When you hear “go for a run”, what do you think? Is it three miles around the neighborhood? Does it need to be at least an hour or it doesn’t count? Do you picture nothing, because you “can’t run”?
On our latest episode of the Packcast, Nike Running Global Head Coach Chris Bennett joins us to explain what going for a run really means. It wasn’t what we thought. And it changed the way we approach running.
Hosted by Kelton Wright, Alex Pompliano & Jennifer Azlant. Produced by Scott Sorenson.
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00:00:03hey and welcome to head faces podcast what has been guided meditation for everybody and what the pack well ahead Face Pack its series of guided meditation center on a specific topic like motivation or sleep or focus and like a book club we're going to trial each pack and report back to what we learned hopefully finding new favorites for us and helping the issues to your next pack
00:00:32hey y'all welcome to the podcast on Calton and Jennifer Bennett and today we are talking about the running single coach Bennett you hail from Nike do you not do on the Nike running Global head coach I know right I am ready to get coached I have not a great Runner that's not true it's we all have the ability to be great you just want to be greater that's it so we listen to the running single Alex Jen you consider yourself or others but I don't I wouldn't identify as a runner I'm just wondering what is how how does one identify as a runner if the simple Act of running is not the identifier does a lot of likes shirtless buff man running around my neighborhood and I feel like I walked out and I'm just like I'm not one of you so yes I would say it's a lack of clothing
00:01:32identify as a runner okay I would disagree I would say that you know if you are you're a runner if you're running your Runner it's it's okay it really anything additional to that as you know how to say topless buff runner in your neighborhood I think it's just extra mindful running might look like for Alex which I think is being a little more aware of the runners wearing clothes yeah no it's not that I just step out and it sits there I mean I'm in Santa Monica it's just happening but bringing it back to the single this is my first time doing the running meditation and I really likes just using my phone this to help kind of build resilience and endurance as a runner I think that's like my biggest problem is that I'll Peter out because I don't use any kind of guided coaching or whatever
00:02:26yeah I found it useful for when I started to be encumbered by pain when I am usually running with a daydream in a referee and kind of zoning out and then as soon as I am brought back into my body it's usually cuz my body is like what are you doing to me I don't like this so using the running single message was step-counting and feeling your feet on the floor in your legs moving one by one helps me have something to focus on other than my distaste for the experience of the time Chris what his men fall running what does that even mean to you wanting one of the parts that I love about the single is Andy doesn't match a great coaching in there so from like a running coach perspective there's some you're realizing it or not he's getting you to start the run the right way we just super bored what happens as most people run the wrong way almost everyone runs the wrong way we talk about a distaste
00:03:26I mean it's the wrong way you start your run and usually Sarnia too fast you have expectations that you've built up on who you once were or who you want to be as opposed to focusing on the here in an hour and owning who you are today and as a result get out of the gate and you start flying and it feels great at first you're excited like you you're excited you're you're running around your high five in the other half naked guys I guess what I'm on the run than the boss Runners but that's not the right way to start a run it's really not the right way to start anything to just launched into it as fast as you can and as a result what happened is very quickly you do you start to feel fatigued start to feel tired and you start questioning and Amaya Runner number one number two am I really this out of shape why can't I do this and suddenly the negativity just piles on you become very very negative and what your it whatever your goal was going to go out running for 20 minutes or 30 minutes
00:04:26now it's only I can't do that I have to stop and as a result you ending you say I hate running and really would want and he did which is super super important is he's preaching patients at the beginning of the run which is something that every coach we telling a nap and we just want to start out nice and easy the hard part is starting so now just take it easy and just relax and that's a huge huge coaching when if you can get an athlete to realize it should feel good to start don't worry about how fast that means or how slow that means that the numbers on your watch are utterly meaning less at the beginning of a run and for most runs throughout the totally meaningless it's what are you doing during those numbers on your watch so for me would suck out immediately as Andy gets right into the first thing that should be said for my coaching perspective which is take it easy and relax
