Charlene Burke is a small business owner living in the United States of America who loves to learn and share her knowledge. She founded Search by Burke in 2008 to provide businesses
 with information about their customers and the marketplace
 assistance with understanding the data about their customers
 training on how to get in front of their target market with social media
 consulting services to create marketing strategies and marketing plans
She enjoys working with solo business owners through Mastermind Groups, Marketing Consulting, and training programs in the areas of Social Selling, How to Stand Out in Social Media, Research Your Way to Better Sales, and more. Charlene is passionate about making sure people have the right information and make use of it to grow personally and professionally.
Charlene's words of wisdom:
"I believe that Knowledge is Power. Everyone can and should improve
themselves by growing their heart, their mind, and then their business.
Regardless of what stage in life they're in. Whether it's to develop a better mindset, improve their relationship with a higher power/creator or to increase profits, moving forward is key."
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00:00:00welcome to abiola Saba leadership podcast a podcast that ignites their purpose into manifestation success here is your host abiola Saba
00:00:21I guess today is Charles Lindbergh shutting is a wonderful wonderful about Charlene before we starts the program so Charlene found search by walking 2008 Charlene is a minute she has a background in business in marketing electronic and robotic engineering she also or Saturday um she started growth the growth Alliance LifeStream program in 2015 so get ready get ready get ready to lunch so much today from I guess Charles Lindbergh about leadership podcast it is my honor and privilege to introduce to you might guess for today by name Charlene Porcelli welcome to the mountain
00:01:21thank you so much I'll be I'll look so glad to be here I am super excited to help you on that podcast this morning because I know you're going to share a little nuggets and you're going to hide value to all I listen this today or shine before we get started on the question can you tell us a little bit about yourself I'd be happy to I started my business in June of 2008 Yes I am 21 years old haha me reasons why I started my business search by Burke is my core value is knowledge and education I am a firm believer that the more someone knows the more they can grow personally and professionally come from a very young age I've had an intense curiosity to know more
00:02:21one of my first words was why I'm about asking better questions and that's what I do in my business it's what I've always done when working with people and jobs projects what have you learned today what guides me in my facilitation and hosting of Mastermind groups because now I'm in the setting where I can help people help each other ask better questions so that they can get the answers they are seeking that's awesome I love you you started asking the right questions why why because that's why is we need a big deal but today just let me let me bring organs to the realization of what we doing today
00:03:21show me he's going to empower rose on the power of Mastermind groups the power of Mastermind groups I personally guarantee I'm roasting like masterminds I love my sister might tell us exactly what movies
00:03:44I go by the definition that Napoleon Hill actually it was Carnegie who came up with the definition of Olean Hill Road in his book Think and Grow Rich that everybody is familiar with and it is when two or more gathered in harmony for specific purpose I'm in a corporation or I'm in the field or I'm a mechanical engineer I meant I'm in a production product development area but in reality what Napoleon how was talking about in his description of The Mastermind is that there are like-minded people Gathering and the purpose of the Gathering is to help each other to 16 during their conversations there brainstorming the learning the sharing what they learn the helping
00:04:44king of service to make sure that you're getting the right answer asking more questions amongst each other when they gather what happens is this other energy and that's what Napoleon Hill was calling the master mine was like this we are more than the sum of our parts feel right and what I love about it is when people really get involved in the conversation and the discussion that the light bulbs go off I may have already said something in response to somebody in and two people down suddenly I'm I'm inspired with a better way of doing something work better thought or idea or better question to ask what that happens is that Mastermind starts affecting how you think makes you think a little better great things happen I don't Mastermind group
00:05:44that's my definition that I work with for Mastermind groups and I absolutely agree with you babe the must have mine the world must have my stats from Napoleon Hill and I know a lot about audience I read the book Think and Grow Rich The Laws of Success and in most of my daily that truly is great power points agree with you so what do you currently or belong to a mastermind group Shelly I do is for women who are the it's based on encouraging support helping each other to be better to be better as Leaders within our communities within our businesses within our families will never bring something to the group The Others can participate
00:06:44what I love about this group is that were very diverse and some very active in my local community community style others are very active in their local community what I mean by that they're volunteering the part of non-processed mothers with their talents and their skills a he has hit the top when it comes to being a businesswoman is now very into another Direction and needs to lead others in that other direction so it's the diversity that's brought to the group that's what the power is because we're coming together to be better women be better
