Continuing our talk with Matt Capon, in which we discuss advice for stations, working with other media outlets, PASTA and more.
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00:00:00hello and welcome back to past account the advice and discussion show for members of the national student television Association my gas for this double size Edition is my cape on previously a basket for one of the states of chicken TV today Hardware nasta is as an organization in 2016 this time will be discussing advice for stations walking with all I'm at the outlets to begin for Luke to watch the weeks and months ahead okay so Noster quite often can be seen as the end and the beginning of June TV to do list so far noches station managers come in just not really anybody is seeming a particular position in their station coming out for the year to head what's your initial advise them in terms of how to stay focused and organized list of all have a plan have a plan with what you want to shave
00:00:57trying to call Cynthia
00:01:00Highline cavendish's challenge yourself push yourself
00:01:09push yourself creatively and try to make the most of you try to make the most of your time use the right language language is important language is important it's easy to confuse language with needless terminology but that's not the case because it's important to use the right language with how you convey how you talk to people how you interact with you tame and how are you facilitate the production of contact because ultimately if you've been all that Sid's or points I spent the head of a station or if you're watching American singles looking finance a lemon or even the social secretary side of things used to identify not just who you are and what you were doing but what everyone else is doing because
00:02:06tell Michael the difference how do you find the address is a fairly common Tramp when you get your new position you've already been thinking simply for the weeks months ahead of time you better be thinking about what you going to do when you're in the position so how do you avoid the traffic trying to take on too much in one go in at you might have like I don't want to do this without you might be actually communicate and not give it to you might be constantly posting you ideas on Facebook every 10 minutes and we'll have you heard you get Griffin to think okay what can I'm legitimately achieve in the time of gaunt to do or want to do I'm looking at real estate
00:02:55Ames in expectations for what you can shakes until someone stoned the everyone's going to have a life outside of your feeding TV south side of that bass no the other things that people need today that will be jokes that they will need to do because the bill is going to be paid people got studying to do your evening to study for degree off the road apparently you've got sipping message with your expectations of your chain because they will have a life just as you should have a life doesn't mean that you're going to Live diet in the office we both been guilty of that name more so than many so yeah it's to the point where you going to stop by tonight see more people than you your traction engaged at least nicely on to you say attracting engagement
00:03:55it's perennial issue you get a lot of interest in Precious week but then those same people who have expressed interest in your stall and you're stationed there looking at the fish has failed and so on so you're going to get more people in week 1 then you going to get in week two example. That's that's what I was saying but how do you retain as many people as possible from Week 1 to week 2 from Bluetooth to be free and so on what what what do you find of the best ways of giving everybody something to do because everybody wants to take part and when they joined you Society on the same time you've got to then balance the expectations of people ready there and you want to put yourself in someone someone so it's about chuckling but I'll get you people on board and such with you don't alienate the existing members and also that you're not putting people off buying counseling from too much information on
00:04:55Gary's plate spinning plates spinning that is the odds of running a student television station to finding somebody this time you are a professional plates and I'm really sick. So you try to engage people in a way that anyone can get involved with so I tried many different ideas down the line from doing light screen tests where you literally sick a sign on the door you have a camera in the room and invite anyone to perform in front of a camera with a V to bang on Stringtown is almost like a bit of viatalk speed dating event TV you looked at the social an element of things because the sexual side of Steven TV is one of the most important accident in show that socialism in is really strong
00:05:48thanks really really strong that's red hawk because it's going to keep people coming to you if the social traction is that if it's high the concert that you might just got to really being involved people invite people to submit comes in on an on YouTube on Facebook there are really No Boundaries to what you can try will obviously say there are no boundaries within the cow say hello piece that you have to keep within the law
00:06:28just try anything to get people to failing both people need to fit involves an inspection failed up that involves the more important and crucially listened to
