In this final episode of the Oh So Pinteresting podcast I reveal the cold hard truth about what it really takes to succeed on Pinterest.

I also throw in a bit about the meaning of life or at least what it means to me.



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00:00:29what hello I'm Cynthia Sanchez from oh so pinteresting. Com and this is episode 100 of the O soap interesting podcast I made my goal I reached the goal that I set out from the very beginning the very first episode of the podcast was episode zero zero one I always had those three digits in mind I was going to make it to 100 and that episode is finally here when I started podcasting I heard people talk about well you know there's that pod fading and other people just ignore their shows and just kind of Fades away I was determined that that wasn't going to be this show I did take a couple of breaks with moves and life and you know things that came up but I made it to my goal episode 100 is here I'm so excited and to celebrate that there's going to be a lot going on here in this episode primarily I'm going to tell you how to succeed on Pinterest and something small like the meaning of life but you know we'll get to that stuff later
00:01:29let's go ahead and just jump right on in this episode is just going to be me there's no interviews or anything this time I just want to go ahead and really get too but it's all about how to succeed on Pinterest that's what this whole podcast has been about you know interviewing people and having conversations revealing discoveries and tools and all the kinds of things that we've been talking about over these you know previous 100 episodes of Nikita having some fun in there as well kind of getting off-topic sometimes but hey that's that's why I write in the previous just a few episodes before this one I had in Anderson gray on to talk about content marketing and as a whole you know from websites to tools to you know how to approach content marketing cuz I think it's really really important something very very necessary when it comes to finding success on Pinterest and success in business we need all that together to really make it all work and when it comes to success on Pinterest I've been working with a lot of clients over these past couple of
00:02:29where is an the same thing comes up over and over and over again on that a little bit today and really just get it all out there because you know just put it on the table and tell it how it really is not sugarcoat anything this is what it takes and this is what you need I'm kind of the inspiration for this kind of approach to this episode came from the book I've been reading recently I have not done with it yet I just kind of got to do the first three chapters but then it's kind of broken things dance kind of rubbing everything I've learned down about building a Business and Entrepreneurship over the past few years I'm into kind of bite-size Easy-to-Read chunks and I really am really liking the book so far and it's called entrepreneurship for the rest of us how to create Innovation and opportunity Everywhere by Paul Brown and guess what I got this book at the library for free so that's pretty awesome I'm becoming a big fan again of libraries I think there was such an underutilized resources a resource
00:03:29our communities and if we don't use them they're going to fade away and I really want this to be there for my grandkids and their kids and things like that so go to your library anyway back on topic so I'm reading this book and it comes to the section about marketing and one of the things are what and I'm going to read you a quote from this book
00:03:49and some people believe that mean I just need better marketing and you need to be out there on every social platform me to have better written content better podcast better videos better this better that and then your business will succeed well that really isn't true and I've seen this over and over again without a lot but every now and then you know where the client and you know but it's just not true that this is what they believe you know and the book says people don't buy better marketing they buy a better product or service one that improves their lives in some way and that is so true if you just have a product or service that's that somebody else can do better that's somebody else offers that will you know it's easier to get to that is a better quality or cheaper price are you too who knows what it is it a pet in all those things that come in a factor sometimes price isn't the difference sometimes it is the quality or the reliability or just you know maybe it's just the personality of the person selling it who knows people want some
00:04:49improve their lives and makes him feel better so no matter what we do on Pinterest No Matter What secrets are revealed even if I had been Silverman come on the show I'm stopping at one of the co-founders of Pinterest and tell you exactly how to attract followers and get traffic from Pinterest if people got to your website or into the front door of your business and your products or Services just went up to par you're not going to succeed you're not going to make sales so that is really you know the basis of all this you have to have something worth buying have to have something people really want to buy it doesn't necessarily need to be something they need it could be just something for fun like a fun app or you know whatever but people do need laughter they need humor so that's why it makes their lives better so that's just something I think that that doesn't often get talked about especially when it comes to content marketing to social media marketing they just a try this and do this and buy this and pay for these ads or you know higher
