Venture capitalist Vinod Khosla wants people off his beach, and he’s willing to spend billions of dollars to make it happen. He’s pushing his case to the Supreme Court. Khosla bought a whole beach village near Half Moon Bay in Northern California. But he hasn’t spent a night there.

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00:00:11I am very very warm welcome not given out on why there's two daughters Mister chairman I might Mister chairman forty one thousand documents that we have and everyone else joining on you last night and we believe this hearing exciting day for all of you here and you're right
00:00:37Kamin if we cannot be recognized that moved to adjourn the American people and I moved to return actually Democrats doing what they could today trying to delay the start of confirmation hearings for Breck have an op president trump's pick for the Supreme Court sat and listened while coming
00:00:55to harass and publish our and others complain at length about access to documents from Kavanaugh's time in the George W. bush administration Republicans weren't having it of course and there were protests so judge I'm glad you're here today I'm sorry we're going to have to go through some
00:01:12of the some of this month that's about to come your way but I hope you do it well you're smart you're smart the fundamental decent person anyone who actually knows who knows that to be true Mister Mister chairman I don't know that the committee should have dealt with
00:01:37this type of insulin surge going on in this in this room today well the insolence as senator Orrin hatch puts it is not without reason if Cavanaugh is confirmed as expected he has the potential to reshape the nation's highest court cementing a conservative majority that would likely last
00:01:55for decades so if there ever were a day for our legal legal to be here to opine this is at just eleven some law professor at Loyola law school hi there hi there okay well first of all let's take the Democrats opening argument here about access to documents
00:02:10just a little bit from senator Patrick Leahy here come those documents that have been provided the committee contain a parent alterations animations was zero explanation no court in this country certainly no court I ever argued cases before would accept this as a legitimate document production okay Democrats complaining
00:02:33a they didn't get access to lots and lots of documents and be some documents were dumped on them fifteen hours previous just right before the hearings began do have a point they do have a point because when it comes to A. incredibly consequential lifetime appointment to the Supreme
00:02:50Court who would want all the background information that you could so what has happened here in some ways is entirely predictable and precedent it meaning Democrats who were in the minority and realize that judge Cavanaugh when he becomes dresses Cavanaugh will reshape the court as he said for
00:03:08decades to come are fighting back in the mid terms are coming and they're fighting back with every kind of power that they have but some of this is unprecedented and for instance the Senate Democrats did send a letter to the Senate Republicans on the Judiciary Committee saying we
00:03:24have a real problem here and you talked about these hundred thousand pages of documents that are not being turned over but that's not even the full story here so judge Cavanaugh famously worked for the George W. bush White House and he worked in two different capacities in the
00:03:41White House counsel's office that's the documents were talking about with respect executive privilege but also a staff secretary for George W. bush now senator Chuck Grassley the head of did the Judiciary Committee didn't even ask for any of the documents related to you his time as judge have
00:03:59enough time is the staff secretary so we don't have those weird just fighting about the documents that related to judge Kavanaugh's time when he was in the White House counsel and specifically what we're fighting about is the documents that relate to his work on federal judicial nominee so
00:04:17these are the nominees that President Bush put forward initially Harriet Myers and and lido and then John Roberts in all of the lower court judges and so we have a kind of interesting and opaque way that these documents have been held back so these are George W. bush
00:04:37documents in the sense that these documents were produced under his presidency what's his executive privilege is being invoked not president trump's you know that's where the that's where it gets kind of confusing so it is George W. bush has hired an outside attorney and this attorney has been
00:04:56going through the documents but then this attorney consulted with the department of justice who consulted with the White House and the Attorney basically then sent a letter to the Senate Judiciary Committee and said as it turns out we're going to withhold a lot of documents about a hundred
00:05:14thousand pages worth of documents because president trump may assert executive routes over that and so that is why it Senate Democrats I think are very appropriately saying is entirely unprecedented and not only that it will go unchecked they're not getting these documents they're not gonna these documents this
00:05:33train has left the station okay well so speed train leaving the station it looks like he will be confirmed after all the theatrics that go on during the rest of the week he it seems like he's got the votes correct yes particularly because the Senate has changed the
00:05:48rules for how you need to confirm a Supreme Court nominee and now you only need a simple majority and there is a simple majority of Republicans okay so once he is confirmed barring some kind of crazy who knows what's going to happen by the end of the week
00:06:02but barring any unforeseen event of he what Simon executive privilege she has written and talked a lot about it himself and has come to different conclusions over whether or not the president can invoke executive privilege whether or not he can be compelled to testify or should be compelled
