Joe Manchin is had it up to here with your BS. The Shutdown is discussed as well as the SECRET SOCIETY!

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00:01:53welcome to the One Pilots show that doesn't shut down ladies and gentlemen it is the politics politics politics program my name is Justin Robert Young you are listening to your number one destination number one number one destination for all your secret society news
00:02:17presented for the approval of the secret society I called this story Russia collusion
00:02:26Are You Afraid of the Dark Vance anybody okay pie last time we all got together on a Wednesday we we shut down the government
00:02:38everybody get there purging in there buddy go in and Riot Village
00:02:45you know jay walk did you do did you do everything they did you possibly could to make sure that you that you took advantage of the fact that there was absolute lawlessness chaos the Specter of chaos stretching across the land
00:03:03469 hours
00:03:26don't you guys before they don't really care about the shutdown shutdowns are always empty calories they're dumb they're stupid
00:03:34and this one was both dumb and stupid at the exact same time it really accomplished nothing except for the fact that everybody got use out of their countdown clocks
00:03:43on fucking all the 24 hour news networks
00:03:49you know it just
00:03:53Airways all pissed off now the progressives all my God the progressives are pissed off
00:04:00oh geez they're so fired up
00:04:03you know
00:04:05Progressive you so angry cuz Chuck Schumer sold them out sold them out this was the time we could have gotten DACA done we could have shut this shit down until until Jacka got done progressives are so mad
00:04:19because it was so mad
00:04:22Hasan piker took two minutes not going through Tommy Lawrence trash that's how mad progressives were it was just pacing back and forth
00:04:32and is parka
00:04:35so mad so mad or Progressive sell-out sell out Schumer
00:04:44that's it they were crying
00:04:47I don't know what else you were good at done but he didn't exactly have a whole lot of Leverage not until 2018 at least I mean they're there the elections in 2018 the off-year election
00:04:58sowega I think he got I think he got done what he could have got done here's the one thing I will say that I do understand the progressives are mad about
00:05:10I do get this
00:05:12that what Chuck Schumer did was I would say
00:05:19sensible brinkmanship
00:05:25that is not the same kind of game
00:05:31that the iron Turtle Mitch McConnell
00:05:36played when he like just straight out refused to hold a supreme court hearing during an election year
00:05:45yeah this is the constant cycle but I think liberals have
00:05:52is that
00:05:53they hate
00:05:56Republicans but they kind of wish they had Republican leadership
00:06:04not in the ideological sets
00:06:08but they kind of wish that Chuck Schumer would be like Mitch McConnell Whitney the supreme court hearing and just say no
00:06:16how about no how about I don't care what you think about me I'm going to say no
00:06:25now even that's a very unfair comparison
00:06:31Chuck Mitch McConnell the iron Turtle had the leverage to say no Chuck Schumer does not literally the only thing that he could do is shut down the government over deck now you could have held out to the point where you made a deal but even then
00:06:56like now you have to go back and say okay will you you made DACA but you funded a wall
00:07:04I mean
00:07:06did you being our two chances are you saying that Liberals are too willing to not hurt America from the perspective
00:07:15I am I am I seeing for the perspective of the riot of anger I saw in my Twitter timeline from my Progressive friends they were Furious the doctor had been sold out
00:07:35all I can be led to believe is what I consistently see over and over and over again the idea of that liberals liberal leadership Democratic Leadership talks a good game get to know your jumps up and down goes to the women's marches says what they need to say talks to Immigrant communities to say we are going to protect you but when the chips are down why do they do
00:08:02they blink
00:08:05like that white guy blinking gif
00:08:10just here's my impression of what are my Progressive friends thought of Chuck Schumer's negotiation
00:08:21the visual gag a zoomed-in blank
00:08:25like the white guy blinking GIF now
00:08:31does it seem very clear to anybody else does it seem very clear to anybody else that eventually we are going to trade a car for the wall
00:08:45because nobody really seems all that pissed off about it
00:08:53end DACA has become so popular seemingly through a wide Cross of America except for very hard line immigration
00:09:05a timer graichen advocates
00:09:10that the wall at its worst is useless a boondoggle a lot of money for not a lot of result
00:09:20but then again
00:09:22liberals haven't really cared about that
00:09:26money is imaginary when it comes to big government programs and although the wall is offencive
00:09:35I think it is to this point tolerable if it means we can move forward on sensible immigration on taking a step forward to fix what I think anybody can see is a very broken immigration system
00:09:57when will this deal get done
