Digital marketing can be an overwhelming and time-consuming task. In this fourth episode of the Summer Super Fun Digital Marketing Spectacular Ian and I share some of our favorite tools that keep organized and help us save time with our social media and content marketing


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Week 4: Digital Marketing Productivity and Timesaving Tools (you are here)

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00:00:01these tools are the greatest thing since sliced bread
00:00:10this is the old soap interesting podcast podcast on cash
00:00:16well hello I'm Cynthia Sanchez from Oso Pinterest jane.com thanks so much for listening in this week it is actually episode 99 of the podcast for just one shy of a hundred episodes and I can't believe it in this is also a special episode because it is the last in the four-part series of my Super Summer Fun digital marketing spectacular or whatever it is and in this episode Ian and I are going to be talking about some of our favorite tools and apps that we use to help us with our social media and digital marketing in general there's so many available things out there that I can be overwhelming I can be time-consuming to try to figure it all out so in this episode were going to bring you some of our favorites there are so many more out there to choose from and there's no way that we could cover absolutely every to go out there for every platform that we know we really wanted to highlight on the ones I could help you overall and really help you save some time maybe help you get more organized maybe help you find new things so that's what we're going to be due
00:01:16bring in this episode and I really know what it's summertime let's just have fun with it so let's just jump right on into my conversation with Ian
00:01:25well hello and welcome back to episode number for of our super fun spectacular summer social marketing website thing back a little tricky for me lately well this episode is going to be all about the tools that we can use to help us with all of these wonderful fantabulous things that will help us grow our businesses I know I have some favorites and eat and you have some favorite so let's go ahead and start off with maybe some of those social media kind of monitoring or scheduling are those types of tools really directed towards social media what are your favorites
00:02:05well you might be mentioned if you lost last time so there's this the lights a buffer and Te'o and so those are the scheduling tools that allow you to post throughout the week but you can also use some of that kit tools that do a bit of everything so will do but if that'll do bit of Engagement allow you to engage with your social media mansions and they may do other things like that so probably most people would have put of HootSuite too and know that the puppy the most well known that the biggest and they integrate with probably most of the night networks they set me up with Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google plus it's a bit tricky with the lights of Instagram Pinterest but you can get them working as well with with those as well
00:02:53that's probably the name other ones as well that's I think most businesses would be good to consider don't just go and look at hootsweets because it's not necessary but you might be but I got another good one is called Sprout social and Sprout social integrates with similar networks it's more of a in my opinion it is it's it's easier to use incense that you canceled ate all the messages all day mentions old and Juan Unified stream and it's very easy to going to be engaging get through all of those Mansions by quickly in moments of them Under reporting feature in search of this really beautiful so it's important to be able to make sense of all your how your social media if it's okay by Nina baby Marty
00:03:44mentioning replying late some nights of times by see how is that working in the scheme of things and they did have some really neat reporting fixtures you know where they could have helped you create custom reports for your clients if you're a managing managing you know multiple accounts and he had to send them reports or maybe you have to send reports to be no a boss or maybe you're hiring somebody to handle this for you and you want specific kinds of reports so you can tell what's going on at a glance so that that I think was really helpful in HootSuite that you can customize those things I did, and additional cost you know HootSuite and Sprout social you know what you're going to have to make a bit of an investment in but I think it is helpful to go back and see what's working to help you with the scheduling with the planning so it kind of helps and multiple forms kind of like tail when does Tailwind doesn't actually
00:04:38do a lot of straightforward reports but you can see different parts of your Anna looks different parts of the metrics that you're trying to measure of what's going on with your account pin for me website that type of thing the reason I stopped HootSuite after a while they were doing some some Pinterest stuff I haven't looked at it in a while to see if you can schedule pins to Pinterest anymore on HootSuite and then it kind of came and then went and you know things change I haven't used it in a while but it was it was pretty easy to get the hang of it for sure
00:05:05yeah I know it is it is easy to use on you to say you know integrates with all these networks the wrong with few concerns or problems I I've had to get basic integration spot if you want to get more than one or two you stopped have to pay and they helped us get a very bizarre payment method of points so you can look at to begin with why was Sprout social social costs it's considered as a $15 a month for the basic one user, you get unlimited people with that so if you really really want lots of your balls and maybe Sprout social my babe what you need to go for another house and I Grow Up house is very similar to these Tuesday it integrates with Facebook Twitter and Instagram
