Over past few years, and especially as a rookie entrepreneur myself, a lot of what Phani said and did have started making sense. After the exit, he took his mother to London, her maiden foreign trip. Phani tells me now in this podcast that she’s not in a shape now to travel overseas.
And his thoughts about how entrepreneurship is a self purification journey cannot be more relevant at a time when debates about a crisis of culture and integrity are at centre of India’s start ecosystem.
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00:00:00actually I would data wanted this is Gabe on in this way without being observed regarding your days and nights of the legacy of nothing to leave behind them and your Daddy did something in the new and stuff and I didn't like and like so many others spend another
00:00:17like office so that's what I thought I just wanted to give off to welcome to alliance this is apart because we live and %HESITATION you know some of getting our lives on the old lance who is like that's all %HESITATION would last longer %HESITATION %HESITATION let me just
00:00:53stop and you know I'm really excited to have %HESITATION finding someone %HESITATION you know more famous for being %HESITATION founder of red books %HESITATION on these shows the welcome twenty five five guys thank you Selena would think you and I'm looking we'll like I was telling funny menu
00:01:20and having some nice heart it leaves read to me of I think I was with me in the newspaper and I met you often sold for the left on %HESITATION annoyed with it on the line before that pay for them before and he didn't conversation with you and
00:01:40you know the headline and that stayed with me one entrepreneurship these cells beautification process I'll be honest with you back then I said which is a young data out I mean what is and the honestly I didn't think too much about it back then I became an entrepreneur
00:02:01in the two years ago I'm a newbie on Japan and and %HESITATION I can't tell you how many times I myself have portable line and %HESITATION I don't believe it's actually so let's start from the %HESITATION from from from this headline is funny what did you see that
00:02:25and what did you mean when you say entrepreneurship is a sale beautification process because it can be anything why safety review cation just thanks thanks bye guide to %HESITATION yeah so basically I mean before %HESITATION I started by this tool %HESITATION then I think you and I can
00:02:46before I started my silence of and if I knew the young man get upset with these get angry and lost my voice still a few key members they tell you of this micro management %HESITATION because you live that the right do you want to control every feature that
00:03:04every exam how does it look what should they do what to do that kind of fate that is an exact time on that later but %HESITATION they'd be made I think by then we were like maybe five years into the journey as a completely different person right down
00:03:18%HESITATION you don't get angry and things that I talk to you later things have been very different from what do and we said you let people do what they want to do this deal so I had this vision that they also will make up %HESITATION the idea is
00:03:33an exact time on that so you'd let them do that that axle transition from back to when I was I mean I I thought I was a more refined my sad %HESITATION motivations don Evans %HESITATION and accept and hence if not competition like water damage that I would
00:03:54have looked at another company I read the combined probably a manager at a central but the Rangers would not have been the same so I don't know if I would have transformed if I looked at it and the company that it is only because I had this opportunity
00:04:08and the journey of entrepreneurship bank %HESITATION I transform the bridges and in tents besides I do how will %HESITATION deep so what do we should make it happen because it's your first pole at right I mean I do you have the complete context because you are seeing a
00:04:23birds eye view from the top down exactly what looking for another company and I I would have like William the and different perspectives okay I'm to get this project done by so and so time right I would probably not take so much ownership off my team this team
00:04:41comes in will comes and goes and except on on that but here it is very very different %HESITATION so that's why I kind of I think in the flow I sent back to the statement and I strongly believe yeah of the the journey from being who we are
00:04:58like in your case you said you know angry young man the two coming more set up yet or what do what do you call it is not an easy journey like I mean it's one thing for you to protect okay mass of hung them as a whole yeah
00:05:13yeah but it's quite a struggle and I can we talk about it that will be on a minute yeah of can be close to the journey from learning point of view right what did it really de and take me through that Jenny off the yeah yeah I agree
00:05:35with you that it is a disease of aid because the sea then we start date of your probably a pretty funny is over and I and then off to one of the others off started reckless idealized act the act of being shocked and boarded a micro management on
00:05:51the mark of lady and see what we wanted to H. effects and hence I had to choose one to make the decision that you cannot change overnight because for twenty five years off your life bank and the only life that you had all your life you are used