00:06:41they will come back you're going to get dropped off she will accept it that's why you've got to really focus on the activities that are going to draw people back wait 2 weeks 3 weeks full week 5 and 7
00:06:59I'm getting used to something ways to thinking of ways of diving it's the one that everyone that rise and that's why I'm spent on my best time to practice a golden boxed injuring Fresh's Malott people don't need Golden Ball just a really really good way of getting people involved by the by the host but he's actually been the master refuses to let go
00:07:26here's something but you perhaps doesn't get as much attention as it should and sometimes it may only get attention which respectively when you're looking back on your year or your free other whatever maybe
00:07:39let's look at two different models for station one station has courses for its programming so it's going to do a little bit of everything is going to have a news programs can have a spa the must be a drama this made is going to try and do stand-up comedy whatever it may be and on 100 this means they stopped and especially involved doing stuff and whatever maybe on the other hand it can lead to a little bit of us have production line feel sometimes and maybe if you had essays or whatever is up to Chloe kid not entirely invested in doing a news program and you may just have been dumped you know going through the motions for the 5 or 10 minutes 15 minutes to take the hunt station number to Six number to doesn't have any courses at just says every right, nobody else if you got the start of the year and then
00:08:39they just go up at making those shows of, boat from those discussions on the one hand good way of doing things that means the people always engaged in what to do in the not doing anything that they don't really feel invested in the same time cannot lie to perhaps a situation where you're not producing with the enough content to keep everybody busy perhaps yes use the one eye on you as well and says you know the local radio station there that been stuffy nose 12 hours a day the newspapers come out every week we haven't seen any new stuff in yourselves and so on so on what's your view in should you have quotas as a station if you don't have courses in how do you make sure that you're still purchasing a break and Lee was decided by the radio stations performing bass or will they show the newspaper is much more out of them tell him to go on whistle because a message stating Union is taking a nap
00:09:39Ro and understanding why you up right now you are right on the main stat you have to produce comes in a union should never look to create a Competitive Edge between you and newspaper and radio station is grossly unfair as grossly on the phone. Situation should never come about now should be qualified in terms of the continents are almost creating a solar the fact I schedule a time
00:10:12I think it's important to take the middle ground approach on this between the two models that you've discussed I think you have to look at your temple model that has to be Tempo contents that is all hands on deck that requires everyone to get involved everyone to be apart and everyone says failed that contribute submit your elections bad freshest bed varsity baseball was Munchies big graduation events whatever you will know that will be the Big Ben Stein's
00:10:52events that you need people to be supporting you in to be a part of them to contribute towards
00:11:00Swain Motors Events will be down inside that will be down time I don't think she knows he's with people to correct you find your bread-and-butter I've said it before two stations and it's something I still believe in to this guy you should have concern that you can always fall back on the can because Jay's with the minimum number of Committee Member so so you have a bad kid so you are falling out to the committee members on that you're on team members the first couple of months you need to be able to have concerned about his five people can be a part of Mike Emanuel station is always visible even when it's low on numbers it's still making contact and you can only look up and you can build up
00:11:45so why is how the bread-and-butter fullback something that you can always do bed filming a night out in you Union bed feeling amused package whatever starting something that you can put a stamp on a make your own the can always be mind that you can always fall back on
00:12:05once you've got that in place at Keystone is there you can build around it you can look at development of new shows you can look at development of Dramas you can look at development, dates but you've always got to remember that there are certain bits of consent the are luxury there a bonus they might become a staple of the time when he is striking a chord with your audience and it's getting members in and it's a trap team stressed in which case they transition and I become something you look to revisit so give yourself out flexibility the opportunity to try new things but we always have one eye on the consistency the other present comes and that you can always tends to the equal a you can always give me people an opportunity to contribute to to be a part of to produce because stop by is well you need members
00:13:05call Chase in the scale was it's what I learned how is what I learned how to sound house what like saying how to spell how to add how to turn it all in good time answering code for you to a producer Facebook Etc