00:05:49or whatever the case might be but I don't hear very many people mention or even ask a question back cuz you know still what you got what are you selling will people really want it you know so I'm sometimes you have to take that hard look on yourself and your business and at this isn't to kind of make you question things in a negative way and you know and still that self-doubt you know whatever but it's about being honest with yourself I'm taking that feedback from your existing or previous customers asking people you know really for their honest opinion and that's sometimes hard to get people want to be nice and you know they don't want to hurt your feelings you know that was that was really nice it was it was good or yeah enjoy that but when I tell you that you know I hate the color or it's too expensive or you know whatever the case might be you know it and sometimes you just need to take those people out to be that honest with you
00:06:48you no answer give them permission to sometimes people just need that permissions okay I really want to know what you think about it I want you to tear it up beat it up you know whatever the case might be and be honest with me you know when and what you really think you know I mean you want to make sure you get those that kind of feedback from all sorts of different kinds of people you know specifically you know the people that you think would really be interested in your product or service you know is this something that you know your ideal client unit would really really want her ideal customer would really want and pay for at new and its current state and then ask people outside of that demographic or be no kind of area because I have a different perspective on it they may ask questions about it because they're not so in tune with that type of product they may see it in a different way or you might have to explain things like how I didn't realize I needed to explain that and that way you know if I've done that with you know my products with you no clients products you know in that type of thing and I think that's really really helpful so once you got all that figured out will then yes now it is time to get into the online
00:07:48softub social media and specifically in the Pinterest so let's really you know cuz Pinterest is has been me for these past few years it's really get into that and it all starts off with the planning and what do you really want out of Pinterest what are your expectations and what can they really be realistically can you expect to overnight get 10,000 repins and you know 500 visits to your website and make you know mm U sales is that realistic probably not is it possible that is possible as maybe winning the lottery you know I mean it's not that it can't happen it's just very very very rare and you have to still have that great product that really appeals to the Pinterest community
00:08:41so once you figure out what you want and what is realistic traffic sales you know maybe just increase email sign ups what is it that you want maybe you want all three that's totally fine you can want whatever you want it Destino make sure there's something realistic and you know that has to be measurable how are you going to measure that is do you just want repins do you just want people to be sharing your stuff all across Pinterest sometimes that's that's all you need because then that translated that does translate most times into traffic back to your website and then you can increased you know your rates for advertising on your website so there's lots of different ways that this can be approached, just really specific to your business in and what you're looking for and what you need but make sure you have that clearly defined and really in your mind because sometimes people just jump on a Pinterest create their accounts and it's like why am I not a millionaire yet it's like well because we didn't know what you needed to do to get to where you wanted it you might be a millionaire okay whenever you take a few steps are we going to get to that what's it going to take
00:09:41you really have to have those plans really set out in front of you first and I know it's kind of boring and and maybe a little bit tough to do to really look at that honestly and realistically we all want that quick fix Nothing in life is easy nothing comes quickly the things you know every now and then you know as far as our lives are concerned it it takes work it takes patience and the things that come quickly and easily are you know watching the sun come up just because we have no control over that those are beautiful things and in nature things that we can just enjoy and appreciate and they just happened but there's a lot of work and effort and energy behind nature right so somebody's got to work sometime somewhere anyway kind of getting off track there let's go ahead and get back into Pinterest okay so now you figured out what you want from Pinterest go into Pinterest and do some research see what's happening with similar types of products or Services see what other similar businesses are experiencing do they have really big followings do
00:10:40you know how long have they been doing this how does their website look how do their images look you know really do some research and see what is already finding success both in your business category with your type it Services product and then look outside of that as well you know if you have a product-based in let's say I don't know some sports-related product I don't know why I'm thinking sports but let's go with sports and you start looking up all the sports related products maybe health and fitness and workout or you know that kind of thing who knows you kind of look at that see what they're doing seeing what's resonating and then go ahead and take a look over in fashion or over in travel or over and you know food see what's working there maybe can get inspired for some new ideas now
