Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. ~Arthur C. Clarke
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Playing with D3.js

function wpd3_4451_0 () {var margin = {top: 20, right: 20, bottom: 120, left: 40}, width = 700 - margin.left - margin.right, height = 500 - margin.top - margin.bottom; var x0 = d3.scale.ordinal() .rangeRoundBands([0, width], .1); var x1 = d3.scale.ordinal(); var y = d3.scale.linear() .range([height, 0]); var color = d3.scale.ordinal() .range(["#eeeeee", "#404040", "#93cddd", "#215968", "#d7e4bd", "#4f6228"]); var xAxis = d3.svg.axis() .scale(x0) .orient("bottom"); var yAxis = d3.svg.axis() .scale(y) .orient("left") .tickFormat(d3.format(".2s")); var svg = d3.select(".wpd3-4451-0").append("svg") .attr("width", width + margin.left + margin.right) .attr("height", height + margin.top + margin.bottom) .append("g") .attr("transform", "translate(" + margin.left + "," + margin.top + ")"); d3.tsv("http://jon.breitenbucher.net/wp-content/uploads/2014/04/historical.tsv", function(error, data) { var allocationNames = d3.keys(data[0]).filter(function(key) { return key !== "Category"; }); data.forEach(function(d) { d.allocations = allocationNames.map(function(name) { return {name: name, value: +d[name]}; }); }); x0.domain(data.map(function(d) { return d.Category; })); x1.domain(allocationNames).rangeRoundBands([0, x0.rangeBand()]); y.domain([0, d3.max(data, function(d) { return d3.max(d.allocations, function(d) { return d.value; }); })]); svg.append("g") .attr("class", "x axis") .attr("transform", "translate(0," + height + ")") .call(xAxis) .selectAll("text") .style("text-anchor", "end") .attr("dx", "-.8em") .attr("dy", ".15em") .attr("transform", function(d) { return "rotate(-65)" }); svg.append("g") .attr("class", "y axis") .call(yAxis) .append("text") .attr("transform", "rotate(-90)") .attr("y", 6) .attr("dy", ".71em") .style("text-anchor", "end") .text("$"); var state = svg.selectAll(".state") .data(data) .enter().append("g") .attr("class", "g") .attr("transform", function(d) { return "translate(" + x0(d.Category) + ",0)"; }); state.selectAll("rect") .data(function(d) { return d.allocations; }) .enter().append("rect") .attr("width", x1.rangeBand()) .attr("x", function(d) { return x1(d.name); }) .attr("y", function(d) { return y(d.value); }) .attr("height", function(d) { return height - y(d.value); }) .style("fill", function(d) { return color(d.name); }); var legend = svg.selectAll(".legend") .data(allocationNames.slice().reverse()) .enter().append("g") .attr("class", "legend") .attr("transform", function(d, i) { return "translate(20," + i * 20 + ")"; }); legend.append("text") .attr("x", width - margin.right - 275) .attr("y", 9) .attr("dy", ".35em") .style("text-anchor", "start") .text(function(d) { return d; }); legend.append("rect") .attr("x", width - margin.right - 300 ) .attr("width", 18) .attr("height", 18) .style("fill", color); });}; wpd3_4451_0();This is the data on Campus Council allocations of the student activity fee for the past three years. I wanted to see how easy/hard it would be to replicate what I had done in Excel using D3. It turned out to be quite a challenge. I’m not sure I would have gotten this without the examples. The library seems very useful and worth some further exploration.


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