00:06:21to testify so what does that mean when we are looking at this independent investigation of president trump is so many people point out it may not be a coincidence that a president who is involved in a criminal investigation is nominating someone to the Supreme Court who has been
00:06:38one of the most open advocates for saying that the president should not be indicted and there may be even be questions about whether or not the president can be subpoenaed and so people are saying basically president trump is trying to pick his own judge here and now it
00:06:55is what we do know is that judge have not has written a larger view article in two thousand nine and its nuance but he's essentially arguing for the idea that the president should not be subject to criminal indictment and he's feel so strongly about that that he says
00:07:10Congress should pass a lot now there is no loss so in the confirmation hearings will say look I was look working as a legal scholar that was my view there is no law at the time and we're going to hear from judge cabin up over and over and
00:07:23over again once all of the speeches and when we finally do hear from judge cabin out we're gonna hear him say versions of exactly what Chief Justice Roberts says I'm an umpire I just call balls and strikes I'm a neutral arbiter I've not made up my mind on
00:07:37any particular issue related to any particular law which is of course the height of irony because when it comes to candidates running for president what they say throughout the entire election is don't worry I'm going to appoint someone who is if it's a Republican really conservative or if
00:07:53it were a Democrat so it's inherently political it's inherently political so right up to the nomination we pretend this person we know exactly how they're going to vote on anything and then the moment they're nominated we say they're blank slate alright so quickly it he will replace Kennedy
00:08:11who is considered the center he's much more conservative than Kennedy was I'm he who is now the center of the court the center of the court is now Chief Justice John Roberts a sentence that I did not think that I was going to utter one Chief Justice John
00:08:25Roberts was nominated and confirmed to the balance into some people are thrilled by this what do we know we know that the Chief Justice has not been the center for about eighty years we know that there has not been this consequence of a Supreme Court nominee in over
00:08:41a dozen years so what we're really doing here something we haven't done for the last few nominees we've been kind of trading liberals for liberals conservatives for conservatives now were treating a moderate conservative for a conservative conservative conservative and he will solidify the court on issues like L.
00:08:59G. B. T. rights affirmative action abortion rights %HESITATION criminal justice particularly when it comes to death penalty where justice Kennedy was more circumspect so there is no indication that that Chief Justice John Roberts will suddenly become a moderate conservative this will be a very conservative court for decades
00:09:21to come just eleven send law professor at Loyola law school thank you thank you well as you can tell by today's Cavanaugh hearing the fall political season is officially open for the next two months a lot of attention will be on the November mid terms a new Washington
00:09:45post ABC news poll finds that Democrats have a clear advantage in house races fifty two percent of registered voters say they'd vote for a democratic candidate in their district only thirty eight percent say they'd vote for the Republican candidate that is a fourteen point gap Scott Clement is
00:10:03the polling director of the Washington post hi there hello good to be here right have you are a when was the last time you saw that kind of gap in favor of the Democrats it's been quite a long time though %HESITATION they're fairly close to where they were
00:10:16in January and last fall and January they had a twelve point margin on this generic party support question we saw that shrink in April to four point so it has been up and down this year in our poll and in others generally because of the way districts are
00:10:31drawn Democrats are thought to need someone between six and eight percentage point victory in the overall house vote in order to flip enough seats to win control of Congress so they're certainly in that territory right they need to pick up twenty three Republican held seats to flip the
00:10:46control right exactly and rather than twenty sixteen it's a very different territory read these are more suburban districts these districts that are a little bit more white %HESITATION band the rest of the country what our poll is really of course nationally so %HESITATION what we're really catching it
00:11:02overall dynamics of the race what what are voters thinking and as they are about to consume a more intense campaign what are they thinking what's driving them well in a word trump trump is center to civil preferences in our survey more than eight in ten people who approve
00:11:17or disapprove of trump either vote for or against his party in our survey and that's on par with some recent elections which have really served as referendums for president George W. bush and Barack Obama in twenty ten and twenty fourteen that's tough for him because the poll ratings
00:11:33are not in good shape by the thirty six percent in our survey %HESITATION proving in sixty percent disapproving so it's a rough place to go yeah but on the other hand he's got a super high approval ratings among Republicans right like in the upper eighties ninety percentiles he
00:11:48dies in our survey it's right around eight and cancel a little on the lower end of that but he clearly maintain strong support among his base trump is important as a motivator for current apples for his base and for democratic opponents which %HESITATION suggests that his participation the
00:12:04campaign endorsement of candidates was a bit of a double edged sword for him so he may motivate his fellow Republicans to vote because I they want supporters agenda but Democrats are also really fired up to come out of the post and in the middle or independence of course
00:12:18there are real a Hodge podge of Republican democratic leaning but they favor Democrats right now by eighteen points in the last three a few recent mid term election they have been critical does it then reside with the independents are they the key and many of these districts it