00:13:27what do you stand on post-production in terms of the argument you should be getting this right first time if it's something that you doing in the street you where you've got a field gallery and directions to 121 versus that's what post production for its there to tidy bits and pieces up its Stapleton television and broadcasting options why shouldn't you use if you what was killed it you don't look to do any gardening with a scalpel just so she wouldn't look to perform Keyhole surgery with a spade
00:14:02everything has its purpose
00:14:05post production
00:14:08development in transportation integration of Motion Graphics as its purpose in making a good
00:14:19give consent energy bypass blocking
00:14:24it's a case of awareness and some case of appreciating
00:14:31production context you're going to want all the studs to something that requires lower sides you're not trying to drug losartan sweat video that has no reason to have them in there and post eat clay some things you need to be colored Rat City if you've got what balance or whatever but if you're excetera. 30 * the management of production because everyone's going to be on that game is life but you are never going to achieve what you really want to shut down today only
00:15:13as far as music on the fairest I can send what you stand on the issue of impartiality because this is something that could Betty from not just Station to Station but from use Editor to news editor
00:15:25but when I was with his music editing for gust I'd like the idea from partiality I'd like to see him all that one broadcast TV news and make sure that Meme everybody's opinion is given equal time on the presenter doesn't take an edit Total Wines in point of view and someone someone people might have a different point with you shouldn't television is not regulated in the same way as regular broadcast TV off, so it doesn't have to play by the same rules and of course if you just didn't upload a vlog on YouTube as that we can these days nobody can tell you know you can say that you can say this and what's your what's your opinion of Atlanta
00:16:04that noise you can hear in the background is of me with my axe to grind on this
00:16:11Sheridan Media streaming TV really should be able to and Sons of best practice and Sons of balance symptoms of fact-checking terms of conscientious proposing should feel able to an empowered to be able to report on something that I say is being used where they observe using the legalities of repulsing on you so instrument something doesn't creep into defamation something isn't libelous but if there is something that I should be able to report on it I'm far too many higher education institutions within which student television stations radio stations and papers exist
00:16:59one chance State lip service to student media to say that I feel that student media should still be able to hold them to account for the news common sense but on the flip side will practically smoker I'm suffocating you stories that I find to be inconvenience that I find to be misplaced or even worse that they find to really diminish their own Communications marketing agenda because they don't like the idea that are reporting on a true that they would Rob that didn't exist I think it's important it's valuable and a bubble LCT Central to the experience of student media news can be put together reported from March 8th
00:17:55the institution really should cooperate with in terms of what is trying to be a shaved and I've always always advocated this professional voice search media should be observed as being a public service broadcaster with how it operates within the other news gathering in today if it needs to be recognized importantly respect it and I don't think currently the respect it deserves
00:18:40no we mentioned before about the Student Union might be drawing comparisons with yourself on the other student media you're quite clear of the FX talking if it happens it you just want to tell him to your face that's not an issue for them unfortunately we know that shouldn't unions and unjust higher education in general these days money is an issue for them to come in every single penny on the idea that you give like a specific block grunt to society and then just leave me alone get none of it unfortunately that doesn't seem to be the the current way instead you're likely to have somebody so if you are you close to getting some material on the screen how often you can see on screen so on so on so how do you best manage your relationship with the Student Union because of course you've got the awkward
00:19:40we're quite often ask where you going to get your income from
00:19:44first thing you got to do what's the full-time stuff he will pay that off the office at the Shoppes is runs cold. I believe in office but things at the end of the day they working and they want to help more less and you got to build a relationship with them and at least try at least try to understand them try to get to know them understand the rules within which duration and understand that sometimes those relationships would be easier to build another