00:07:44and I have distrusted group I can go to with my dog with my hesitancy with my with my new idea to have it flashed out and made better at to tap into their knowledge their experience their resources and vice versa so I don't follow participant and that crew it is fantastic I I honestly agree with you I currently work three masterminds and I also belong to a different Mastermind we're very successful people coming together and I can bounce ideas off of them I can bounce business questions of angel I love Mastermind so any other business who doesn't have the definition of The Mastermind
00:08:44why should I even be long to a mastermind group so what would you tell them
00:08:51I would say there's there's a variety of reasons people join a mastermind because remember I didn't say that a mastermind group was Focus strictly on business strictly on leadership in church groups specific asking yourself
00:09:18where do I walk to improve his personal is it in business why do I want to improve am I willing to be a participant by helping somebody else am I willing to share my own knowledge my own experience my own resources that help somebody else to improve to succeed and whatever goal that they have for themselves
00:09:47and if you can answer that question that tells you you would benefit from a mastermind there a different I want you to add more lights at some of the different masterminds that maybe the ones that you've been exposed to so that someone who is just hearing the definition of a mastermind for the first time he said what you said okay maybe I have this need maybe I can look for a mastermind in my area that you know the different types of muscle mind that you've been exposed to be happy to Folsom since 2009 I have been running Mastermind groups for business owners
00:10:43but they're different types of groups the groups are focused on one's called get it done the level of experience that you have in terms of how long you going to business what matters is that you have a desk full of stuff that you had his unfinished project that you have really been wanting to finish it sits in the back of the mind right you just can't stay on track because you're lacking some resources you're lacking some fresh ideas you're lacking some direction right if people that join us is tremendous and wondering what you think about this and one group had a fella who is a math tutor who didn't even know how to record a video to put up to YouTube
00:11:43I watch them but he didn't know how to record a video much less on setup YouTube account but he's a math tutor who wanted to extend he want he had a goal to make more money without adding more students in the same group a business coach consultant who's been in business for over 25 years who wanted to go in a different direction and write a book
00:12:05a fellow who had 30 years experience I level corporate who had two years previously started and wasn't quite sure where you wanted to go with this business but he had this website that was riding him bothering inkling of just that one group they had specific goals that they brought to the number eight of them in this group and through facilitated discussion making sure they stay on track and ask the right questions because that's what me is a facilitator does all of them were able to accomplish the goal that they had stopped and succeed each other to identify what do you need to do now in order to achieve the goal you have set for small business owners who are in a specific industry
00:13:05a marketing agency they seems to be attracted to this group they've been in business about 3 to 8 years they may or may not have. An employee store not necessarily solo business owners pay range in revenue from Evan they all have specific industries that they target their Gathering they but they come together in harmony they want to help each other to succeed then there's a group of business owners not necessarily small business owners that is generally speaking they been in business a little over 10 years the ones that are in this group because of the expense expense of being a member
00:14:05heard of it but also because the things we talked about in that group are pretty heavy duty stuff and your manufacturing company and is in the same room there's about a business coach who actually is part of his businesses in hypnotherapy and then there's a parking about financial issues they're talking about my p&l just came through for my accountant and this is what came up and I'm missing this kind of money do I do right
00:14:53well that's very different conversation then somebody's been in business for 3 to 5 years who doesn't actually honestly most of them don't even know what a profit-and-loss need it into that portion and then you've got the vendor issues and then you have accounting 1 so yeah Finance vendor employee issues and I'll do I bring on new employees now do I even open a new division that came up during one of the groups to improve where do I get the raw materials for my you know the regulations in my country because my numbers are international operations in my country are preventing me from being able to move to this area so that specific group is perfect for them
00:15:48so that's a business-type another Mastermind as I uploaded to was it was in a church and it is more than like a Bible study group instead these are people that are gathering to grow their spirits on purpose and what they do is they did in the Bible babies discussions about how that I can personal development how does that actually work on my life so it's constant check point of am I becoming the person that I chose to become and I'm relying on you my Mastermind group to help me be that person keep me on track keep me accountable ask me the questions ask me hard questions right
