The first step to marketing ANY business is knowing exactly who your target client is. And running a design business is no different.

In this episode, we break down every step of creating your ideal client persona — a fictionalized person that represents who you dream of working with. What are her goals and motivations? What about her challenges? Why would she say no to working with you?

And what would make her say “yes?”

Not only can you use this inside your own design business, but you can apply these same principles to client projects as well. Help them nail down THEIR customer personas, and your value goes up, allowing you to charge more for this valuable service. (And having this level of detail will help you get your project much more dialed in as a result.)

We also answer a listener question about “how far is too far” on job interview spec work that’s meant to impress, (but could backfire in a big way.)

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