00:06:08to a particular day made you never done sports you know ninety book %HESITATION all the under age cation is aboard do you understand the concept you putting that hard look you he does all the work for cement you personally understanding learning and then writing that exam getting good
00:06:25grades and that you can even get a job was made that you write that engines what do an exam then you'll go to the need to you can you know job all your life it is been a single person's pursuit and for the first time you know what
00:06:38it is beam and then you'll have to update get on there do you an exact time on that is completely different from anything that you've seen in your life right now and for a dime massive change to happen today it is very very difficult I a I mean
00:06:53even now I I can see that %HESITATION the desert do we are just need for you to transform from their decision to actually transforming into %HESITATION that person I have maybe eight to standard I'm like didn't deliver off at the start of a bus of maybe twenty other
00:07:09but that even now I am not pass one need to activities that are reflected and determination to do that many times I even felt like I was bleeding tool %HESITATION configuration because you say that okay micro management is not right so you let your leg buildings right %HESITATION
00:07:29your Dick my delayed with things when you let go things sometimes things fate you know that this is a free and then the the same thing it's not my many fans you feel like all I could ever wanted no this is not working I should get back to
00:07:44my commander spend already would just say guilty I don't care it's not again application they say that right soul you need dole you you cannot act to get at the same time you cannot %HESITATION my dominance of what is that fine balance getting to that so many times
00:08:02you feel this page %HESITATION you'll you'll kind of get into a depression that doesn't accept out of my down technically you have a good man does that you speak your heart to will you lose docu letter problems challenges %HESITATION I think that hands %HESITATION navigate through that %HESITATION
00:08:19and much much lido many years later on one thing that I realized %HESITATION is %HESITATION %HESITATION actually it's not a boat I did on the extremes it is not about micro management at the same time it is not the board being micro management I mean if you if
00:08:34you have a film like this %HESITATION date of the does not aboard being aggressive sometimes because is is is you'll you'll have to be aggressive on it is not about being not being aggressive right all these things either of the extremes idealize don't book writing what books is
00:08:52a balance off that a fine balance of and did you draw that line off balancing ease your art of management that is rated cops right it is not a word of the like giving a good service comes in on people say okay funny is humble and completely right
00:09:09but if I'm just a humble bank I know would be able to date is the strong decisive decisions which are required for a company that developed you know all that humility is okay find that you're seeing others might be right you're thinking that others perspective maybe I can
00:09:24accept a strong as issues you feel like you are right and the whole world is all you need will do is to run a company you need to have your eyes and ears open for about those views I need to have the conviction in a strong position maybe
00:09:36even if the water comes I'll give did you bake it follow that to a new we know we should have this that's when your do you have a differentiated thing compared to the way that we do need both of those yeah the the the humility in order to
00:09:48get it thank you like that at the same time and that will be needed to get the economic fine balance one city LA is that the line was so comfortable right then it would like for example when eleven I used to make a run as my team is
00:10:04just a positive micromanage then and then good things this evening given complain you look into what anything you you just left the team in the company they doctor the other day I went back to the demon said I would be able to I do not need this so
00:10:18that I mean the book and then they would be what is I need to lose and I didn't balance if I get the balance were wrong unit on the vehicle which is a disaster for me personally and for the company and indeed but if I get it right
00:10:31then you have to be in me that I and give me a lot of personal conflict safety boss comma I do is just what it is you which meant that I could be seeing only car chases something larger is not see anything because I want to be a
00:10:45micro manager with I want to meet is I want to be that %HESITATION active at that so Max the things that that has been banned from an eight telling like some of the companies that aided invested in demand when they have a similar kind of once you find
00:11:07this batons lawyer close to finding this balance the battle becomes about maintaining all keeping at it no matter what the words if and and I I I if I go back and the people in the judgment of late so they will be goodies there to be able to
00:11:23replace you well how do you deal with premiums are judgments video to have fallen it's sure so I gave dad %HESITATION again then I used to have these thing that %HESITATION so so one of the things that %HESITATION I kind of realized and wanted to practice is that
00:11:57of %HESITATION of you you need to get a lot of practice people onboard an end of put efforts to feed in then and impolitic to be they will when they had a they had a full name given their full last night that's when this happens in your company