00:10:01well my prediction is going to be in 2 weeks cuz they didn't solve shit they literally just reopen the government to Kick the Can down the road
00:10:10as if it works shark oh my God wait a minute we have not done guys I just realized this folks ladies and gentlemen bring it in bring it in later I'm going to go ahead and go ahead and bring something to you guys
00:10:26we have not done a show
00:10:29politics politics politics shall we have not done one
00:10:35the Trump Stormy Daniels story bro
00:10:41oh my God
00:10:45oh my God oh my God
00:10:49Robert about the truck and Stormy Daniels story which interview that you gave the InTouch many years ago broke on Friday
00:11:00what do we find out what did we find out about the fact that Donald Trump a private citizen at the time
00:11:08LOL I married one with a pregnant wife had an affair with pornography Legend Stormy Daniels
00:11:22well we found out a couple things number one
00:11:24but I doubt that they met at a golf tournament we found out that Donald Trump has
00:11:32Desiree I'm very talkative game
00:11:35you know he's not he doesn't seem to be kind of a power move guy like like hey come over here babe
00:11:47he seems that he likes you like to talk to his ladies
00:11:51like to get to know him a little bit
00:11:56they sat down they had dinner at his hotel room
00:12:02talked about stuff he complimented her said she was really really smart asked her a lot about the pornography business apparently not like the like how does the p go in the v but like hey how did DVD sales were what's your retail chain what kind of royalties are you looking at what the difference between acting and directing that kind of stuff and Stormy Daniels newer stuff he really enjoyed that apparently he repeatedly promised that she would be on Celebrity Apprentice
00:12:34just what I learned it didn't happen
00:12:40and we can talk about all that
00:12:46but we found out two things a first-person sourcing on the fact that Donald Trump
00:12:56most I had sex that in a very boring position she was quoted in the in touch till your timeline Donald Trump has sex with Stormy Daniels and then apparently tries to have sex with her a couple more times unsuccessfully back in the early aughts
00:13:18and then
00:13:24he apparently you can't make the Celebrity Apprentice thing happened and then starts talking bad about pornstars so Stormy Daniels decides to go to InTouch Magazine and do an interview
00:13:41this never really runs in full for whatever reason then Donald Trump run for president
00:13:48and she's like well I got a story to tell
00:13:51about I got a story to tell about this Donald Trump fellow
00:13:57I'll go see Donald Trump first and says either you can pay me or I will pay myself by getting one of these gossip rags to pay me to tell the story about presidential front-runner Donald Trump
00:14:13then it gets closer and closer and closer to election day and the agreement that Trump made with Stormy Daniels to pay Rob has not exactly been consummated
00:14:22so Stormy Daniels starts shaking the tree and starts going to different reporters and saying do you think I'm bluffing you better pay me now cuz I'm not waiting until after election day to see whether or not you when you pay me now early she gets paid story dies
00:14:42I didn't touch still had that initial interview
00:14:48tell me find out three things to me that were very important number one
00:14:52find out that Donald Trump
00:14:55has very boring pillow talk
00:14:58yeah you're great this is great great baby
00:15:04number to Donald Trump and it's been reported before including on his own Twitter Donald Trump really hates sharks
00:15:13you fucking hate them like I said I will never donate to a charity that saves sharks you fucking doesn't like sharks not a shark guy
00:15:25number three as a Steelers fan Ben Roethlisberger makes a very very uncomfortable Cameo that are to go for the interview because Donald Trump is hanging out with Stormy Daniels Ben Roethlisberger who has a
00:15:42uncomfortable past
00:15:45with women
00:15:47specifically women at Lake Tahoe
00:15:51is ass by Donald Trump to walk Stormy Daniels home or to do a hotel room
00:15:59and I'm like oh no oh no oh no no everybody's looking at me I'm just like no no no don't let this end with been doing something gross
00:16:20but he didn't he was a perfect gentleman
00:16:24as lot of people pointing out there is a possible story Peg that is beyond us just laughing
00:16:33and that is the idea that $130,000 paid to Stormy Daniels where did that money come from in was it illegally moved through the campaign
00:16:43we're going to find out but at this point
00:16:47I don't think it really is going to affect anything
00:16:51now you can say whoa how the Republic has fallen then now we are totally brushing off whether or not the president of the United States has paid off a pornstar
00:17:04with campaign funds
00:17:08but welcome to 2018 brothers and sisters
00:17:13this is the world we live in now so there's really not a lot that we can look at other than does this become a political issue when we get to 2020
00:17:25my guess is not my guess is that it will be and I looked at as they look Donald Trump was a private citizen not only private citizen but a private citizen was known throughout the majority of the salad days of his career as an unrepentant Playboy
