I’m baaaaaack! Did you miss me? I sincerely apologize for (unintentionally)
ghosting out on you. I hit a (Pivot) point of total overload and overwhelm
with some BIG personal updates on school and my love life (you’ll have to
listen in to get the full deets!).
All while mid-way through second semester at seminary, buying and moving to
a new home in Harlem, and traveling every week for speaking busy season
this spring. Spotting burnout potential (I know it a mile away), and after
hitting a clear decision fork-in-the-road, I gave myself permission to
pause on non-essentials. Unfortunately that included the podcast and
#PivotList newsletter!
But what looked like a plateau from the outside (seeing as I haven’t
released a new show in six months) sparked a mega-business renaissance on
the inside. On Friday, July 5 I celebrate my eighth (!!) year of
solopreneurship, and I’m getting ready to take things up to a whole new
level of joy, revenue, meaning, momentum, and systems-ninjary.
In fact, I’m re-naming what I do Solo+preneurship — putting the plus into
my support structure by expanding to a core team of three (part-timers) +
podcast production. This will free my time to do more of what I love, such
as getting this show out on a regular basis while still honoring Momentum
members, and my consulting and 1:1 clients.
Listen to this week’s show (I’m dusting off the rust, so pardon any
awkwardness!) for more on all these updates, and how you can become a super
special Podcast Insider to geek out with me behind-the-scenes on the latest
books, topics, and tools that come up during the episodes. I’ll also talk
about why plateaus — at least ones that look that way from the outside —
are a good thing, and should be celebrated as a sign of progress.
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