tonight I think too it's important to know if someone's just just getting into training for anything like in a really just starting to explore Fitness in general that it does not have to be a 5-mile run it does not have to be an hour at the gym if I can be 10 minutes just like do some push-ups do some sit-ups like plank wall set like just Jen and I do this I'll speak for myself but I think Jen also does this when
00:46:02I go to the bathroom at work we have a singular bathroom I I do 10 squats yeah like after I go to the bathroom. Just because it's like you're in there you're like it takes 10 seconds just do 10 squats and it's like everytime I go to the bathroom that means I got like 50 squats in a day you think I have a better but but how dare you call new meeting the Papas clock didn't things to say about that small things into your day I think training plans so often get knocked off the rails because you shoot too hard too fast and that that's not fun like that on yourself if you haven't done a sport it takes a little while to get up there if that's alright I had a girlfriend recently asked me if I wanted to do some amount of iron Manning and before this pack I was like oh I'm garbage at swimming terrible idea
00:47:02and now yeah after the second like yeah maybe it'd be cool to be better at swimming even if I'm garbage I could just be a little bit better yeah
00:47:11I think you mean Iron person I think that we have determined that training is sort of a multi-use path I mean obviously is your training for an event if your training regularly if you're first getting into fitness this is applicable but also if you're taking a test if you're looking for a job I mean whatever your big goal is if you have to make time to find a way to do it you're training for it one of my favorite my favorite packs and I don't know I think like it's interesting to see how it works for you like I've tried it meditating before working out on in route to working out and then I can actually in the gym and I don't know I think it's like you can come by work for you to some might not try out for all along actually the idea of
00:48:07noticing that doubt is just a thought is I mean that's forever and let us know about your training schedules and what has worked for you and also what you want to hear next if you love this podcast or even if you don't you can recommend it to a friend and leave us a review and wherever you get your podcast shoot me a note if you have anything to say it counting that headspace.com and we look forward to hearing y'all let us know what pack you want to hear next cuz we're excited to meditate a little more
00:48:41go catch that blue sky love that police guy I'm going to catch him. Blue sky on the trails this weekend Brooklyn the volleyball volleyball

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