In this episode we’ll cover all you need to know about Week 9 of pregnancy. We’re calling it the “Wait, I’m pregnant? I’m pregnant! Ohmigod I’m pregnant” period. This is the week when, whether you’ve known you’re expecting since before you missed your period (thank you, First Response!), or just figured it out and are still in shock, it’s beginning to feel REAL, people.

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00:00:00hello and welcome to pregnancy confidential week 9 OMG I'm really actually a hundred percent pregnant pregnancy confidential is a girlfriend to girlfriend Real Talk podcast from the folks at Parents Magazine where we have your back and your Bump through all 40 weeks we as Parents Magazine have done a ton of research on pregnant women over the years and we've taken all that information and what we know from listening to our audience both of our magazine and our website, and her sister website for pregnancy.com and we kind of rolled it all up and said let's make a podcast so we have 32 weekly installments and we're going to walk you through pregnancy week by week hold your hand try to anticipate a little bit for you what you might be worried about and help you relax I'm Dana Point's the editor-in-chief of parents and I have to guess
00:01:00today the first is Erika Jaynes digital director of parents.com and mom up to and Julia Denison managing editor of the parents network of websites which includes parents.com and I am pregnant so we have a real live right now pregnant dad's with us I myself have 2 kids I have two boys we owe and Eli and so Erica and I have been through this pregnancy thing and Julia is living it right now in this episode were going to cover all you need to know about week 9 of pregnancy for calling at the wait I'm pregnant I'm pregnant oh my God I'm pregnant. This is the week when whether you've known You're Expecting since before you mr. Thank you pregnancy test or just figured it out and are still kind of in shock it's really beginning to feel real so we felt like this was the right week to start this podcast series but before we go again let's start by talking about your baby this week one of the fun things to look forward to during pregnancy is the weekly update from
00:01:59tell your app or your email or many total strangers on the street about how big your baby is it's not enough just to tell you the size pregnancy books and websites including our own are compelled to compare that baby to food fruits and veggies and even household objects so every week we're going to tell you how big your baby is so let's start this week with Erica is a cherry a cherry that's good but my favorite kinds of green olives to eat right now or the garlic stuffed ones they can get the whole foods with lemon slice them so at 2 in the morning. Correct okay just just checking or garlic bad it's not the pits size of a gumball or the smallest chicken egg ever laid which I want to play with swayed by name to Big Bird so you can find out more about your baby's development every week by signing up for our daily pregnancy email at parents.com pregnancy daily will give you the scoop
00:03:00coming up in the moment we'll discuss how you're coming to terms with your pregnancy but first a word from our sponsor
00:03:07okay back to the show by the time you're 9 weeks most of you will know your pregnant and may already even have had your first ultrasound and even heard the baby's heartbeat it's a lot to take again and it really can leave you reeling especially if you're keeping your pregnancy a secret for example at work until the end of your first trimester sometimes it's even hard to believe you're really pregnant since you don't look any different at that stage of course you always have morning sickness to remind you if you're one of those people I know I didn't actually find out I was pregnant with my first child until after 9 weeks I think it's crazy but from you is like 11 weeks for a number of different reasons we were trying but didn't really expect it to happen as quickly as it did and I wasn't really good at keeping track and blah blah but I remember those feelings of like what the test says I'm pregnant but I know I don't feel any different yet especially cuz I didn't really have a lot of morning sickness
00:04:07how did you cope when you first found out I wish I was that laid-back about the whole process but unfortunately I'm somebody who likes apps and things so with the whole kind of trying to conceive I started out very quickly turned into when I realized all things up like the fertile window and that like you could track all this I was like oh my God you know I wouldn't
00:04:31when you're trying and I think a lot of our listeners May relate you are kind of Cecily looking for symptoms right around that time when you're expecting her. So for me I was just every little thing I was like that I just smell something a little bit more to that was that just been more fragrant on your shower so I of course that you work on the pregnancy.com and so every day you go to work and think about this guy seems like I'm not even sure when I first got pregnant I would have known that a heightened sense of smell what The how to expand your symptoms that your period are very similar to pregnancy symptoms so that can really mess with your honey and I can't tell you how many times I've taken a pregnancy test that I was just PMSing so really it was the test we were trying and I didn't feel any different at all as he said and I didn't have a lot of the symptoms