00:16:44are there so many others you know but again it comes back to that core which is a group of two or more Gathering and Harmony are specific purpose and the purpose the ones that I run participate in and see work so well the purpose is to help each other succeed absolute absolute really likes you which book those were notes are there people Mastermind there people even heard the definition of and just feel like something people were interested in personal development getting too so thank you so much for Tremont lights to this so if I should I pay to be part of my smite
00:17:36it truly depends on what your goal is
00:17:40I recommend that you joined a short-term Mastermind that's focused on on goal that you want to so maybe if you're in small business want to join a sales group you want to join your an it and you want to join a developer's group that meets once a month up a dinner group or something like that investigate them I would recommend you go with a paid initially and that's because quite honestly most people who start their own Mastermind don't know how to lead or facilitate a mastermind
00:18:22now I'm not saying that they don't know how do I can introduce you to a highly successful business owner still a member of the group he had been invited into when he was about 20 if he was invited him we want you as a part of our group of this group of business owners neck privately in the back of the restaurant and they gather for coffee and over. Of time got to know one another and start getting guidance from each other than if you do really truly don't want to pay then what I recommend you do is that you seek out somebody you admire
00:19:22ask them if they are a member of the group and if it's free group what that means is going to be invitation only so ask what does it take to be a member because I let them know it's because I admire you want what you have or want to do what you do to get what you have I would love to be a part of that group what does that take that so there's Arguments for both paid and I am a member of free I offer paid because at the level that I offer them on people are seeking they want that safe space where they know they're in a room in an environment that somebody's in charge somebody's going to stop the rapper somebody's going to bring out the quiet one that's too personal
00:20:21it really does depend on what it is that you want to achieve will explain then once the most of mine stuff I run all page but one of the things I do is I do have free programs like the 21 irrefutable laws of leadership is what I usually do as free masterminds are sometimes I Call Music 21 Guns by found out that it's to cover the 21 we need a minimum of 7 weeks so what I do is I cover some of the laws on the $21 and just need to find weeks we must a man just so people have a taste of what the mice in my knees and by so doing I've been able to at least I would say maybe
00:21:21twenty 25% of the people were possible free Mastermind where you want to take it further and say I never be of never been possible must want I really love this? I want to now join the pagemaster might amount of John Maxwell I love those 21 irrefutable laws I love you and to be able to be in a group we're not only are you learning it but it will help you ask better questions and learn from others it is a beautiful thing people oil 31g okay I didn't love you all. Joking about most of my wife's mind I must have money to join
00:22:21so you can begin by searching on Google here's I'm going to put a small plug-in for the ones that I ride go to search my bourke.com and you can find the tab about Mastermind group there if you're interested in the in a leadership and if you love John Maxwell or what but also to start asking just ask the people within your own network here's what you're going to find out if I surrounded by the kind of people I need to be around asking people are closest to you either personal development or in business about a mastermind and they look at you like you're crazy because why do I need people to tell me how to run my business
00:23:11that's an indication you might want to change your network just continue to ask yours the surprising that you will come across somebody that says oh my word I would never be where I am today if it hadn't been for my monster lot more question what kind was it how did they meet was it in person as it sounds coffee shop is it online the variety and the diversity is it a is it a I mean you can have masterminds
00:23:44all over the place honestly I know people that have quarterly Mastermind where everybody gets away for a weekend and then I have an event coming up in May that that's what I'm doing it's it's a business retreat for people to meet automatically right after that Retreat there's a 90-day Mastermind set up so that they will reset during that weekend be personal or business people already know each other so there's events like that earlier with the group called a mastermind custom if it's a round table round table because you have people who are at a similar level in business who are seeking advice and guidance from others
00:24:44you want to ask questions of them are you surprised to hear me ask questions of who you are I did this you say you wouldn't want to know is that really going to fit what I am seeking yeah you are hosting an advancing me tell us about that so I'll be over I am so excited I'll tell you a part of the excitement is that my mind help me to flash all this out this is it is a new service that I am offering it is called The Grow Alliance that is the website they grow alliance.com for it