00:12:34matters a lot they're they're they're important and I will be watching very closely over the last year and a half or so and they really never saw our clear majority approval of trump and it's not clear they're moving in his direction which is a trouble find the other
00:12:49big one is enthusiasm fewer than half Americans tend to vote in mid term elections we do see people are a little more interested this year in two thousand fourteen Republicans had a big advantage when asked %HESITATION whether they're certain to vote in our poll that was ten percentage
00:13:02points this year it's what the Democrats by six so it's always a mix of persuasion among those independence as well as turning up their base and Democrats seem motivated this year well what is the enthusiasm because as you say that's often a good predictor for how these things
00:13:17will go in the mid terms how fired up are Democrats have fired up by Republicans sure so just to put numbers on it seventy five percent of Democrats say that voting in this year's mid term election is more important than voting in previous mid term seventy five percent
00:13:32among Democrats compared to fifty seven percent among Republicans so they have an advantage on that and then when they're after their certain about eighty percent of Democrats say they are versus seventy four percent of Republicans one thing that's really counter to defector we don't know how this really
00:13:46well way is positive ratings in the economy people tend to give the president a break on %HESITATION controversies when the economy is doing well just twenty years ago our polls were asking about the Monica Lewinsky scandal ahead of the nineteen ninety election where Democrats actually gain some seats
00:14:01and fifty eight percent say the economy's excellent or good we're seeing though is the trump Republicans are getting full credit for that nearly half of people who rate the economy positively still disapprove of trump and that's the real best predictor of whether they're voting for Democrats Republicans we
00:14:19don't know how that's going to play out in the fall campaign fully of what is it that they disapprove of well I we didn't measure of variety of cruel issues for trump in this particular survey at the you know it's because the economy or other issues but we
00:14:32have seen that people are a bit more approving of his policies in the **** personality we see the sharpest negative reactions to things like on immigration or his views the way he handles racial issues the economy has always been a bright spot on that here forty five percent
00:14:48approve of him forty seven percent disapprove on handling the economy either way I think of it economy and then sort of all the other issues that are coming a variety of issues and controversies trump has been criticized for and that seems to be playing a big role whether
00:15:04Republicans can convince voters that are satisfied with the economy that they should reelect Republicans in order to keep that going is really I would have to see over the next couple months so when Republicans are looking at the results of your Paul would it behoove these candidates to
00:15:20try to distance themselves from trump and his policies and not try to go for the so called trump Bob you know it's interesting strategic question you're asking is also one that they may not be in control trumpet seo front center to these campaigns in Obama was in two
00:15:37thousand fourteen in two thousand ten federal candidates in in those years tended to separate try to separate themselves they really couldn't do a great job just I keeping on a bomb in two thousand fourteen when Democrats lost on a Senate races no candidate with Abel democratic candidate was
00:15:52able to outpace the boomerang by more than nine percentage points call at the local benefit factor and a lot of senator loss that year Republicans may be facing some of the same thing the other thing is that competent really running away from his own candidates Republican candidates are
00:16:06running away from him some of that may be reinforcing this referendum factor what people are thinking really in lines of whether they want more of trump or whether %HESITATION the one %HESITATION check against and so it seems like it's all pro or con trump for the Democrats that
00:16:22are fired up do they see a positive reason for going with the Democrats are they just saying we want to vote democratic because we need to get rid of this guy we don't like trump are they saying we actually like the Democratic Party and our candle or not
00:16:37certainly not fifty one percent say that the Democratic Party is out of touch with the concerns of most Americans that's down from early in trump's term when two thirds of Democrats right up top sure they're improving on that measure but overall still a lot of doubts for the
00:16:51Democratic Party %HESITATION we saw this too in previous mid term elections the turn out to be way it's not a requirement for voters to really like the party out of power in order to render a strong correct though for that president Republicans maintain low approval ratings despite winning
00:17:07big swings in congressional seat in two thousand ten two thousand fourteen so it's important to watch and certainly speaks to Democrats mandate if they do cut the house whether it's an endorsement of their own policies are really just a desire for something very central that's got Clement of
00:17:23The Washington Post thank you certainly coming up Facebook and Twitter go before Congress tomorrow what executives of big tech will likely hear from lawmakers about election security and bias against conservative that's next on Broadway support comes from not not have you ever wondered why non Angelenos talk such
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00:18:08Jonathan gold author Jen Billick's this is not LA counters myths with facts about a rich present and past for more info visit this is not a late dot com I'm just in Syria and on this week's don't at me I'm talking to star of Atlanta and did pull
