Jessica Graf and hubby Cody Nickson give an inside look into their realty lives on and after Big Brother and The Amazing Race. They even share the secret truth behind their engagement story. And in her first "Brutally Honest" segment, Jessica dives deep into her thoughts on social media body shaming and what she is doing to deal with it, especially with her baby bump. Now What is produced in partnership with Podcast One and The Direct Message, and executive produced by Crystal Fambrini and John Ryan, Jr. (Co-Founders of The Direct Message).

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00:00:00the following God gas is part of the direct message Network
00:00:06I don't say I love you to my new fiance the first thing out of my mouth was I hate you
00:00:15I met the love of my life on Big Brother 19 and together we went on to win The Amazing Race season 30 now I'm a newlywed with a new baby on the way so now what do I need just to grab a share the successes in the struggles of Hardcore adulting this is now what
00:00:35hey everybody Welcome to my house. Podcast it's just across coming to you I am from Big Brother 19 and Amazing Race season 3 of this podcast with it's been awhile in the works and it's just a new find out what's going on in our lives from are you two so I'm super excited and that you like it and I have in the studio with me today my handsome husband don't Google him there's like half naked photos originally on Big Brother season 19 original
00:01:35is that a good on the show and were part of an alliance with an unofficial Alliance Alliance my first red flag.
00:01:57I was trying to feel things out first I got that first HOH and then I made some big moves star wing
00:02:11competitions I had a little bit of a crush on him it was because I remember the first couple of days 18 House video alone till my game I mean I'm not going to blame you for my game being around the second one with Jessica that is going to turn into a relationship I just knew it was going to happen on Big Brother you did the first week of ask him if he was going
00:03:11nominate me the closest I've ever been two days later she started rubbing my hand on the hammock and it was on from there to sound like I activated the hand rub my heart she threw her hand over my chest and I was he laid my stomach to put my hand and then you started chicken mushy weather babe it was one of those things as a given I think a lot of people been in that situation before understand I love just as natural that way and from that love people are able to see the basically it progressed turn to something extremely serious and then the popularity from that that put a sound Amazing Race
00:04:11we were kind of remember oh my God house and everything was just completely amazing race car and we are Partners on stoppable so competitive teams we actually ended up winning The Amazing Race 30 but some help from some amazing friends but we made on that show it is just a team sport sad you more help from Indy car guys
00:05:11I like to watch percenters
00:05:17meet you in person if you bold and beautiful makeup again pretty much forcing its I don't know and then I remembered I had like two lines in the episode to every time she would walk into the room and I was supposed to deliver my lines I would just completely fail because I was just
00:06:01Finish Line in bold and beautiful. We finished filming at the end of October and February in between really answer was waiting for a rock to get dropped on my finger actually told her I was coming marriage for a while and you might be thinking that we weren't together for a long time
00:07:01we have always talked about wanting a really big family so we had to start like right away and put the pressure on and he finally popped the question in February like she need a ring on her finger she is pregnant she's pregnant how do I was planning isn't biblically done correctly somehow you waited until you had a ring on your finger before you're pregnant until I had a ring on my finger
00:07:53what's using Ctrl alt at the pressure was on to plan a fall wedding and we got married in October whose great we rode around ballast it's actually nice as part of the California wildfires the last one before that is really cool that Jessica picked out it was a fordable which That's What mattered to me
00:08:41my favorite part of the wedding is something that actually happened before as I was getting was like an hour before I had to be ready for the photos and I was sitting there a person comes and knocks on my hotel room door and it was just knew I was hungry and that I needed to eat something you were in another room in the hotel you just like 10 stay in your bones by the sea
00:09:35who sings 24/7 with somebody I control we spent every waking moment together every sleeping moment together so obviously I know these things I was going to be hungry so I can postmating her Subway sandwich cold feet. I'd like the man that I need to marry me before I need a gentleman gentleman it was only $6 more expensive than that shows their watching mostly because we have the hardest time finding show that we can really get into well we just
00:10:35I have to share it with you guys it's a brand new show that premieres Tuesday January 15th on the CW called Roswell New Mexico from the executive producer of The Vampire Diaries and The Originals I loved the original so this is bound to be great it's about a girl named a beautiful badass after 10 years interest Max Evans a small-town cop whose loved her from afar since they were little kids history chemistry and the connection has a jaw-dropping cosmic twit Roswell the town famous for the UFO landing in 1947 what's the perfect age for a murder and mystery a little sneak peek of the pilot episode and I am already hugged there is so many twists and turns throughout this episode and you are going to instantly fall in love with this couple they are
00:11:35just catch the series premiere of Roswell New Mexico Tuesday January 15th only on the CW didn't even think about me through the threshold of our hotel room in the hotel room romantic I like picking you up at the grocery store the other day and instantly just not the same
00:12:35danger to the baby this little one's going to be born if your birthday is born April 13th is actually the only people in the world is so Mark and Elena were also continue to talk to you
00:13:35and she is born April 19th and then our little one is going to be just a lot going on in the month of April we also bought a house originally wanted to move to Texas like while we were still in the Big Brother house that was always his plan and I was very hesitant to do so without a better place to live and send my Instagram account we are so close to being done to process to make it our own I think if we could end
00:14:32well I don't know here's the thing so one of the reasons I love Jessica is because whenever something needs to get done we do it we don't waste any time we don't hesitate we just do it and she had an idea what you want to the house to look like sing with me and instead of waiting to do Renovations we just start ripping everything out
00:14:54it's all right I mean it is what it is in our forever home it's just like let's just let's just do it and we don't wait around and I thought that by the end of the summer of the house would be completely done and once we started getting out of contract when you get an estimate for a contractor they come back with some outrageous estimate and every time that happens I'm just going to do it myself if there is an issue right there at the same time doesn't take much.