00:06:05that's about $30 a month as you can have unlimited uses and not an unlimited divorced as well so that if you if you wanted to have a team of people managing and you wanting to post then Uncle repulses probably could want to check out that's one way to go but then also we got to remember just frustrate analytics maybe you don't want to you're not scheduling a lot yet or maybe you're just maybe you're using Facebook scheduling feature of built-in and then you're using maybe tell wind or buffer for scheduling Pinterest but then you also want to look at everything else going on your website not just the social Shares are not so you know maybe not the shares and likes in the pins and all that kind of stuff that's what's going on with your website then there's always Google analytics and that's a tool that I've been using since day one
00:06:59yeah yeah I know you're going to let you see, be so I mean it's monitoring is coming from you can see how much traffic is coming from Twitter Facebook or Pinterest and you can set some goals and conversions in all this kind of stuff is amazingly powerful most of his probably using it to probably even using 20 or 30% probably what it's capable of but it says it is an amazing to figure it out what it is that you want to mention and then do a Google search for it you know how to search for you know what it is that you're trying to figure out and there are tons of videos tons of tutorials you know I really like to monitor the amount of traffic
00:07:59and where my traffic is coming from cuz that lets me know where I need to spend either more time to build up if I want more traffic from there that's how I can tell the twit Twitter doesn't really drive a lot of traffic for me and I thought that lets me know that maybe I need to know kind of beef up my Twitter game a little bit figure things out or maybe try something different but I know immediately that most of my social traffic is coming from Pinterest no big surprise there but then I can filter Dad and see that you know particular pin has brought a lot of traffic and it you know and I did this one time I saw this huge spike in traffic is like what the heck happened well somebody with over a million followers pin one of my pins to one of their boards and of course I got tons of exposure and then that brought a lot of traffic back to my unit to my blog so those kinds of things you need to want you I think I really important to monitor is wrong with you as well as you know the other parts you know how many times are things being you know share to retweet it or you know whatever platform is it is you're on that you're monitoring that you can see with some
00:08:59what other tools but I think I think Google analytics is a must I think for a website was served but don't know how to find that information out what they bother and it's great if you can go in there and you can say on that came from Pinterest why and then you can just let me know whether whether it's coming from and relationships as well because you can then this person is just shattered my come to I don't know who they are you can then fine that's how I got she met quite a few people online you know who have become a video Amazing Friends online I want to figure it out you know who it was that a pin that pin and drove so much traffic I said Thank you and you know we had a little conversation back and forth and now he knows my stuff I know his stuff he's a pretty Noah for tographer and it was
00:09:59was great and I mentioned in our last episode that one of my most popular kind of Evergreen Timeless post has been one that's called the SEO of Pinterest and Ivy and I've gone back and try to figure out what you know I haven't hit that magic button yet but try to recreate images that look similar maybe it was that pain maybe it was the topic and I tried I've tried to create other post that are similar in that that type I guess area of of Pinterest and and they have been somewhat successful my image style has changed completely but the topic still intends to get attention so it can really help you create new content and happy in a lot of ways to know that information that's really encouraging it shows you how important it is the first thing to say you want Elsa lion I mean my goodness of the first time I think most of us went on that you know it's mind-boggling time I'm just starting to
00:10:59look up at to the same bit so I might just be the amount of weekly or daily coming to the website started like 10 people came so excited you know the market it will dip it if I continue it will eventually rise backup you know if the world is good but one of the best things about it is that it's free you know so that's great if you haven't yet looked into getting Google analytics started or you haven't started it on your on your website on your blog there is a website called wpbeginner WordPress beginner and they have a great tutorial on how to get Google analytics on to your website so I'll be sure to leave the link and for that in the show notes and I refer people that all the time cuz it straight for
00:11:59step by step how to do it I'm sorry but sometimes their tutorials are so much still Waytek Nicole in over my head that I don't get it so I need like a normal not so smart person to explain things to me sometimes and does developers have their own language do their own special people who went to stocking up with you Glenn of the six uses all the time it's called quill and Gage and it's it's free it plugs into Google analytics and what it does it gives you a weekly and monthly
