00:00:00hello and welcome to the 20th episode of think I thought that's where you go deep into the tech I mean Wallace and if you ever hear about the interview shortly my brain stopped working so what's the first time you go in here and I think you suck the stuffing was it the one in California what she say Quadro GP100 be 100 with them
00:01:00the interesting thing where this was the 32 gigs of Ventura hundreds that where did you get station cuz it had it was the only machine with the B100 with this way it fits in it in card with it or not on it I was so bad for Joe has chilling so that address is real and it's going to be like at 7 in place replacement if you don't mean so they've if you got dgx Wonder station in order it will come with the movie 100 yeah that's my thing
00:01:50this is good 16 and easy $100,000 in a crazy crazy interconnect interconnect are enormous processors in their own right yeah I got a pair of high-energy Owens machine was it for only a few hundred rounds and impressive value for money is mad mad machine for people to add on smaller number to these cards perhaps in a machine in the lab or similar and you think that bump and ROM is going to allow them to do new things or do you think this may be not much
00:02:50prophetic to kick right now training before make some train better and converge so you see a lot of turn on some random State Farm Bureau Network who love to help and you try and train it you'll typically find this in June to train on 11 or 12 gauge to that either the Maxwell Titan XC sweeper 12 gigs are the successors are letting gigs because it's been done by some research and I'll hop in the tiny eat I can we expecting with the 24 get cuadros and above and the 16 gig and if you don't want to start seeing the requirements I'm just becoming like a new standard for the big mess but hasn't happened okay but I think if you if you got V100 money if you're going big you know you go puffer big right yeah it's like
00:03:50only 256 B100 diaper right you don't actually scale off the scale you go to the mass of clusters are multi-gpu so that seems to be more the trend these dates you know who is Nancy nemi's next 20 minutes or thing that's big clusters it's no big deal fuse at not releasing any more people are exploiting the mass of tea to use yet sad for some of the network architecture psycho skill with their size like him fully convolutional networks and where you're applying to a pixelated image to scale up the image size there you will benefit from more so yeah only know I think actually although maybe at some point when it becomes more, I think I still owe on everything
00:04:43Save-A-Lot a fallacy you some people may think that this may push this out of approachability of Andy I keep learning work are we from them if you're doing such thing reception 52 bigger bigger cards but it seems like people are already had the option of 16 and 24 and when we can use of it yet people some people complaining about it is not practical to do your own network research with like a massive cluster in a few million bucks I can't uninstall saying you have all the recent rape freezer pencil and paper plus my lights dimmable I-96 scores on the I-99 58k unlocked it good for 5 gigahertz apparently just pretty mad
00:05:436 doors locked up as far as high as it appeared you can only buy them in the 15 and 17 inch Alienware they come like the Box could provide gigs which is not to exceed our use Max's there for court in Table parts with Iris Pro so that send 13-inch MacBook Pro to see if you use 45 watt class in CPUs the I-90 talked about earlier 6 core I-9 in the arm PC so people are recent get to prove us wrong in our speculation you can I buy workstation with that are biased it's not really a workstation is it I mean is I would describe a development kit for and some of the set of server setup she get in the moment and said cavium some dates to this and say that which is the CPU
00:06:43people expect to be the first set of commercially successful arm server CPU driving too much better for you 7 Bucks and it's a stock some for you and then cold at work station that's what happened to you yeah it depends of what is I say that quiet or not nice to have is a workstation but is interested in seeing this phone factory let you know I'm at work on it to see what it's like I'm relieved that I guess this is a picture of him to want me as a text to Rosie on and I will come Century car machine and chewing the car door being 50 old was less if I 80 was less meaningful that's interesting to a partner
00:07:43Amy Adams a great fit for last off I mean if it says saving them 50 Nursery money like parody just makes real sense for lent her face which I think is just a standard or anything in it is they've got that like made it into them to soccer then takes is a SD card does an SD card that does the voice the use case for Less to show that they can I wonder if this made me think of him no sting start in playing the standard right there makes the second you so much