00:17:43so shocked
00:17:54you might have walked around a little bit
00:17:57whether or not you can pin the campaign Finance stuff to him I mean ultimately it's really not going to be that's not going to really be
00:18:11I mean nobody cares about that kind of stuff
00:18:14campaign malfeasance happens all the time and nobody gives a shit Stormy Daniels that was
00:18:25that was that was disturbing items of I loved it and it was far more important to me than the shutdown
00:18:31let's go into the stuff that is hopping now however and that is
00:18:39the new Revelations that there is indeed
00:18:45what is there a secret society apart from the FBI was asking the FBI director and I owe my God
00:19:08alright the FBI and Donald Trump and Trump World in its totality of moved into the Cold War they use of their relationship they are now sniping Mueller has begun his
00:19:25begun his move
00:19:29to to prove collusion he is stepping up his interviews
00:19:37he quite possibly would like to have an interview with Donald Trump very soon the Trump campaign is worried that that will be a perjury trap
00:19:48but meanwhile Republican Congressmen have begun this new tactic
00:19:58a move to prove that there is indeed bias
00:20:04with the FBI
00:20:10specifically by looking at
00:20:15the relationship between a senior FBI analyst who has been dismissed from the Mueller investigation for alleged bias
00:20:25and his mistress at the time
00:20:28This Side Story comes from PJ media is written by Deborah Heinz Senator Ron Johnson FBI informant says a secret society held secret meetings off-site a secret society an FBI informant has apparently inform Congress that a secret society at the FBI was holding secret off of secret meetings off-site after the election of Donald Trump on Special Report with Bret Baier Tuesday evening Senator Ron Johnson calls it corruption at the highest level of the FBI quote the secret society from mr. Johnson
00:21:04himself huh
00:21:07go ahead and give us the Straight Dope mr. Ron Johnson
00:21:16on Fox News Special Report with Bret Baier apparently the clip is buffering so we're not going to hear from Senator Ron Johnson right now
00:21:27we will we will reload that and
00:21:32just read his his quote to say that secret society we have information that stalking about a group that we're holding secret meetings off-site there's just so much smoke here
00:21:41this comes after text messages between FBI counter-surveillance agent Peter struck
00:21:47and Senior FBI lawyer Lisa Page is Paramore
00:21:53revealed that a secret society of officials within the FBI Matt the day after the election of Donald Donald J Trump to pot plot against the president elect a secret society bear asked secret meetings off-site of the justice department and you have an informant saying that yes Johnson said matter-of-factly is there anything more about that bare ass know we have to dig into it. This is not a distraction again this is bias potentially corruption at the highest levels of the FBI
00:22:23by the way he added Robert Mueller used to run the FBI he is in no position to do an investigation over this kind of misconduct Johnson said the controversy surrounding the FBI have reached the point at which a special a second special counsel is warranted
00:22:43he went on so I think at this point in time we could we probably should be looking at a special counsel to undertake this investigation but Congress is going to have to continue to dig the gumshoes in Congress
00:23:00this is also relevant to the idea that there is a fisa memo this is the course Paisa the way that you can look into foreign Communications by spying on people here in the United States that is very controversial but one that was a a
00:23:21of a Paisa was renewed last week
00:23:27but the memo which has been bandied about by many congressional Republicans apparently states that there is a corruption pointed toward Donald Trump so we got more on one side closing in on what looks more and more like a obstruction of justice
00:23:50investigation not a collusion investigation
00:24:02you know
00:24:06who said that this is going to turn into a
00:24:10obstruction thing this guy this guy I believe I had that one cuz it's so hard to prove Russia collusion unless you flip somebody from Russia or Russia wants to bury them it's so hard to prove Russia collusion it's so hard and I White House that is already shared like 80% of the people that were initially there during this kerfuffle to prove obstruction of justice or a white house that is very clearly just an amatuer hour in terms of how to handle a lot of his stuff
00:24:48it is highly likely that somebody if not the president did not follow the letter of the law when it came to obstruction of justice
00:25:00more so where you at the FBI to record the city of b i director Andrew McCabe
00:25:06coming out today or it's being late
00:25:11wonder where that leaks coming from
00:25:17that Donald Trump
00:25:23ask him who he voted for
00:25:36another test of
00:25:50just like he asked James call me
00:25:56for what Rihanna
00:26:08but if you don't understand
00:26:12if you don't understand that this is right now a battle between these two sides and they're fighting it in the press and you ain't paying attention