00:11:27guess you going to Pinterest and you don't find your specific type of product or service there maybe have something a little bit more you know Specialized or something that just really hasn't caught on yet you know who knows go ahead and don't. Don't let that be an indicator that nail Pinterest isn't the place for you do some research again still see what similar maybe in a related field I think I mentioned this on a on a previous episode of long time ago probably over a year ago about Investment Banking you know there was an investment banker that was you know in the audience of a conference that I was presenting at and he's like well what about that on Pinterest and there wasn't a lot of specific investment banking accounts but there was lots and lots of boards based on investing and finance and things like that so there is an interest on Pinterest in that topic there just weren't a lot of overall accounts and that for me Isn't
00:12:27what Unity if people have an interest in the type or something related to your product or your business but there aren't a lot of accounts there yet I think it's an opportunity to fill that need that being said though because it isn't you know one of the huge popular topics on Pinterest like you no food or you know fashion or beauty or decorating or things like that it could take a little while for that my method to grow it could take a little bit of work on your part to let people know that you're on Pinterest that you are offering this type of information that you do have you know content with images that can be pinned and shared across Pinterest so might take a little bit of work on your end to get the word out to get people there and even if it isn't that huge windfall of followers in traffic right away the same with Pinterest is to remember that it is a long-term gain it isn't the immediate instant results that you see on other platforms like
00:13:22excuse me like Facebook or Twitter instantly you're going to get unify retweets and a common or two or you know whatever same thing on Facebook and after a day or two pretty much that has just gone but I'm Pinterest it could it's there it's just there forever your post all your pins all your everything that you've done there is just there and it can continue to get Resurgence of traffic and continue to get shared and repent over and over and over 4 years to come that's happened with my pins not only the pins that you know her from my website but also the pins that I pin from other websites repins within Pinterest they continue to pop up over and over and over get even years after I initially pin them so you have to have a different approach to Pinterest in a different mindset when it comes to Pinterest and realize it's a big long term game you're not going to always see those instant instant results
00:14:16so now you have your mindset you have your expectations setup you have your goal set up but what about your website is your website ready for Pinterest do you have pimple images do you have a pin it button where people can easily share your images on Pinterest it is important to remember that most of the traffic most people using Pinterest or on some sort of mobile device tablet or smartphone I had I would guess it's just a guess that Moses people on smartphones you know I can't tell you how many times I've seen people or myself have been waiting somewhere and lying or you know whatever waiting at the grocery store now popping up Pinterest you know bored at work I'm sure I know back when I was working full-time I definitely popped up Pinterest on my phone and you know it was pending away I'm so is your website ready to accept mobile traffic and it should be anyway for all the Google changes that have happened recently is your website mobile responsive can people easily navigate do the menus work well do the pin it but
00:15:16it's work well how did the images appear is it clear what your images are and what they mean when people pin your images from your website over to Pinterest to people seeing that image by itself understand what it's about I'm sometimes that requires putting text over the image you know who knows it just depends on what your product or service your business really is so once you got your website ready and in that kind of stuff your images are ready to go how often are you going to be able to create new content how often are you going to be able to create your images or your articles are podcasts or videos or whatever kind of contact you're creating or even if it's just product images how often are we going to be able to share that new stuff on Pinterest Pinterest is one of those hungry beasts that always needs to be fed you know it really requires you to share quite a bit of content on there now I'm not talking that you have to publish something you know
00:16:16the weekend you know that kind of thing but it has to be on a fairly regular basis and
00:16:22and Pinterest is it is really kind of awkward and where it's almost a quantity with quality almost equally important it's not quantity over quality we still need good quality images good quality content good quality product or service that you need quite a few of them you know sometimes it's as simple as creating multiple images for one article sometimes it Cena going back into your archives and then you know maybe give him a little facelift touching them up and then republishing you know repainting them on Pinterest if it still appropriate timely relevant that type of thing but you do need to figure out what your your publishing calendar will be in I mean of course this doesn't apply just to Pinterest this applies to other social networks as well too and to your websites overall you know I want to say health but relevance as far as Google searches go Google you know seems to favor websites that are updated regularly and frequently I don't see really need to decide what that is and that could really impact