00:25:37and the group also talked to said specifically for the event the group on Facebook is for discussion of success principles and mindset improving yourself and things like that so what I have noticed over the years is that every live event that I attended and look
00:26:00was fantastic for me personally and professionally for about 3 weeks I would go to the event either for one day or full weekend you can do a conference it was seminars it was full day workshops it was why I attended I spent the money anywhere from $502,000 and I send everything else right and I was gung-ho for me usually for about a week other people that I've spoken to over the years it's about three weeks is the thumb a limit I think I'm hoe
00:26:40and now it's like everything I learned is just put on the Shelf to the day-to-day work a day thing
00:26:53so what did you think of that weekend I will tell you it was fantastic I will tell you where the books are I can open up my my armoire where my books are all are stored and I can show you all of that
00:27:10you asked me what are you doing today that you learned over that weekend or that I'm going to be stopped I know this always in the back of my mind knowing the value of a mastermind I thought well
00:27:28why aren't you why aren't these events attaching a mastermind to it because they don't know how that's what that's what I learned so I said alright I want to offer Mastermind group that's attached to a live event that I had to work back or what is alive about look like the other thing I've noticed is that when they go to live again very is all about being hyped up very motivational I would have them
00:28:02what seems to work best the trainer and he has learned this is that experiential learning stays the longest and when you have accountability attached so what I came up with
00:28:17and this is the one of many to come
00:28:21and what I mean by many is it they will be International by the third year could be a little sooner but by 2020 I'll be doing them internationally where business owners come for a retreat setting that is quiet and relaxed and conducive to having some quiet time but also the time to really think about what's happening with business to work on the business to think about why you started the business why you are in the direction you're going to be presenting experts are those that who are in a ton of the very familiar with and they want access to your weekend they have their moments where they have a session maybe 90 minutes then there's a break and then there's a gathering of those in attendance to discuss amongst them
00:29:21spell discussion groups about what the presenter put out there so I want you to imagine you've just been to a seminar and you're so excited about that one little nugget you learn right it's just sticking in the mind you got it written in your notes to talk to somebody about it but who do you talk to the presenters already walked out the door right everybody's interested in helping each other so they want to hear my business be standing right there if nobody at your table is getting you an answer he's standing right there and says oh
00:30:18that's awesome your weekend and then you're automatically a membership into a virtual you declare what it was that you wanted to accomplish during that weekend and the group is there and to say how are you coming along with that wow that's your stumbling block now 60 days out and you're still talking about working towards what you had said you wanted to do your growing personally your business is growing you now connected with like-minded people locally because it is an event that you can drive to and stay the weekend and if you cry that's fine because the internet you can stay in contact with you
00:31:18your network of valuable relationships that can continue from that point forward. How to grow yourself and your business I am so excited because I understand the problem you identified as real people going to lie to you things and this light events are not cheap that why you didn't take spacing sometimes people are lying and everyone in your drink maybe a week or two the light event where you know for a little baby what was really got to believe you babe what are you doing about what you want and you see that just everything just fine and it will just be on the Shelf collecting dust
00:32:11this is this is such you truly identify the problem and provided a very very good solution and I am really excited with you I'm really excited with you so what I'm going to do is I'm going to go to the link in the show notes to the organs and I encourage encourage of everyone listening to be part of ChalleNGe Program she is grounded and she loves to help people that's what do I do I do I get this done and things like that you have people willing to help you and this is how you can really make 2017 tastic spectacular
00:33:10one of my favorite things to tell people is just stay curious if you're not naturally curious just begin asking better questions where where is that
00:33:25breakfast will isn't that interesting I wonder why it works that way wonder why it happened that way and then go find the answer you will grow like you said you cannot imagine the joy you will receive after asking what kind of questions and learning you will get that will help you and I quite agree with you Shelly thank you so very much for being part of this podcast today you have had so much value to and we are truly truly thankful thank you so much for taking time to be part of this podcast today it was my pleasure thank you so much for having me oh thank you for being part of the podcast
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