On June 2, A Place To Hang Your Cape's intrepid Editor-in-Cape David Molofsky ventured into the land of dragons, sheep, and valleys to attend the Cardiff Independant Comic Expo (CICE). David interviewed a variety of comic creators at CICE and we have collected the interviews here for you to listen to!

You can also see more of David's journey by checking out his live tweet of the whole weekend using the hashtag #CaperInCardiff

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D. Powell - 10:20

Twitter - @DSPublishing

New Wasteland Fairy Tales

Age of Savagery


Russell M. Olson - 13:16

Twitter - @Russell_M_Olson

Lady Hollywood

. @russell_m_olson's pitch for his new book #LadyHollywood was so good I just had to get it!#CaperInCardiff #CICE2018 @CardiffExpo pic.twitter.com/VAaBbBn9ro

— David - Creator of AP2HYC & PodCapers (@AP2HYC_David) June 2, 2018


Emily B. Owen - 17:15

Twitter - @TomboyPrincess

We Are Happy Clam Etsy Store


Jenny Clements - 19:12

Twitter - @MiasAndElle

Mias And Elle

Just spoke to @MiasAndElle who has just released volume 2!#CaperInCardiff #CICE2018 @CardiffExpo pic.twitter.com/btytHEnwJD

— David - Creator of AP2HYC & PodCapers (@AP2HYC_David) June 2, 2018


Joe Glass - 20:27

Twitter - @JosephGlass

The Pride Big Cartel Store

. @josephglass looking fab this morning @CardiffExpo #CaperInCardiff #CICE2018 pic.twitter.com/Zup5LsynTG

— David - Creator of AP2HYC & PodCapers (@AP2HYC_David) June 2, 2018


Bryony & Claire of Wine & Zine  - 22:45

Wine & Zine Twitter:  @WineAndZine

Bryony Twitter: @FlurishingQuirk

Claire Twitter: @ClaireASpiller

Wine & Zine Podcast

Wine & Zine Big Cartel Store


Dave Jones, Jay Frettingham, and Liam Frettingham of King Legacy - 25:42

King Legacy Twitter - @ComicKingLegacy

Had a fun chat with the boys behind @comickinglegacy - a rockin' and rollin' adventure following the King himself in space!#CaperInCardiff #CICE2018 @CardiffExpo pic.twitter.com/DA7uHMdfdi

— David - Creator of AP2HYC & PodCapers (@AP2HYC_David) June 2, 2018


Nich Angell - 26:44

Twitter - @NichAngell

Cat & Meringue Plushie Kickstarter

Cat & Meringue Comic

A fun little sketch from @nichangell - those capes can be tricky! #CaperInCardiff #CICE2018 @CardiffExpo https://t.co/OzzK7ob3Nn pic.twitter.com/E2B89ZPk7K

— David - Creator of AP2HYC & PodCapers (@AP2HYC_David) June 2, 2018


Vince Hunt - 28:06

Vince Twitter - @JesterDiablo

Awesome Comics Podcast Twitter - @TheAwesomePod

Awesome Comics Podcast

Awesome Comics Big Cartel Store

Just picked up @theawesomepod anthology issues 1 & 2#CaperInCardiff #CICE2018 @CardiffExpo pic.twitter.com/LvVnNIvKnP

— David - Creator of AP2HYC & PodCapers (@AP2HYC_David) June 2, 2018


Patrick Montgomery - 31:06

Twitter - @PJMontgomery

The Trolltooth Wars Big Cartel Store


Iz McAuliffe - 32:56

Iz Twitter - @izmc

CICE Twitter - @CardiffExpo


True Believers - 35:48

Twitter - @OkTrueBelievers

Facebook - Ok True Believers

Tales from Beyond Infinity Charity Comic


Ieuan Protheroe - 38:17

Twitter - @Ieuan_Sketch

BarnaBee and more on Ieuan and Michaela's Etsy Store


Josh Somerville - 40:35

Instagram - @jsomerville_42   Twitter - @jSomerville_42   Facebook - @MythicComicsandArt   Etsy - MythicComicandArt   Website - www.mythic-comics.co.uk     Sam Webster - 42:44   Twitter - @SJwebsterArt   Sam's Store     Owen and Geofferey of Psychedelic Journal - 45:28   Twitter - @Psych_Journal   Facebook - The Psychedelic Journal   The Psychedelic Journal on Comicsy
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