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1st Hour Xenia Ghali Tracklist
1. Chris Lake, Alexis Roberts - Turn off the Lights (feat. Alexis Roberts) (Extended Version)
2. Xenia Ghali - Stick Around
3. Armand Van Helden, Butter Rush - I Need a Painkiller (Club Mix)
4. Ayak, Low Steppa - No Love feat. Ayak (Extended Club Mix)
5. Alexia Nigh - Lovin’ You
6. Volac - Russian Style (Original Mix)

The Him Guest Mix
1. Avicii - Without You (the Him Remix)
2. Jimmy Clash - Swindle
3. Twoloud & Bounce Inc Vs Daav One - Bonkers
4. KREAM & Clara Mae - Drowning (Brohug Remix)
5. Vance - In My Head (Original Mix)
6. The Him & Jay Hardway - Jigsaw
7. StadiumX - It’s Not Right But It’s Okay
8. Swanky Tunes & Going Deeper - Time
9. Flosstradamus & Dillon Francis - Tern It Up
10. Riot Ten Feat. Rico Act - Rail Breaker
11. San Holo - One Thing
12. Dropgun Ft Kaleena Zanders - Nothing New
13. Twoloud & MureKian - Free
14. Fast Food & Derry Kost - Bahara
15. Oliver Heldens ft Dany Shah - What The Funk (Steve Aoki Remix)
16. Bali Bandits - 2 Supermodels
17. Sickbeatz - Heroes
18. John Christian & VAVO - How Low
19. Kygo ft The Night Game - Kids in Love (The Him Remix)
20. Tom Reason - Rather Do
21. The Him - Always

X Hour with Xenia Ghali
1. Luca Debonaire, Chris Marina - From The East To The West (Original Mix)
2. Robosonic, Ferreck Dawn - In Arms (Extended Mix)
3. Dcp & Fellous - Feeling Good (Original Mix)
4. CID, Sizzy Rocket - Bad For Me feat. Sizzy Rocket (Extended Mix)
5. Xenia Ghali - Stick Around
6. Ayak, Low Steppa - No Love feat. Ayak (Extended Club Mix)
7. Madonna - Vogue (Xenia Ghali & Luca Debonaire Club Mix)
8. Yves Larock - Tralala (Extended Mix)
9. Julian The Angel - No Good (Original Mix)
10. Tchami, Malaa - Deus (Original Mix)
11. Chris Bowl - Sweet (Kanu Remix)
12. Sonny Fodera - New Chapter (Original Mix)

