Today we’re covering the Sociable WordPress Plugin. Similar in function to the Share This WordPress Plugin, Sociable adds link and share icons to the bottom of your blog posts and pages to make it easy for your web visitors to share your content through their favorite social network. List of social sites is extensive and include Digg, Facebook, Delicious, Twitter and MySpace and also provides an share via email option.

Features Include:

  • Ability to order the icons with an intuitive drag and drop interface
  • Disable/Enable the roll over functionality
  • Select which types of pages icons should appear on, such as posts, pages, homepage, etc..
  • Switch between icons and text links
  • Option to use a pop up (thickbox) to display icons
  • Open links in new window option
  • Use your own custom icon images

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To learn more about the Sociable WordPress Plugin, please visit the WordPress plugins sociable page, http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/sociable/.

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00:00:00hello and welcome to plugins the WordPress plugin this podcast I'm your host Angelo man. Oh and today we're covering the sociable WordPress plugin a sociable WordPress plugin is somewhere to the share this WordPress plugin and then it adds social and share this type subscription icons to the bottom of your blog posts and Pages the difference of course is that the only share options are simple 16 by 16 pixel icons
00:00:32sociable plug-in is very simple to install and setup a simply going to your WordPress blog go to the plugins page and click add new and simply do a search for sociable once you find the plug-in all you do is Click install and installs like normal plugins would once it's activated go to the settings toolbar and click sociable and you'll be presented with a lot of settings and the configuration options the first main section A come across is actually the site section of the first time you Installous it'll have a number of different sites selected you'll probably want to select most all of them that are by default I'm not sure why they select the ones they do as default they're not all those sites are popular as others but you definitely want to select then once you run in select the ones you don't want So I placed
00:01:32foxes in the ones you do and then simply select each one and drag it and then let go and you'll see that you can order them in any order that you want and I'm besides that if you scroll down a bit farther you can disable the alpha mask that's the rollover shade color change when you roll over the icons you can also select which pages that you want the sociable icons to Pier on I simply use them on the individual blog post and WordPress Pages myself but you might have a use for including them in other places such as the tag listings or the homepage or category archives
00:02:18you can also switch between displaying icons or just simply displaying text links for each icon there's also pretty cool feature called a thick box I frame for the links and what that is is an actual pop-up window that appears within the page and gives it somewhat of a Ajax feel it's not an actual pop-up window it's just a pop-up container within the page there's also way to set the links to open a new window which is ideal if you want to keep your podcast or your keep your audience or viewers on the same page and the the links that they take will open up a new tab on your page you can also customize your own icons although I don't see your reason for doing that if you created your own PNG or gifts I don't see which format they have to be and you probably have to look
00:03:18at the documentation further to find out but you would just name each one of those icons with their propriate name and file extension and all you would have to do that as specify the directory where all those images are located and it should pull those rather than the default ones
00:03:37on the plugin is very easy to use and setup I haven't seen any cases where it doesn't work or doesn't do what what I needed to do there are a couple quirks as far as dragging and dropping the order it appears the order a set from left to right so if you want for the first and then the second icon to be in a particular order make sure the second icon is to the right of the first one when editing it in the admit, at first I was thinking that it would go vertically you put the second one below but that's not the case
00:04:20so that's pretty much the plug-in if you have any questions or comments for the show please shoot me an email at Angelo at plugins podcast.com or visit the website plugins podcast.com and use our contact form alright thanks and we'll see you next week

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