00:18:24to the the dates and boy is it a conversation you don't want to miss I think in two thousand five don't think I would have been cast as domino not only would you have not been cast down again Atlanta would not be on the other hand there was
00:18:39no way that would not be another yeah alright show fine don't add me on apple podcast or KCRW dot com this is press play on KCRW I'm Madeline brand alright we're gonna talk politics and technology now and Peavey some upcoming hearing room drama out tomorrow Facebook COO Sheryl
00:19:00Sandberg and Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey will be in front of the Senate intelligence committee the topic what tech companies are doing to protect the upcoming mid terms expect to hear lots about Russians and bots and shadow bands and how conservative voices say they are shut out of the
00:19:16debate David McKay writes about where tack in politics collide for access hi David thank you brother great to have you well everyone seems to have an axe to grind with big tak so what's gonna happen tomorrow what are some of the highlights we know this is sort of
00:19:32the pencils down moment like that moment when the teacher says for your pencil down you have to turn the tested for these companies and so they're coming prepared with answers about how they are trying to protect elections and how they say they they are unbiased platforms and it'll
00:19:46be do both in the Senate intelligence committee in the morning and also in the house energy and commerce committee in the afternoon for Jack Dorsey he'll be testifying there as well okay Jack Dorsey is especially well I guess under the microscope from all sides seems like nobody is
00:20:01happy with him so what kinds of questions do you think that he'll receive from the right they will absolutely be questions about this question of the mentioned shadow bands which is this idea that maybe conservative voices are being limited in in more under the radar way isn't just
00:20:17outright bans %HESITATION and the larger allegations of censorship that I think the president was sort of seizing on last week on the left I think you'll have questions about info wars and Alex Jones and his decision to keep some of the more bombastic and they would say violating
00:20:32Twitter's policies voices on the platform and I know for a fact that he will likely get questions about this story in the Wall Street journal yesterday that he may have personally chosen to keep our jobs on a platform that something that Twitter denies but I it's pretty likely
00:20:48based on our porting the lawmakers will ask about it so what was the explanation in that story of him personally wanting to keep a %HESITATION Johns Alex Jones on on the platform so it again may have denied it they said that they enforce their rules consistently if there
00:21:05wasn't some sort of special treatment here he though has been fairly adamant that Twitter is a platform that tries to be open to a wide range of voices while complying with the rules in terms of safety and hate speech and and so he his public position has been
00:21:22that that Jones at least for a time could stand the platform at ABC took some steps to look at him for wars later on but certainly it's a really contentious topic and a lightning rod for right and so I guess I'm trying to walk a thin line here
00:21:35because they don't want to invite any more any really overt government regulation on their products right you know I think that's right I think that they are all thinking about what government regulation they would be okay with I think one thing you'll see maybe in the Senate particularly
00:21:54as some lawmakers coming in and saying okay where would you be okay with some sort of regulation or guard rails you know add transparency is one area that's been discussed potentially labeling body counts is another that's that's one thing to watch is what these executives say they would
00:22:08be alright with in terms of regulation alright and what about the upcoming election are they getting help from the federal government to fight off foreign bots and you know adversaries who want to plant fake news they say they're working with law enforcement on these issues with a national
00:22:28said the national security apparatus on this issue but that's actually something to watch because in the past they said they weren't getting the support they felt they needed and the companies also been working together face because when hosting these meetings with other Silicon Valley companies to look at
00:22:41some of these questions and share what they're working on how they're how they're working on it and so I think we'll see that continue and and maybe even pick up going into the fall right but the White House eliminated the role of cyber security coordinator right and I
00:22:55can't speak to how that position exactly impacted the relationship with these companies I think there were absolutely seeing them try and work more proactively with law enforcement generally obviously it's a very large intelligence committee working on these issues right but they have said that or the law enforcement
00:23:10community has said Dan coats has said to deny that the lights are blinking red rape I mean that is interruption or interference in the selection is happening now and so is there any indication that Facebook Twitter any of these social media platforms are prepared or willing to prevent
00:23:31that from happening you know I think we've obviously seen them all disclosed some recent activity the kin to what we saw in the lead up to the twenty sixth election they're not exactly the same someone more advanced they would say that they are taking steps to do so
00:23:47and obviously they've instituted some mad transparency databases although that varies from company to company how exactly that works and they say they're taking more steps internally to to build up their teams that spot these these potential malicious actors for before they can get these campaigns rolling but I
00:24:04think we've seen that that obviously some have been active on the platform and the pressures just gonna grow is that the mid terms approach in it in the end I think that that's the real task there's there's still several months ago a couple months ago before they're in
