Stock and broth are the backbone of reduced waste cooking. In the most efficient kitchens, they're made from the scraps of other recipes saved dutifully in a container in the freezer. Stock or broth can be used in so many ways to improve a wide array of dishes, but there's so much confusion surrounding the difference between the two, it's ridiculous!

This episode starts out with very proper and technical description of stock and broth from ramen kween and Hannah's former boss, Sarah Gavigan, author of "Ramen Otaku, Mastering Ramen at Home." She tells us how she makes the base for ramen at her restaurant Otaku Ramen here in Nashville and gives us some insight into which cooking vessels we should use (and not use) in order to make the best possible stock at home.

Then, in typical Pantry Raid fashion, Hannah dials it back with her lazy home cook's perspective on the subject. She answers listener questions about stock and broth, reads some very no-nonsense wisdom from old cookbooks and makes terrible jokes about corn risotto. 

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