WCBS 880 news anchors Wayne Cabot and Paul Murnane give the latest on the surrender New York congressman Chris Collins surrender to the FBI this morning, caps on Uber/Lyft, and Twitter's decision not to ban Alex Jones.

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00:00:00going down right now in the ring the bell on Wall Street not a lot of steam to drive the market higher the the bell rings for another trading day nine thirty breaking news western New York congressman Chris Collins been arrested indicted on charges connected to securities fraud today's
00:00:20the day the city council is expected to vote on caps on the number of uber and lift vehicles among other things stocks to watch today include Tesla after you on must suggested that he would take the car company private sisters in law going to tell us how they
00:00:33got a family recipe in the whole foods that's at our morning show at nine forty five ESPN is showcasing bizarre sports today like chess boxing and the corn hole as we head into the nineties muggy maybe some big storms around later on this Wednesday the eighth of August
00:00:50good morning I Palmer Dane and I weigh cabinet to opening bell reported WCBS at nine thirty one starting with some slightly lower numbers the Dow is down three the SP is down one nasdaq is down for Shanghai fell more than one percent it was a mixed day overall
00:01:04for the Asian markets in late day action is mixed across Europe right now when you see western New York congressman Chris Collins and his son have been arrested the congressman surrendering to the FBI this morning arrested men died on federal insider trading charges is that to do with
00:01:24a company called innate immunotherapy Dicks whose board he was on with his son and the accusations are they were trading on inside information this Congress happens to have been battle trunks earliest congressional backer this is the twenty seventh district in western New York developing story will be hearing
00:01:41from the US attorney in Manhattan on this a little bit later on today so you want to stay with us here W. CBS's we follow this developing story we're also watching city hall today in the council is taxi drivers have been pushing for limits on rivals over and
00:01:54lifted they may get it looks like the city may be moving ahead on this W. CBS reporter Marla diamond this morning when a cap was proposed three years ago there were twenty five thousand members and lips on New York City streets today there are eighty thousand David fire
00:02:08represents the yellow cab industry there's only a certain number of rides and you keep getting hard to keep dividing those rights up into ever smaller numbers and that's why the drives and complaining the cap would establish a minimum wage for drivers and impose tougher regulations on left and
00:02:23over Campbell Matthews with Huber says their drivers take home sixteen dollars an hour many are minorities serving minority communities with limited access to public transportation we believe everyone should be able to earn a living wage what we're really focused on is making sure that it works for everyone
00:02:40and when you look at this package of bills it's really gonna hurt far more people than is actually going to help at city hall Marla diamond WCBS newsradio eight eighty you know some people didn't believe the line must when he said he was taking tests the private at
00:02:53four twenty share it came in a tweet with a smiley face emoji and people wondered if he was breaking them about four twenty a share for twenty being a common pot reference anyone must known to have some fun on Twitter well our car correspondent Jeff Gilbert says you're
00:03:08living high was the price analysts say could cost fifty billion dollars to take Tesla private auto traders bishop Krebs says Tesla in CEO Ilan must have been feeling a lot of heat he's taken some criticism of late and he has been used to that it's been great you
00:03:25know until recently pretty much rave reviews boss as a private Tesla would not be subject to the wild swings of Wall Street and could operate free from distractions Jeff Gilbert for CBS news Detroit we're seeing CNBC reporting this morning that they have a statement from some members not
00:03:41all of them on the Tesla board saying that Ilan must open to discussion of with the board about taking the company private last week this included discussion as to how being private could better serve Tesla's long term interest in the board at least some members in this statement
00:03:55to CNBC say they have met several times over the last week to talk about whether they might move ahead on this Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey's defending their decision not to ban Alex Jones an info wars the Twitter CEO saying that Twitter didn't suspend Alex Jones or info wars
00:04:11because he hasn't violated the rules of Twitter or she says he wanted Twitter to avoid taking one off actions to make them feel good in the short term he made those remarks after several other tech companies took out Jones content providing what they call hate speech policies got
00:04:25about as ugly as you could imagine of the Paul mana for trial CBS's Paula read watched as defense attorney Kevin dolling attacked the credibility of the government's star witness Rick gates who worked with mana Ford on the trump campaign downing peppered gates with questions about what the defense
