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00:00:00hi Marvin with MP systems some of you know me as the man in the van I'm at work consultant down in South Florida and this summer I'm going to be attending the Toronto unconvention basically we're going to be meeting and hanging out with college from the guys that I know that's been around in the business in a while are successful and I think I'm doing okay but one thing I do know is that I don't know everything so any time that I get a chance to hang out with some other text I'm going to take the time and invest in growing my business
00:00:43I'm also going to be presenting at the conference showing some of the tools that I have in my networking tool kit things that are help me work faster and smarter and I'll be showing off some of that stuff and basically we're going to be having a good time learning stack so I hope to see you in Toronto
00:01:02hey guys my name is Matthew rodela I am the host of the computer business podcast and the owner of tech site Builder and I also own my own computer Consulting business for 7 years and the reason I'm excited about attending the unconvention is that it's really going to be more of the Amitabh style of convention where we're going to be able to mingle with everyone who's attending as well as the presenters and the presenters are going to be computer business owners and service business owners just like you guys so it's going to be great it's going to be a small intimate environment where you can really you know interact with the speakers and not with everybody and get to know all of the different business owners people who own a business like yours so I'm going to be there and I hope to see you guys there as well
00:01:50call Mike Smith host of the Mike Tech Show podcast and owner of MHS Consulting a successful small IT consulting firm for the past 8 years and I'm looking forward to the young convention to add to my troubleshooting skillset I'm also looking to enhance the tools and software to help better support my client and order me some of that process I'm also looking forward to sharing my experiences and helping you sell your business services I hope to see you there
00:02:29alright I'm Dave Green mom I started my own brake fix shop in 2003 and continue to be successful you may also know me for my riding Sun Life Hack protect nipple one way I've been successful in both my computer repair business in writing is always learning new things if you keep doing the same thing each year this industry will pass you by I need to be constantly learning for my fellow business owners van slyke the Toronto unconvention give me this opportunity it's small enough that I actually get to talk with other participants and speakers this is an investment in my business and the future my company and I hope to see you there
00:03:08hi I'm Brian sweetie and I run take nipple.com website for computer technicians on portion I kinda tend to Toronto on convention but I'll tell you why I'm bummed that I am going to miss it but most of all you don't know what you don't know and just one aha moment can make to make the entire thing with it meeting people and making connections at a convention is a huge thing maybe they have clients that need more about our past but they don't do it so they looking for someone to repair that work to that could be you one connection can change the entire business also I'm meeting them in person especially when you're going to trust your client and your reputation with them you can really damage a person when you meet them in when you meet them in person and have a meal with them share a bed with them sorry wrong I'm sad I'm going to miss out on the front line convention but you don't have to be

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