00:05:21yeah I was really struck by the idea of warming up the mind which of course if we know Andy at all that would be exactly what he wouldn't suggest but to take that approach of warming up the body alongside warming up the mind and letting the focus come slowly gently also struck struck me as something that was really useful cuz you can fly out the gate very naturally but it doesn't and if you're physically warmed up and ready to go but you're not mentally ready you're not going to have a great run and it's the same vice versa if you're mentally ready to go but physically you're not prepared to do this it's not going to be as good to run as you can make it do you have to have both working at the same time the best way to do that is to just be patient and take your time and give yourself the ability to adjust from not running which is what you're doing before you start running
00:06:14to running that's a big shift and you just got to love your body to to ease into it warm up might be that when I think I am mentally ready I'm actually just mentally excited and I start out real hot and I'm just like I can run from anything and then I burn out and Chris had heard you say something earlier about what what gets us running Anaya is the idea that we want to finish the run better and whether that is stronger faster more relaxed more Focus whatever it is I'm usually starting out so hot that I am not giving myself any room to like improve my day I'm only giving myself the opportunity to burn out how do you how do you get someone who's excited about it kind of real it back in so that they can really prepare their body it will I think it's it's great if you're entering into a run excited and but there are a lot of people who are entering into running they're not excited that doesn't change the fact that the
00:07:14you want to feel better and that is the goal and how you define better that's entirely up to you for some people again prepared for a race for some people they just haven't been active in a really long time for some people are trying to run some of the stress out of their body where they were sitting in traffic for a few hours and I need to just clear their mind how you define better it's totally up to you but it can also be an enjoyable experience enjoyable doesn't have to mean that the entire time in the run you feel like you could run forever I mean there is something gratifying about working through and struggling and overcoming
00:07:47none of that needs to occur at the beginning of a run so if you want to do a run the right way you have to start by starting the right way so if you're super excited or you're not motivated fine the beginning to run to be easy it should feel easy don't start putting all of these expectations if I have to run this fast I have to pass that guy up in front of me I have to hold her off behind me you focus on yourself what you getting Andy's so good on my coaching perspective it's exactly what a runner or someone who doesn't believe their Runner yet needs to hear which is focus on yourself you will naturally warm up if you start the right way and if early on if you're struggling that is just your body saying you need to back off from a coach and I'll just say that's for those you that are out there and starting around and you just on fire and you start to struggle
00:08:42you're a rockstar you're running the wrong way but you're a rockstar what you need to know is you really want to do this and you want to be better and that is awesome you are unafraid to go out and do this run so that's celebrate that that's terrific you've got the motivation and the desire to do it great backing off does not mean weakness backing off does not mean failure running the right pace which may need to slow down that means you're being smart and you're being intelligent it means you know who you are as an athlete none of that is a negative that's only a positive so for those of us who run hot how would you suggest that we rethink the opening scenes of our run how much time do we spend what kind of energy do we looking for how do we reframe I thinking around it it wasn't running is all about effort so I would say that when you start a run you want to feel like you're holding back especially early on you want to see
00:09:42oh I could go a lot faster but I'm not because I'm giving myself a chance to go from again basically of state of inactivity most of us are sitting down during the day or were standing up during the day we are not moving not many people are active during the day so when you finally do get to be active what the Run service like an alarm clock but if you set your alarm the right time you don't have to jump out of bed and fly out of bed you hit snooze you slowly wake up you go back to bed you're just kind of easing into the day and then you get up you have a cup of coffee maybe you're not rocking out of there cuz you're late it's the same mentality with a run if you go into every run and realize guess what weather it's been a long day short day all I know is that for the first 5 or 10 minutes of this run I'm going to feel totally in control and if anything I'm holding back totally holding back I was tell Runners you should absolutely foremost your runs be able to talk laugh or have a heated argument the entire time
00:10:42that's all I can think of your good friends that you love arguing with