00:24:17the clear at least in this cycle and how are they doing financially well you know Facebook at summer pretty significant loss after its last earnings report that was in part as a factor of their investment into some of these issues that was cutting into their margins and I
00:24:34think that underscores something really important which is that the biggest risk for these companies is that this becomes a business problem regulation is something they know how to deal with the know how to influence %HESITATION but the idea that growth could slow down is something that this wall
00:24:46street's is very wary of and and that has freaked investors out Dave McKay writes I type policy and politics for access thank you so much thank you properly how and tech billionaire's whim could end up rewriting California law that grants public access to the beach someone drive for
00:25:16perfection could reshape social policy board eleven hundred miles in California you know because loud doesn't even like to swim but he does like to win that story is next on press play this is why I Madeline brand venture capitalists Vinod Khosla wants people off his beach and is
00:25:54willing to spend a considerable amount of money to make that happen he does have billions of dollars at his disposal he's been pursuing the issue in courts for about a decade but the courts have so far not been kind to him they say kosa is violating state law
00:26:10by trying to restrict access to his speech so now he is trying to go all the way up to the Supreme Court well because we didn't just buy a beach about a whole beach villages just south of half moon bay up in northern California yes even spent the
00:26:25night there he doesn't own a home on that beach malleable spoke to co slash about his campaign hi thank you for having me okay so you covered him or you read about him for the New York times and you've been trying for a long time to get an
00:26:39interview with him why was it so difficult to try to get him to sit down to explain himself I think if you haven't wanted this to find him and she knows kind of rightly so that the narrative is hard to control on that so I mean you have
00:26:56these charismatics surfers and townspeople on the one hand and then you have it somewhat secretive billionaire on the other hand and so I think he was probably wise to not be doing it kind of interviews about this but I had found his quest to be fascinating and strange
00:27:15and kind of offensive because I grew up in California and believe very deeply and public access to the beaches which is a trend in our constitution of course but I I've just done to know to be a fascinating character %HESITATION so tell us more about him he's a
00:27:29co founder of Sun Microsystems and yeah I mean this is the man who built the consumer internet this the man who built Silicon Valley whose influence is enormous and and who has been really a hero to the left for many years because of the investments in green energy
00:27:46and in eco friendly technologies that he really believes yeah and so he buys this beach Martin's beach with these forty seven cottages and one defunct little tiny shop that doesn't sell anything YTV bye in the first place he bought it moral us on when he thought it was
00:28:06beautiful you like beautiful thing he bought this little village the families who have been living in these houses for young generations %HESITATION and and he wasn't really sure we were going to do with that I think he thought it was gonna be a lot easier to manage and
00:28:23to maybe eventually turn it into a giant beach house or a hotel or something like that I don't think he totally realize how order he he Californians can get about about the beach access right and so he said what you can't come on the speech if you don't
00:28:39live in one of these cottages family before him had been running it as a sort of small business where they charge ten dollars for parking and you could park along the beach or in in a lot nearby and then you go on and serve and what he did
00:28:54was close the gate and say that he's no longer opportunistic parking and in the parking business had been losing money and so but I could indicate of course and because of the beach surfers can't go anymore and then he at one point had armed guards at the top
00:29:13and then at one point from servers were arrested who became the market's five which was again a public relations disaster we said the status try to force me to run a money losing operation and I should be forced to do that and so he wanted to be a
00:29:28close game but he has so much money why does he care if it's a money losing operation of the question in such an interesting character he's got two point eight around three billion dollars something like three point two I don't even somewhere around three billion dollars right and
00:29:45he might have kind of gotten doctor because he really believes in principles and in another sound crazy but like he really genuinely believes that it has to be done right and it would set a precedent if he didn't do it right and not like this state can't compel
00:30:03him to view what is not right and so for the profile that I wanted to really show with how this fits into him as a person I was attended the other work he does need to his personality and I went to his office where he's built a sort
00:30:17of incessantly perfect space when he designed everything from the paper towel dispenser in the bathrooms he picked out every bolt for every flower he picked up the glasses and to show that kind of this obsession is not just about the beach is about like a broader thing but
00:30:35wears a lot of people are eccentric in a lot of people have the Chechens Olympics you perfect this is someone who is drive for perfection could reshape social policy for your eleven hundred miles of California cuts now my gosh okay so that is really them out of that
00:30:52his whim it might turn out to be really far reaching for the whole state anyone who wants access to send you don't really want to win that last part he just he can't not write it in his mind he knows is right here not pursue it even as
00:31:11he tells me he hopes he doesn't want him to win at the US Supreme Court yeah well he is being represented by Paul command has a heavy hitter has argued many cases before the Supreme Court so there's a good chance to win they tell us we say they