00:12:19right so that was kind of money the thing that I wanted to right but for that to happen floaters ARE this to be their best nineteen you have to be the like the base he died of greatest leader who makes that happen right and hence I went and
00:12:39read the vote on these leaders I saved a good word was the greatest me dad off online a few midway is that does that and be getting the %HESITATION you naturally will come across Gandhiji and Holly tax one little can be added by the speed %HESITATION with non
00:12:57violence which is unprecedented in except I know that %HESITATION I hate aboard came I bought this will could read about him quite a CD so hated except and all that good I said what do what it takes right for me to be that person and I I didn't
00:13:12I would not die you can be that person like some of those things that I didn't I didn't try to log because that is what benefits my company my demon everybody out there and then I did I did need to read the board other great business leaders like
00:13:29%HESITATION Mr backed off and %HESITATION should be ID is one of my favorites I don't have anyone to minutes at that on that %HESITATION all of them right %HESITATION and that they'd like to do such a great deed and I mean no not no flies Indians can say
00:13:49anything against him right but still he was shot dead by the same Indians and somebody had to he didn't so much that he went in shop with it said that the the same thing that the and handling good city scenes the greatest leader off on the humanity I
00:14:06see nine except like several wives is getting set up on that and then of the day he was shocked right soul the hatred the criticism that you're talking about right is a small very small compared to the hatred criticism these because we did have gotten that everybody's been
00:14:21criticized your ticket should be on a unique Mr not a bluebird so from did I mean I have a lot of conflict that you ended you would also be great does everybody would be excited to parts of the bottom part of this thing this life that of that
00:14:37the US %HESITATION taking it for right and there's no tenderness from it wondering if he's okay don't know any company just be at home and do some job and do something right did also kinda stupid even if you don't do any work like you do okay what office
00:14:52you'd be criticized that'd be teams %HESITATION would like and then get the man who doesn't like you would say something you say I don't do any work at the citadel even at my family members is say something something and that is it so in this way and that
00:15:05is what is keeping them and once we make those with it whether you are the greatest of the leaders of this use you let that criticism you acceptor do them but he said he did not put to but it doesn't hurt to then it is fine and I
00:15:18I did you change your perspective to it then give the company were you with having act and you live with it in a day to remember is a it one hundred and that is it always giving our friend yeah the lady that booked I I didn't think it
00:15:37that way like all of us find our own explanations of escaping from that are developing a scheme like this they but it's a very good way of doing it like you said you know nice up one of the other things I remember funny is the man we met
00:15:54in that famous into %HESITATION we discussed with enough I think it was after that %HESITATION and do another line that stayed with me is %HESITATION when I asked you I also to be critical piece on why you shorten yeah good evening and but I was very humble you
00:16:20know in that has been %HESITATION I started believing in the on the city gave it's what you said %HESITATION you paid but getting older and how would you do one state to read to them and they're still alive multiple people and I like it with the simplistic on
00:16:37%HESITATION nothing including make up %HESITATION think of many middle class on so the fight me and many honest on set again it took me awhile to delay the by Matt this so let's talk about that let's talk about what happens when we've been through happened to you and
00:17:03what did it mean to you what does it mean yeah I have a one ounce it is it means freedom to me like you can %HESITATION do %HESITATION what you want to do %HESITATION bank I need also comes with that other thing like for example %HESITATION you feel
00:17:23if I mean there's no angel how much when do you need %HESITATION right I mean you could say %HESITATION you have one guy you can say I want my city then you would send me back then you would say something that is then and %HESITATION billion and then
00:17:38there is no input if you are somebody there's always somebody and if you if you're walking in that pursuit break this rule Amy I am that there is no freedom off having read because you are as good as odd as bad as of is going to look good
00:17:55%HESITATION high school on was look every day to like feeding sat back up and is no savings for him %HESITATION right so there's no difference look on on the nineteen ninety nine %HESITATION as best that pursuit so thankfully I don't have that pursuit put me in my life
00:18:14died from the lady boss the soul is so bad that gives me a lot of freedom %HESITATION off whatever you want to do because your families to get off that education is they could get off %HESITATION except I know that in the same time all the money that
00:18:29they meet on so he's putting kind of paid fines and accept and on that and not many adventures with except I am coming back to the beta ends and except this is actually when we were doing on the project we were in shock on past tool of I.
