This podcast show delivers information such as trends and directions, as well as perspectives from news about the podcast industry. Views about the hardware and software and tools and techniques are delivered -- from key podcasters from the early adopters and content creators and producers to later success stories. In addition, other forms of new media are included -- from ezines to portable and mobile applications. The latest news about the podcast industry, including events and other important developments, will be key points of discussion to move forward.
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since Jul, 2016


“It was the best of times; it was the worst of times” — especially for a podcaster. Yes, Charles Dickens’s novel spoke the truth. And in this episode, we have an interview in which 2 podcasters who have had at least 11 years of podcasting share their perspective of these times. The 2 podcasters are Fred Castaneda of the podcast show PODCAST REPORTER (interviewer) and Matt Cox (interviewee) of the podcast BRUNCH WITH THE BRITS. The inspiration for this episode came from a podcast episode published by Dave Jackson in his show SCHOOL OF PODCASTING in April. In this episode, Dave Jackson talked about the need for a podcaster to ask this self-probing question:  “What am I willing to give up so that I can podcast?” As you will hear in this episode, this question is a necessity for those who encounter problems when “Life Happens…” It was the best of times, because the podcasts which these two podcasters manage have provided wonderful fun, excitement and value. They both love podcasting. However, the recent times has forced them to focus all their attention on the problems and situations with family, health and critical environments. These situations can lead to delay publishing episodes, going on hiatus, or even podfading. They then tell the story from both their perspectives and how it has affected podcasting — this may be of interest for the professional podcaster who also provides podcast services to other clients. The interview was conducted without special equipment and was not done in a lab or studio. The recorder that captured their content was a Zoom H4n; no pop-filter was used, etc. It was a very relaxed and informative 30 minutes of content. As you will hear in this interview, Matt Cox is now recovering and is stepping forward to continue BRUNCH WITH THE BRITS with more value. Fred Castaneda is recovering now from medical surgeries and procedures (along with complications from Agent Orange exposure from the Vietnam War) and has had to podfade several of the other podcast shows in which he provided value to his listeners. This show (Podcast Reporter), in particular, will probably be the last survivor of his once-published set of 16 podcast shows since 2006. We would like to thank especially Matt Cox for his time and enthusiasm for podcasting during this interview. The above image shows Matt Cox of BRUNCH WITH THE BRITS podcast (published for the past 11 years). Copyright (c) 2018, Matrix Solutions Corporation. All rights reserved. Photo image published with permission from Matt Cox.  
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