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00:00:01welcome to the show about artificial intelligence machine learning and data science essay. We have a sad episode of a baby a sort of sad episode
00:00:20I guess at the end of an era at the end I hope today is Jonathan is back on the podcast for this with the special episode and the reason it is special about sad and and hopeful about the future is that this will be the last podcast of this format I get the last episode of this format that we will be doing the you know something might happen in the future but this is the last one where you will have the three of us sitting around talking about the latest data science news it is an end of an era as I wear yeah I mean it is I think we've been we've been doing it this way for a long time you know I mean granted I've been on a little bit of a sabbatical but the but the but yeah this I mean it's been like two and a half years that we've been sitting around drinking beer sometimes talking about data science stories and making silly jokes so it is it
00:01:20Ben is coming to a close I think for sure but like you pointed out that the show is going on we're going to try out kind of a new format a new thing but but at the moment yeah it won't be the three of us which is probably a little sad hopefully for the listeners that sad if there's if I can hear you out there clapping and cheering anybody who's doing that I'm just know that I'm scowling at you have people who are applauding
00:01:47yeah I think like I think the big question that is probably going through all the listeners why is why right like why would you stop this incredibly successful awesome format that you have
00:01:58I don't know that anybody is really thinking bad in particular but let's pretend let's pretend that everybody like grass to at their you know their iPhone and just went so this is this is I might have his own answer but this is me this week my answer is it you know when we sort of started this podcast 2 and 1/2 years ago many many many episodes there there was basically no data science or machine learning podcasts out there and we thought there should be one and so we made one but but but we are not we are not a full-time podcasters we are not professional podcasters anyway we are we are active people working in the data space we have jobs we start companies we do all these things and then this is this thing that we do on the side and for me at least as time moved on it became harder and harder
00:02:58harder to sort of carve out a chunk of the week to record it and edit it and post it answer questions and like all this all this kind of stuff but as you can see like I think for most visitors are most listeners you know for a long time there was three of us on and then it became like two of us and then like one two one two were busy going out and doing different things so it just became it became sober time to sort of call it what it is and and release it to the world I guess yeah I mean it was it was it seems like a good thing to do to bring everybody together and talk about data science and like demystify I think some of the you know like two and a half years ago when we started this thing I think it was still be an idea of a data scientist was like the Oracle on the hill who use spreadsheets to hand down like predictions about the future and a lot of that strange like those prayers have come down I think it's a lot easier to understand what data scientist do and why
00:03:58matter if it's a lot more commonplace now and there just isn't a way you know I would just like to maybe on for a banner and say something like the mission accomplished you not in the comments about that nothing you know we had something we wanted to do I think we went out and did it and then at the point where it's more time-consuming to try and fit three people's calendars together than it is to actually record the episode maybe that's fine maybe that's a sign that everyone is just kind of wrapped up in other things and we can put a bow on it and move on to the to the next phase of nerdy podcast and the end then see what comes next I'm trying to figure out if there was a some kind of structure that would work right like if there was some kind of way that would work with are sort of schedule so maybe like solos
00:04:58like that's all episodes not going to stop but it's just it's so it's so hard and all of us are becoming increasingly busy it's just I if we if we continued in this format the episode quality would just I think I think the episode called he would drop a lot and I really I just don't want that to happen I'd rather it just not existed like some half-hearted like iPhone recording as I as I walk down the street or something yeah yeah yeah totally it so hopefully I think everybody maybe has had their fill I mean let's let's be real there are a lot of episodes to go back and listen to and most of them are still just as bad as they were the first time you heard them would be reported them so it any any sense of loss he just remember just remember how ridiculous and and frivolous the show it's been this whole time but just remind yourself of that no but I know how serious this is been a lot of fun I think the coolest thing about it has been how
00:05:53like awesome the listeners have been about by emailing us with questions and hanging out over Twitter and and all the people who came on the show and spend their time answering questions screwing around with us really helping what we wanted to do was just say like hear people doing this job and now you can all hear from them I know you can say like this is this is what it means to be have a data scientist out there in the world working on stuff so hopefully I don't know why I think that that's really cool for me and I hopefully all the listeners who are listening to this right now know that it really thank you for for being a part of this for so long this is Ben this is been really awesome so yeah I think that there's so all joking aside it this is been pretty fantastic guy that I'm in. I completely agree. I will Echo a video statement since since you can be here when we started this like I have a very specific memory of when we had 200 listeners
00:06:53like I really don't like 200 people are listening to this thing and now the number is tens and tens of thousands of people are listening to this it has been so amazing to get to record this to get to have an opinion on things that you know people are going to listen to me and Jonathan have actually been recognized on the street based on our voices which again is weird but it was cool like I like that and I hate you and this whole thing is impossible without the listeners because then I'm just recording you have no one was listening to us I just be recording into a box and it would make me look like it has been such a great experience to go out and meet people who do it and talk to the practitioners and talk to listeners and get these incredibly high quality emails from people who absolutely care about what we talked about and want us to see this new resource that they found or see this additional topic or this area to hey what about this episode
00:07:53what kind of stuff I don't know I've never really experienced anything like this and it is definitely going to be a treasured memory
00:08:01absolutely yeah and it's just been fun I mean it's been super fun to do this with you in bed and I have an opportunity just to hang out and chat with each other to be honest like it's been really cool the car about that time so so thanks to you both thanks to everybody who listen thanks to everybody who is on the show ends and while this sounds like a goodbye because in a way it is a goodbye to you know how to an Era goodbye but we will do something else I think with the partially derivative way back they might be a couple weeks it might be a month we'll see how long it takes to put the next thing together but I think it'll be really fun I think everybody will be into it and I'll still be there but but yeah to change the changing guard I'm so this is so me and Vince are going to start going to step back and not going to be out anymore Jonathan has the inkling of a thing that might be super cool and you know we and I think it'll take awhile
00:09:01I wouldn't I wouldn't unsubscribe but I also wouldn't like constantly be refreshing the phone for tap and it'll it'll happen when it happens I'm excited to see what he is but I will be you know I'll be I'll be a subscriber to partially did not a host of the show
00:09:17yeah so there it is very so how should we how should be in this this this area right now
00:09:28well depending on when you caught up with the show you the listener you may remember that early on and by that I mean like really for like a year and a half we used to drink what we did ultimately you know we we were drinking a little bit too much in the afternoon and it started to feel a little weird and so we drinking all the time when we were recorded but to throw back to the beginning Chris when it was just you and I with crappy laptop microphones in a warm beer on a Thursday afternoon I think we should we should go out of this the way we went into it I think we should take a shot what do you say alright I have prepared this one I do have a shot ready wait what it's almost as if it was a little bit less spontaneous but I made out alright cool chairs Chris tears
00:10:19alright alright here we go this is a fitting fitting and to the era you know. Thank you so much for tuning in there will be cool things happening in the future on this exact same podcast my personal thanks to all of you I know vid is would say the exact same thing huge thanks to every single one of the listeners
00:10:44see you around guys see everybody thanks for listening

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