How long do you make your chapters?
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00:00:16how long do you make your chapters
00:00:19if you feel like there's a certain word limit I mean there if they're there is a technical like low and high I think you if I did some searching on Words and was like you know how many words are in a there's there's low limits and and while they're slow lemons for novellas or for short stories or four four novels and I think like the low limit on a novel is like 60 thousand words or something like that and then a novella is like thirty thousand words I believe or 25 something somewhere in that neighborhood is like half a novel
00:01:01and you know what I was looking at like how long is a normal chapter and there are actually some guidelines for that I found online or being of people giving their recommendations for how long a chapter should be and I was so I went back to look at at mine and started browsing through different chapters that I've written and I was like wow this was only like 800 words that one's like four thousand words and then I realized why I even care I guess it really doesn't matter so then it becomes a question of when do you when do you decide to shut off a chapter do you do it at always at a cliffhanger moment like I always want my chapter 2 end at Highpoint like oh my gosh what's going to happen next end of chapter so that they turn to the next chapter for the Dicky Dawn has a lot of people you know at least the way I read is it when I'm not listening to it
00:02:01your book I'm I stopped because I was a good stopping point I'll wait till next time and
00:02:13so do you do Force the reader to like not want to stop and is that ideal is that makes it a page-turning book so curious what you guys think about that all all 7 of you and
00:02:35see see what you see what you think see what you do when you're when you're writing how how far you go in a chapter do you try to try to come at certain points and make it an exciting and and kind of a climactic moment at the end of every chapter to kind of keep the story going or a turning point or something something a reveal to keep to keep things moving I've attempted to do that with my most recent one I want that that to happen at the end of every chapter
00:03:14I think I mentioned before I'm halfway through and so far so far so good but
00:03:21I think maybe one chapter I let that slip and then the one I'm on right now
00:03:27I think I'm pretty good
00:03:31just making me sleepy and I think I'm in a good spot on that one so bad but anyway so I'm trying to follow through on that and I don't know if that'll make the cook better or like more like can you just relax for a minute I want to just enjoy a book not feel compelled to go to the next chapter and I mean that also assumes that what I've written a good enough to compel people to go to the next chapter but
00:04:01so anyway let me know what you think hit that subscribe button I try to keep these things shorts either because I don't know the time limit on the anchor app or because I just don't have that much to say via audio going to go with the first
00:04:20so you know I try to keep this short simple not too crazy in-depth conversations let me know what you think I'd love to I'd love to talk with you all about about writing in your your tricks your tips your habits things that bug you your Hang-Ups and really get to know what the what the best practices when when writing I think next time I'll probably try to talk about some of the some of the habits the Panthers plotters the snowflake method
00:05:01slots different things that I've seen as far as how to write your story so anyway let me know what you think and talk to you soon
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