00:04:40dubbed the Secret Life of Rick gates gates admitted to having an apartment in London to facilitate an extramarital affair but denied that he used funds embezzled from metaphor for the trip he also acknowledge he may have submitted personal expenses to president trump's inaugural committee for reimbursement it's possible
00:04:59gates conceded gates faces more bruising cross examination today in federal court in Alexandria Virginia manifold is accused of overseeing an elaborate offshore tax evasion and bank scheme in gates offered a first hand account of its workings metaphors lawyers as the government's star witness is told so many lies
00:05:16that he can't even remember them all college rankings are in Princeton review puts them up every year hundred thirty eight thousand college students are weighing in top spot for beautiful campuses Buck Mel for most LGBT friendly as Emerson advice to the college bound biggest mistake between students and
00:05:37parents make a difference for you is crossing expensive school off of there was a consideration Vanderbilt University number one about financially list sixty six thousand dollars on sticker but they're giving out nearly forty nine thousand dollars bring that cost and about eighteen thousand dollars that's lower than what
00:05:52students can expect to pay from public college university Justin Bob training there editor in chief of Princeton review a Fairfield and Quinnipiac university's around here make a list for happy students at for cap is beauty for best food UMass Amherst is is this a raking the toes with
00:06:08the best party school those items yeah there's all that and some colleges upstate in the SUNY system are listed under the category it's just a question best food that's that's a bit or no I'm sorry is it food that's one of the things they asked in the Princeton
00:06:21review this year looking at the test the stock at three hundred eighty dollars a share this morning that is ahead about eight and a half percent overall the Dow is down seventeen points right now at nine forty on the W. CVS opening bell report here's a dream job
00:06:35if you don't mind close it smell smoky looking for a cheap grilling officer it's temporary job but you get to spend two weeks traveling around the U. S. eating barbecue grilling chief and a gas will get a ten thousand dollar stipend bus prepaid travel and lodging growing officer's
00:06:54job with the study grilling techniques that look for dishes to publish on the company's website that is reporter Diane king hall I'm Steven Greenberg talking about your next job big data it sounds like something you might buy it cosco you could not of course but big data which
00:07:09is essentially just extremely large amounts of information is something cosco and many other companies are looking at to more effectively run their businesses except that big data requires skilled people who know how to analyze it and that's a growing problem for employers an opportunity for people who want
00:07:25to choose a career that will be in strong demand an overwhelming majority of companies say the toughest jobs to fill are the ones requiring data analysis skills the positions are not just for computer programmers workers are needed to can analyze data in accounting and finance in human resources
00:07:42and business administration the number of statistician jobs will jump by over thirty three percent in the coming years demand for analysts in operations and marketing will jump over eighteen percent that may be enough data to conclude that these are career is worth pursuing with your next job I'm
00:07:59Steven Greenberg for WCBS newsradio eight eighty atmosphere flash briefing rescue smart speaker in fact demand your smarts bigger play WCBS eight eighty nine forty two businesses sports and WCBS sponsored by delta dental of New Jersey and Connecticut and here's Brad football corn hole Dodge ball ping pong darts
00:08:18an ultimate frisbee these are just some of the sports so should I say events ESPN is televising today on ESPN two calling the network the Ocho since its August eighth the full twenty four hours of programming that starts and ends with the movie dodgeball this afternoon guide you
00:08:34can see lawn mower racing and chess boxing just boxing by the ways to people competing in alternating rounds of speed chess and boxing the match ends with a check mate with a knock out in the ring if neither one happens the winner is the fighter with the most
00:08:48points boxing in that everybody drinks a beer and yells at the kids there you go others also caught stacking to which I think the three of us could do probably more than any other event on that list for today meanwhile took the WNBA's Las Vegas ace is more
00:09:02than twenty five hours to get to Washington DC last week flight delays cancellations the team arrived just a few hours before their schedule game against the mystics on Friday after a chat with the union the players decided to cancel the game and yesterday the league issue the aces
00:09:17all forfeit a makeup game wasn't possible because the season ends on August nineteenth the mystics had to refund fans what tickets to that game as a good gesture the team is offering tickets to another game sports first at twelve and forty two on bread Heller didn't explain was