00:17:22you know what you could realistically expect back from Pinterest if you're only the publishing an article once a month you know and you only have 5 articles in your archive there's only so often you can reach their those over and over and over again until the Pinterest Community like you seen that that's it I'm done I don't need anymore so that that needs to be decided as well too so
00:17:49when it comes to making your Pinterest account and you're going to need to manage it daily you're going to get to manage that content how do you plan on doing that are you going to be on Pinterest everyday do you have time for that are you going to be there 3 times a week how much time do you have for that how much time do you have to create that content you know the Articles the podcast the videos whatever it is in the images and everything that you need there is that something you can do by yourself or is that something you're going to need to hire outdoor can hire out one mistake that I see also made over and over is this pressure that some business owners put on themselves to do absolutely everything them themselves you know so if you are in the fitness me now or health or sports or whatever kind of industry and you have clients who work with and you need to keep yourself and educated on those things and you know focus on your business and taking care of your business and your clients or maybe have products or whatever
00:18:49that's what the majority of your time should be spent on not you know and in keeping those things really well not on what the latest trends are on Pinterest or Facebook or whatever I'm learning the latest you know I think spending all your time learning social media stuff I think when there's time for that that's good to do cuz I think it can enhance like I think Pinterest and social media go to enhance and already successful penis table you know maybe it's just brand new product or service but I don't think I can really compensate for that but you know that was the previous discussion so you know don't spend so much time focusing on all these little tricks and gimmicks that you see out there that all you have to do this you have to do that and you know you'll be an instant bazillionaire overnight you know or whatever that you hear out there sometimes be realistic with it and that may be relisting be realistic that you need to hire somebody to do this and you need to hire somebody to write for you recreate the image
00:19:49is or manager accounts for that type of thing and be realistic that that is going to cost money because that's their business I remember when I was first starting out in social media and I was so nervous and this is when things are first starting off and I went to visit this client I we had to reschedule meetings cuz he got sick and I got sick and he was like almost you know an hour and a half to two hours away he wanted to meet me in person and you know I wanted to meet him in person as well so you know we we met and he end up asking you know he was very very skeptical about social media and I totally get it and I told him you know everything I knew that I was going to do I mean my rates were pretty reasonable at that point of not expensive at all and his question you know here's this you know six foot something I would gas well pretty close to 300 pounds of not over and me sitting at the desk and he stands up and he asked
00:20:49well what makes you think you're worth that hourly rate and it's like well I have to spend the last hour and a half explaining everything that I wouldn't you know like to know you know complish with this and do for you and all this kind of stuff and it was just very very aggravating it was really distant like I don't care if you offered me 5 times as much as I quoted you I will not work for your kind of situation is how it ended up because he was just so arrogant and condescending it was made me crazy but it does cost money you are using you know if you do hire out you know it's like people aren't you want people to value your product and service Services you know the value of the product and services that people offer you to help you with your business you know and it doesn't need to be crazy expensive but it does need to be reasonable and that will vary depending on what kind of work they're doing for you their level of expertise you know where the where you're located in the world who knows there's a lot of factors in there so I can't tell
00:21:48set a reasonable rate is you know XYZ depends on the quality of the level of their service as well you know are you just a big lion among thousands in this is a big agency and they do kind of things on a more systematic kind of streamlined Fino overall one-size-fit-all approach or is this very customized and Taylor to your specific business see now I think those are two very different types of services there and the price ranges will vary quite a bit so you know so so keep that in mind if you do to a point where you do you want to hire out or you are hiring out I'm part of this are all of this for your business I'm in also if this is the way you're approaching your business if this is your business you know managing social media marketing Pinterest account so you know they're going to run into clients that do you know will not treat you in the best way that you know are aren't really I guess I must say convinced