00:20:44what it's worth while pursuing never the last however you can take Plan of the Union this is really important because the Strategic plan will give you an insight into Student Union of the guild or whatever it wants to call itself sites in supposed to language that I used to find their own activity I like to find themselves but it will only break it down when you shift pasta diagrams I mean if the graphics. That's the way you said as a student television station what you can do to come from in the Strategic objectives of the Student Union on how you've got common ground with them and you will have coming
00:21:44you will and this should really inform your own language it should inform your antibiotics and it should give you a greater insight about why the Spear of activity you are Apostle look at the strategic planning really really break it down and understand it then Monday. The sabbatical offices were elected on how you can support them where you can benefit each other the shops will be in effect. Also for 12 months or so 2 years you can do to help you can do a lot to help me achieve the goals and Ambitions help them so wasn't sure that you've got at least some sort of understanding about what what shops are trying to tell you but individually is what is collectively reflected by the street
00:22:44on itself
00:22:46which Davidson place you really going to be much more informed about certain operational objectives about the Student Union Sun start looking at service fund Shabazz manager Find Your Entertainment manager
00:23:07don't give yourself out of it to the evening you are watching television station first and foremost you are not around acts was the most recent comments you are not what you are is a student group that is able to produce concerned that you'll shoot Union might not otherwise be able to do under their unstain why is remember that so we can start soaking to the most service Focus numbers that start with in the Student Union you should be able to come right in my way to work what you can do
00:23:47and build relationships it's already benefit you but perhaps if you do it right you play it well can benefit your successes and you can stop getting people to respect what you say it's easy when you left in the Student Union to look at shooting so just being a Transit Treatment Center they know that the defining point of the Union if you're lucky we should do it right you can come away with staff members respect and if you thought that the nuts off the coast of Japan
00:24:20that's a really good point you meet there about that just material that the S you wouldn't be able to themselves this is something which we both seen quiet over you no fears student unions suddenly fighting we're going to have a local news program my phone on YouTube. If you happen to be in a station for us you was doing that hoe best you politely knock on the door vs you and say Excuse me yes you just to remind you that we are here you've got this program that you're trying to make yourselves which the best phone in the world doesn't look very good and you know we could be did not dump site
00:25:06I know that the chief executive of a student union that uses the comparison between the BBC and I TV will not regard they say that the babies see a private some run some very different ways so I TV Supply facilitates in their own rooms and that's simply trying to create another broadcaster
00:25:30thoughts of misrepresentation of the truth
00:25:34Walt's is often the case and isn't done so true GPS names also Student Union on Stern show that asking for all day consent an agenda of the Clemson that is being so it doesn't have a great day with Jaden media and Sons of the substantial concept Decisions by might
00:26:05super releasing it's Uncommon Sense it is controlling the conception of ideas at the source rather than reacting see all day is that broadcast
00:26:19Superior tube in that regard is understandable concern for an organization any chances that the first of all look at how she didn't Union recognizes your own existence Explorer how your existence is entrenched saved by tonight of your union do you have a service level agreement between you and yourselves do you have a child that lies out your new relationship with different bodies with a new account abilities
00:27:03if you got this behind you understand English has pussy that's common sense
00:27:09I would say isn't cools to proceed contract but it is certainly course for you to take stock why have I done this first question second question is could you do it better
00:27:26I said question is why you asking to sell those two questions got in bed bath because Austin has been the best possible raisins in the best possible position do it yourself
00:27:50try to control boats for sale in the theater as being something that could be fun to look at Robin something that could have played competitive inflicting next to it I'm home do you think it is for a single stage no twerking compilation of all stations North rude nasty but a single station to have maybe one big event pair gear isn't something that you think can be harnessed in a good way to get people's infusiasm might be for simply providing coverage of your excuse you know
00:28:26Christmas do whatever it may be something like that we're just going to take advantage of all people there an event at your station yourself but it's something you can still get involved in a cup of job useful cannot sometimes like the situation but you should have pecan and it's difficult to get every you know interested again
