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This week’s episode features a conversation with Rob Langdon, Author of The Seventh Circle: a Former Australian Soldier’s Extraordinary Story of Surviving Seven Years in Afghanistan’s Most Notorious Prison. I interviewed him for Dragon Door and this episode features a conversion that expands on the interview and explores some interesting ideas that may surprise you (Kettlebells, Convict Conditioning, Context, and Empathy?!) This episode also includes upcoming events, the question of the week, workout tip of the week, a book of the week, and of course some extra surprises. Upcoming Events: Be sure to sign up for the November 16th and 17th Hardstyle Kettlebell Certification and Strength Calisthenics Certification happening in Gaithersburg, Maryland. Master RKC and good friend of many years Michael Krivka will be teaching the HKC, and I’ll be teaching the SCC the next day. Level up your skills as a fitness professional or exercise enthusiast on one special weekend. Two Upcoming Events this weekend—and there’s still time to sign up for them: On Saturday August 17th at noon, be sure to check out the Vintage Strength Training Games happening at The Shop Gym in Manassas, Virginia. This first of it’s kind event will feature competitions with the mace and club. People of all experience levels are invited to participate, complete and/or learn! Find out more about the event by searching for “Vintage Strength Training Games” on Facebook or visiting the Maceworx.com website. I hear there’s also going to be a livestream available so be sure to find out all about that before this weekend if you are not able to attend in person! Also on this Saturday August 17th Systema Instructor Glenn Murphy is leading seminar entitled Against Tension this weekend at NC Systema in Durham, NC. This 4-hour seminar is focused on positioning, biomechanics, and the development of internal power in order to work against strong, tough, powerful opponents. Visit NCSystema.com or the link in the show notes to learn more and sign up. http://www.ncsystema.com/events You can also visit NCSystema.com for more information about local classes in Strength and conditioning with me on Tuesdays and Fridays, or Systema, self defense, and other specialized topics with Systema HQ certified instructors here in Durham, NC. They’re always adding awesome workshops and events to their calendar so check it out now. Question of the Week! How do I add Get-Ups to my workouts? This past weekend I led a four hour intensive and I mean INTENSIVE seminar on the kettlebell get-up and one of the many ideas we discussed was how to add get-ups to our workouts and programming. I’ll add some of the ideas here, but if you would like a copy of the PDF handout from the workshop, please email [email protected] In the mean time, here’s how I like to add get-ups to my workouts and for my clients: Timed Practice a. 3 minutes, 5 minutes “practice” time alternating get-ups with light kettlebell or no weight for workout warmup b. Making a light w eight HEAVY – one side with kettlebell going for 2-5 minutes goal without putting it down. c. Fast Full-Body Workout: 10 Minutes practice time get-ups with moderate kettlebell (or in hotel, a dumbbell!) Working Parts of the Get-Up as individual exercises for reps a. “Get-Up Sit-Up” = start from ground, roll to elbow, push to tall sit b. Half Kneeling Windmill/hinge from the ground to upright and back to ground c. Lunges with Kettlebell Overhead Adding Presses or Small Mobility Moves to upright moments a. Add short sets (1-5) of presses – floor press, tall sit, kneeling windmill, while standing. b. Perform get-up, but pause and make sure you can turn your head at safe intervals. Short set of light get-up (1/1, 2/2) at the beginning of a warm-up circuit Series of Get-Ups with three progressively heavier kettlebells… (12kg, 16kg, 18-20kg) As the first or last part of a main workout circuit Used in pieces as part of a sequence on a variation of the old pretty darn advanced “Furnace” workout: http://giryagirl.com/Orlando-HKC-Helping-Teach-Part-2 and a very advanced version: http://giryagirl.com/Combustion-Chamber-Kettlebell-Workout-Advanced-Level When all else fails, set a “rep goal” for the session or for the entire day (20 get-ups light or no weight for a session, or x number of get-ups with a 16kg for the day) Call for Questions: Call our question line at: (321) 316-3533 and leave a message with your question about kettlebells, calisthenics, food, workouts, and more. Leave your name (and where you’re from) for fame or feel free to remain anonymous. Support