00:15:54get rid of all the stuff and then I've been just kind of building it up from there I accidentally tore down a support wall once I got to figure out how to frame it called me an emergency situation run to the local hardware store getting Lumber and learn how to frame a door and then frame in the door is a process but I figured it out getting a phone call when you're in New York during that your brand new home the second floor might collapse into the first one actually looks great. I did a good job
00:16:35the house is almost there just keep asking us to do video of our house I promise you we will do that it's just taking a lot longer to get done it just might be coming in 2020 the house is renovated my mom is moving to Texas so I just made two grothman Texans my mom is moving I encouraged her to move what she doesn't know if she's going to be pretty much like she's moving to listen to do surprised because she's moving from
00:17:35she understands the importance of having some kind of dog babysitter dogs are such you're slick your thought you're saying I'm talking about it because I just had a dog has a dog
00:18:07example of operation anxiety separation anxiety and doesn't eat unless my parents are around so therefore do that to themselves has separation anxiety as well as our dog but you know I still travel because he just has its tough love has it been a pain
00:19:07she's not even the money wise but just like going somewhere you should be on the phone with any dog by bright as you can follow when you die I'll be devastated Brother house I was out 7 weeks before he was already told me that he didn't really care for Animals he doesn't want doesn't want them to die so because they only unattractive quality in our relationship
00:20:07she wouldn't talk Bears present and now he loves their pets in your little she's lying because she's like she's trying to trick okay so here's why I like they're very smart food and he will walk over and you'll start eating this food or whatever it is you can talk he's a smart.
00:21:05I told Jessica the next dog we have if it's done we need to get rid of it immediately
00:21:16you really think we're going to see each other children or anything like as a child I was stubborn child your mother any I keep the floor in front of her just like a dog
00:21:43anytime I didn't get my ways obviously but I only required symbol obviously I would ever since I was a child
00:22:04NFA tracker
00:22:06this is this is what I'm worried our children are going to be like you
00:22:26what that mean
00:22:38where are the Patriots
00:22:47we'll be right back with more now what
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00:25:07and now back to now what
00:25:12okay so house renovation where we are currently in the next 2-3 months. I'm going to design it but Cody is the nursery is that for our little she is should feel so special and so does anybody else's wife have an entire room for closet it was on Pinterest I was created
00:26:03Promise You original concept Nursery house pretty much like the furniture what do you think
00:26:27couch and a blob air mattress moving boxes and I would use that as my coffee table my TV stand the life of luxury now I was in the military for 10 years I didn't know what I wanted to do after that but I did know that I just wanted to check out the world and see the world the United States so I I I want to Texas my truck and I wanted to check out every city in Texas cuz I knew I wanted to look at texts so I started off of one city spent six months there went to another one went to another one and
00:27:27my truck in at any moment every time they sign a lease agreement because that's how I am trying to find the lowest lease agreement that I possibly could I would spend six months in a place country bars told me while we were actually believed he was going to take me to his home in Texas in the middle of nowhere and there would be like a trailer with a 1800 Ford pickup truck inflatable couch and every two years in the military
00:28:27nicest people like you stereotype Texas
00:28:37that was a cardboard box standard median income house in Texas were very happy with it what time does Century plan for the house that we would be our forever home and we could expand our family right now that we use the upstairs most entire first floor in the back I would want to do is make the rooms as small as possible just just be will have like it been there so that way to Workforce in the family room
00:29:37should never be stuck in a room
00:29:49time when I wanted you to propose I think it was really important I really wanted to do it your way I really wanted to just try and stay as much as possible and let you see something that you were proud of and I don't know how people have liked to your long engagements are not proposing for the dumbest because Ashley because there was pressure from likes
00:30:49cuz he kept saying to me what does that mean what does that mean like I don't want you from proposing
