Welcome to episode 49 of The Red Pill Initiation Hour. Join Primal Alchemy's creator and director Chris Storey with guest Steve Cotter as they discuss the importance of approaching your fitness and life goals with a holistic strategy that considers the mind, body & soul connection whilst paving your own path.

On the episode Chris & Steve explore Steves journey of becoming one of the biggest names in the fitness industry and the lessons he has learned through direct experience during his evolution of self over the years. Steve breaks down the science and mechanics of the kettlebell, explaining why he thinks they are P4P the best workout equipment and how to adapt a kettlebell workout to meet the demands of any sport or physical activity. Chris & Steve then take a deeper look into the intention behind exercise and why it is important to integrate and unify the mind, body & soul into your life goals in order to reach your fullest potential. Other topics of discussion include Steves latest adventures in the world of BJJ, functional nutritional advice and the best kettlebell exercises you haven't heard of. All of this and more on episode 49 of The Red Pill Initiation Hour.

DISCLAIMER: 100% chance of waking up your third eye and becoming WOKE AF.

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Instagram: @stevecotterikff
Website: www.ikff.com
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/IKFFChannel

United Kingdom
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