Today we’re covering the Configure SMTP WordPress Plugin. This simple plugin allows you to customize the server your blog sends email for notifications, comments, etc… It is very useful if your emails from your blog are getting blocked because of the smtp server they are relayed through is black listed.

Features Include:

  • SMTP host and port options
  • SMTP authentication user name and password
  • SMTP over secure SSL option
  • Sender “From:” name and email
  • Configure for Gmail option
  • Test configuration

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To learn more about the Configure SMTP WordPress Plugin, please visit the WordPress plugins page, http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/configure-smtp/. To see more projects developed by Scott Reilly, please go to www.coffee2code.com.

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00:00:00plugins B WordPress plugin
00:00:14and hello and welcome to the plugins podcast today recovering the configure SMTP WordPress plugin the configure SMTP WordPress plugin is a plug-in created by Scott Riley I'm he's actually a WordPress plugin and pour developer WordPress core developer that's lives here actually in Columbus Ohio so just a quick shout-out to Scott I got to meet him last year at the Pod camper Columbus or word Camp Columbus I'm sorry here in Columbus Ohio and I was great talking a code with him I believe he holds the records for the most plugins from a single developer on the air WordPress to order Repository
00:01:00but I'm more about the plug in the plug-in allows you to configure the the sending of mail from your WordPress blog to use and SMTP server for those that don't quite understand what that means basically if your own web server that you're hosting your website, is not allowing you to just send mail right out of the install of putting up WordPress this is the plugin that you'll want to add to your WordPress installation most web host sings you don't need to do this but that for folks like myself who I dabble on servers that don't have a mail server such as a Amazon ec2
00:01:46this is your option and plug-in has all the options you would ever need allows you to authenticate with a normal SMTP server through the host and specifying Port you can also specify username and password for authentication and supports the secure SSL version of SMTP
00:02:12and on top of that it what you can figure the actual from name and email address
00:02:18now Scott also put a nice little Nifty feature at the top that you can simply check to configure everything specifically for Gmail I know Gmail's a very popular client for lots of us and that's actually what I'm using myself so I just simply check that box and then I just had to put in the email address and password and I'm good to go to configure once you've installed it and installing is simple just like any other plug-in just go to the plugins page in your WordPress installation click add new and do a search for configure SMTP that's two words and I just installed right from there configuration is straightforward especially if you use the Gmail option simply check that box and you're in your email gmail address and your password and click save there's also at the bottom of the plug-in there's an option here to send a test email and that will
00:03:18simply do what it does it's simply sends a test to make sure that the the settings you just put in work not to learn more about the configure SMTP WordPress plugin simply go to the WordPress plugins page on a wordpress.org and do a search for configure SMTP and also to learn more about Scott Riley and some of his Projects please go to www. Coffee to khou.com thanks and we'll see you next week

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