On Friday, March 6, nearly 700 community leaders gathered for the annual Greater Pittsburgh Community Leaders Prayer Breakfast. Keynote speaker, Dr. Bruce Bickel, explored the question of who we can trust and how we know that we can trust them.
We can trust somebody who will do everything that's necessary to maintain a relationship with us. God does this by holding back his wrath so we can have a relationship with Him and removing our sin from his sight so He won't hold it against us.
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00:00:00City Gate in Pittsburgh
00:00:41remarkable get follower of Jesus and he does so in a way that's so I'm going to start with one purses principles in the lives of those who are teaching them here's a principle that Bruce has shared the great duty of leadership is to look after the welfare of one's relationships ones people ahead of thoughts of times without reservation put your needs behind those are the people you are serving
00:01:38there's another way to spell Sierra College parking space suffering and over and over again transformational thinking occurs when we think right and then we are feeling and thinking and thinking more completely than you do Mercy Ministry in the market
00:02:36or as a model Monte. This ministry we are where we are
00:02:55you are the most consistent person I know who you are and what is a human and verified we need to find ourselves accountable to measure for me to introduce to you my spiritual friend and my dear precious Brother Bruce pickle
00:04:05I told her to be brief
00:04:10that's one principle she did not obey
00:04:15quite honestly I can't
00:04:22and by the way Lisa you read it just like I wrote it for you thank you
00:04:29breakfast with you for two primary reasons
00:04:34what is because the Magnificent the Pittsburgh Leadership Foundation
00:04:39they're one of the best kept secrets of our city generation
00:04:55has it gotten my love for the City of Pittsburgh
00:04:59I grew up in the hills of West Virginia in Fairmont years I'm very very very proud my home
00:05:17are the Trailblazers playing football at the Naval Academy when they be used to win
00:05:24in fact I'm not the dragon type
00:05:27but I never lost a fight against it
00:05:38what friends choices that we make
00:05:44what is a series of decisions
00:05:47which one of those decision has consequences
00:05:50it's critical that we understand the consequences of our choices before we make them
00:05:55because once you make that choice you're going to get the consequences
00:06:00what you want and make the decision by that choice choice consequences
00:06:20what's the most important questions that we will have to choose to answer this question
00:06:25who can we trust
00:06:28on what basis do you trust somebody
00:06:31I want bases do you find somebody trustworthy if you're single
00:06:37is he trustworthy
00:06:39can she be trusted
00:06:52character qualities of trustworthiness
00:06:55they're going to go into business with somebody a partnership
00:06:59are you going to business with that person who will be the partner in your business venture
00:07:07definition of how you can trust somebody
00:07:11you can trust somebody who will do whatever is necessary to maintain a relationship with you
00:07:17you can try to maintain a relationship with you
00:07:24I want to tell you why I know
00:07:28can trust God
00:07:30I know that I can trust the person in the Holy Spirit of flies
00:07:45I want you to know those things because I want you to see
00:07:56but God can be trusted
00:07:59so I can tell you why I believe that I'm committed to that and why I know that
00:08:05has God done everything possible
00:08:08to maintain a relationship with me
00:08:11take it back to the ancient Hebrew prophet Isaiah
00:08:23hold back my wrath i restrain it from you so as not to cut you off
00:08:30is this
00:08:35he holds back his own righteousness
00:08:48is it mean to have a relationship with you
00:08:53God chose not having a relationship Nation against my sentiments
00:09:07first thing for me is it true
00:09:17but I could have a relationship with him
00:09:36remove your transgressions from you and remember your sins no more
00:09:41this is my son from his anymore
00:09:47that's because
00:09:50first thing that I can have a relationship with him
00:09:59secretary tells me this I'm not going to hold your unrighteousness against you because I'm going to remove your transgressions from you and remember your sins no more
00:10:13I really couldn't trust him because of being in a relationship
00:10:18then King David
00:10:20Hebrew individual King David the greatest
00:10:30different man and also the greatest Israeli repentance tell Justin Psalm 103 this is how God is able to hold back his rest and remove my transgressions from us
00:10:51slow to anger abounding in love he will not anger forever it is not treated
00:11:03as our sins deserve nor according to our iniquity so great is his love for those who fear Him
00:11:14as far as the East is from the West
00:11:18so far has he removed
00:11:20transgressions from
