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Emma Passé is Chief Operating Officer at E-Powered Benefits, one of the renegade benefits brokers challenging a bloated and broken healthcare system. I first met Emma a year ago at a healthcare conference, where she brought down the house with a spirited, entertaining, and incisive look at how health plans negotiate prices with providers. You might not think that the topic of “reference-based pricing” would be all that interesting to the non-wonks in the room, but Emma has a way of making it relevant and fun. And, when you discover how you've been overpaying for healthcare all these years, you might become outraged as well. When I found out that Emma was going to be in Charlotte, NC for the day, I drove for a couple of hours with my portable podcasting studio and met her for an interview. And I discovered – as you're about to – that Emma is not only brilliant and passionate about her work, but a great conversationalist as well. I turned on the recorder and we just chatted like old friends. We talked about the healthcare system, the health insurance system, and how consumers and employers can start protecting themselves from the irrational and opaque cost structure that functions more or less like an extortion racket. We also talked about Emma's personal journey, which included losing 135 pounds and regaining her health. As well as how she was perceived differently – smarter, more competent, more powerful – as a thin woman. And we rounded out the conversation by chatting about her initiative to empower more leaders, especially woman and millennials, to speak their truths and step into influential roles in their organizations and communities. Enjoy, add your voice to the conversation via the comment box or audio recording box below, and please share – that's how we spread our message and spread our roots. Links Emma's LinkedIn Profile E-Powered Benefits Empowered Leadership Whistling Vivaldi, by Claude Steele Leading with Emotional Courage, by Peter Bregman Support the Podcast This podcast is not underwritten by advertising, so I can experience complete editorial autonomy without worrying about pissing off the person paying the bills. Instead, I pay the bills, with your help. It's free for those who can't afford to pay, and supported by those who can. You can contribute to the growth and improvement of the podcast by . Click the “Support on Patreon” or “Donate” buttons on the right to help out. Ready to embark on your Big Change journey? Are you tired of knowing what to do, and still not doing it consistently? The WellStart Health Big Change Program, led by Josh LaJaunie and myself, will help you take the steps to finally live according to your knowledge and values. Go to WellStartHealth.com/program to learn more, and to get notified about the next program. Ask your questions or share your feedback Comment on the show notes for this episode (below) Connect with me Subscribe, rate, and review in iTunes Join the Plant Yourself Facebook Page Music The Plant Yourself Podcast theme music, “Dance of Peace (Sabali Don),” is generously provided by Will Ridenour, a kora player from North Carolina who has trained with top Seneg...
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