00:10:47if you were running at them how disappointed would you be if they say something it just really sets you off but you don't have enough breath to just respond and you've got a killer response but you can't give it don't ever put yourself in a situation on these runs there are workout that you want to be out of breath and hardly be able to talk but most of your runs almost all the miles you run we done in a way where you can laugh on this a good joke or you can argue when you need to make a point so it's you're holding back there's more in the tank you can go faster and you should end everyone knowing well not every time you want to go to the well but almost all the runs you want to end in sight I could have gone faster I could have gone farther and if you can feel that that's that's powerful and then you ended what do you want to do you want to go for another run later in the week or the next day and that's that's that's that consistency that that's going to make you really enjoy the act of running this is great news because runs are where I think of all my best comebacks
00:11:47I know this is a relief to hear cuz I stink when your training or working out with someone has more experience than you they really take on that tone and I think the stone kind of permits a lot of like working out it's like alcohol and push through a purse that you can do it you can do it like really just pushing you to wear like you like you couldn't laugh and the last thing you want to do different types of runs and I think this is the other than people don't understand those moments were if someone's running with you and they're saying push through it let's go let's go let's go that's not a normal run that's a workout let's throw some jargon in there for some people yeah it's close to a race or a temple run or something like a track pipe work out will you do want to be in those positions where you're pushing through fatigue and you're getting things out that's great but almost all your runs they're not like that the recovery runs which
00:12:42if you define recovery it's basically taking back something that's lost okay or or that's been taken away from us the way that I like to explain a recovery run is because most people think of running is purely physical these are the ones that you can do we're over the course of the day I couldn't be the news on a TV you can be a tough day at work it can be family issues in relationship problems you lose a lot of yourself during the day a run can be that. Of time where you're covering it you're taking it back and you should end whole you shouldn't be ending around saying I just lost a little bit more myself I feel bad about myself I didn't go as far as I wanted to the run is not supposed to end that way and if it does you're only setting yourself up to not run again you should end the running site I just kicked some ass I started this that was the hard part I finished it I'm a little bit better as a result I like that doesn't like that and I felt like I could go a little bit further in a little bit farther does mean all the runs going to be great
00:13:42you can get something out of the bed runs too because guess what I just got through a terrible 15-minute Run 2 weeks ago I couldn't even do a good 15-minute run and now I'm able to get through a tough one and I'm able to get through maybe with a better attitude or I was able to finish a long day of work and what normally led to me just going straight inside
00:14:01I went inside and I came back out and I did a run like there's just a lot of ways to measure success on good days and bad days and I'm good ones and bad ones I think even that mention of a 15-minute run getting into your measurements of good days when I pictured running before I ever got into it I pictured 6 Mi minimum as like that's what I run is there was never any concept of running being less than like an hour like it's not a workout unless you really just avoided 7 a.m. to 8 a.m. but that's one of the reasons I listen to the running single and it being 10 minutes was really I was like what what what are we going to do after that but that that's not the point I love that tell me more about 10-15 minute runs incredibly important point to bring up I almost went like deputize you as a coach because that's super super bored I always tell
00:15:00don't worry about the run you want to do okay just do the run that you can do and sometimes there isn't enough time in the day to do the mythical 60 Minute run or sometimes you just not physically fit enough to do that that's okay but if you are trying to do something that right now you're incapable of doing
00:15:19you're going to fail
00:15:21and failures fine but if you're setting yourself up for failure that's different and we have to remember is in this is this should be the excuse to run because it often becomes excuse not to run that and I hear it all the time well what should my first run be about 30 minutes why would why why why does it have to be so sick with either a classy to the gym or its we have these like set times and I say I I don't know but why don't we do this why don't you just leave your house and go out for about 3 minutes if you feel good maybe go out for 5 and then turn around and come home
