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Why You Have to Check out Today’s Podcast: Find out how to scaling up into large multifamily investing Learn the power of changing your mindset – setting your mind and take the leap! Discover how positively channeling your creative thinking can lead to your business success   Resources/Links Upcoming Quantum Leap Weekend Program: TAKING THE QUANTUM LEAP!  on May 10, 11, 12, 2019. Register Now Free Property Analyzer, email:[email protected]   Summary Ken Beaton is a creative investor, educator & real estate agent/broker with over 20 years’ experience in multi-family, rent-to-own, and joint ventures.  In today’s episode, Ken talks about why he chooses Multi-Family investing in real estate. He also shares the importance of using creative thinking positively and how the power of changing your mindset and beliefs can be your key ingredients to your real estate investing success.    Topics Covered: 01:46 – Ken’s backstory and how he entered into the world  of real estate investing 02:58 – How Multi-Family investing started and why did he choose to build it 04:03 – Biggest mistake people do when they first get involved in real estate investing 05:53 – How creative thinking can be an unfair advantage in real estate investing and how can you develop it 09:12 – The strategy he used as a coach/mentor to help best people overcome their struggle in business 12:20 – Ken’s valuable free action: Analyze. Through the process of analyzing some properties, to get familiar with them first but it’s a strictly a numbers game, take the emotions out of it. Key Takeaways: “A lot of people think they know everything they need to know. It’s their mindset and beliefs are the biggest mistake and, that’s what I’ve come to realize over the years.”– Ken Beaton “The biggest mistake I see people making is not investing in themselves first.”– Ken Beaton “To get people to refocus and start thinking creatively, start thinking positively. Putting yourself in the right circle of influence, you are the average of the five people you are associated with and start socializing with like-minded people.”– Ken Beaton “I realized that the more people I help, the more money I make. Stop focusing on myself and start focusing on helping other people and seeing the returns are infinite when you start investing in yourself.” – Ken Beaton   Connect with Ken Beaton: www.arcawealthacademy.ca Instagram Facebook Email:[email protected]   Connect with Dave Dubeau: Property Profits Podcast www.daveubeau.com www.investorattractiondemo.com Facebook LinkedIn   Enjoyed the Podcast? Please subscribe on iTunes for updates
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