00:08:35but imagine if it starts getting popular I wonder if you see you do you remember ages ago used to get I'm mostly compact flash cards with that they weren't story cards right I remember for Compaq ipaq if you've ever used back in the day I'll come back Wi-Fi really ready for dinner
00:08:56hours to go one of those cars I feel like i e h p pocket PC in the cupboard I should look at it and take some photographs of us like a folding keyboard and stuff and it's got one of those Wi-Fi cars this up I buy flash cards so if we get this is an HD format will be at the idea where interesting for a frozen stories to the faces of interesting fellow hi end and digital cinema cameras each what's funny is plugged into like a two and a half for 50 reasons but I know thinking about SD card format your own network accelerate to plug into device that be interesting this Google projects to Nantucket from Google what are some Google research and code new spanley can u s p e n f l i
00:09:56find a grenade for me and what is the blocking jeep jeep a decoder so when it looks like the areas that are blocky caused by compression during the encode process and it makes his best effort to satisfy those areas I would make that image of continuous in those areas come on link to that page panties you can look at them I'm not sure how useful is this the people buy compression when everybody get to benefit from here
00:10:56medical imagery meets neural networks they need to look at the paper if it is I guess it's time to figure out what you're thinking about looking at right okay so okay so from some info and I'll eat in space again on the mapping if you like the input and the output is the picture that the person was looking at when they had their scan right so the idea is you then scan some his brain and the neural network draws a picture of what the person is looking at or thank you that is insane right
00:11:56Define okay baby for my set a security perspective but like kind of paralyzed are like a deaf Blind Guardian some other sort of stability yeah I hallucinating what you're dreaming about you so everything like it's fine no means perfect like if you can see the pictures and see if they've got like 71 72 73 and then what the images are presented with if you look at the time to page or pages of speech labeler stage 1403 yeah you have some
00:12:49examples of each 15 so like is Mace spray you can kind of tell me ways to write it's not mad right in the impressive as a woman is not
00:13:05scaring me but I can definitely see if they don't do something interesting thing in here but I thought maybe instead we can each pick a few newsletter and then just explain why why should anyone listening subscribe to the newsletter so and maybe do this by way of example so Edition those kind of like on the here's a typical example this art thing you would miss you learn his rice and some Skype
00:13:50hydrangea should we alternate
00:13:57the first one recommended this too few people it's the wild week in AI newsletter this is goodbye a previously at Stanford and someone so can nobody binding scientist I would say yeah and typically like the news about answer. Golden tutorials someone code is being released on some like an accurate list of research papers so example I pulled II Museum from the most recent one which is about Jupiter. Be ready and what this is is a replacement for Jupiter new pics have I fix it
00:14:57yeah it's kind of been like that means of you my love and they give you for my life is a bit like that but it runs from the web browser so that I can visit the web server gives you a terminal a file browser on and it gives you access to it normally and back rotors IPython ipython-notebook might be some of those people it was an interaction environment execute python or language of choice normally interpreted languages you know your next place you can generate figures from the Minnesota one so you and then you can save them so you can load up on giving you and you can see the results the competitions and you can modify them and run them yourself
00:15:42you just got Terminator face you start off an iPod the new Bic or djeep Slavic I need to get an interface you can hit in the web browser and start start editing the code which is really cool and you version of it's nicer nicer largest office yeah but more functionality is a really nice hard called actually use for the AI practitioner or whatever so that's why it's here this is more of a kind of them I mean really the main reason to read wild week is for the curity list of research papers because really great job applica interesting newspapers are either a preference or having published and give you a little summary of the paper as to why you should be there so that's kind of the real reason to be this one first recommendation let me know the news is interesting in a bit more approachable Buzz saying it is good for that research paper
00:16:42research papers are there are three of all you there I think what's your first one then Geico's Kori Quinn and he specializes in reducing people's AWS bills which is he helped you and it's all the announcements and having no need to be yes blog usually have ever had a nicer way and because I'm so lost off every week like that always pumpkin stuff this week if they have the soda mini conference thanks also send you thanks what a night stand the second thing it has is a house like community