00:09:33record holders we all we all know that came I don't know the WCBS opening bell wrist port this morning would get your morning Joe from Joe Connelly sisters in law Melissa Regan Vitelli and Laura Vitelli co founded jarred goods from a hole made family recipe Laura's father had
00:09:54a restaurant in New Jersey where people would line up around the block for his tomato based sauces and they used her dad's recipe to bring classic red vodka pesto and other sauces to market stores like whole foods and they told me that they saw an opening for a
00:10:12new small business in the tone of the marketing of the big food companies whose sales are declining you saw they big consumer product companies within talking down to people yeah there's a real brand centricity there it's about maximizing profits and that all leads to really dreary brands that
00:10:34don't deliver good product so on the flip side of the coin we are conversely consumer centric so we're delivering stop that's a good quality of that doesn't deliver that message of it's about us it's about our consumers a bigger one big break when Melissa put in an application
00:10:50to attend the troll Bonnie family food incubator for startups and they were accepted they got to spend a week a month for several months at a troll Bonnie facility learning the industry and founder Hamdi troll money himself spent time with them teaching them about business and food they
00:11:09say he taught them a lot about technology to and told him that new tech is super powerful for a start up and they could use apps to get on to people's gross we list and use digital couponing which turned out to be really important to them once the
00:11:24business started to grow they both left jobs in Manhattan to work on the business full time Melissa and Laura started with a hundred fifty dollars and turned pop Vitalis tomato sauce into a jar goods now available in whole foods and other stores see them tell how they did
00:11:44it at WCBS eight eighty dot com slash spotlight I'm Joe Connelly for Bloomberg and WCBS newsradio eight eighty let's take a turn on to penny lane showing photos at St James Gordon's carpool karaoke with Sir Paul didn't catch that it's certainly worth the watch although you might want
00:12:04to wait because we're going to expand that carpool karaoke into a primetime special on CBS because there is so much they had to cut out for example the concert that Paul McCartney did in that pub in Liverpool for the rest of the stage popped open and there were
00:12:27the well Paul McCartney and his band now but a nice Ringo showed up with our book karaoke when court met McCartney live from Liverpool on CBS August twenty is this the beginning of a whole new genre of television you wonder Grande was on the carpool karaoke she taped
00:12:46last night so I went up with a with a a cut on her wrists not quite sure what happened now spin off ideas we got plenty of them nine fifty one here's your good life this morning from C. N. B. C. it's always been the ultimate luxury item
00:12:59your own jet aircraft and now Gulfstream has got a G. six hundred that offers state of the art technology performance luxury and comfort the G. six hundred is designed for long intercontinental flights at seats for in the forward compartment in plush leather captain's chairs that feature high speed
00:13:17wifi in touch screens let you control the cabin temperature and much more there's also a dining and entertaining area with more seating two bathrooms a galley with high end appliances a cargo area and arresting space for the pilots with a top speed of point nine mock just under
00:13:33the speed of sound the G. six hundred is one of the fastest private jets in the world its maximum range of seventy five hundred miles can take you nonstop from New York to Beijing but all that luxury will cost you about fifty eight million dollars a smaller version
00:13:48the G. five hundred runs forty five million with the good life I'm Tyler Mathisen CNBC for WCBS newsradio eight eighty nine fifty five W. CBS to money news from Bloomberg update from Tracy junkie morning tracing the morning way in a false light losses to start the day the
00:14:05Dow is down seven points itself out actually the Dow is down not up to thirty four points nasdaq's down seven the SMP is down to an among the losers are traditional media companies and other social media company Disney says its profit in the latest quarter took a hundred
00:14:22million dollar hits because of two animated film projects that is no longer pursuing the New York times companies online subscriber numbers continue to grow in recent months though at a slower pace and online advertising revenue shrank its shares are down five percent and in social media Snapchat to
00:14:41use their numbers fell for the first time that investors know Ngor seem so worried about Facebook scared investors a couple weeks ago with hints of a user growth slow down and is one of the main reasons the S. and P. and nasdaq losses are relatively small with money
00:14:57news at twenty five and fifty five on WCBS on Bloomberg's Tracy junkie

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