Immuno-oncology therapies have opened up the most promising frontiers in cancer treatment today. But, with drug development costs increasing, how is it possible to maintain commercial viability?

Peter Winter, Editor at BioWorld, talks about challenges to commercial viability in the immuno-oncology space. Learn more about the barriers for entry into this fast-moving research area and what the consequences are in the growing market.

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00:00:03welcome to clarify analytics oncology talks a podcast in which we explore and understand the scientific landscape in immuno oncology and the progression of cancer research this aims to disseminate the immuno oncology landscape with comprehensive insights from industry experts today we are joined by Peter winter who will be
00:00:26talking to us about the new break through research and commercialization currently happening in the world of immunotherapies so during the last put cast we recorded we discuss the recent focusing in oncology from scientific research perspective ways and that printer Peter will today provide us with a perspective into
00:00:46the industry's business developments and financial investment in there and the votes bridge to complex and deep divide between innovation and commercial viability on the as a side so I can it's Peter works for by the world where he's a business and financial writer and the editor of the
00:01:05weekly publication by your world in sight this publication tracks the financial and business trends of the global by you from a city called industry in his role Peter and by your team take a deep dive into emerging trends and publish tracking metrics that provide their readers please the
00:01:22data they need to understand where the biotech industry is heading and its performance over time my name is virgin so team I am an intellectual property experts working for kind of it and then he takes and I will be asking the question today thanks for joining us we've
00:01:39been discussing on this broadcast and hearing a lot about this new cancer therapies during the different recording we did do you consider him a knowing could you to be the next revolution everybody claims it is although as the first of all thank you for inviting me good opportunity
00:01:56to discuss this in a particular area and I was you know we're living in exciting times for the by the pharmaceutical industry answer to your question older term revolution is often an over used to when describing new breakthroughs in biotechnology I think it can rightly be applied to
00:02:15developments currently taking place in the discovery as a potential new kinds of characters I believe along with silencers on lists and of course companies working in this place the immuno oncology is certainly going to revolutionize the field of cancer care only some instances already is wine while we're
00:02:35making amazing inroads in convincing the immune system to do a better job of combatting cancer than it is known the revolution revolves around recent research has shown that cancer cells often utilize immune checkpoint molecules just aggressively invade an immune system attack two cells deceived by these normal looking
00:02:56proteins may allow the two missile to go unmolested immune checkpoint inhibitors are on drugs and Lisa Muniz system of time on cancer cells schooled some impressive successes in recent years directly in some patients with metastatic melanoma or skin lymphoma and are showing up promising clinical trials involving patients
00:03:20with other types of cancer such as non small cell cancer as we know who has several checkpoint inhibitors have received last year frugal including Bristol Myers Squibb go boy above do you will Max P. Truda Roche's %HESITATION ten centric these federal it is opened up the most promising
00:03:39crunches in constant treatment today however they're considered %HESITATION has just done with the first wave of immuno oncology therapists that approval has opened the floodgates to a certain army of new research and investment from a business perspective what is going on right now is a veritable gold rush
00:04:00into space but I think we're only at the very beginning of what we hope will be an exciting time to and there is still much we don't know which is why I do it seeing so many clinical trials currently in progress so let's let's talk about discord rush
00:04:17arm from a business development and investment perspective how many of these clinical trials are currently on growing and according to you what's the market size for these therapies according to other controllers clinical database a thousand ongoing clinical trials just for checkpoint inhibitors targeting programmed cell death protein won't
00:04:40be the one others legal PDL long among the route to the products that are being tested to receive some of them certainly have received breakthroughs therapy designations from the FDA you know marking the two of these are going to be fast track as the %HESITATION goes through development
00:04:59and when you look at the market to know the market size is a you can throw up any figures only about conservatively the market for I mean oncology products has been estimated that it will be with us somewhere in the region on the low side of forty five
00:05:16billion on the US side hundred billion by twenty twenty four okay so with the market these big hundred billion in in ten years time I can only imagine the current urge for biotech companies to be the first to reach the market to one of the first can you
00:05:33tell us more about this and what is the impact of these big forecast on our indispensable yes so closely group question there the race to capture the piece of the action is on the you know everybody wants to get into it so the promise of a immuno oncology
00:05:50therapy is has boosted the already funded funding on the alliance's the news are entering into a little was told in our infancy and the oncology field of the industry's fascination with the technology continues to soar with investments in partnerships in this place being announced almost weekly as by
00:06:13pharmaceutical companies look to a promising cancer therapeutics to that problem after last count there were more than a hundred and fifty Bucks right conclusion trying to pharmaceutical but that come this %HESITATION actively working on a new no oncology therapists and that product pipeline so was the number of
00:06:33DVDs that you've described and that have been conditioned by your last year the question I have is candies pays for the minimum courage I said be sustainable and be maintained given the fact that these arena continues to attract a lot of players every day he certainly seems to
00:06:52know well slowing down his %HESITATION but there's no doubt that the market has become crowded and therefore extremely competitive calling to tell you call telesales database on our own file world as bad as last year both large and small farmers which certainly active participants in the oncology licensing