00:26:23because something is going to come down from mother mother does not spend this amount of time as a career law enforcement agent not put somebody in jail
00:26:33even if it just Manna for it
00:26:37unless he cooperate cooperate he's got to throw somebody even bigger in jail
00:26:44Emmy while
00:26:46the Republicans are going to look into literally anything they can to prove that this is not an even hand investigation
00:26:56and that's it
00:26:58so whenever you're reading this just do yourself a favor and ask where is this coming from and what is it
00:27:09has to me it's pretty fucking clear
00:27:14all right it's been awhile folks it has been a while so let's go ahead and get ourselves into yet another
00:27:31this is where we keep an eye on the 2018 election we are trying to discern exactly how many seats the Democrats might take will they take the house will they take the Senate
00:27:44and today we focus on the Senate here is the story today from The New York Times
00:27:54Mansion will seek reelection but Democrats are issued a Stern warning
00:28:02imagine if you're not aware is probably the most among the more conservative of the Democrats he is in a very bright red state in West Virginia so he is kind of a unicorn
00:28:15empathic ministrations before we everybody hated each other
00:28:21he will be the kind of person that would probably vote with rub against every once in awhile
00:28:27but now he is worth his weight in gold to the Democratic party because
00:28:35if they are going to win the Senate it's going to be by a very slim margin
00:28:40and they can't afford to give up seats not a single one
00:28:48so Joe manchin is looking to run for reelection but had not filed his paperwork and apparently was
00:28:55annoyed with the shutdown and so now we read from the New York Times Senator Joe manchin the third of West Virginia
00:29:03told colleagues on Tuesday that he intended to run for re-election this year after all ending in Zion T making flirtation with retirement and easing democratic theory that the most conservative Democrat in the Senate was about to effectively hand his seat or republican in an interview mr. manchin said he repeatedly expressed his frustration with Chuck Schumer the Democratic leader and other colleagues telling them quote on quote this is my favorite quote of the week
00:29:31this place sucks
00:29:42bargain truer words have never been spoken in his cousin said you want to know what this place sucks this Brad sucks
00:29:52but I don't know what he's like this close to to pull in the Scarface from Half Baked
00:30:00fuck you fuck you fuck you you're cool
00:30:05I'm out pop is Chuck Schumer in the face with a burger patty
00:30:11before finally signaling that we go back to the New York Times
00:30:15the war finally signaling do Tuesday morning to Mr Schumer said that he would file his reelection paperwork before West Virginia's deadline on Saturday
00:30:26I was very vocal Mansion said adding that they read between the lines
00:30:32even if Democrats won a reprieve mr. Mansion discontent illustrated The divisions in their party between those from the states that President Trump easily carried at a more liberal block of Sanders at least I have a dozen of them were positioning themselves or possible White House White House Runs
00:30:50to this became an issue during the shutdown
00:30:54you got a lot of senators that have more precarious Road Soho when it comes to getting reelected and then you've got a burgeoning crowd of senators that are possibly
00:31:09running for president and I possibly I mean almost certainly at least farting with the idea of running for president
00:31:25let's go ahead and take a look
00:31:29at the list of senators
00:31:32that voted against ending the shutdown
00:31:37this year from axios.com
00:31:41Senator Kamala Harris Senator statement statement saying that Senator Majority Leader Mitch McConnell's words on the doctor bill fell far short of an ironclad guarantee I needed to support the stopgap bill Senator Kamala Harris likely running Senator Kirsten gillibrand
00:32:00said she voted against Elizabeth Warren
00:32:07Menendez at Marquee Catherine Cortez masto oh and here's some other one podcast in that kind of one of those things that you do when you like it up your tighten up your your profile of people know a little bit more about you isn't that kinda like the 2018 version of writing an autobiography this name Bernie Sanders remember him if Bernie Sanders might run again for president Maybe
00:32:41to all these people are getting real goalie about
00:32:48how they can't afford to vote for reopening the government is like Joe manchin don't you need the seats in the red state if you want to be enjoying a
00:33:15don't you need everybody you can possibly hang onto if you want the Senate to be in Democratic and by way of a
00:33:28cuz if you don't then we got to be careful about this shit
00:33:34cuz I believe
00:33:37you will not have Joe manchin to kick around anymore
00:33:47and by the way it's going to be tough
00:33:49if the Democrats are going to win the Senate it was going to be tight tight tight like a tiger
00:33:57hard to do
00:34:00there's not a lot of seats up and you're basically you have to run the table