00:22:48where are they just don't necessarily value your time your services your expertise and in what year you have put into your business and you know there's other clients that will and those are the ones that you should seek out and in really focus on working with I've had to turn away clients because they you know and I know just didn't match up in the way we wanted to approach things and sometimes they were not huge thing is it wasn't you know in any way the way that that gentleman spoke to me they were there was still very professional courteous you know conversations of things that happen but we just had different approaches to things and I had to say no because there's a comes a point where you have to stand your ground and you know do what feels right for you especially if you know you're a business owner that that's part of the reason that you go through all that's required to be in business so you don't have to to compromise quite so much you know like when you're working for somebody else you have to work under their roles and their expectations and there are no limitations or whatever when it's your business you have that power to control and
00:23:48decide what makes sense and what feels good to you for your business and for yourself and that was a lesson I had to learn over these past few years at first you know I was like oh my gosh I need any kind I can take I needed you know I need it I feel the money you know I'm leaving my job now you know so much pressure but you know that started to change afterwards and and that started to change in my confidence and my me know I guess set ideas of what I expected my business in my Lino and the way I approach things to be you know it took a while to get it took awhile to get to cuz this is Tina this is my background as if you know it wasn't you know a business person before contract negotiator or whatever before you know so it took a lot of learning but it got there and I wish I would have had earlier on somebody to really help me understand that to see that to coach me through it I know that there wasn't really a way
00:24:42check got to that without experiencing it but I think you know I think that's something that would have been helpful earlier but anyway let's get back to Pinterest so you've gotten all that kind of background stuff research website images content planning hiring doing yourself all that kind of stuff figured out what about your account whether you have an account already or you have to go make an account of course if you're doing this for business you want to have a business account and you can do that at business. Pinterest.com convert you no existing account or get a new account but what's important their overall this to really understand that Pinterest is a Search tool it is more like Google and in so many ways then it is like Facebook or Twitter and the way that people use it in the way that it functions so keep that in mind so everything that you do on Pinterest any opportunity that there is to include text on Pinterest and I also think this is true for your website
00:25:42it should all be done with search engine optimization in mind you want to have keywords though searchable words and phrases everywhere that you can on Pinterest anywhere that there's tax from your account name to your description board titles board description pin descriptions even the URLs that you are pins link to back to your website if your blog post is called you no business xyz.com blog / you know then you have a date as your url nobody is searching for that date in relationship to your blog post right when it gets carried over that image has carried over to Pinterest I'm not sure exactly how much that that link you know plays a role in search results on Pinterest or how it appears he suggested pins or anything like that but I think it does play a link I mean we've done some research before I when I search for a particular topic sometimes the the phrase or the word
00:26:42searching for is an independent scription but it's in the link so it has to play some sort of role in there
00:26:47so anywhere the text is available I even your image file names I'm depending on Panic buttons that people are using when they visit your website there's you know if it offends made for specific browsers if they're on a mobile device after using the Pinterest app there's all sorts of one's even be on the ones you install on your website that people can use it'll pull up different information sometimes it's the alt text or it's the end of the file name of the image all of that should be a keyword optimize it should I have searchable words and phrases in there I can't tell you I've been to really big websites and you know even website about website and their main header image is called feature image one or final image for post or something that's very helpful for them to remember you know what it is or you know that the Patriots gone to the process of their you know graphic designer or whoever it is it does that and Yep this is the final final image you know which is great for them is Dina the communicating that information back and forth but it sucks
00:27:47for you know search engine optimization for Pinterest optimization you know and all that kind of stuff so everywhere that you have text online you know on your website on Pinterest it should always have those relevant searchable phrases and key words that relate to your business to your industry to your products whatever the case might be so that also not only helps your visibility on Pinterest it also helps your visibility in Google results everybody you know is always concerned about getting their business listed on the first page of Google results and it makes sense because you know Google is the biggest search engine in the world people who knows patients there it did just isn't there anymore they want the results if they want instantly you know if they don't find you on the first page maybe they going to change their search phrase and if you're on page two or three your business may not ever get discovered your product your article or whatever but more and more Google is showing up Pinterest boards Pinterest pins in search results so