00:18:45frames and other dozens and accepted their outdated ins would look at it %HESITATION that idea because %HESITATION on was like seven eight days I mean almost inviting one billion as of looking we really didn't look at it and doing a lot of time like going to produce good
00:19:00art in cash they could not send secondly in excess of those woman and I'd we later and said these were also highly like twenty five dollars a month diabetic sometime on this something that you need and want to get my degree to get %HESITATION motorbike database that that
00:19:14was what we were taking exception so for them in their mind there was this thing on a or I mean nothing is that and what does this and accept so that way okay one to my house in the seven day would be a comfortable lead okay he's also
00:19:30St I need some basic minimum confirmed that you wanted the dealer in the banks that item and %HESITATION like give them a call after the driver or I need for my mom %HESITATION actually I could do the land and have full list to examine all the fights and
00:19:47she's blonde that owned the independent it's like %HESITATION basically we had a little too late %HESITATION but so she's my daughter of the still find Hennessey's grow with his old British thing an exact time on it and going to them and let's begin nectarines actually she's never seen
00:20:04any country I'll say yeah soul going there now actually I wanted to go to the bank because that's another thing Intel and not on our people to the right every day %HESITATION but he's still looking except that I want to get a cut and does she was also
00:20:17interested actually %HESITATION years ago when we wanted to pull %HESITATION the because of something and sometimes entitled we had to postpone this yet I want to be cut but she's not this is a hobby my like these needs an acceptable supports I've got I think so said I
00:20:35don't think he's much more sad if I could go down even if they could do that right so now I see we've figuring out how to what do I mean it's not impossible we can figure out some complex and will delay but %HESITATION things like that data made
00:20:48out of the dead it would if I had like ten times more than I've had could not have gotten some of the streets yeah glad to know that he was staying with that on so even now it's almost like funny later I used to meet you when you
00:21:05went on to open and I have been meeting you even if you are not an option it's like you were cool and live a bad little life in a battle of words somewhere and you come back and you're leaving another one you know if I would've taken outside
00:21:20its view what are you really doing like give me like this it wasn't you would have definitely teens even like like that under much you like some space mission but you bowl you're going back let me come back and %HESITATION you can make it out to the you
00:21:44come back and then you live a life so in what way is what do you what living now %HESITATION is yeah I actually I I think that the need is different for different people demeanor and there is no right or wrong not see I mean you can continue
00:22:02we see that on the %HESITATION and the like some of my friends say that okay and you should be out on getting %HESITATION and I'm seeing the meeting in them and some of them actually told me that %HESITATION in the fullest ideational conversation young based in our resources
00:22:19learning an exact time now if we don't put that to use then it's only based act that way I feel that okay this is a duty to roll back and do something and it's a track on that %HESITATION break down actually I do it myself and dignify UP
00:22:36I knew it was a four speed actually when I just left red bus %HESITATION I was maybe like so many ideas keep coming in and you're in the morning %HESITATION so I had to be only force this regard to myself in the first leg to end months of
00:22:52that act which made him saying that I'd forced my eyes in the debate now it's about four four and a half years and catch up now I think I got so used to this thing that god will preserve the getting back into that day %HESITATION yeah by data
00:23:07coming due and who do I have a different than on the G. off %HESITATION they say that I mean I used to things like minute compared my sense I I'd be a good good %HESITATION kind to State Bank %HESITATION distinction that doesn't honor %HESITATION still minute compared myself
00:23:23with my school friends some of them who used to like in conversations like all of us have different perspective of life so some of my friends had perspectives a need but I want anyone in the band wiped out is dying in battle do you want me to do
00:23:36the choices access on is done then added and David families get from business so they would say business and they do and they had some shops and except I'm on that %HESITATION that he's making money what I got going on the attack on them and they didn't have
00:23:49the the mission and the conviction unification so then instead of an accident and I a coming from the job I mean families and all that perceived but even if I didn't start trade by seventy minutes looking at Texas Instruments my life compared to the life is very many
00:24:08different %HESITATION night and %HESITATION the silly to many different and not the disease even more different right so I feel entrepreneurship led to the company and all that is very similar to starting then right when you are starting and get good grades and then your life goes into