00:16:01and then the runs done and then you do whatever you don't know you well enough to know what you're going to do after that but just run for 10 minutes if you want or 5 it doesn't really matter because you're going to find it if you finish a 10-minute run or five minute run successfully that wasn't hard you are way more likely to come back tomorrow and run for 5 minutes again or maybe it's six or seven and what's going to happen is you're going to build this reservoir of success that's going to give you a little bit more confidence and then when someone bumps into you and you're finishing a 40-minute run two and a half months later do you think you're going to worry about the fact that you start with a 5 minute run not ever never and I'll tell you what what you are going to do is when someone says I can never run for free meant you're going to say neither can I so I start with a 5 minute run
00:16:53I'm just going to be helping someone else start but again you have to match all these excuses not to run with an excuse to run so if your excuses I don't have the time I have to be somewhere in 30 minutes what can you run for 5 because you know that if you run for 5 minutes what do you want to believe it or not going to be proud of yourself he's just snuck something in I'm not saying when you have two hours to decide well I'm only going to do 5 cuz I'm lazy I'll tell you what if you go and do five and you feel great there's a chance you're going to run longer that's fine but if it only ends up being five believe me you're going to end it and say I got some in at some point in the day you're going to say I could have done nothing and I did that and that was for me and it felt good and I got it in my same thing the training the mind now that's with meditation I did not start out assuming I can meditate for 30 minutes 60 Minutes 3 days you know it was very much like I am going to sit down for 10 minutes and it was hard it was so hot
00:17:53but I took the time and it was a Chiva bowl and it didn't ruin me for the rest of the day so I was able to come back to it next time and I wish that I had approached athletic the same way much earlier in my life I wish I would have known about this time limit thing it's not a trailer they always measure in terms of distance and blank mile run and you never said hear someone say I'm going to go for a 5 minute run and buy her that I may approach this differently and I mean like the proofs kind of in the push putting like I use this running single twice before this podcast not directly before but before I ran right into yeah but I think it's because it has set limit I knew and I can balance my time and so many people struggle with liking a bouncing their schedules and it's like this is going to be 10 minutes I know this
00:18:53then it was great I can do that can be 10 minutes late and sometimes it's good just to run and how you feel I mean don't set a time on it which means on the minimum side where the maximum side makes you feel good and just enjoy the fact that you're feeling good and if by the time you get back to your car or about your apartment if what you thought was a 20-minute run turned into a 60-minute run terrific if what you thought was a 20-minute run turned into a 12-minute run great your body said yeah that was good that's enough because again it's like anything else you're going to find the the real greatness is going to be in consistency that's what you going to find what happens once you understand these things you're going to find her life's going to get in the way you're going to miss a few days
00:19:39but now that you know that you can start from zero
00:19:44you are not scared of going off the rails like it's okay I missed a couple days especially around holiday time is travel all these things going on. I'm back at zero and okay new starting line what's the problem like what you eat what you can do it again zeros a kind of a cool concept estate just go to eat it you can go into different directions when you're back at the Euro you can go positive and O Negative have a choice so yeah you missed a few days if you want to believe you're back at your own terrific where you going from here cuz you can't really stay there cuz of the concept it's not a place so you're either going negative or positive and I'll tell you what anything positive is positive so if it's a 2-minute run if it's a 5 minute run as a 10-minute run you're moving away from the negative and you're going somewhere good so it's just knowing that you can always restart there's always a new starting line
00:20:36I find that each of our Pact cast we uncover what we think is a topic Grand idea and soda realize now that running is actually holding back and running is just kind of in fact been comfortable with Sarah which I think actually is perfect with meditation because very often we come into a meditation practice with some amount of expectation of how I felt yesterday or last week were or whatever it is I'm going to the same idea that it might be much worse than your last practice or less it and yet we continue on just just knowing that that we're doing what we can so I can kind of relate back to that that comfort with the idea of zero or starting at zero each time
00:21:23change everyday your experience can be totally different and it's it's just a little while ago I was actually talking to Andy about this but how she would have run could be and we were laughing so I said well I'm sure it's the same thing you had to do with with meditation like how how short can it be and we both kind of laughed as an issue were like you know there was a point in both of our Lives we thought you can't do one minute run or you can't do a 30-second meditation and then you realize why not I mean if if the purpose is to again end this a better version of yourself and that's what you can do that is something incredibly powerful on something incredible can happen in 30 seconds I mean we forget these things that some of these greatest moments you've ever had in your life for Tiffany's you had an hour-long experience is sometimes it's a Flash and it's just that's going to be with me forever and there should be nothing in your life that you have this