00:31:27haven't decided to take a look at that in here it really is just such to news that a California story so describe exactly what they're arguing or what they're trying to argue why they're trying to convince the justices to take this case what is the constitutional issue at
00:31:45the heart of this in their minds okay what they're really battling offer is this one rusty old gate at the top of the road and whether or not he needs to apply for a permit to change the hours at that gate is open he wants to close it
00:32:03all the time is Jeannie family who owned the property before him had it open for your ex number of hours per week and he is arguing that the state can't compel him to leave the gate open or even can't compel him to apply for that it doesn't need
00:32:17to be permanent %HESITATION and his unit on three amendments and he is yeah basically saying it the proper property issue and an analysis of that meetings are now person on the ground as well the speech issue in line basically you just apply for a waiver and get them
00:32:36to agree to open and different hours or go for a different way I mean so places a very narrow case in that yes it's about this one permit but more broadly the state of California has taken research to make it so even if he wins any government reply
00:32:52for permit or whatever California signed into legislative language saying that it is willing and ready to pursue eminent domain to serve claim that road and so then they would start a negotiation over price but it's both very small because it's just about the skate it's just that this
00:33:09permit and much larger because obviously just as the medical side is deeply entrenched and unwilling to compromise on this and unwilling to stop despite the people coupling are not willing to stop the fight it'll can stretch on indefinitely so here's a guy who just to summarize bought this
00:33:30village he hasn't spent a single night there he doesn't even swim or like to swim yeah he doesn't want to win his case before the Supreme Court such a great character is a great character he lives in a purple layer you just can't love the color purple yes
00:33:50but there's nothing that can shake him from his belief that he's right and that he needs to win just for the principle of it but does he not think okay it's not worth at the ends do not justify the means it might not I mean in his mind
00:34:09there's sort of a cosmic battle happening and he has to play his role in and so does he care about his reputation because now he's lumped into the bad billionaire exactly he doesn't he doesn't care like it that can one of the most interesting things everyone else who
00:34:28has tried to do a beach battle because every generation of billionaires tries to do a beach battle they want a private beach we have David Geffen and something called exactly yeah exactly he typically the playbook as they get shame to the public they get dragged through lengthy court
00:34:45battles and pretty soon they kind of get up and they throw in the towel under their bitterness or the court cases are too onerous works this gets to be caught in the stock and the thing about the note is because of his personality which is sent to the
00:34:59kids had said that there obsessively principle personality he just won't stop you can't stop and so it doesn't matter that the public shaming it doesn't matter how long or how annoying the court cases are how small it yet he's right here for and it was interesting in and
00:35:19talk to some of his partners at the firm and they actually said that it's been somewhat helpful in their business negotiations because they can use this and say listen if someone's trying to screw over the firm or or in in in a deal isn't that what the necklace
00:35:33was not going to back out he is fighting a ten year battle for beach she doesn't even go to and it kind of it kind of made him the mythological figure in the valley well what's also interesting about him is while he's doing this trying to shut off
00:35:53beach access to answer for his or whoever wants to go to the beach he also has some pretty publicly minded ideas you write that he wants to come up with a way to three D. print homes for the homeless and put them above parking garages so does he
00:36:09he does think about the public good yeah I mean what I love about this story and like all the pastors are it's complicated there is no hero there's no bill right like he is just a very complicated man figuring out his own sense of a moral code and
00:36:27trying to live it in a very extreme way so and we're all kind of at the whim of a little bit so should the Supreme Court take this case yeah and should he win what does that look like what is that mean for the rest of us could
00:36:46reshape coastal policy is very relaxed and the lawyers and historians I talked to that this could be one of the biggest threats to California he'd been fundamental protection of public access procedures all right now I think you so much thank you so much travel to Philly bowls she
00:37:10covers tack and internet culture for the New York times coming up the pro football season is upon us which of the two LA teams should be reported for brothers in here next on pathway support comes from not not have you ever wondered why non Angelenos talk such trash
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00:37:58gold author Jen Billick's this is not LA counters myths with facts about a rich present and past for more info visit this is not a late dot com this is pressed play on KCRW I'm Madeline brand okay you know that means exports Nike stock took a little bit
00:38:24today pictures are circulating on social media people cutting the switches out of their socks and setting their Nike shoes on fire mouth as after the company revealed its new ad campaign starring Colin Kaepernick politics they've come to the NFL here to talk about that and more are the
00:38:40Sklar brothers you guys to be back in awhile politics have been in the NFL for awhile I guess so because of Colin Kaepernick but in a great way yet to refresh for those who don't know I mean he was one who wanted to figure out a silent a