00:17:42translator waste products and also has like a to section pretty for most people is open source tools for working at Avondale shoes and they W-2s and this is a really good way to sign there for other people are doing and there's quite a lot of every sea snark in these news I think it says Norte for the talk wso Plains NY londos it was a recipe for Success he's obviously a chauffeur big wins it like a Survivor podcast this is with this is how I find out if I need to be a stank so often find I don't need Amazon emails to fight the ship unsubscribe from up I get it from you instead that much better for me
00:18:42Island import Clark so. Clark's currently open the eyes and combs director there was a reporter Bloomberg at the register so this is kind of a note from a practitioner point of view is Morpher smarter than you use and effects is having on the world of an implication is could have more if you like soft commentary about the affects the eyes having places but it's very well informed so I'm just waiting for this new papers and you research is highlights and then less of an academic fashion in the mall week so as an example of
00:19:42on this particular one is they are running facial recognition recognition systems to send jaywalkers fines and text messages so if you cross the road in the wrong place in sorry in Chinese cities you a text message with personal information about you a photo of you crossing the wrong at loan place and I telling you you gotta fight in the scale and scope of the Chinese are rolling a TI systems to monitor all their citizens I mean it is very very minor his likes to put these things together in two teams so that you got a bunch of Chinese news here so you can also go and Sans X Big Ray's things like this and talk about China strategic initiatives in the history of our service is a really nice newsletter for affecting the world I'm going to my second recommendation
00:20:41terms that is kind of sorts of a soft tick tock tick tock by Ben Thompson stratechery I don't know if it's supposed to be
00:21:06can help you look for it on the App Store taking a baby to Ben Thompson Thompson piers on John gruber's to talk show at you cuz I'm really insecure interesting insights in this technology space especially don't like Apple or Google Western General in the big companies of the internet and take and how much money I need really C-130 week I want to see after color week and he has some super HD 4.0 and 7 piece of Henry designing the business are the stages going through and redesigning the business in the newsletter for people actually wanting that I'm certain
00:22:06set of interest in that are not interested and Son of economics and even some of the things like talking about actual people that have the interact with each other in terms of me in on going stuff and Tack yeah I really like him and I said I could treat them lots of stuff that I never touch especially these days but I think it's worth finding out about these things Evans East newsletter so he's coming out partner Anderson Horowitz PC for Bengali and missing you came out in the u.s. his newsletter is Kenna coming on Tech news but more if my cat business and go but what really makes it is his commentary on the things I can
00:23:06does it mean to be so yeah basically you're an AI stuff in a sarcoid in part forms with Windows server and then they're bundling like you I Windows Office e65 into server said he's coming to hear is amongst other things just makes it clear that when does an officer Legacy business the fact that also means Legacy services in the future services are okay cleaners in the same reporting like this probably pure coincidence I mean it is yeah this is like his his commentary on the link so they can kind of thing that's an interesting take I wonder why he's doing these conclusions click the link and see I'm going to draw your own I think that's a really nice we have missed quite hardcore Academia and stuff the second one is was I'm commenting on like what are the implications of the eye and nose is affecting the world and this is kind of like her
00:24:04what she heard business is changing it's ready can I slightly business focus but then he also does like a interesting blog post he's right elsewhere to spray brief one-sentence was I buy it who read it and then connect things interesting and then he picks a some interesting statistics they said I was quite interesting for a stock latest edition it says that I probably close to 500 million mobile app that uses of Indians that, yeah I just learned something calling the number of people that followed on Twitter or just to remove negativity and a few other things that wasn't interested anymore and Benedict Evans is one of the people that puts a lot I actually for work because he's really interesting person is really an intelligent discussion with other people is also created the replying if you could something to say to you