00:22:22this is ridiculous fabricated time allotment that if it's less than this it's not powerful there's almost nothing again that we can watch or see that has a limit or maximum or minimum amount of time for it to be powerful forget that meditation and running can be joyful like they're not they don't have to be RG West End like doing your homework like today I seriously ran the block from our office to get a turkey sandwich and it made me laugh that I have a good time I don't know if we would call that going for a run but I did run and then made me think about like meditation while it can be like your practice your focus you know clearing your mind it all so many times results of me just being like I feel good and like that's kind of the point of running absolutely great that you ran to get that turkey sandwich
00:23:22is it going to be giving away if you can get there in time what was like it said there was no there no time constraints it's just if I am in athletic clothes and I'm wearing tennis shoes it's it's kind of like letting the horse that is disabled it's just like I have to empty hallway I will always do a cartwheel really long time ago I broke my elbow and the doctor told me I could never do cartwheels again and I obviously internalize that looks like I will do cartwheels every opportunity that I get every time that I walk down the hallway at our office and no one is in there I'm doing corn oil that's cool I Sprint in hotel hallways as well if it's if it's empty all I'm throwing down yeah that's awesome I don't do cartwheels but if some doctor told me that never do a cartwheel cartwheel
00:24:22listen to your doctors
00:24:25yeah well he ended up being wrong jokes on him begins this session with just asking you to stand still going back to what you two were saying to stop not coming up at the gates and I think that's what help me uncover like oh this is a run this is not cuz I don't do it enough to where I'm condition just the lack of throw on my shoes and just likes to go out the door I'm still like okay I'm going to do around I'm going to run and it's like oh and so and she's kind of like you know just observe your environment and I got yes the smells that the air like the sun on your face and all that stuff so it's like I like I'm not like going into a coal mine I'm running and it's my choice to run right now and it's going to feel great like this is this is great so I think just kind of like shifting my mental like like like my first active I like Ronnie I don't know that's like something I got out of the single it was pretty cool
00:25:25yes like like it's gonna run right we've created all these barriers of like well my running outfit is in the wash and I don't know it's drizzling a little bit and I should probably start making dinner and it's like just go outside to people who don't normally meditate and there's like I got to do it I should probably meditate today and pretend I'm I doing it right that I take it the right benefits out of this and it's like no just just do it just take your time and it'll work out
00:26:01working in 10 words on there we go that's great she's busy off and has no wings at the my meditation is but it's it's it's absolutely true and I think one of the things it's also good that did Andy brings in against just speaking from like that the coach angle is as much as he's internalizing what's going on he's also telling you to be aware of of what's outside in a lot of people forget that is that there's there's some really. I mean you're literally traveling through space and if you want to get totally poetic New Jersey flying through space movies aren't long flights but that's the difference between walking and running when you when you run there are that's what defines that you have both feet off the ground so there's a little elements of flight as you're flying through but there's a lot of stuff in a lot I see a lot of people staring at the ground
00:26:58not looking up not taking in their surroundings and there's a safety element to it but there's also there's a lot of great things happening out there I mean I was very lucky being in a coming down from Portland where we're in the midst of our 6-month Reign season where we do not see the sun anyway I'm trying to stay positive you're trying to stay positive 6 to 10 months rainy season I was able to run along the beach in Santa Monica and I mean there was not probably a moment that I looked at my watch at any point most because I couldn't take my eyes off the ocean I was people watching I was enjoying just the fact that you could see for miles and miles and miles and the run really became of me trying to soak up as much as I could of this postcard that I'm running through totally change the purpose of my run I started out cuz a long day I'm like I really need to just want to go for a run