00:05:31I didn't have breast tenderness I didn't feel especially tmsc and so really it was just that we were trying and I knew when I should take a pregnancy test and that pregnancy test turned out positive I'm always amazed by those people who are pregnant and then go all the way to delivery and then claim to not know they were here and I don't know how that was really funny supermodel Molly Sims said that she knew she was pregnant when she found herself goggling a slice of confetti birthday cake with a plastic fork while her car was at a stoplight
00:06:06yeah now that would not have been a sign for me cuz I totally I mean I'm not pregnant last time that might be to stop everything there's something going on right now eating sugar the first person you told Erica to tell first my husband just a few minutes earlier and I literally went out and ran after him trying to find him okay so I had what I think the call implantation bleeding so like you spotting around the time I supposed to get my. So I totally thought that I was getting my period I supposed to go out for drinks with some girlfriends later that night just to make sure that it came back positive and it was weird because I was just because I have my. So I told my husband first but it was like oh my God it was
00:07:04text from my parents know what's going on but yeah there's that and then when I realized what it was and went away very quickly and it wasn't like I was like okay I think I'm actually fine as soon as I kind of like gradual build to tell him I will build fat exciting feeling it's quite a moment I mean my guess is if you're listening you told some really special people in your life maybe you told the world it's happening more and more often now that people put everything on Facebook pretty early in their pregnancy they don't wait did you just take one test each of you or did you like take multiple tests to make sure it was accurate with my first I think I maybe just took one and believed it but with my second because I found I started testing I think even earlier and it seemed a little unclear there's much less certainty with my second pregnancy that was maybe one of the downsides of really trying to find out as early as possible is that for me then there was a several
00:08:04. of is this really real and is it really going to stick everybody at this stage in the game you're probably super concerned still at 9 weeks about miscarriage because you see all those statistics about how common it is in the first trimester and I know at the time that I was pregnant with my first I was working at a magazine and I was so healthy and so like usually I knew way way too much about the situation so I had seen the stats on miscarriage even though I had not had one previously myself and so you know I told my husband but I was just like absolutely can't tell anybody else until we're we're sure it's going to stick that is why I feel a little bit like if you see a lot of people reveal to pregnancies by showing their positive pregnancy test and I could do that but you know we are in a world of sharing everything on Facebook and I did
00:09:04that it's really important open up on Facebook even early on because really miscarriage something we should all be talking about a little bit more too and you know if they're your friends then they should be able to be there for you whatever have at Sutherland to consider I guess yeah when did you review on Facebook as I speak I'm actually in my 15th week but I just did it last weekend and the very reason that I was just like I know that on Facebook doesn't make a difference to anything in reality but it felt like for me it was a little nerve-wracking for some reason
00:09:41when I told him one of my best friends he was like like the first time I saw you the say no to Wine I knew about me eating we talked about the actual reveal and telling your husband and all that but did you kind of secretly have any like oh my God kind of scared or or uncertain or you know emotionally what was going through your mind when you first found out I think a feeling of even though we were we were trying it was planned we had talked about it we knew we wanted to have kids but for me I was very lucky and that it happened very quickly we did not have to try for a long period of time at all and so going from yes we want to do this to you okay it's done this is really happening actually can say pretty much the same thing we waited a while to get married so the rest of
00:10:41family was like oh come on you know and so we we said okay it's time to start trying and and I really expected that it was going to be difficult for me to get pregnant because of my I had a history of like all sorts of really irregular periods and stuff and then it was just almost instant and so I think it all came more quickly than I was prepared for and then I was like oh wow and and this seems really Teddy but part of the issue was I thought I would have time while I was getting pregnant to renovate the kitchen kitchen in our in our home was a disaster we had bought an old house and it had to be completely gutted and you know there's all sorts of dust involved and renovating and then for months if we didn't have a kitchen and then for a while we don't have a bathroom either until we were showering in the sort of makeshift
00:11:41for this renovation and looking at my schedule for pregnancy and thinking you could not have a line these more badly and as a result I ended up eating like microwave food pretty much 2/3 of my pregnancy cuz I didn't have a working kitchen things don't go as planned and that is a really good training for the rest of your pregnancy experience and frankly for motherhood as well but I would say surprise and then other panic and then total excitement even when we told the rest of our family that we were pregnant and as a result because of when my due date was going to be the whole family had to cancel a really exciting vacation that we were planning to take abroad that my my mother and father-in-law where we're going to take us all on this amazing vacations and years later I'm still feeling the heat for that I can't believe that. How could I get pregnant