00:25:04tell me about a plenty I stuff that's the reason we started this isn't saved in the stack shared Ohio it's not have a single person singular of Lee it's a website for Silicon Valley Tech companies are companies in startups in the tax base can post all the tools that are used as they have proofs in feature posted I should have interviews with the people who run these websites to talk about the truth you use you get to find out what they are you going to get out and see them or you know maybe secret to if you don't get this evening but I sent you one of them
00:26:05a post about instacart Silicon Valley start up for do food deliveries and I think last week. Monday or last week and tender doesn't make sense to me because they could be in my mom is in the enemy and get it delivered to your house but the tools and such that the used interesting little tidbits in here like this is how I find a Ruby on Rails application to Liz she just get a console to and write SQL queries and engenity and dashboards and charts and Casey is these things straight I've ever eaten any of you quote about me ask you ever used by accident
00:27:05with news weathers as even if I don't beat them every week I do find it's a good way to be exposed information in my otherwise not see through someone else's opinions right gal that stuff together let me see you figured out who's good at Gathering stuff together and maybe relevant you always be relevant to you but I stay exposing yourself to these things usually spend the night at our new sites are socially I really like me as well so if you're sitting there thinking I'm interest in the eye I should read more papers I would say an easy way to do that subscribe to that my first recommendation to Wild week the least three or four a week just pick one of them and read it easy way no brainer just take the first one I ever right and yes is element of creation is I think what makes a good news they are like you say it makes me things that you win or at least at least meet someone else you summary of it would make you think about ideas
00:28:05didn't think about exposure seems to be as an exposure to go check out some of your system super interesting stuff that I do my day today I feel you did beat me to know about the more everything for this episode thanks for listening to Pink Eye show notes are online at Pinterest podcast.com you can find me on Twitter at at Douglas a sheer and you can find Ian on Twitter that they understood accidental you can follow up and Ken podcast
00:28:45okay so forth after school like 3 YouTube videos here but they're quite long as I don't know if I should make you watch them or not but then we required for a while so I don't know if it was a quick with somebody I can go to
00:29:08your sister is okay I'll explain ways and we're just leaving from the physics teacher I believe anyway he's done this load of VR games right okay the first one is entitled Elite dangerous VR is an absolute nightmare this is why I don't know why I did Fallout 4 VR is not an absolute nightmare this is why in the same way that you can read the film critic reviewing a film that I really love but I think it's really intelligent informed criticism of what makes the game good a nugget basically I watch these videos and I'm usually find myself looking for HTC Vive in the U gaming PC so
00:30:08boychat Peril I guess let's just leave it like a sheep and goats and it came from someone who sang MN Janelle Shane just called and does anyone have a picture of of sheep and I really unusual place place interest Twitter Fried Chicken Noodle network network to someone and I do not say she did manage to prank annual net but then the pay for this is related to the papers called Nei system to diagnose pain levels and sheep and it looks at pictures of sheep figures out how much pain the Sheep said it's okay. Sheep
00:31:02I think we should just finish or cheap auto wait wait wait one more thing do we have to say that became generally available on Amazon transcribe audio speech to text and service and it's a great way to get the transcripts for a podcast for a while I run an episode through and see what happens right before we go into this I think the only way to do this is so me a screenshot of transcribe state-of-the-art Washington transcription Services come up with and I think the only way to explain this and what we can finish this afternoon is will have to read this I'll be speaker one you can be speakers you and will try and get through this dying of laughter
00:32:02okay so if you're not listen here's a sneak preview welcome to bed kind of podcast very good deep into this I'm digging a shower I'm here if my show host Ian Wallace High right so what we got this week I think we started some photos from last episode of the Titans and a few 100 and someone have benchmarks with two are benchmarked against each other we didn't understand some of the results and the V-103 Maggie slightly 5 Staffing the Titan overview we didn't understand why so we both very search after the short terms IQ 100
00:33:02extra men many bands with has more Federal Hedren to play with and a bunch of other small things that make a difference

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