00:28:47situation can be really beneficial as free publicity
00:28:53got the crew Covenant event
00:28:55You Got a Friend in Me by Keisha on your camera on the front so you have to have points
00:29:11popsicles the Year where are you stationed Community destroyers in my soul environment so yeah it's absolutely very big event for any summer bull the iPhones and I have some of the laws then you will always come in so you before the end of time they'll be a chocolate dies from bearable quiet in Dry set in Bryce the quiet don't be afraid of it you've had a really good time already because I'm what use my gym up the down time is unavoidable but it doesn't match the end it just right
00:29:57and supposedly flip side as far as Peaks and troughs of the Year concerned how do you avoid if you are station manager or if you had two programs with a friend maybe if you had a fabulous T something like that I would you avoid belly button yourself out during precious week because you can yeah I do you avoid just become a complete mess or zombie at the end of that week and then having that impact on week one week 2 of the calendar and then actually having a significant impact on the first time if you end up walking around you'll Union after fresh is looking like a bunch of wokas Out The Walking Dead you've done it wrong
00:30:46you've got to be measured you never going to film everything you are never going to cover everything was outside in the back of your mind anything you cover outside to be colder than never be afraid to say no there will always be people that will want you to film it and you should have been filming an hour ago there is value in saying that there are lessons to be learned in saying no mess up again look at the events that you can take the most Outsource what events can you film it will get the most amount of All Eyez on your consent
00:31:26be selfish about it
00:31:29BB some concern that the baby seal show that will make it answer Primetime on BBC One but they'll be some comes under the BBC with them that they were Sidelines on the graveyard slot on bbc2 you're going to know what's going to what you going to know it was going to be a benefit think about the songs of the summer look at the itinerary that comes together with Russia's pinpoint what's going to make the most difference for you focus on that anything else that appears between the cracks if you're able to film it if it's not the volume if it's not going to benefit you guys rest you always need to put some time in Fresh's for you
00:32:18you have to say I'm a big big testing grounds for how your thing comes together and support each other so the Beverly to spice so many because it's better than going to take when you change your own me really insulting about Fresh's of the time change to and then about the summer before you go on be confident be showed the email what you telling I'm just remember no means no
00:32:55okay so we're on the plastic house let's talk a little bit pasta
00:32:59first of all how do you see pasta as an entity these days I mean pasta is like NASA is itself it's informal group is pasta as active as it could be if not what I need to do in order to keep yourself .07 what pops an octopus was the purpose of pasta as you see it pasta and it stopped never went away
00:33:37I'm just went home and is it developed the same the put together the idea so the other models are so really did a great job and put in that she got off because it just been a part of the makeup of Master the recognition of former recognition but the alumni however will not change sadly really didn't realize it was because
00:34:13is the back row needed a lot more Skype and I don't want that to it
00:34:18because one officer which was made him bicycle couldn't Assemble
00:34:28the organization on their own
00:34:31it was a slow burn it is a slope
00:34:35the way that NASA has developed with the exact and its relationship to host
00:34:45alongside that but isn't a parts of it the concerns at the exact I was the members
00:34:55concerns in the ability on the competency to support the Illinois
00:35:03they're increasingly less compatible gear room yeah that's not a slight so I remember the exact possible present box the needs and wants of the aluminum I need to be separate from the ability of Master to be political
00:35:25Illinois should not be a political party in any way shape or form it's a supported body it's a group of Illinois has been through the process to understand the price I want to support the process of feeding television where it sits at the moment. Transitional States it's looking to develop but it's looking to develop within its on means rather than within the mains of Napster as an association test should pasta members keep the conversation going to think of something like LinkedIn is a better modem than Facebook for pasta member
00:36:09because you have to look at the different elements to the communications mix the are available
00:36:20LinkedIn is element not just for possible so I can have some very ineffective our days could be implemented in terms of recommendations for my highest stocks that members there are things that could be thumb haven't been tried before to using same in a very forward-thinking wife to recognize achievements in a very forward-thinking way. Something which should be putting together these different Communications channels giving each value but integrate synonym to the other she don't simply says happens in so many different areas a simple cooking pies cheap vacation of a message on Twitter that pays on Facebook and saw one that's lazy