00:28:47if you can have those keyword optimize maybe your website you know still trying to get up to par to you know get to that front page of Google for the specific keywords but maybe your your board titles or your pain itself can can be visible there and people can find your business on Google that way through your Pinterest account because you know all those things are being indexed from Pinterest on to Google so keep that in my keyword keywords keywords that's pretty much the overall that's really what you need for Pinterest you need good images you need to be pending and pending you know great stuff build your account to be an extension of your customer service why should people follow your account if they have an interest in your particular product or brand or type of thing that you sell maybe it's the style maybe you know you can have one kind of shoe appeal to to the Practical reasonable older woman who likes to have comfort in my
00:29:47or you could be appealing to a younger woman who doesn't care how he feels looked her feet feel or you know they just want them to look good you know so those are two extremes of a shoe manufacturers or vendors or whatever but the overall Pinterest account would be very different in appealing to each one of those segments of women you know interested in shoes and fashion in that type of thing so their account to look really different and how they would service or you know serve their customers on their Pinterest account would be really different in the types of things that they pin and the other kinds of boards that they have in that type of thing so think of your Pinterest account and approach the Pinterest account your building for your business as an extension of your customer service what would they be interested in what would they like what would they relate to how could this scene of the things that you're pinning and proves a the service that you provide them are you offering helpful tips like you know why I sell shoes but then here is like a pin on how to you know maybe
00:30:47you know something broken or on a shoe or to maintain the quality of the leather how to clean the leather or you know who knows but those are all helpful resource will bits of information that I can pin from other sources or write about myself you know to to put on to that account about shoes so you've created this account that keyword optimize it's built with your customer in mind help them to be up an extension of your service to them you're repenting from different sources but I think one thing that really helps businesses on Pinterest kind of get to that next step is collaboration there is so much information out there online and so many Pinterest accounts now when I first started on Pinterest it wasn't quite as crowded but now we know it's gotten much more popular there's a lot more accounts on there that sometimes it takes some collaboration and some help from your friends you no help from friends is never a bad thing and this can be done through group
00:31:47if it makes sense for you to collaborate with you know other people in your industry or similar Industries to collaborate on a group together and you know that that board will show up on all of your accounts and be visible to portions of each of your audience's or followers on Pinterest and you know that way your pants get more exposure your account gets more exposure you know there is Spinners that I follow on Pinterest you know like Jeff see who's been on the podcast and you know who we did our boot camp together and Peg Fitzpatrick she's been on the podcast and you know we've done Google hangout together we've gotten to meet in person and you know Rebekah Radice we've only met online but I know she publishes great stuff and Wade Harmon you know and and Ralph and Carolyn Rivera and all them we all kind of know each other online and Lisa Meredith there's so many people out there that we have either have met in person or met online and we all know we like each other stuff we don't all collaborate
00:32:47a group together but when I see their content appear in my Pinterest feed I pin it I know it's good stuff and I put it to a board that I know is relevant to my followers you know we all kind of work in the social media space and we help each other out we all do different things a little bit in a different way definitely cuz we all have different personalities and you know different businesses but we support each other and we help each other out and if you could do that I think that is really really a big big key to success on Pinterest I'm staying isolated staying alone and in your little Silo it's really hard to get attention you never just that one small account just standing out there in the sea of accounts but if you can kind of come together as a group groups definitely get much more attention just a little little guy standing out there alone right so I think that's that's really really powerful and then there's also the new thing that we have now are promoted pins we can pay for advertising now we can pay
00:33:47for exposure on Pinterest which I think can be really really powerful I've heard of you know some great success stories with this once again those are things that take patients they take testing and I would suggest you kind of start them sooner rather than later later the summer they're going to be adding more and more types of promoted pins to the types of right now it's kind of pay per click or paper exposure and then there's going to be other types added later you know so simple learning the system do you know a $10 campaign just to test it out just to see what it's all about so maybe later when you're ready to invest more you can see what happens in there you can be able to see what that $10 got you it's really important though that you keep the Pinterest community in mind what is it that they use Pinterest for why do your followers follow you on Pinterest promoted pins are very