00:34:06when it comes to the not giving up a seat on the Democratic side
00:34:11so adding to that in a red state does not a lot for your man it is bad AKA V bad
00:34:24you're something else they got a lot of attention of course we spend a lot of time talking about the Alabama special election blessed though it was Roy Moore sassy the horse Doug Jones
00:34:37sassy the horse
00:34:39it was a horse what was the horse's name sassy how was it
00:34:48but now according to the Senate the state senate in Alabama we will no longer have such sweet treats to deal with no no no they are getting rid of special elections
00:35:01this became a huge issue that huge issue it became an issue because I'm a certain perspective it looks like they almost certainly Republican governor of Alabama will appoint somebody and they will stay in the Senate now the states and it said this has nothing to do with the fact that a Democrat just one but rather that is special election just happened we saw how expensive it is what we'd like to do is just moved to a position where
00:35:33we just wait till the next election the next regular election and we don't do one in the middle of nowhere
00:35:46I think I'm a more inclined to believe that that's the case I don't think there's a ton of also if the Republicans were looking to take away special elections in Alabama because it Democrat won it would
00:36:02in my opinion be the worst thing for them you want special election when you control the electric basically because special elections by and large this was an outlier that a Democrat won Alabama or B
00:36:17they won during the special election because in general in low turnout election the people who normally go and vote have the advantage so if you have a very deep red State a special election 9 times out of 10
00:36:33will be in your favor
00:36:36it's by Steve Bannon thought Market will just run this cook
00:36:41where is Steve Bannon by the way
00:36:47find them
00:36:49is he homeless do we find this out it's debated homeless he was living in that Breitbart house
00:36:58you know
00:36:59someone's going to fight c-band poor guy just belly up at a Sizzler somewhere
00:37:08he was at the shirt store buy more shirts babies at
00:37:12I don't know I'm worried maybe he's down by the river
00:37:20rumors saying I'm not going to be your advisor for Donald Trump forever what you're not going to be laughing when you're living in a van down by the river
00:37:38the Potomac River
00:37:41what is the fun thing to do this before we get into the rest of the show I had folks 5 days a week and I'm sick I was sick on Monday I'm just getting over the flu
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00:38:09I had people just list for me one word to describe Chuck Schumer's handling of the shutdown and I'm going to read those words for you right now
00:38:25punt cave poopy non-committal political strategist myopic nearsighted delivered
00:38:40blender Seinfeld
00:38:49what's the deal with shutdowns too bad Seinfeld I feel ashamed about it immediately and unfortunate
00:38:57so there we go those are the words that we had one word to describe Senator Schumer on the shutdown if you want to hit me up with those join us in our twitch chat that is twitch.tv / Justin are young and another way that you can support the show
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00:40:42welcome back
00:40:51I was reading today there was a apolitical the drive-by media morning consult poll conducted for the weekend and who is to blame for the shutdown
00:41:12what would would have you believe that this is something that could be settled by way of a phone pole
00:41:22that's not how we do it here we do it a little differently
00:41:32please in German for the first time ever
00:41:36but yeah I don't know if we're going to do it
00:41:40we're going to do the first Rush Limbaugh
00:41:55floor if you got that booty. Microphone is gold and so are the polls for Rush
00:42:06I got to pull a good morning consult call
00:42:11who was the blame for the shutdown
00:42:18what was percentage coming up first to the stage
00:42:23is the president of the United States himself Donald Trump 15%
00:42:35second to the stage light please welcome they are
00:42:42congressional Republican 34%
00:42:54the most boring
00:42:56for the shutdown in a political poll taken over the weekend
00:43:17call if you got that booty the singles coming out of my hands are also really tobacco stay 49-percent between the president and the Congress Republicans percent
00:43:38what a democratic Oxnard League item I know
00:43:42we'll be right back I'm in PIV
00:43:48should I don't have the VIP sound anymore God damn it
00:43:57get my email down time for but your
00:44:04go ahead and email me the young American at gmail.com again to the young American Dad at gmail.com we have an email about the horny Missouri governor is something that we covered last week governor greitens
00:44:21of Missouri is in a scandal now because
00:44:29he before when he was running for governor wound up getting into a little affair
00:44:38the hairdresser
00:44:45allegedly according to what the hairdresser told her now estranged husband ex-husband
00:44:52greitens bound her up and took a picture
00:44:57as blackmail so she wouldn't tell anybody so Payne Road in