00:37:15but you have to give people you have to give alumni Christopher a reason to look at sweater the office value that doesn't diminish or affect the value of the same people that sing students looking at Facebook
00:37:32what is the time and it's the subject matter that is different Illinois it is one of bison gagement and it's one of both social interaction
00:37:441 oz principle we are alumni within that wishes to be engaged by level
00:37:55but at the same time we can catch the really important thing that carries on from that stuff alone I care about what goes on
00:38:05I never the ones being on such a question within messed up the one of the alumni eyes out with that will always be the kites for free and I will swap The Weather Channel's not transition between master in Illinois Hip Hop's pay a little bit more a little bit more fines they the retirement great ready serve the servants purpose to bring people together but that is the first brick in construction that needs to take place and it should be built on HP belt on it and it should be developed the pasta isn't currently doing that the house is done in the past or never going to tell that you would really like to see Pastor to me Simon different ideas that I had when I was sitting as a lemon oil to shut the
00:38:59the there's so much to be dumb to ensure that the other day just a hideaway
00:39:05social side of things can be rain. But one isn't London soundtrack I'm not concern me a lot either my year in a bit in the post is the elements really shouldn't happen show in London I've said it before and it wasn't that really listen to say that that should be in between here and see if they Regional Offices the alumni to draw Ren and Rey fighting relevance and I think that something which needs to be explored in order to give him a representative failed to the activity of eating food
00:39:52I wish I stayed within the scope our regional conferences that's the conference's themselves a stand-alone Advanced hold somebody but US events that work together to build up and come from in the National Conference aren't ready set of purpose
00:40:14I've always believed the heat Revenge should have a focal points a subject matter that is related to National Conference Juan Regional Conference brother would focus on what categories with input from the highest I'm not that one would look at judges on a conversation to be had the Regional Conference about judging someone come from an introduction and jumping on point so I'm one windshield much already helping sisters so that's something about to say but it's one of those when I think it's time for the other night
00:41:02she be allowed to take the stabilizers off of the bike I've walked Van Sant best take it out something where do you need to have like a like an online general meeting of pasta does it need to be something that happens in conjunction with a GM of the conference each year I mean what's the best method for this to happen fourth of all the Sterling group currently in an amazing job to really put together the proposal to type c i g m to my to give it a break from Christy. I think it what needs to happen and she needs a break it down and Billy up again I think the initial proposal that was put to the ATM the introduced the official role was both positive thinking
00:42:00but it was flawed because it didn't give Jay Sports to the implications of that role in the development of the alumni
00:42:11in some ways also Nets the work that role would have to run to tight because it's not just a case of diet today whether that road dude or not so why don't you realize with any of the all of the messed-up dream vacations there and Sons of the hiring of venues when you look at everything right you just come
00:42:37so yes I think the group putting together a proposal to the ATM to State the case I'm the only one I know that there is perhaps believe the the alumni is best served working as a part of Master diver sociated with my stuff but he needs to take the stuff out of pots for messed up and stand beside it
00:43:13alongside that stand behind it
00:43:17I think Now's the Time I hope Destin can people get involved in this process right no I mean this is something like you say this will be up for discussion to be a GM which is top-notch the first weekend of April the day before then people can express their views of what it what's the best method you can give him this is something that should be a public debate across Facebook across LinkedIn is it best of the people message the Steering group with like I said a lengthy response but fix best people Festival need to feed them to process with the Sterling group because
00:43:58it's a bit hot me to say it but the final act that you want to type it as being a pub messed up will be to become a member of the alumni
00:44:08you can avoid it you can choose to recognize yourself as an alumni. What's a group of understanding is something that is pops with a machine media generally understand electrons which I'm going to start and what system is perhaps not worked as well as it could before
00:44:43it's reach this point