00:24:26the next office it's a lot of hard work like actually I have an opening hi welcome my other friends would like there's going to lease and enjoying an exact time but that's hard to look of education was there only for those few days are few minds and it's
00:24:42set up then they had but all once you get through it and get to the next are made for many US you kind of you know the foods affect that they had a big kind of front loaded the enjoyment and then they were on the principles of any
00:24:56like let me see you available and that set off a start date and let's do it right in the first three four months four of them Sandel is difficult and not continually disease that if you can is you don't know that it is willing what are you doing
00:25:11you're wasting time you're not even pulling this tiny and maybe that got to get it sent because often if you guys want to go back and articulate except if you can lady does anybody different and %HESITATION you if you've gone trade going to movies and having fun do
00:25:27I would love that it's an except I did the same thing would happen now we've been through that difficult beat and often that many yourself like now I don't have to go to work make it and some of my friends who dropped on the floor of the Senate
00:25:42made to they have to go to work every day this normal choice of thinking this we are that we are all in the same what's happening we keep meeting etcetera they have to go to work every day so you for me that's exactly is the school of education
00:25:56and that and I think that on that that that can affect the state stays in my mind one of the entrepreneurial questions funny is and I think it's a life question as well when do you normal it's time to quit now V. we were discussing this whole entrepreneurial
00:26:14optimism I'd like to believe in an idea even if the word says okayed it sucks you you keep active and you're doing it right all on the other hand we see a lot of started to become so going don't be stopped and a you know the exist for
00:26:29a long time normal I'll come in by all coming to me they would be within ten the whole what are your key lessons on this product like Wen holding nor I should do something else yet so if you look at it tentatively for hi of case studies have
00:26:50except on on that date I mean %HESITATION this goal right on Sunday because see I have a friend of mine %HESITATION and excluded from it by saying I mean often including is gone and gotten those on the state on the whole file has left ninety four Sudeten except
00:27:06on on that and now it is done around and do a fantastic thing so looking at this case study we can say that wool entrepreneur you never give up you continue it right on he is %HESITATION Saddam was maybe motivated to make it big and make a lock
00:27:25mode with a lot of event out of it except for them it was this case stayed seven be different images and you wanna fund investors we did that would have been at the two billion dollar company eight is probably a two billion dollar company so bad that the
00:27:39studies okay their normal incentive to continue then and be much more about it and that I didn't believe his studies where the company is there if they don't take that opportunity company like Yahoo right and they they don't think that opportunity that I knew deteriorates and accept so
00:27:53there so there is North Dakota right downside to it %HESITATION then it comes back to the %HESITATION on purpose to make sure I do the same thing as too old when you think it's the right time to stock right now how much good which is needed for you
00:28:08to start many people have this idea and it I needing anything but some of them just getting to just get up outdated stopping that is you get a conviction except so likewise I think given that that is located because right now so I think %HESITATION we can get
00:28:22that conviction will probably be okay okay fine home today %HESITATION you should just take that back and any of the I think eighty percent of our decisions are based on conviction through this to any up on purpose it so easy to me like that and you should not
00:28:36be great often because you've taken it badly having that identity none of that is knowing that it read any decision that today it is the whole listed that they said I'd rather than that and is an exam by that because a lot of drama in a in a
00:28:50in a situation where the line do anything that might be my I'm not sure if you're inclined towards one billion inclined towards as a percent of the bill be mentally such on the topic like for example %HESITATION right I mean if somebody is inclined towards the end is
00:29:10that I need to make more money and make a large company and accept and all that in his journey actually it did they would gather insights into such a horrible game in the how does a company Google and marketing so track on that so the the conviction that
00:29:27we become part of the economics made the if somebody is that an armed then okay let this opportunity go and let me take the next opportunity recently added one article the myth we search by professor of business and %HESITATION V. invasion on factors that if you already do
00:29:44don't mind then you are a good five being locked up then he says that if you're not there to mind your good fight on because because then he makes the case then that'll be the biggest all sectors and that's how it related to in the next bill unicorns
00:30:02the biggest successes of start ups in India the unicorns almost all of them have been would right willow was a duty cab I could get done %HESITATION you date %HESITATION those Amanda or something and it's your basic %HESITATION anybody in will be was zero phone call it was