00:11:24what's the significance of the East is from the West
00:11:30give me the truth
00:11:33here's an aircraft from Maryland to California
00:11:40Flight Plan required to 7004 West
00:11:50what are the best
00:12:02never going to ask myself the question
00:12:05what what
00:12:24as long as he doesn't change I'm going to go to 702 California
00:12:36702 England
00:12:42as long as he doesn't change the course heading
00:12:44270 back to Maryland
00:12:49say France in the eyes of that playing
00:12:52you will fly West
00:12:58complain back to Maryland
00:13:01reverse the situation
00:13:06for certain amount of time it doesn't change the course heading out in a few longer does 0 9 0 due east of England and then 0 9 0 to China California
00:13:32there's no end to East
00:13:34I'm so grateful that the scripture as far as the north is from the south
00:13:39if I removed your transgressions from you because
00:13:46dial 360-8009
00:13:55this is what happens to your compass needle
00:14:01North stops
00:14:04sometime later or you can place near as known as the
00:14:11here's what happens to your compass needle
00:14:15because South stops
00:14:18and North again
00:14:20the friends I'm very grateful
00:14:23why don't we just got home and remember
00:14:35but he offers me and East West Forgiveness
00:14:40but has no end
00:14:43the scripture said as far as the north is from the south
00:14:47I removed your transmission from you this is what it would mean
00:14:57it just ran out
00:14:59and you're on your own
00:15:01the scripture does it say that David doesn't say that he says as far as the East is from the West so far that she removed my transgressions from me and doesn't hold them against me anymore
00:15:17why does it do that
00:15:19remembers them no more
00:15:30Preston illustrations help us understand this
00:15:34my second tour in Vietnam I was taking off the ship in the sign to be a controller for the Army infantry in the northern sections of Vietnam
00:15:50Army divisions is a naval officer is there for your controller
00:15:55division in the 1st Cavalry division
00:16:29I'm in my own devotional life I said Lord is there something I can do that is very positive in a very destructive environment
00:16:37when I was in my Jeep hello pad
00:16:59they said Christian city of way to make a long story short on Orphanage in the city of defensive material
00:17:25how about that orphanage I got a call on my radio from the MPS in the city of Wayne
00:17:31percentage of hospital patient with the Army hospital to the hospital for a good came out of the surgery room instead
00:18:03I said what
00:18:09he said now we needed from his own people because of the immune system of the Vietnamese people can you find some
00:18:21cuz my friend Pastor went to the orphanage
00:18:33that's a few minutes of translation through faster when
00:18:37what are the boy's name was high
00:18:48it is an honest understanding something about high humidity or never met
00:19:15Jesus was an orphan
00:19:19pose with you
00:19:22it's a little high what that meant
00:19:28I can have a father
00:19:31I said yes I that's what it means you can have a Heavenly Father
00:19:35and God's grace he was pleased to Grand Theft Auto voice Saving Face
00:19:41by God's grace he was the one who said I will go with you to the hospital today was down who is dying to cry
00:19:58the surgeon said Bruce could you find out what's wrong with your little friend I knew language would be a problem
00:20:04so a scratch to win to go over and find out what was wrong with little high
00:20:09conversation I'm going to share with you together and Tracy Morgan injuries conversation
00:20:27they might like this past you
00:20:36should I you suck in your stomach
00:20:41I said no
00:20:43now I'm desperation faster when my friend said this
00:20:49this little boy look up and realize that the man who is now is Earthly father
00:20:54and said this
00:20:56how long is going to take me to die
00:21:01naval officer then only a part of each other's blood
00:21:08I meant
00:21:13ask myself a question
00:21:18if that's what you thought
00:21:20it really thought that he was going to get it
00:21:28you know friends the only reason I came up with
00:21:32if it is his little friend enough
00:21:35there's wanted to get his blood for me
00:21:3811 minutes
00:21:45what happened to Jesus Christ
00:21:53remove your sins from you remember your sins no more forgiveness for him
00:22:04I came to the conclusion of this
00:22:07that when Jesus Christ was on the cross
00:22:11I was on his mind
00:22:14Because You Loved Me
00:22:17friends that is like changing when you understand that
00:22:25he holds back as last time
00:22:27transgression from me remember sin no more free challenging and rewarding life
00:22:44absolutely everything possible
00:22:49had a relationship with me
00:22:53and I trust him
00:22:55I trust you
00:22:57may God give us the Grace today
00:23:00I trust you not only for his glory but also for our well-being and for the benefit of our great city thank you very much
00:23:19Paw Patrol
00:23:22Cracker Barrel

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