00:45:05just an interesting interesting antidote I remember this morning regarding the minister of the Missouri Governor's extramarital affair one of my friends has a girlfriend who is a gymnastics teacher who taught one of the great and Sons when the news broke about the affair her response was that was about the time he was acting out and biting kids I wonder if it was because of Any stress at the home just thought I would share that's the kind of insight you will only get on politics politics Politics the great and son may or may not have been biting somebody at gymnastics practice when this affair went on
00:45:42the more you know
00:45:45Tim Road and I'd like to suggest that you read win bigly by Scott Adams I bought this book on Audible Without Really knowing anything about it I just knew Scott Adams from his Dilbert cartoons and I thought this might be a humorous take on Donald Trump and his election as president there certainly jokes in the book but Scott Adams takes his pieces that Donald Trump is the great Persuader very very seriously Scott Adam seems to have lost friends work and money by protecting the Donald Trump would win back in 2015 and continue to support Trump in spite of not agreeing with him politically as a result there is a fair bit of self-justification this book and you spend much of it wondering when he'll suddenly say no but seriously Trump is a fucking idiot
00:46:25you might come to believe that Scott Adams is a toxic troll that he's completely drained or perhaps he is a Visionary as Scott Adams as a Cartoonist a trained hypnotist and a self-proclaimed expert in Persuasion I thought you might be interested after all you already know at least one other cartoonist named Scott and there is some overlap Sabine hypnotism persuasion and Magic Gilbert called that shit there ain't nothing you can say about the fact that Gilbert was on that train way early I don't you read at least half of another Scott Adams book how to lose it everything and still win big
00:47:06I don't know if I subscribe to all the scott-adams a great Persuader stuff but I think there is a lot to what he has said about and I have not read this book was just following following his blogs and and how it's filtered through in the media
00:47:25the idea that Donald Trump is very good at setting the bar a million times a million miles in the future and then our Megamouth past what anybody would agree to and then agreeing way back where would be in the middle so I buy that
00:47:48I am firmly in the believe that Donald Trump is going to build
00:47:53AWOL I don't know if it'll be the wall that motherfucker will build a wall and it will be a bigger wall that other people have built and I think that that impart is because he started with I'm going to build a big beautiful wall that you know stretch from sea decided to shining sea and Mexico is going to pay for it and he's going to settle on we're going to have a gigantic boondoggle that will be his legacy
00:48:22so in that I agree I have not read win bigly I probably will eventually win it but there's just too many other good books coming out right now but eventually we'll see
00:48:33Michael also are my newsletter again tiny letter.com / Justin Robert Young that's my name
00:48:43I asked you to do is explain the face of memo thing for me cuz I had the flu I was totally loopy I couldn't really grok it
00:48:53Sir Michael Rocks brought back some House Republicans claim that there is an existing a memo detailing shocking fights abuses by the Obama Administration that the public needs to know about but has but has yet to a failed to exercise the power of the house bodies they control the release the memo publicly they also claim that a large number of text messages between Peter strives and Lisa Page the initial discovery of which led to their removal from special counsel Mueller investigation has been lost by the FBI the messages revealed that strozyk held a personal political opinion about Trump as well as other Revelations including the fact that Comey & Lynch knew that they not be charging Clinton before they told the public the Lost messages apparently cover. Between December 2016 and may 2017 which followed a message the day after the election saying perhaps this is the first meeting of the secret society
00:49:50Michael then goes on to detail his personal opinion but I would like to commemorate him on staying as a ejected is possible with that so that is basically about as good of a little summation of the face of memo that is yet to be released and the text messages that I have read because you can read into it multiple ways and they did a good job of raising more so than a lot of fucking journalist that I read bt-dubs so good on your Mike thank you so much for the email you too can email us if you send me an email to the young American at G mail.com it is just that easy
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00:51:04but until next time
00:51:13I would like to remind you guys
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00:51:22can San Jose talk about politics
00:51:25it's an old man even talk about politics but this is the only show that talks about all three baby
00:51:59Diamond Club

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