00:12:45Nepal just by it's just a word document that got sent to you but I think they also sent by PDF it's just in plain English it just explains what is happening on your website and it will tell you this in you doesn't you a website that says linking to your website and this is this is referring a lot more traffic and time on this particular page on your website and it just a wave guessing it making sense of his of it so it's not to replace going to Google analytics and Diving deep into the dates are but it it gives you a quick overview which is better an important to most of us who have very limited time during the week. Bilal engage sacrifice in the pan and Gage
00:13:45how to see all the the metrics a date all that stuff that you know I think it's kind of boring to look at some times unless something really exciting happens let's go into some other tools that will help us find content to share online because I think curating you know content is all about what Pinterest you know can is a big part of what you do on Pinterest you want to share other people's content you want to share a really good stuff I like to encourage people to build up their Pinterest accounts and also and other social networks to really be a resource for your followers I'm sure there's a place for the cute kitten picture every now and then or the beautiful sunset after you know whatever and Instagram there's lots of space for that stuff Facebook Twitter Pinterest especially we need to find that other great stuff to share to help position maybe yourself as a leader in your industry to Cheryl you know to help your your followers have resources to find more information about things related to your industry so what tools do you use to kind of help with those types of thing
00:14:46well I'm going to get Pinterest itself and also Google Plus I find that is Brady contesting that works to be able to find some really good content to chat but it says it tools I have to mention driver because I've been using try but probably
00:15:05at least 2 years probably 3 years not maybe even more and as a bit difficult to explain but basically it's is a way of simplifying your content is extending the reach so I setup my own tribe where am I I was content what's to you can show on Pinterest Google Plus Facebook and so Mike content is being shared by somebody maybe who has 20/30 thousand followers on Twitter and say all of that answer is extending your weight even if you only have a few followers but it's fine you'll reach its
00:15:54discovering other people sometimes say all the people it would in My Tribe I really respect that content and I know that it's going to be really good all the types of my member Rob I may not know some of the people in this country, they will discuss amazing concept that I want to share to my followers so I would definitely recommend drive it it it's a little bit difficult to begin with and this is one of the great things about drivers the community this some amazing people in that would be really good friends and that's another thing about right but I'm like you said takes a little while to get your head wrapped around but the way it kind of goes back to have a tribe or a group of people who all are part of a specific group and you can see what's the content that each person in that group is creating I guess your RSS feed goes into their correct if that's your website your blog has his RSS feed shoots out all the information that you create there
00:16:54and it's all kind of connected into one group of this group of people and you can ask to join other tribes are other groups or people can invite you in that type of thing so that's how your tribes can grow where you can become part of different tribes and then within it there's an automation side that I really really like and if you know and this is something I think you have to do a little bit of your homework on or research on before you start this part you can automatically share content other people produce so if I'm in a try buddy and every time he publishes something I could say tweet this automatically and it'll do it I don't have to look at it I don't have to think about it I don't have to read it nothing because I know everything that you and publishes is going to be awesome and great to share with my followers so you want to make sure that who you do that for you have that kind of trust or you know kind of you know their contact well enough that it's okay that you know that they're not going to come up with something off the wall or just you know that's just not great
00:17:51so there's a few people that I do that with an automatically when they publish something it goes out to a tweet so that is kind of an automation tool so could treiber has quite a few benefits to it it helps you you know build a community around people you know creating content that you would like to share whether it's same topic similar topic topics complementary topics and then also you can set up at automation part and it can help you you just have a collection of people or a group to go in and look for the content to share you know to have help with that content curation part of your Social side you got to be careful who you do you check the oil tonight in what direction box with stuff or maybe it's it's to know somebody really influential you know you're going to share their stuff just go ahead and set that up and it's something you don't have to spend time on later it's one of those initial setup times and then you're done so let's talk about Walmart
