Ximaon born Rafi lives in the UK with his family but is back home to see his father when the disaster strikes.
Written by Glyn Maxwell.
Directed and produced by Sharon Sephton.
United States


00:00:00This is the bbc thiss podcast is supported by advertising outside the uk this is the bbc welcome to the quake podcast a drama in twelve parts listened to trap man first search and rescue last on the other ten in any order you choose and for a full experience
00:00:23search for quake on the bbc radio four website where graphic novel style animations accompany each part and if you've got via headset you can experience trap man in immersive three d now part one trapped man shimao south island hee hee hee move someone uh i can't move someone
00:01:51they think i don't mean someone else oh i can't move my leg someone help pick up pick up oh god yes nobita i can't move i can't move there's something for going on there but never mind get you're ok no no no listen hotel has collapsed the hotel
00:02:45is down under the hotel i can't hear you did you go listen you need to tell people well i um i make you what you think you think i'm in the bar of our hotel the the purple temple just remember the purple tempered way you know if you
00:03:28can even be a love christa did you hear me the building and stand up but that it might be an earthquake i can't move i'm on my own but remember bad connection no no honey please just believe no but i never stopped come on if you think you
00:04:11grew up here earthquake drills what did they say Drop cover hold on yes with no oh don't move hello help someone help okun help will be hundreds of what now roughy right stay put to be patient wait it out e it's water find got too much that's good
00:05:06that's a good thing for wei i'm not going to die here i'm not i'm going to die here you get where you are not be climbed right out krista i'll make it to your match next week you'll hear me i will stand there in the sidelines with all
00:05:34this dust and dirt on me and i will wipe it from my eyes on what you win your match next week i'll be on the sidelines cheering help me hello is that mr bowman Can you hear me I can hear you your coughing that's ok you're alive i
00:06:06am too waken live you and i way could live can you hear me This is my friend don't give up can you see the light up there that's the light of the world my friend keep your eyes on the light of the world you here hey i can't
00:06:35hear you bomb and sir what's your name like a smooth twist my i think i have two legs mine you gave me bomb answer i have two legs and two arms and i could get to you I won't die and i won't let you die I'm coming to
00:07:17find you man coming tio roughy was played by david kay Essay Nubia was eugene yellow and berman cesare taurasi

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