00:34:47different than Facebook ads things that are successful on Facebook which can be much more pitchy and sales e and you know that this is what it is by it kind of reproach Facebook works well there you know from what I've seen in from people I've spoken to but that doesn't work well at all on Pinterest people use Pinterest to solve their problems to find things they're interested into to be informed or educated her entertained or you know something like that and if you just kind of put the picture of your product unless it's in one of those really really popular categories like you know fashion or maybe even technology if it's a cool little Gadget and Gizmo and people become aware of it I think those can work okay but like for service-based businesses like mine I still have to promote I found it works best as if I promotes those more informational types of pins how to do this on Pinterest or hears a case study about Pinterest or whatever they'll get more engagement
00:35:47and then the sale has to happen on my website I have to have you know maybe my sidebar with the products or services offered I have to mention them in the article or something like that that's where the conversion happens it's not so much straight within that promoted pain and we do have the buy now button is coming out to the Pinterest you know they're they're kind of slowly rolling out if you have a Shopify website in a couple of you know websites on other e-commerce platforms people to buy directly from there and that those are specific kinds of pens you know those are those are different than promoted pins so there's going to be a lot of testing and a lot of experimenting when it comes to your Pinterest account so that's also something you need to keep in mind as far as your expectations go there is no magic bullet there is no one hundred percent about this is the way to do it this is the answer everything I'm telling you everything I've told you for these past few years is this is what we're seeing now this is what it's working now doesn't mean it's going to stay that way it could change you know what kind of makes it kind of exciting cuz you never know
00:36:47are you but it is going to take some time some patients some work some effort and some peanut energy in there so I went through all of this of course you're going to want to measure everything and really keep track so you have those goals that you set out in the very beginning and you needed to decide you know how are they measurable going to find some tools that can help you and our last episode with getting spectacular that we did and we talked a lot about different tools to use and for Pinterest I think the two essential tools are the three essential tools I guess would be would be Pinterest analytics I'm going to really monitor what's going on to your account but then listen to those analytics if you see that a certain type of image or topic is really popular eat whether it's your own pan or Repair Cream or that kind you know do more of the good stuff do more of what is working you know don't try to fight it so much and try to be creative and come up with something new and spectacular all the time sometimes taking what work
00:37:47does the best approach to go Google analytics another free service you know if you have an account its free to get their candidates for free Google analytics is free it sometime because there was so much information but it's not too hard to figure out what's coming from Pinterest and what's trending and who's repinned you know your most popular traffic driving to Mission in and and really see how you can use it to your advantage create more pins like that maybe connect with that Pinner thank them for pinning your pin and driving all that for your image and driving all that traffic back to your website you know Craig has relationships and all that kind of good stuff and then be on that tail went I've been a long time user of even when they were pin League you know they went to that name change and they've added so many more features a scheduling feature oh my gosh the scheduling feature is so awesome find it to be really reliable and there's a lot of great information
00:38:47in there that you can use to in a monitor what's going on with your account and just a scheduling alone I mean come on guys we can't be on Pinterest all the time and I totally get that even as much as I love the platform there's there's just more to life than being on Pinterest right there's more to life than them being online and social media and all that kind of good stuff and that is the perfect time to bring us to the next part of this episode which is remember the title of the episode of two and now it's time to get to the meaning of life and I wish I could give you the answer to the overall meaning of life in the big picture of life in general but that's not me I think you have to look too much Firepower the need to find that answer but for the meeting of my life there have been some some really big changes going on in my life over the past few years
00:39:47I went from working as an oncology nurse to a business owner from you know working in an office with just you know a handful of people working you know behind my desk in my house a lot of the time and then traveling to conferences with hundreds if not thousands of people you know it was it's been a crazy crazy change I had my nine-to-five and in a little bit predictable job there taking care of people and working you know in the oncology field and doing all of these kind of sciency medical-related stuffs to moving over into social media and business and marketing and which is always been kind of an interest for me and my very first major in college was marketing and then I got to see in accounting and yeah I change my major in nursing and