00:27:54I've been standing and from some weird reason I feel like I need to just get the standing out of my legs like going for a ride I was purely physical what I was doing and by the end of the run I mean it was all about soaking up Santa Monica and as much sunlight as I possibly could before I go into the the cave that is Portland but it's okay to go out there and enjoy the Run for the non-physical side and I think a lot of people go in and this is why they struggle with it it's all about physical fitness and if you are not matching whatever standard you're holding for yourself which is probably ridiculous standard you're going in and you're not going to enjoy it so sometimes it's good just it's going to happen the physical benefits are going to happen if you're running their happening that frees you up that she taking what's going on outside or even going deeper inside and just kind of meditating on the run but I think that was also something in the running single it's super important is soak up the outside experience of covering ground
00:28:54City Gear on trails around the beach in Santa Monica there's there's something amazing outside we just allowed in changing your route and changing where you meditate and how you meditate I mean I was in Portland a few months ago and for me it was magical running there at all these plants
00:29:18and it was like just wonderful to not feel completely dehydrated for 30 minutes. Yeah giving yourself what what we coin does forgiveness moments and days to be like this is okay hold on let me rephrase how I'm looking at what I'm doing can I feel the breeze is there a blue sky shut there's even sunshine on your face feels good once you go through the first 10 minutes to headspace meditation Thomas focus on the breath and a miss single we focus instead on the pacing on the footwork on the right left either one to pacing or I think the other option was up to a hundred
00:30:18did anyone have any experiences of either the one to pay sing better working better than the up to a hundred pacing was there another number that worked even suggested counting up to 20 and when I was counting my pieces up to 20 my first thought was I am so fast I can't go up on the numbers and I was like white or you're just a very slow counter there are other answers super super fast but then I was just confounded with why I couldn't get the numbers straight and I completely stop thinking about myself running at all I was like I can't count to 20 what it's about I can relate to because it's taking your mind off the exertion that you're putting into taking your mind off the effort it's a little bit of a trick if it up for my coaching Viewpoint I used to when I was
00:31:18coaching High School in the middle of a race I would always comment on the athletes form even if it was perfect I just got to keep your shoulder were fine we got to keep your shoulders down don't let him Bunch up and you could see them focusing on that because I knew that if they had something to focus on something to think about especially when it comes to your body which is Annie has you focusing on how it feels and the foot strike in the foot plant in the takeoff and counting your stride you tend to kind of fall into yourself in a good way and the effort become secondary because what happens a lot of times it's the focus is on the effort and this is unsustainable and when you take people's eyes off the ball a little bit and you say just count your steps you end up finding the right Rhythm they're probably not too many people if I have the gas to do the running single that while they're Counting
00:32:11feel stressed out and feel like the efforts too much and feel like they can't maintain what they're doing cuz they probably are slowly finding the right after work because the guy that they're getting a rhythm just another great word brings up your breathing is getting more control hopefully they can count faster than you so they can think of that they can figure out how many steps are doing but again it's a little bit of a mental exercise to say okay back off all the stress you have about the effort and find that little rhythm that you've got someone has their own little internal Rhythm they can be that first run you've got a Groove you've got a rhythm you just got to find it it's there and that's what exercise does a lot of times this is just whether it's contouring on your breathing or concentrating on how many strides you taking the foot plan it allows you to just kind of focus on something other than the effort
00:32:57yeah I think counting your steps are just shipped in your focus to something on your body or in your body it kind of like takes the option of stopping running like off the table light. At least for me so all the counting intervals of 20 and 1 since I was so hyper focused on that like the kind of thought of like you know what I'm running without something like in my ear like someone kind of guiding me I think like okay I'm getting kind of tired I'm going to stop now and then I'm going to run again later like you have iconic something to set your mind on this it I don't know it kinda is nice how does that kind of curiosity toward your body help you down the line and running the blank you're going to be I think you can insert whatever you want it's going to be the right answer and I think that's why it's always a conversation between your body in your mind throughout the entire