00:38:54peaceful way to protest believe the first one I nailed please brutality not the flag not against the troops not and he actually got with the navy seal and said what's the most respectful way that I can do this in the navy seal said to me as an Instagram
00:39:06photo of him standing with the navy seal with his hand on his shoulder as Colin Kaepernick is kneeling down and not say anything just kneeling in protest that was devised with a military person and somehow that has got twisted I wonder how in this political climate into you
00:39:22hate the troops you hate the flag disrespecting fighting that's not what it was and so you know almost like drawing a blue stripe on the flag were red stripe would be I mean who would do that anyway so the owners then sort of jump on this bandwagon as
00:39:35trump has just been hammering the NFL hammering the NFL and tweets any owner sort of got together who are we need a new law we need a new rule of law within the NFL which is now the new rule is if you want to protest you can do
00:39:47it in the locker go in the locker where no one can see you right you're not allowed to be on the field if you want if you which is also somehow almost a larger way of protesting the anthem itself you're not even listening or Sam this take myself
00:39:59out of the field so that that was a and a lot of players a lot of teams don't know how to deal with that and even the cowboys' Jerry Jones was you know a good friend of trump's and a billionaire many times over he spent sixteen million dollars
00:40:11on the party after his hall of fame induction sixteen million dollars on one night when one party he also is not paying his chair lady cheerleaders FYI you know because he's crying poor but that's a whole other story but one in a party you got I spent on
00:40:25the party I mean one at sixty million but he said that all of his cot was going to stand for the anthem and nobody is going to be in the locker when I come in if they go into the locker room his son who is also a member
00:40:34of the team said you will be off the team you won't you will not be long for this team if you don't honor the flag this way Joe Jones also photographed with a hat on during the national anthem that's not respectful and he wouldn't take it off it's
00:40:46a thorny issue that Colin Kaepernick brought up and you know and not that we want to stand around and applied Nike for you know making him the face of a new ad campaign that what we do want to stand around applied Nike because at that time now companies
00:40:58are kind of either staying silent are moving very far right because they're afraid of the backlash that's going to happen as soon as Maggie said Khan cabinet is going to be the face of one of our future commercials are campaigns I was like just wait for the country
00:41:11music singers who are gonna make a video of them cutting the Nike swoosh out of their sound guys socks because that's happened yet also is so what is Mike he's calculation here because the stock is down today and so are they thinking well maybe we don't need football
00:41:26fans as much as we need basketball fans or other people around the world what I think there if we can they're thinking if they can galvanize their thinking we don't need everyone if we can galvanize the people who support con cabinet because there are millions of people who
00:41:39do support calling Capranica %HESITATION if we can galvanize those people on the bank on those people buying shoes I mean interesting thing that happened the last couple years in the shoe market adidas has sort of taken over Nike in a way that it hasn't been that way in
00:41:52years you know ideas with their shoes the and I'm teasing the other popular issues as far as street where and what the young people are wearing adidas is sort of step into the game and stepped up to Nike maybe this is a way to say Hey we we're
00:42:04a socially conscious company worm in and is is a way for Nike to say that it's a bit could be a bit of a loss leader which is fine not rock and get into the business of it but yeah you know for Nike to take a stand at
00:42:14this point the other stocks down a little bit today but I would see that I would imagine a rebound so meanwhile Capranica suing the NFL and he just had a small victory in court which the judge the NFL wanted to throw that case out saying there is no
00:42:28collusion again when using the owners have colluded against against him and not hire him and you know from a football analyst side you would say yeah obviously he's more qualified than a lot of guys who got hired after he wasn't hired quote unquote hire a ball a lot
00:42:45of guys even hired with less good numbers as him guys who haven't taken team all the way to the Superbowl like he took the forty Niners this ripple there there are a lot of players who got hired it when it should have been cap when he was out
00:42:57there on him it was a sales of wait a minute this just doesn't add up you're watching going why are you taking Colin Kaepernick that would be a great choice for a backup or hate your starters down bring this guy and he knows how to win and you
00:43:08can make plays with his feet he can and he's got a great arm you know you want yourself why would you take this guy's been out of football for a year and a half you know now Khan cabinets been out for awhile but you to this other guy
00:43:17who's kind of washed up and so it does feel like it reeks of collusion of some sort the NFL wanted it thrown out but the judge said no you can move forward and actually go with more discovery so now owners again and to be able to be brought
00:43:30in and questioned in a courtroom setting why did you not choose him and he's got a powerhouse attorney market does definitely does it's gonna be hard to prove but he has a strong legal okay so meanwhile the football season opens how does this all play into vats and
00:43:43locally the rams first game will be in Oakland yeah I won last games that there will be and I mean it Oakland will not be around in a couple years it will they'll be in I don't know if I'll be around on that I don't know if it'll
00:43:55be around Jay will check your %HESITATION I will but %HESITATION yeah Oakland Oakland Raiders we moved to Las Vegas become Las Vegas writers but %HESITATION the raiders gonna be great this year and the rams are gonna be great the rams have added a lot of amazing players on