00:44:45look up any alternatives that there might be so what they stand group of opposing contribute the strength of the alumni comes down to the contributions that each and every one of my tools things contribute the most greatest thing you can do on if you are a member of pasta PS4. Maybe if you don't know anything about this and how do people get in touch with staying at next adult TV
00:45:24okay so to wrap up then Festival only Speedwagon the aunt Pat home I don't know if I can and it's normally have hats that you've got one people who are boat to Summa role within anasta affiliate station station manager I had a programs head of news weather is going to be what's your one golden piece of advice for the you that you are about to become one of the most painful
00:45:52Arcanine saying I'm downright ridiculous Ventures you are ever going to undertake in your life and it would be amazing
00:46:07you are going to laugh so hard
00:46:11you going to cry moments when you're on your own and you're saying like a terrific cliche
00:46:18but what you have to do above all else is always remind yourself why you doing this so many people I don't have no money so I'm too tight there all those so many people lose sight of the raisin what I say yes I want to do this
00:46:40always always revisit the reason why you doing it revisit the reason why you stole it was fun revisit the reason why you thought it was worthwhile why I mean it never try never to leave started at find Council in people who can be last listen to you to run to scream to get drunk with to binge eat with and just always touch base with the raisin you involved to begin with because that reason is the reason that will carry you through to the end of the year I will be the reason to bring you to my stuff when he sits up on you look at the opening Montage at the awards you say eustachian name you hear it right now you see your common sense. The pile focus on the pile you drink for a reason never lose sight of it
00:47:37and you mention nasty as well last weekend is coming up 90th drops running to the exact Bush advice to themselves what do you think that they should be considering just nobody finish we put in the Manifest example have best present themselves to be a part of that is deceptive because it's very easy to make believe that's a big Zac is a similar function
00:48:10being the head of a safety inspection station manager of section by itself once have I know you are working to strengthen the voice of Master she really got some look up when a star is Ben the journey is tight because you'll real underlying row remember the exact is that you are writing that chapter the story in the story has been going on a long while
00:48:46fully go on a long while I was so challenge of self try too hard to reinvent the wheel there's a lot of information that's a lot of history behind some
00:49:07previous exacts through their own choice so through circumstances which they have no impact on
00:49:17haven't really understood the night Sheriff Association that I've become a pilot off I'm not impact negatively to the car that was the last thing you need to do is to fly blind and sore raw the you're going to be responsible for where you're going to be a representative for international organization that's a huge responsibility Stampy noise you might think you are the most convincing the most amazing station manager and you probably are you suck Buffalo Wild Wings if you can't be humble you shouldn't be running to be on the master Zack on the way from the exact
00:50:17expenditure attending Noster to get the best out of it red wine
00:50:25please drink responsibly that was a historic reference please ask anyone from setting. Of time to understand what red wine means
00:50:34when you go to master
00:50:37that's the point where it makes sense
00:50:42that is the point where you realize you wanted to stand there are people just like yeah it was going to screw the problems you could come through they have sat through the edit so just as many hours as you that I have complained about the way that they are selling reacts to low light levels how things on in focus and me at your parts of a national Community the community of such Incredible Hulk Incredible passion and creativity
00:51:17you realize your place on the national cannabis and you are surrounded by people some people he will make will be friends for life they will make you cry it will be an incredible weekend and your first semester is always the master that you would judge every subsequent Steven television award ceremony from and if it's your first event that you're going and say I am V8 because stop failing of walking into the old ceremony for the first time
00:51:56nothing too much nothing can match it and it is electric in my hole enjoy it saver it really like it up because I don't make it worthwhile
00:52:11somebody is going to Noster
00:52:14they going to see you there this year I will be attending this to judge the first time in my career
00:52:22and all you will be presenting in the book The Open Class agree which alumni now judge to give the alumni unintegrated within the annual cycle of the Steven television stations available with advice in a white fly scientific ministrative on technical issues relating to stream TV you can find it on there also available to download on iTunes if you have any feedback photos you can Twitter's an ass the other night meanwhile thanks again for listening to the pasta cast

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