00:33:57sometimes one stronger than the other sometimes they are in perfect Unison with their working together they want the same thing sometimes I want totally different things that the body feels great on the run in your mind is scattered but the more that you can understand yourself because you have that you're almost is almost like this third-party controlling the conversation between the two I just think it's incredibly exciting and fun I need to run to realize at some point I'm going to have a conversation that I probably have never had before or it's never been in this light before and it could be you know I feel really good but I'm a little bit further away from that Santa Monica Pier than I thought do I have it in me to kind of pick it up and you kind of go through this conversation like I am feeling good but I also want to make it to the pier and to me that's not it shouldn't be something that's that's scary it should be kind of excited so I want to roll the dice say or do I want to just so you know what is a little hot I've been on my feet all day maybe I'll just end its run knowing like a
00:34:57excitement cuz that's that's invigorating to and you store all this knowledge inside you know somebody want muscle memory or mental memory whatever you want to call it all these conversations the more they have really what it comes down to is you realize I can figure this stuff out of my own I've gotten through this before it's it's no different than handling anything in your life you have that it's like not to get totally boring here but you have it sits when you hear the bad flu season and sometimes it'll be a really bad flu season and I'll start saying we haven't had this flu so now this strain 1957 is the closest one in and I'm always fascinated by that because it means if you weren't alive 1957 and you didn't have it you got to figure this whole thing out yourself and how to fight it the people that had it before they've got it they're going to library that says wait a minute this flu seems a lot like that one we had in 1957 Martha go grab it let's fight this bad boy we know how to
00:35:57why do we got the cheat code here we're going to fight the flu it's the same thing in life and it's the same thing and running when you have gotten through great things and Hard Day's tough runs and struggle fast out there when you come up against them again your body says we've been here before we got it, we made the wrong decision last time we're not going to do that again or we know that were stronger we can take on a little bit more there's something really powerful about 9 every single run with you realize it or not you can learn something from that run it can be a 5 minute running an hour running good running to get bad around a slow-running be running a lot of people as an opportunity to end that run saying I know a little bit more about myself and that's powerful and again this isn't a physical fitness thing this is just I had a long conversation with myself and I was positive the whole time or I work through a problem that I haven't been able to figure out or I am going to call up and
00:36:57look up with Bobby you know like all right now good for you where did that come from on all those confidence I feel good like a run can end so many different ways you just have to be willing to learn something from each of them
00:37:11Lord and we got quiet. I don't know if this I think we're ready to go there for a minute that was just watching over me in an awesome wave I was in the store because I think I'm an you bring up the one of the bedrocks of Andy's teaching is it's just I don't want a better a Bedrock what is a pretty big fella I was just being kind to yourself like you know when I just and even when it pertains to life physical activity like I'm not going to like I don't know I'm going to Peter out I'm not going to make it to the Pierre like you were looking at me so I can be kinda sweet kind yourself and I mean I'm saying that out loud cuz I'm going to be kind to myself on my next run interesting because I would say that part of the if you had a list like of the top things that are said to me when someone introduces themselves to me it's I suck
00:38:11that's almost I would say I'd said probably two or three times more than anything else and it's not I'm not good it's I suck at running and I said okay I believe you
00:38:23because I have to I mean it has to be built on trust I don't know you so if you tell me these soccer running I believe you now I will say this the goal is the same at the end of this run I just want you to suck less now we could be a little bit more positive about it and the goal could be I want to get better cuz it means exact same thing I think if you look at it that way that I don't suck at running so I want to get better at running from where I am right now it's the exact same thing but it's just how you're looking at it its way kinder to start a run if you're the worst Fitness of your life and say I'm doing this because at the end of it I want to be a little bit better which is exactly what most people say about meditation as well they are which is to say oh it's horrible for you great will start on your Fitness if you can own your Fitness