00:07:12agreeing to approximately a year hundred nineties are complete licenses JV using on college immuno oncology activity is increasing within the space of about two hundred compounds in active development phases of track to the from our research will lose five hundred million combined upfront investments earned a total deal
00:07:36size of those joint ventures and licensing of about I believe this is an incredible amount from Congress to invest to you know to try and gain a competitive advantage leading pharmaceutical companies are investing heavily as we know grimacing by check is the kind of good technology not too
00:07:58unusual to see a two hundred million up front payment thing because the land when you factor in the equity investment to the they make who usually all the downstream milestones or the total potential pupil size could be in the region of one billion or more okay so with
00:08:17those numbers you just gave the question I have is about risk we often hear that's it cost more and more today to develop the treatment than what it cost yesterday the return on investment you can as expect is lower than before and the demographic for the new Drake
00:08:33song smarter and smarter so how risky is these immuno oncology business and how can a company attempt to mitigate this risk yes but as you point out to you know good development in the space shuttle and goals are you together is is certainly risky not many products would
00:08:51make it to the market despite huge amounts of dollars were invested about for this space so it is extremely risky not only are you went across his face a which you know we still don't know a lot about the status of because we're still in the early days
00:09:08so known lose a competitive riscos so technology risk obviously under then we beginning to see just where the mother therapy is that %HESITATION there's a limited response right from the just a practical point of view we're seeing that only a minority of patients treated with them in fact
00:09:28going to the business like somebody robust anti tumor responses and among the patients and to respond there is danger that demonstrates a disease relapses future emergence of resistance afterwards so there's clinical resco given some of the shortcomings from these wanna start early Monday the companies are now looking
00:09:51to mitigate the risk by looking %HESITATION combination therapies and these really are the next incremental steps forward in the space we're seeing the company as a research organizations are working on translational research to develop rational combination therapies and targeted medicines and personalized alliances are being created to examine
00:10:17these combination therapy is on this area certainly is expected to become the future competitive battleground given the early impressive results just give me an example at last year's annual meeting of the American society of clinical oncology asco no there were more than a hundred abstracts just describing various
00:10:37combination regimens with key truth or alone your factor companies are increasingly pursuing combinations the from the get go you know even in the first line therapeutic settings without even touching for a second radio shack in line therapeutic circling Russian with a combination however with the strong competition for
00:11:00patients rolled combination programs will certainly you to be successful have to have strong scientific underpinnings well defined patients of segments and certainly innovative adoptive clinical trials okay so Peter I can imagine that as them market gets busy you just described add the barriers to enter this market are
00:11:24moving higher and the bachelor of for the market heats up as well one example that we already mentioned on this broadcast was the patent disputes in the crisper cast nine technology and was between the broad institute at the MIT and against the university of California to make it
00:11:41simple arm the US patent office recently ruled actually last week in favor of the mighty arm and the consequence was a big spike in and the company at the test market share and that's the company currently making use of the technology claim to India my two patents and
00:11:58that's just an example related to intellectual property Adam a very fresh one am the question I have is could you tell us a bit more about the batteries being raised %HESITATION patent is only one example as to what are those batteries and what are the consequences on the
00:12:13market national saloon point Sir and %HESITATION you know from what we've said already %HESITATION you know given the entrusted involvement of company is already working in this area so there's a tremendous amount of competitive entrust into space %HESITATION Baptist raise the bar for entry for companies who want
00:12:33to you know feel that they have a promising technology to could be applied in this area so as all kids got crowded the buffalo later entrance though to try and differentiated is raised clinically they have to demonstrate how Iraq because so you'll see three of the combination therapy
00:12:52also is under the financial costs of just getting in is a barrier in itself competing for trial patient getting %HESITATION recruitment in the trials so certainly closer trying on shoes for later and when you think about the hundreds of ongoing combination therapy trials three springs with a tremendous
00:13:13commercial rose because only a few a likely to succeed and make it to market also lettering on %HESITATION one cancer therapy on top of another might not to India and be the best approach other ones other approaches might improve on these also and there's price sensitive environment we
00:13:32were and I'm currently you how will the combination of the two expensive kinds of the prize so embarrassment to borrow that's for sure and the risk of the they might not get certainly Bob for entry for newcomers is very high in the number of human thought says melanoma
00:13:53or is a good example if you look at the clinical indications that the bar is certainly very for a number of too much time so you wouldn't normally want to see a small start up looking at trying to bring a therapy and melanoma that because that is the
00:14:11proving ground of %HESITATION immuno oncology and everybody style says so it's hard to break into those kind of therapeutic areas of so popular companies looking to break into audio %HESITATION may have to not try and join the crowd so to speak look down the road to take a
00:14:31leap of what might be the next step step up in the bush okay thank you very much Peter for Liza information this last part concludes that %HESITATION recording for today thank you very much for your time today welcome thank you that was on college he talks from Clara
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