00:18:51and then we'll come back to content curation and ideas are places for that iftt if this then that is definitely something people need to look into and I think there's another episode with Ralph Rivera who is also part of Trevor has shared this with us a little bit about IFTTT and how to set up but they're called recipes in there and you can have things happen automatically sign up for it so I have to tell you for the first time we can seem quite overwhelming there are so many recipes that you could create it only seems endless but set what are the good things about it is that there is a repository that you can go in and and see what other people have created so it's possible for anyone to share a recipe in it and that's a good way of working out if you want you could do
00:19:42the way it works is it connects two different Services together so you could say to connect Twitter with Facebook you could connect your your calendar your Google calendar you could resemble send send a text message and SMS or you get it to ring you or you could even connect things like I did a light bulbs to twist it was something like things like that sat which is pretty amazing what does that mean you'll go behind that's connected to so the website a spreadsheet this is the one spreadsheet so you really don't have to create on my own it does it for me and it lets me monitor my Twitter followers and unfollowers and give me information about those people you know it's just I just set it up once and I just have to go kind of check it every now and then and it's done
00:20:42he knows there's lots of those cool little recipes that can help you in lots of different ways that would add somebody to a Twitter list that I created of social media marketing while people if somebody had mentioned the hashtags hashtag S M & W 15 if they did to Tricia Liston so that would be a way that I could then just listening to the conversations of people up he will most likely going to be till he wants social media marketing well that was a good way. I use that and that's something we haven't really talked about so let's just not talk about it for a brief second here the listening side of things and I think I have TT would die if TTT I forget how many you know that that that can really help you with healthy with a listening side of things but that's kind of in the way that I use it what who's following who's not following who are they what's going on and he said if that recipe to help you monitor a hashtag
00:21:42I'm so could help you know who to connect with on those Network so that's also another another challenge who should we follow who should we not follow her you know that kind of thing I think this is really something that needs a lot of attention to that I don't think as mentioned at all and not when it comes to social media marketing content marketing and all this kind of stuff we need to listen to what people are saying the questions they're asking how people are engaging because they couldn't help guide us and what we should do next you know what are people looking for what are they wanting that type of thing so little site and there be sure to listen if can help my website say I will you cheat on me in that if you put a hyphen Dash all about your Twitter name what that will do is it will search for anyone who links to your website but doesn't mention you
00:22:42that makes sense to you the station about smelly a blood test you written but they haven't mentioned you so you don't hear about sit yeah because I want to talk about your article I could like to your article that I can never at mention you cuz I don't know your Twitter handle or not connected on Twitter yet so that would be a really handy when to have so I'm going to have to if you could please send us that recipe so I can include it in the show notes to email you will do something you know this some way of notifying you so depends on how you want to set it up but definitely his Instagram post to Instagram and you want to go to Bolsa post to Twitter you can just take Twitter but it doesn't post it doesn't in bet the image which is probably because Twitter and Facebook Vines Instagram.
00:23:42like each other another day that you can basically post a tweet when you include the image in bed. So that's a pretty good one every image to Twitter it's just the one that you select cross-posting fan because I believe every single Network a difference of the audience is different but you might want to selectively post Facebook to Twitter on Twitter to Facebook so you can do that by if you include the hashtag you could get that supposed to try to my Facebook so it's a bit of a time saving hack that you might want to use it occasionally I wonder if that works for Twitter videos do you know if that works for Oak I mean for Instagram it videos so if you put it
00:24:42articles let you know that we should mention Pinterest Pinterest think Pinterest how are the channel on it but every board in Pinterest has an RSS feed so you can add that into it so you could I'm trying to think of something my head but you could be potentially cross paste from Pinterest to Twitter if you use a particular hashtag or whatever. Caught think of the top of my head but with different ideas that's all it is so maybe I want to share the pin of the podcast episode not just the directly cuz that that is a strategy that I suggest you every now and then sometimes share your PIN as a tweet so people can find the content that you're you're sharing on Pinterest for fitting to Pinterest and they can also find your Pinterest account which you know can encourage followers are Aveeno maybe somebody had repented or something like that so that would be a good way to use that for me and I was first interest goes and another way