00:40:47Appleton this opportunity kind of appeared I started the oh soap interesting blog to figure out how to build a present online with hopes of someday doing something in the oncology field you know for my patients online creating a blog or website or resource to help them navigate through their diagnosis to help their families to find resources for services available but I have no idea how to build a WordPress site or how to do anything online so interesting was just for fun in itialy and then it took on a life of its own and so many fabulous things happen I was I was able to leave my job and spend more time with my family and have a much more flexible schedule and and I got to travel around the world and I got to meet and work with people around the world and there's been so many supportive helpful encouraging people along the way and I just sorry I just can't express my gratitude enough
00:41:47for all of them and it's because of them that I got to episode 100 that I you know that that we're here at this moment right now and you know I really got wrapped up in some kind of Swept Away in the possibility in the opportunity of all of this and it's changed a lot of things my family had to change a lot you know and understanding that I work in a different way now my husband was so and is so understanding and supportive and he's he's been on a couple of episodes of the podcast unfortunately he couldn't make it to this one but you know without him I couldn't have done any of it do you know wait we definitely approach our family as a team and you know with four kids it's so you know there's no way I could have done it without his encouragement and support so I'm really really grateful for him doing that
00:42:40there's kind of time where I know I need to to Really to really focus on on what the meaning of all of this is for me and what I really want to do with this I have learned so much about building a business and being online and about myself in this entire process and I've learned and I've kind of come to discover that I'm not sure if this is the direction I want to continue to keep on going this will be the last episode of the O soap interesting podcast I really really enjoy podcasting so I have some ideas for maybe some new shows coming up I'm not exactly sure yet which I had you know the ideas that I have right now which direction are going to go are they going to stay business-related are they going to go in a completely different direction I don't know I kind of have ideas across the Spectrum right now but for the next few weeks I am going to
00:43:40stop and take a breath and enjoy my meeting from my life and that is my family and sorry I'm not because I'm proud of them and I'm proud of what that means to me in and who I am and
00:43:56I'm just going to do it and I'll take a few weeks to enjoy them to to really enjoy this new place that we live in now we moved a year ago and there just hasn't been much time to explore everything that's around us now we now live in in Charleston South Carolina and there's so much nature and history and we have been watching the news lately there's been a lot going on here lately but there's so much to enjoy and learn I've made new friends and I want to spend time with him I want to get to know them I want to let you know that my kids might my youngest set of twins or this is going to be there last year of high school so this is our last summer you know before they say they're getting ready for college so
00:44:35I want to spend time with them so I'm going to take a little break for a while and you know and then be back later so I really really I want to say before you know I kind of wrap things up here and they were going on in 45 minutes now that I really appreciate all of you especially those of you that have been with me since the very beginning those it have maybe this is your first episode it might be a little bit weird for you but thank you thank you all so much for listening I really really do appreciate all of the support all of the encouragement I have a few projects to wrap up over the next few weeks and that's you know what I'm going to do my work a little bit but we never really spent a lot of time taking care of myself really getting getting healthy again I've kind of let that slide I know I have been to a doctor recently and that did not go well but you know I mean everything is fine but you know it's just those experiences but yeah so I'm excited I'm scared and you know that I'm
00:45:35kind of stopping this right now it was really going fairly well but something inside just didn't feel right and I have to listen to that inner voice and and figure out what we'll kind of meat all those needs for me what will feel good what will be the business that I can build that I can do on my own or maybe as a team collaborating with somebody else I don't know maybe it is just going back to nursing I'm not sure if I have to take a while to listen to that voice and and and really hear what it has to say and honor it and and and go through with it I think life you know for me aside from family and friends and love is about living it to its fullest and really living those adventures and not being afraid and try new things and experiencing all that has to offer so I'm going to go and do that thank you so much for listening thank you so much for all of your support encouragement wisdom help people have hired me thank you thank you thank you you made this whole event
00:46:35possible and I really really do appreciate it and I still believe that the things you can shouldn't just be pins they should also be things that you try to do go out and try those recipes try visiting those places try doing those projects in your home take a look at those products read those articles learn from them don't just pin it do it

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