00:12:41or so I shared pregnancy so we want to hear from our listeners are you still coming to terms with your pregnancy at 9 weeks or have you reveal it to everyone put it on Facebook you know plaster the office walls so tweet I know you can be cryptic if you need to be at Parents Magazine with the hashtag pregnancy confidential every week we're going to bring you a different thing that you can relax about throughout this podcast because there are so many things to get nervous and anxious about when your pregnant and you might feel a little bit of a lack of confidence about how things are going or how you might be as a mom or are you ready so we're going to try to allay some of those fears and tell you what you can relax about this week's relax you've got this segment is about the dreaded morning sickness or as we like to call it every waking hour sickness if you haven't found yourself dry heaving yet after catching a with like your partner's dinner. Yourself lucky the some women managed to dodge the craziness but
00:13:4170% of women will suffer some kind of nausea and morning sickness during their pregnancy mine was really very mild really passing and mostly in my second pregnancy so I have absolutely nothing to complain about pachulia I think you do well I got off lucky I think they say that hits you most frequently around week 6 and Boom 1 week 6 came around I started to feel queasy all the time but I never threw up I only kind of felt a feeling of car sickness basically is what it felt like all the time and food aversions meaning like a little hungover / car sickness feeling I remember I went to brunch with a friend of mine and she was so hungover and I was having the same feelings for totally different reasons just on the same page I don't even know if there's anything
00:14:41best but the idea that like you know what you have more Hello pregnant friends and myself you always want to have that feeling like I have too much morning sickness to have not enough morning sickness like what's the perfect level of it's okay if you don't have any right because about Rainsford of women won't have any money and if it's kind of what you had you know The Hungover nausea feeling that's to be expected you might never throw up but it still could be considered morning sickness and if you throw up that's okay to carry a bag when I see you I'm not joking if you are one of those people who can't keep anything down you're throwing up constantly and you're not eating then you're going to need to speak with your doctor is unfamiliar with this because we all heard about Kate Middleton and the experience that
00:15:41she had which actually required her to be hospitalized so there is no shame in in having the severe symptoms you really need to talk to your doctor about it as far as remedies you know some people like ginger ginger ale I like that even when I'm not pregnant when I'm nauseated I had a friend who said that she carried in her plastic bag that she carried when she rode the subway cuz you know we live in New York's we ride the train Austin to work she had her plastic bag and then inside the plastic bag she would always have a half a cut lemon so the first thing was inhale the smell of the lemon that helped kind of Tom her and if that didn't work she had the plastic pack Erica did you use any remedies or did you not need them I really didn't I was lucky and that I had no morning sickness and speaking to a Julia I was just mentioning I was worried about it it was not calming that I don't have any morning sickness actually called my father-in-law who's the retired OB-GYN and was complaining about the fact that I didn't have more
00:16:40sickness because I thought what's wrong with me why is my body not protecting my baby and is this a bad sign and he basically was like you're lucky it's understandable that you felt that way because the theory is morning sickness develops as the result of the hormone HCG which is the so-called kind of pregnancy hormone that goes up so I can imagine you would be like oh if I don't have morning sickness do I not have enough HCG but as we said it's totally fine if it's a spectrum but if you get over on that kind of really severe side of the spectrum you're going to have to talk to your doctor so hopefully that's helping you relax a little bit Yeah and ginger drops but I will keep them in my bag I still have them even though by morning sickness lifted at 12 weeks and that's another thing 9-week hers that you can look forward to in theory not for everybody but there's a lot of people haven't left around 11 12 weeks and when it does left at least for me it was instant and I fell instantly back
00:17:40pregnancy confidential our producer is Sarah abdulrahman engineer is Zach dinerstein thanks also to Laura Mayer and Andy Bowers at panoply would like you to let us know what you think of the show you'll find us on Twitter at Parents Magazine Facebook at facebook.com Parents Magazine for Instagram at of course Parents Magazine and if you like the show please be sure to tell a pregnant Friend And subscribe to us and iTunes Stitcher or your favorite podcast app don't forget to leave it there waiting or comment because it helps other people discover our show unlike other podcasts and this is the beauty of pregnancy confidential you don't eat to wait a week for the next episode so if you want to peek around the corner or if you're catching up cuz you're already 12 weeks or 14 weeks pregnant you can do it if you want to sneak peek of what the weeks ahead hold for you listen to the next episode right now

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