00:44:09defense all of them are a little fiery like I have some personalities and have some baggage and Donna can sue is a guy who famously one time he's been fined more than any other player in the last years I think almost three hundred thousand dollars for bad plays
00:44:21for rough housing he onetime stepped on someone's neck play after play which how many people can you say of stepped on someone like on purpose does it would have to leave at all he stepped on someone's neck and I mean like I think if you went to the
00:44:34Hells Angels you'd find maybe three people of stepped on the neck and you're saying yourself okay it's like this like when Sammy Hagar went to Van Halen like yeah he had his own thing going but army of stepping on someone's neck I don't know no but I'm making
00:44:46tequila down their exam here is the next step were saying when you brought him into Van Halen did that make them better what made a better than when they were with the extreme guy around but it maybe it's a date you know with David Lee Roth at the
00:44:59beginning I have never gone too far astray but they're like one day one is they brought in a key to leave who is one of the best you defensive back to backs out there keep to leave one time shot himself in the leg which is metaphorically like shooting
00:45:13yourself in the foot higher up his empire like he brought and then got nailed for the gun and he got suspended for a couple of games I mean but he also has he has thirty interception is in it thirty interceptions in his career and ten interceptions returned for
00:45:26a touchdown which is third best all time so now you have him on your team so they've act they've upgraded at certain positions but the question is did you as personalities not mess with the chemistry which last year we had a great chemistry out here in Los Angeles
00:45:38and and that's what a lot of people said that's why the team went so far in the playoffs and made the playoffs and got a by the other thing is last year there were no expectation for the rams going into the season and then they went all the
00:45:48way to the playoffs they did great %HESITATION this year people are saying wow this coach is great he's a young coach but he's great to take because I could make it to several they should make some people are saying to roll but definitely they should make it to
00:46:00the playoffs anything short of the playoffs will be a disappointment how do they play with expectation that's always the test in sports because a lot of sports is right between the helmet okay yeah do you want to read the Chargers surely charges are gonna be great too tart
00:46:15Chargers integrate division that's another Los Angeles team although rain I always that maybe they need to call themselves the southern California charges just to just to maybe differentiated up a little bit so cal charges but the Chargers are there great team they had they did well at the
00:46:29end of last season as well the kind of started off week but then they had a great finish the last season there any division where a lot of teams are showing right now I can't tell you who's going to win that division and four games in it could
00:46:39be they've got the raiders that can city chiefs the Chargers and the raw data and Denver I can't tell you who's gonna win that division I really want to win will obviously be great for LA if the Chargers won but you know the Broncos everything once you're both
00:46:50the raiders have something to prove it's our last year and it will have a new coach Jon Gruden who's amazing who is from ESPN at the analyst position to jump back and be the he's the last guy take time to say raiders because you guys have said Oakland's
00:47:02not exist now live here I am I for that you're playing for the existence of %HESITATION appeared to have the East Bay might as well do it Sklar brothers rainy days and check out their audio documentary it's called Sklar's and stripes on audible thanks you guys you Christian
00:47:28born out here back this is what they think about this whole calling captain ignite the thing and it was pretty fun sided everyone is pretty supportive of what Nike is doing Catherine lied and says I don't buy things with the label logo on them I'm going to this
00:47:44afternoon polished pair socks but a small gesture to thank Nike for using Kappa neck Todd up and says I have no problem with that whatsoever colonist up for minorities and brought needed attention to abuses of power within a law enforcement ranks to conduct that continue to go on
00:47:59punished I applaud him for that and now upload Nike for supporting Colin %HESITATION and Louis says Louis P. says I'm an adidas kind of guy but as of today I'm buying my new favorite Nike and %HESITATION it goes on like that so I have a lot of a
00:48:15lot of support them and I was I was kind of curious you know how LA football fans are dealing with the fact that we now have two teams and the rams are going up to play the right as we know something angle which by the way mostly angle
00:48:29yet not for a couple of years yet so I I just asked you know like what team defense support thirty two percent of LA football fans say they support the rams five percent support the charges only fourteen percent support the raiders which I was kind of surprised by
00:48:44so %HESITATION that's where things stand these days and times of a greater sense exactly how that in them but they are they were here for quite awhile alright thank you Christian for all and all just a reminder that we are in our and drive pledge drive I didn't
00:49:00even mention it I know so on and so under the radar is basically were basically not pitching except a little bit right now but we just hope that you'll do the right thing and become a member or renew your membership at eight hundred six hundred KCRW or case
00:49:15certainly dot com and not that we're doing this it's a big experiment to not cut into programming or changer shorten any of the programming that we usually bring you especially during these crazy heady times so that please we need you to do your part thank you I'm Alan

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