00:30:19heading home yeah I think everybody will was very different expanded was decided except that it sold in this state the water they would they would not be in the country so that is where I mean that is going to be the case saying that entrepreneurs will and when
00:30:36I think of my glutes the ports as the the this the changes are the ones with the mega success read the what we say is the mind single minded focus guys make make it on that so this of all different kinds of data you you'll have something in
00:30:56mind you'd buy tickets to it's almost like a religion you can become caught so many choices yeah yeah I I think you know would like this %HESITATION base feeding them to give us some good chance of success he's staying true to ourselves right we realize that it is
00:31:20not on the others who aren't open on on the passive that I am not a nine I did of the public eye in on that %HESITATION doesn't have it is none of these things which is determining the success of a start the water does determine the sexes Dr
00:31:33being true to yourself naturally you may be a address to a degree that I know what it's like going to things like that actually I need be something at stake if I tried to be like you because I saw the such people being Texas what is shorter disaster
00:31:48because I'm not being my said that I'm on this trying to figure out okay how does a person like that reacted situation and by that I would do that in this situation what so I think just be yourself right when we have doctor as a successful companies we
00:32:02have other family large enterprises in India which have very different believes and also successfully so of so I think %HESITATION of being an entrepreneur is one provision Jenny needs and logged off that aids lot of strain to rule against all odds %HESITATION everyday a wreck and tax cut
00:32:25it's good when he come to you when you're then you would want to live I need all the strength and confidence and cut it you cannot %HESITATION navigate this journey of one computer chip demand out right review did it is a problem in GP you feel like it
00:32:43is collapsing but still you have to go back to work the next day as excited as you are the biggest effects admin dies down the company does so that comes only when you have this problem team as to why you're doing what you're doing and the or and
00:32:59you're doing it like you are on is true to yourself you may be wrong data decisions you think maybe at all completely drama but the truth do you veteran you you'll find a doctor with that %HESITATION %HESITATION genetically they continued this is needed for that courage and confidence
00:33:18to come the other point I keep going back to is %HESITATION again from the moving to its seven I think all I'm going back it's it's not coming to your point about staying room to yourself %HESITATION you had mentioned %HESITATION how you looked up to people like %HESITATION
00:33:41is the plan G. when it comes to ethics and integrity and you said you had heard stories about how you know he would hold up corruption is a stand in connection and things like that I'd want what key learnings on that front funny you know this whole thing
00:33:56about %HESITATION staying honest %HESITATION the value the indignity %HESITATION because and I'm asking that question because entrepreneurship is like a rocket ship speed is the sense of everybody's looking for help come from investors to shareholders to even found out and sometimes a you can be blinded %HESITATION you
00:34:20know and and and they had a reason would you might compromise know what is the value of values see like do what they said early that item and being true to yourself and being there towards is the value of a values right want land use you to sell
00:34:40yours ed this defect but the value of the land uses Wonderland you choose your state to which it gives a lot of strength and courage to big fall into big decisions to be acted right but it is different the different people may choose different factors knowingly also lack
00:35:00of the lake for example okay the one fourteen eight and and actually when I started this doing it right I mean %HESITATION I didn't know whether you should buy you'll not giving bribes and being kind of ethical debate unified except right well I'll be sure ainda because actually
00:35:21some of the things stored business when the police ruled you should be strong you should make it happen and then they wanted me to all of this one little politics and its and its allies bachelors even more so my friends used to point me to this big of
00:35:36politicians saying see we are respected me is being successful made on this thing that good for the country egg but because he stole the right if he is not sure then honest and on what you have done any of these nothing so this is also like that because
00:35:51you are running an enterprise and all you'll have you mean good but be sure to the end of the those things right and then they give me examples of %HESITATION businessmen on so we'll do that and accept wrestle I was an addendum should choose that or should I
00:36:06choose the directed back market and what what I would do is those would that become like banks I should be to do it because as long as soon values are different from law lot of difference with it is legal under nobody can get in there doing illegal stuff
00:36:22and you currently the new order criminal then that is a very different but we didn't even say what the values are what you choose you can say I've been valued this I've been marked right at this and accept it and some of those things so does you can