GiryaGirl.com HEY! Want to support this and other projects and continue to get free workouts and more? Then visit GiryaGirl.com and the new URL (it all goes to the same place) that points to the same site,KettlebellsOfficial.com to keep up with all the new upcoming events, etc. Support this podcast, the website when you use any of the affiliate links to purchase items like kettlebells, workshop registrations, books, and more. This is how you can support the site and the continued production of more podcasts, workouts, blog posts, videos and more. If you have a relevant product or business and would like to work out a more formal sponsorship call 321-316-3533 and let’s talk! Very limited placements available. Conversation Segment: And now for a chat with Rob Langdon, Author of The Seventh Circle: a Former Australian Soldier’s Extraordinary Story of Surviving Seven Years in Afghanistan’s Most Notorious Prison. Be sure to check the show notes for the interview I conducted with him for Dragon Door. The interview is titled Kettlebells and Convict Conditioning in an Afghan Prison: https://www.dragondoor.com/kettlebells_and_convict_conditioning_in_an_afghan_prison_interview_rob_langdon/?apid=Giryagirl Rob’s book: https://amzn.to/2KszApc Training Tip of the Week: Something I really wanted to get across at the kettlebell get-up intensive seminar was the importance of building good habits. One of those habits that can translate into long term safety and strength is lifting even light kettlebells with the same technique as though they’re heavy. Unfortunately it’s pretty common for extremely strong, even record setting lifters to get injured in an every day activity picking up something relatively light. I do my best to always use correct lifting technique no matter if I am picking up a kettlebell that might be pretty light for me. I also feel like this is an important example to set as an instructor – people will do what I do and I need to make sure I’m doing the right things – it’s a big responsibility. Book of the Week! It’s an audio book this week, though the link I’ve included will lead you to all available formats. It’s Go Wild: Eat Fat, Run Free, Be Social, and Follow Evolution’s Other Rules for Total Health and Well-being by John J. Ratley and Richard Manning. https://amzn.to/2KsLRKg This book was recommended to me by John Du Cane, the CEO of Dragon Door, who has more than a few dietary and exercise habits in common with me. I’m sure this book is also effective in written form, but these past few weeks have been so chock full that I’ve taken to listening to audio books between tasks while driving, etc. to keep up. Go Wild presents some very compelling arguments against the current mainstream lifestyle ideas… and also full disclosure it gives me some scientific justification for a few of my own lifestyle quirks. Find out how you might be able to enhance your own well being by making a few simple lifestyle and eating changes. While the description of the book on Amazon sounds pretty dry, the presentation is compelling and will hold your interest. Good stuff. If you’re consuming books and ideas faster than I can toss them out every two weeks, you may wish to sign up for John Du Cane’s new Sunday Share newsletter. Visit JohnDuCane.com for details and get me some brownie points by telling him the GiryaGirl podcast sent you! That reminds me – speaking of cool things that John has recommended, this coming week will be the sixth week that I’ve had 8 meals delivered from Factor 75. I’ve been incredibly impressed with the quality, flavor and of course nutrition with this ready-to-eat meal delivery program. If you’d like to give it a try for a $40 discount, see the link the show notes. Factor 75 meals are always grass-fed, pasture-raised, preservative free, antibiotic & hormone free, soy free, gluten free, and non-GMO. Give it a try here for $40 off: https://www.factor75.com/get-started?referral=YBY3T Wrapping it up: Thanks so much for listening to this episode of the GiryaGirl.com official podcast. Be sure to subscribe so that you don’t miss the next episode next week. If you like this podcast please leave a review on iTunes, I know it’s a pain but it will really help the show out! https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/official-giryagirl-com-podcast/id862731884 You can also support the show by visiting giryagirl.com or kettlebellsofficial.com. Any purchases you might make through the links on those sites help this show with no additional cost to you. Hope you enjoyed this episode, and I’ll see you in two weeks!
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