00:25:42hey did I know you can do it and this is something I think that you do Ian is you used if with Feedly and feed Lee's another great tool and I the Feedly and Sway and Google Alerts are three tools that I use to help me find content to share online so what they do is there like readers feeling and sway are definitely readers I might have got the sure how Google selecting the things to show up in Google Alerts because I see all sorts of different things but from there I can find stuff to then share on Twitch on Pinterest on Twitter or whatever it is I want to share that from but you have a recipe that also automated things through buffer as well right or your tool that basically I choose to subscribe to lots of RSS feeds but not sticky keep it it's just a way I'll be notified when you when somebody Run tab publishes a new bug bites on the Block so over the years are built
00:26:43a list of lots of blocks that I like but I respect and I want to I want to be alerted whenever they post new content and I put them into categories in and not fade away so I've got enough friends I've got people I want to engage with a couple different categories social media blah blah blah what what's the kind of come to that I want to share to my Twitter followers for example and I will just all I do is save for later for each one and because I asked to my Buffett key so that will automatically post out throughout the week but that with me just cooking one button and it's a huge time-saver the anything so mention without his I think I'm right in saying that the X integration only happens if you pay for feed Lacey have to be on CD Pro which is author think it's so expensive I think it might be is at $5
00:27:43Uncle something that gets set it wet looking into it yeah yeah yeah so Feedly sway if they can all kind of work together in some way or another so many different recipes and everytime I turn around somebody else has another recipe for EFT to get overwhelmed or lost in the because we haven't mentioned I think we got all them well actually there's one more there's one more that I have to mention and it actually it's two more it's PicMonkey and canva and those are for image creation and I'm sure you know if you listen this podcast at all you've heard me at least mention one of those to practically every episode and I really think that those are great time saving tools especially when you get into that image creation flow it's really easy to to go ahead and save templates especially on canva and I think I'm a feature that people Miss sometimes on canva is that you can
00:28:42copy previous Creations so let's say I create an image for this week's podcast episode and it has maybe a picture and then some text and maybe a shape or something in there I can copy that image and then I'll have an exact duplicate within my canva account and then I can strip away the background picture I can change the text but the layout is still the same the bones are still there but I can change it to make a new image for this week's episode which is probably what I'm going to do for the summer series I don't know I have to go play around like my creativity may take me who knows where but that is really really good time time-saving tool if you're making an infographic in canva you can do this process that say you want to have the same size you know on every little like block of your infographic that you're making you can kind of change just the wording and the Texans little basic shape that you're using their stack them all together and they have a quick infographic so it said that is a good time saving till in PicMonkey it's just so quick and easy to resize things to crop thing
00:29:42add tax to add shapes to a different filters you know I kind of get those Instagram be kind of filters to images with the with PicMonkey I mean can do the same thing with canva to but you don't have to be like the Photoshop wizard you know and figure out all the crazy intricacies of Photoshop because I've use Photoshop for years and I still feel like I haven't even begun to scratch the surface of that thing you know cuz it's so huge and so complicated but those are definitely two tools that I use a lot
00:30:10no I'd love to come but I'm not used to it before but it's definitely coming from I like that but it's made by graphic designer so it should be gorgeous but anyway what you and thank you so so much for coming on the show today and let's go ahead and let's let people know where they can find you and get a hold of you and say hello and ask you more questions about all your tools in your processes and website for all these things and I'm also on Twitter i o g d o t m e n Save on Pinterest as well the same help me so I could come and say hi to me I love this whole series of podcasts that were doing I really had a great time with it and I hope that the listeners actually I know the listeners will it will get a lot out of it you've shared so much with us and I really really do appreciate it thank you
00:31:10congrats talk to you too
00:31:13well I am so incredibly grateful and thankful and honored that he enjoy me in this summer series it was so much fun and I can't express enough you know how happy I am that he did this with me and shared all of that great information with us it was so good to to do this a series with him and I hope we can do something again in the future but definitely come on over Joseph interesting. Com and look at the show notes for this episode this is episode 99 and there you'll see Olive Ian's contact information and links to his website and his social media and all that kind of stuff we can reach out to him say hello and connect with him he is just a great guy a wealth of information and just you know someone get to know so definitely do that let him know that you hurt him here on the podcast and you know maybe some of his favorite chips or something that he shared with us you know I'm sure that would mean a lot to him as well to hear from you I'm so let's go ahead and move on with the episode and get to this week's Pinterest tip of