00:36:37choose anything and be a don't do it also find me fortunately when I was in the dyna I had a great %HESITATION mental %HESITATION who will be with Brady and I'd also like it was the only leader is wanted by new and makes the pro the northern Kenya
00:36:54and the for the love with role created on this he does it would remain after we've got that %HESITATION to see that the project is that an acceptable and we see that the Hebrew such a large company based on those values we get the hope and confidence that
00:37:11it is possible to debate with those things and that led us to walk that box I knew what they bought actually it naturally melodies and remain the letter of the spending something you get these invoices so you go to a doctor and utility of what sold we got
00:37:28this %HESITATION ID RD reducing the noise we kill when was how it was made on the number you will need to crack but we do know which finally put an acceptable to something like that then they said okay these %HESITATION service tax rate we lock a little and
00:37:43it is a cross this the next day so we talked to some six lack would be fine right and six like was a little lemon %HESITATION existence however one month will elicit what price expect so that is alarming that does so we sent how can we be the
00:37:59fine but the thing is this not that %HESITATION is they don't deal with it at this at eight o'clock because %HESITATION but I I'm six LACC find big red to Lee said we don't have the option of that because we chose in that does the going to the
00:38:12one month units here to check on the company for this reason it's okay that night I mean for being dishonest like for example when we sorted by us we didn't have any heart disease the we were the country's largest bus ticketing company we didn't have many RBCs because
00:38:28somebody sees you had to go through many different constable good too big is very different because that advises without a bus I've been on this is that it's it started because regional transport comes in contact with the bombing muscle should issue that directory deal I mean the only
00:38:45coming apart with us but we they demanded that we said we even if we had art so what will happen if you don't ninety sees the may not be done not just busting a company need so even if you are the second largest busted in company in India
00:39:01but the VM doing it honestly and accept it gives as much what happened is done being kept I just posted a company but look at it in retrospect that item and now I practicing it there's never a bad we were the second largest listing companies we all as
00:39:17being the lightest plastic up so the that only feel as I do want to phase them walk through them %HESITATION I think they even make leaflet like BMG actually I heard that you want to die constant back no I should let me he was a keynote speaker a
00:39:35next keynote speaker he narrated wanting me to reinforce my he said he opened one on factory in one of the states that in five minutes from now kind of %HESITATION %HESITATION yeah this society %HESITATION those goal I think hi nationwide on electric supply did angle for a factor
00:39:55you need electricity so he went and applied to call me and the people they wanted but I sold the ministers of will and I know that they were not %HESITATION giving him the end to ski I believe they get it right supreme G. is I mean for him
00:40:09double investment in their factor with will waste if it doesn't have electricity right and all these got taxes and all that is very this thing from a public company perspective right of so and he said he did of writing he said he would not private volumes I meant
00:40:24I heard it from us this month he even said that it did he's Randall factors what eighteen months on generators in eighteen months later actually their government fell in the new government given the new chief minister give electricity to that please and he waited on that but he
00:40:42said the advantage of the act is often that nobody comes to our factory Emma thank you just have to put effort for that eighteen months and nobody at a cost was when he sees that easy here is a man who's done it live that and he's dating you
00:41:00I have no problem you wouldn't %HESITATION and the other big advantage of that is %HESITATION so that as we discuss we need great talent debating these great enterprises vault hide a person who was a great guy awestruck at the best of the colleges has dynamic is not afraid
00:41:22of any de ID could live on his own he's not greeting for somebody to give them a job that kind of a percent a imagine that kind of a person now like any compromise but eighty two endings if your company is safety minimize John colonel hundred jacket Jody
00:41:37make Anya Hama money government glee %HESITATION the back I need to tell you he's not afraid of anything he's going to get that balance right you'd be inspired to join companies which I had to go to let me telling that not only did not apply to such a
00:41:55person if you're rich audio technically towards the head a little early that's a company that thank god you have to be this this choice we is yeah looks amazing you talk about claims you because like I might have tracked the chemo and nearly twenty as well and and
00:42:17and I think the season as to the value of having the night of the older models is full groups I mean absolutely and I always tell people about what the old man see that and then you know helping James met once and we mentioned that final thing I