Submission of The Week
13. Silvio Carrano - Prophere
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00:00:00what radios
00:00:23hi everyone this is exciting agali and welcome to the very first episode of Onyx radio today on the show we've got a lot of new releases my latest single a few records which haven't been released yet and of course and the second half hour a chat and an incredible guest mix by the hands starting off with one of my recent favorites from Chris Lake and Alexis Roberts this is Turn Off the Lights
00:01:06Punjabi Bang Bang
00:01:36turn off the flashlight
00:01:51turn off the flashlight
00:03:08tsunami in Japan
00:04:09sure not to laugh
00:05:19Time Slips Away when you've got nothing but
00:05:26where's my days with you could you please throw up
00:05:34and the darker times
00:05:40riding through
00:05:43I want to know about you trying to feel some
00:06:04you feeling
00:06:35shark on land but in the dark costumes
00:06:43you're the only thing that's gay
00:07:21I feel that
00:09:39Angela Simon Pegg
00:13:57heard I need a Painkiller by Armand van helden and butter Rush before that you heard my latest single stick around which was released by syrup music next up it's No Love featuring I acts like no step up and it's got an absolute banging Bass
00:16:30Joshua mom
00:24:41how are you
00:27:53that was Russian Style by vollick and right before that we heard an unreleased record Loving You by Alexi and I some really great Tech housewives on that one on that note guys by the way the dates for my summer tour will be announced very soon so definitely keep an eye out now it's time for a quick chat with a him before we listen to their earth-shaking guest mix
00:28:21Onyx radio still listening to Onyx radio and for the very first episode I have the absolute pleasure of having the him with me
00:28:40they just dropped their new single title jigsaw with Jay Hardway available from spinnin records and they are now getting ready for their summer tour
00:28:49so Jay and Steven known as the him thank you guys for joining me today on this episode of Onyx radio how are you guys
00:29:00pretty good yeah we just came back from Little tour in the states we did 3 showers in to in America one in Canada we landed yesterday did a bunch of Studios stop meetings just got out of the gym so we feel pretty good well summer's coming up right you guys have to have to get the Summer Bodies you know in shape too kind of also be able to get through a 1/2 detour schedule we briefly spoke about that earlier work we're going to go over your you're touring and a little bit but it must be intense you know traveling around
00:29:32yeah for sure had come to be honest we gold this month it's awesome to the gym because we eat too much barbecue you just released a new single jigsaw with Jay Hardway first of all absolute Banger congratulations I've been completely addicted ever since you guys drop that I'm so huge huge congrats talk to me a little bit about the record like how did you end up working with j
00:30:04we had like once a month you were eating with spitting bars with some Phelps A J Hardware you could have Steve and like and I think like the end of last year we said like maybe something so tell me what you guys have upcoming with with regards to your shows I know you guys are going absolutely nuts on tour and on the road so you know tell me little bit about that we're where we going to see you guys performing
00:31:04so liking all around that we have like smaller festival at the beach next month. It's a busy summer it's a good thing you guys are hitting the gym because I'm not quite sure how well she would be able to to withstand all of this traveling I'm assuming all your dates are going to be on your socials and on your website so anybody can can just like follow you guys and and look up where you're playing next and have an amazing time during your incredible shows right before I let you guys go after your incredible gym session I'm going to play a little game with you it's actually going to be one question
00:32:04let me just go over very very quickly what the actual game is basically typically it's played with with a group of people and each person Begins by saying never have I ever and turned so as an example I start and I say never have I ever gotten a driver's license this is a very basic easy question Whoever has a driver's license has to drink that's how it goes so never have I ever said the wrong name
00:32:42in bed
00:32:44oh I drink
00:32:49that's a good one I haven't I've never done that now you never did what are you guys Saints oh my goodness is a different episode people
00:33:05you're going to have to drink tonight though well maybe maybe what if we played a couple more times maybe I'll share the story with you at some point it was it was I'm not proud of that time but I have to be honest I did say the wrong name I feel horrible I'm sorry guy I can't remember what his name is but it happened
00:33:33if to say baby all the time you know the name of the person that you happen to be would you say baby and you'll be fine it's the safe Choice awesome guys thank you so much for joining me today on onyx radio you guys were absolutely amazing thank you for playing my drinking game with me and for taking the time to chat with me about everything that Regatta music we love you and I'll see you soon at The Shield
00:34:16the truth I wish that you were here
00:34:39do you
00:36:34get money
00:37:03but you knew this
00:38:06you know I'm thirsty.
00:38:09Taste of Tropics
00:45:47GoNoodle GoNoodle
00:46:04I said shit I need a doctor with medicine in the neck brace please
00:46:22turn it up getting Reckless oh my fucking head back bitch
00:47:16get that bitch
00:47:43police chase
00:48:56the world
00:50:43just what is it that you want to do
00:50:47we want to be free we want to be free to do what you want to do we want to be free to ride
00:55:27that was a lie
00:59:35this is all I ask
00:59:43how old is she
01:01:35actor who is always worth
01:03:08condoning bad food
01:04:05navigate to Kennesaw
01:05:34you have just listened to the Festival of Onyx radio
01:05:39welcome back guys to act shower with sang a Godly as you may have noticed there has been a big upgrade the show who is now called Onyx radio and out of the two-hour show the last hour is going to be X our so this is episode 1 guys welcome and welcome to the very last serve Onyx radio which is X hour with a track by Luca debonaire and Chris Marina from the East to the West
01:08:20Planned Parenthood
01:08:49hotel in Delaware
01:08:53Swift energy
01:09:19is Amber
01:12:13I can check
01:17:46the new day
01:17:49it's a new day
01:19:14we just heard Feeling Good by DCP and fellas before that it was in Arms by robosonic & ferreck Dawn next up we have bad for Me featuring sizzy rocket by Sid
01:19:29how much
01:19:39is the answer to Keyshia Cole
01:20:47you can stop by I'll give you my permission if you can only hear what I want what I want
01:22:34Time Slips Away when you've done nothing but
01:22:42days with you could you please throw up
01:22:49and the darker times
01:23:52Kyocera calling but in the dark I see
01:23:59you're the only thing that's gay
01:24:37I feel that
01:25:13Salon Surreal
01:29:22do you really
01:32:06No Love featuring ayock Bi-Lo Stefan and before that it was my single stick around release my shared music guys we're reaching up to a million streams on Spotify so thank you everyone who has been supporting stick around I appreciate it more than you can ever imagine on that note we're about to listen to a remix that I worked on with you could have on there and it's no other than Vogue by Madonna
01:36:40Dietrich and DiMaggio
01:36:44random candy on the cover of a magazine Ginger Rogers
01:37:03Ellis actor in the movie
01:37:08psychos is nothing
01:47:23no goodbyes Julian the angel and right before that it was Yves LaRock with tralala which could be a bit of a tongue twister by the way Tralala
01:47:34next up we have a great one by Tommy and Marla do enjoy your guys
01:52:29Baby Depot
01:58:55work work work work work work work work work work work work work work work work work work work work work work work work work work work work work work work work work
01:59:55tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap work work work work work work work work work work work work work work work work work work work work work work work work work work work work work work work work work work work work work work work
02:00:27work work work work
02:00:59tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap see you chapter by Sonny fodera and I'm definitely going to be playing that out during my shows for my summer tour so guys keep an ear out before that it was sweet by Chris Bowl
02:01:47guys right before I say goodbye after at the very first episode of Onyx radio we're going to check out the submission of the week
02:01:59you guys can send me your demos or records via demo drop which could be found on my Facebook or on my website and every two weeks when I euronics radio and specifically on the XR which is the second hour of Onyx radio I will be playing the submission of the week this week it's prefer by Silvio carrano thank you guys so much for tuning in 2 episode 1 of Onyx radio I hope you guys had an incredible time and I'll see you in 2 weeks

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