00:39:17when you going to be able to own the run and that's that's super important if you go when you go I'm I'm going to be in denial here I'm going to be able to do exactly what I want to do because I want to start by sprinting and I want to be able to Sprint for an hour what do you mean you realize that you can spend for like 10 seconds right that's about it so the fact that you want to spend for an hour good for you but you can't so let's just start and again that that idea of just being kind to yourself it's super powerful because it is running running to be very difficult I think that's one of the things that people like about it because it offers the opportunity to prove it I just had a tougher on and I'm tougher than that that's really empowering you know being tougher than something this week. So empowering but being able to be better than the previous version of yourself and being able to overcome things and get that's why it's interesting I tell me why do you know if you want to overcome something you have to be overwhelmed first like you have
00:40:17invite some of these things into your life or at least be aware that they're going to come in Uninvited and when they do okay this is an opportunity it doesn't mean that you know I walk around all day and I'm like man I hope I get overwhelmed today I want the chance to overcome but if you want to overcome anything you have to realize he have a whole it's going to start with you being overwhelmed you overcoming nothing you have to work on something so again each one is an opportunity for for something special to happen and I think that speaks to the people to say I'm not a runner or I'm not a meditator I don't do that think that it's just a matter of saying yet like all it takes now we've learned just 3 minutes
00:41:03right I think when people learn that I work at headspace one of the first things they say is oh yeah I downloaded headspace I did it for a week and I should do it more and I'm just like okay yes it's I agree and then have you met Andy you go there you go but it is true it's it's it's an interesting
00:41:33the situation we put ourselves in where we know that this is something that we should do but again it's it I mean just going back to what you said at the start if this idea while I have to commit acts and you all that's yes but ex just leave it at Saks XX can be any number
00:41:54don't put a number there it's not you have to commit this every single day it's just you have to commit. And again the more you do it the better you're going to feel. Can you have a. They're send a telegram it's true just just just do it there we go I'm going back to it there we go it just happens naturally you really like your Leo in this one is like statement and it's like hard so I can really explain things to give you a motivate without saying just do it yeah it is tough especially when you're just like just just start it's like any like meeting just do it or just start a clear head and say that
00:42:34cool well we usually talk about if we would recommend this single one and if so who would recommend it to sounds like we probably would all recommend what type of person would would you guys recommend this to anyone who's ever said I'm not a runner
00:42:54ham which is most people even the people that I consider Runners are like I run but I'm not a runner but I got soul but I'm not a celebrity Killers reference at the end I mean I would also go further than recommended to people who identify his Runners because again just bringing that awareness into your surroundings if you're like an urban environment type Runner it you know it would be nice to just appreciate it I like it run past this to this park like every day for the past few years I didn't take the time to buy when I'm warming up to just feel like the air on my head are the sign and then just enjoy like what's around me so I think that could be a nice little nice little bit there
00:43:53yeah and I think often we come back to perfectionist for people who want to come out the gate fast of the idea of someone slowly building Focus throughout the run I think I would I would encourage anyone everyone but especially people who have really high expectations at the at the top of her
00:44:12I guess I wait I mean it's hard not to just you know I have the cop out and say everybody so but if we're going to get specific here and just pick a group of people are probably set in their ways about running I think that's you know we it's I really it's not that I hate using the terms I just refuse to use them of of beginner intermediate or Advanced for running because that most people associate that with a speed which makes no sense whatsoever you can you can be fast and have absolutely no idea what you're doing so what but I would probably want people that are really set in their ways and running and it doesn't mean you're doing it the wrong way
00:44:55but it also doesn't mean you doing it the right way so just because you've been running for a really long time and just cuz you racked up a lot of miles and you take a lot of starting lines and you got a lot of race bibs and some battles that doesn't mean you're doing it the right way and you know that old line if it's if it's not broken you know don't fix it just is not broken doesn't mean it can't be improved so I think you just have to be open so if you're out there in your Runner and you've been running and you know what you're doing well maybe you can do it a little bit better so I would I would say those are the people I probably say start with them
00:45:30well coach Bennett we are so grateful to have you come down from Nike and join us at headspace Alex how about you give this portlander some of your favorite advice you can strangers plants right

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