00:32:13and this week's chip is about communicating on Pinterest in a sense I'm every now and then somebody will leave a comment or question on a pain every now and then somebody will leave a Spam comment and tell you to go by their thing on a pen all of those really need attention and they can really be easily missed in our notifications tab at the top right-hand corner of any page on Pinterest I'm you'll see that little red box you click on it you know it drops down and you see the You tab in the middle and they're it shows you everything that's happened with your account people who have rape in from you and her have followed you and then that type of thing and also people who have commented or life questions if you have you know a half way active Pinterest account that can get really jumbled up or if you haven't checked it in a couple of days I can get that I can be really busy and just have a lot of information so it's easy to skip over those comments or miss them or just you know not notice them because there's just so much information in that teeny tiny little column
00:33:13so one thing that you can do is if you miss that you know you will you can get email settings and that's one thing to take notice of if you do have your email settings set up in a way where you will be notified when somebody comments on your PIN that's a good thing to do but another thing you can do is take a quick look at your Tailwind account if you have Tailwind there is an area there will show you all the recent comments and activity that have happened with your pins as far as you know the commenting part goes so if somebody spam you know, did you really have to question or or something interesting to say you can see it really easily there and then you can click and tell when it'll take you right to the pain so you can never respond to reply to it or delete it if you need to Cassius every now and then there's no spammers need to make me crazy so that's really something important to watch out for because if it's really a true you know genuine question or comment you want to keep that conversation going Pinterest really isn't used in that way so when somebody takes the time to do that
00:34:13it's really something to take notice of something to me know really support and be there for and you no reply back to you and you don't pay attention to give anything if you are not pending to Pinterest everyday you should at least check that you know I would definitely recommend going into your account settings and setting up the email notifications because I kind of think of it as if somebody were calling your business and they left you a voicemail you wouldn't just ignore it right you'd want to get back to them you want to talk to them and if it was somebody you know doing something rude and your business you would want to push them out the door case of spam you don't want to leave that there on your hands you want to get it out the door click on it delete it you know and just get rid of it so that's just something to really look out for you to pay attention to on Pinterest and you know it works both ways so go ahead and leave some comments on somebody else's pins be genuine really really eat to have good questions or comments to say but don't just say nice pin you know great image ask a question about a squat
00:35:13tell him you got out of the article or you know the video or whatever it is that they've been before I wrap things up this week I want to bring you a message from my friend and fellow podcaster Stephen cardinal
00:35:26hi I'm Steven Cardinal from it's about time the time travel comedy podcast I hope you've been enjoying all the great tips from Cynthia Indian I know I have this is just a reminder that after spending so much time writing producing and editing please remember to take a moment to step away from the computer and go out and experience the world for a bit reminding yourself that there's a world of great potential right outside your door is the best way to energize yourself for success and when you're ready to plug in again stop by it's about time travel agency.com and check out our show thanks for listening
00:35:59thank you so much Stephen for those kind words and believe me you definitely want to go and check out his show it's about time Stephen didn't do it justice in the description he gave it it is a really fun comedy Mystery Science Fiction any kind of Audio Drama that's exactly what it is it's an audio drama they're on their second season of The it's about time travel agency podcast so much fun to listen to my husband Rob and I are both big fans of the show so you definitely want to go check that out have some fun this summer listen to some other things I know I get caught up and listening to a lot of business and marketing staff and reading business and marketing blog and that seems to kind of get a little consuming that it's great to just take a break do something fun and especially now we're having this great weather you know how I'm not I'm sorry for my friend Donna down in Australia going through winter right now but even then it's good to have a good laugh it's always good to laugh so definitely go and check out the podcast Steven and the crew do
00:36:59a great job it's a bunch of professional actors in radio Talent putting this together it's just awesome you definitely have to check it out there will be a link in the show notes so you can get to it right away so that you know this episode episode 99 we are almost to 100 so be sure to come back next time and listen to the 100 epic episode of the podcast I can't wait it's going to be exciting anyway well go out and have some fun relax enjoy the pain a little and remember don't just pin it do it

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