00:42:34want to understand from you funny of a lot of times people think of entrepreneurship and everything we do like okayed needs cap relief needs that and bought into the zero nine and if it is almost like you have a limited time %HESITATION you don't know how many how
00:42:53many would like this and you have to spend it judiciously this family %HESITATION that it's a company or whatever it is so what do you think of the %HESITATION and because the menu meeting took the decision of I don't want to do anything for five years all the
00:43:14time you took a decision what to rule did this value of nine or what to think of of ana what made you what an entrepreneur and you had family you like Maddie what a rule did did that really I'm I'm not sure if I'm making sense when I'm
00:43:31trying to understand your the way you look at nine yeah I actually %HESITATION I am unfortunately not one of those who why you guys got it see I want to be back by data in the background so I missed a lot of time in things like that but
00:43:47%HESITATION I did the perspective %HESITATION of that is the look like bands like for example a train us use your allergies then and it just I had everything to my said saying why I kinda give as much tied to the family as anybody as because %HESITATION I have
00:44:05food love the ratios and this company to run which is a lot of growing to be that every man and I'm not expediency C. E. O. %HESITATION the I have to learn on the job right and his date small down in there and fight over the age of
00:44:20big fat **** and I would add this mindset that I used to give that to be sent to my life except that on that and she was also looking but the big three allies they should have been off to the sort of the Cup so that company and
00:44:34I just had kids might get one of the the gets an idea is she's just Bonnie and %HESITATION so I had nothing to do but still %HESITATION I could not spend time in the leg good are going to play the lead the stories just listen to what the
00:44:53savings is usually doesn't make sense but you have to be with them except I I was not doing I still but I can open up something to read some article adopted his guide dog to that guy do something by your own sense right sold that and that's when
00:45:13I get in a I mean idealize download Sunday was my mentor told me event medic automatic he told me that I got connected he said C. R. T. now on your life and it was a little different in my case because I grew up in hospice and accepting
00:45:27he said until all your life thank you never lived with another person under the same roof right now you are going to start their journey so it is very different from what it is I'm like on your life in now soul make that be conscious of that and
00:45:44make time for high ratings that is what he's doing and I think it is very similar when I had kids we have to know I never had kids and so you don't call it you wouldn't know it only if you could do that life right D. you'll become
00:45:57conscious of it and they don't mind a poem that efforts eighty okay I'll be at a particular time they can because they're different thing and then you force yourself into it back my kids go to school in aid and come back and forth so far after four PM
00:46:12I'd want to do anything like just stay with them and take them all treatable to them and be with them except I don't act of I think that is what it was dragon nice look like bands and if I get back to entrepreneurship again %HESITATION I think I
00:46:26would strongly had this as one of the things to do as a value in our company that %HESITATION it doesn't come naturally to anyone of us we need to force ourselves to get into it %HESITATION do I was completely free I had known what to do I still
00:46:42was not giving die for my family because it's not the function of died is a function of mine said %HESITATION data made it is it is that it is a function of strangers you are a stranger to that having kids in that family and before you realize that
00:46:58fees will cost you and then you would not have been that one face and it's not like by spending time from four PM that day I had to make a big sacrifice on my other ways %HESITATION life a David and you love this week I just make due
00:47:13with drop so many unnecessary things in your private eyes that %HESITATION so I added that is the work that is the part of the dynamic that in general I can waste a lot of I would buy management it would be if you should see on on these the
00:47:31product do down on that I'm not very good hi find anything funny and it does look on with this and it's like a tiny little financing at one of what what do you like to be your legacy and don't get me wrong I'm I'm what I need is
00:47:53if one of us out here by a truck legal %HESITATION what would you like people to remember for I mean because I have a whole lot of people like me somewhere there thinking off %HESITATION this you know some people talk about it some people don't but if we
00:48:13are if anyone is thinking about a few hundred of the fifty or whatever I don't know what is that %HESITATION I don't have anything let it actually I would want to just escape on this one without being observed regarding your days and nights of the legacy %HESITATION nothing
00:48:32to you be I mean you're there you did something in the new and stuff and I didn't like and like so many others find another like office so that's what I thought I just wanted to give our anybody visiting me off but I'm I I like I might
00:48:54believe in it thank you funny I mean stay this way and %HESITATION inside find the new meanings and everything you're doing thank you thank you bye guys thank you so much

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