00:31:22I just like to keep my comments to myself. I said the lowest obviously I'm going to propose and I'm going to marry you was pretty much super sleuthing to do to try to figure out that and then not only get the ring but then also figuring out when to surprise you because the problem with being with you 24/7 is how do you understand, I just finally came where I can find a surprise you and worked out perfect to go on my way
00:32:22it was it was it was a one-sided argument that Jessica was having with me I was laughing on the inside cuz I was going to proposed and she was at a certain point with me. As I walked out the door he said to me again for a second skip all shorts and had the freaking ring in his pocket which you should have been able to see in the basketball shorts fit
00:33:22what I was waiting for us to bring it show up that morning and wake up early and get her from the the mail dude and there was this growing anxiety anymore because a part of me thought maybe he was going to propose on Valentine's hairstyle with part of a little part of me was getting more oh my God if he doesn't propose on Valentine's Day she was angry at me on top of the mountain
00:34:22did you watch the video YouTube channel I don't say I love you to my new fiance the first thing out of my mouth was I hate you don't think anyone catches when you go back and watch it. She's both angry and Confused standing up there in our apartment and said no she didn't know that I was up there because I ran the side streets got ahead of her and then ran over by herself
00:35:33freak out again because the apartment we talked about like he told me this morning he said that he didn't know he was going to propose camera individual our engagement ring he said you're not going to be easy just needed the second I saw that I would want to give it to Jessica you was right I mean just a dream
00:36:25I didn't have to do too much.
00:36:36Relationship see the Perfection around it but never fight with you
00:36:56everyone outside of the Steelers wrapping just call me all the reasons why I'm not saying that there's no reason I think one of the key aspects of a successful relationship is if the dude in the relationship is extremely understanding and patient thanks you for what I see it that it's impossible to do that she cheats for yourself but she's also very self-aware so if she's ever in Grand Am
00:37:56nothing's ever that big anyway
00:38:02sing about that you were mad because you wanted to spend the rest your life with me and we haven't said that Sonia really so that you can be a young father father father son relationship yeah whatever we say it's more so it's not because it's kind of like outside factors together people that desire that or they'll have a fight over that things can Brazilians
00:38:58don't push the button
00:39:05Hannibal on the button line sometimes
00:39:13it's time to buckle up because this is my brutally honest moment
00:39:20so I want to have a brutally honest moment with you guys obviously I'm very active on Instagram especially after becoming pregnant to share pictures public started and I think the first thing that I started getting hormonal breakouts just like 90% of women pregnant no it just happens if you have followed me for a long time you know that skin care was always taking care of yourself
00:40:20of course it may not be as confident as giving cook-off I think there's only been one other time, because I try to avoid them to protect myself from feeling anger towards something along the lines I know your pregnant
00:41:20you are so rude and inconsiderate I'm pregnant and constantly being offended you survive more insecure I just like to protect myself and the people that I care about having breakouts because I'm pregnant obviously people are going to comment about my body while I'm pregnant so I just kind of wanted to take away the ability for people to make rude comments
00:42:20pink is a flaw of mine so I avoided it completely changed my mind was because as you and you see your body so drastically change pictures of me being pregnant and I never realized how much I think I looked phenomenal in shape and how I took care of myself and I'm growing a beautiful baby girl my belly so I wouldn't have it any other way and I saw that someone had post-partum it was her in like a sports bra and she was very vulnerable in that moment
00:43:20because I looked at that it was like okay so this is the journey that I'm going to go through and she also posted a picture of where she has like a six-pack and I'm sure it was a journey to get there she's she's equally proud of both and I wanted to get into a space where I was equally proud of both as well and also inspired other women who are going through all of these changes addressing issues better ignoring it completely making that post that there was opportunity for people to write on the photo and of course there are four common stop negative
00:44:20brutally honest moment someone else's ability perfect and they're just tearing down to feel better you're going to go through it don't pay attention to people that you're never going to meet in your life it just doesn't matter much for listening to all of you and I think it's so great that you guys are following me through this next journey and I just ask that you subscribe if you enjoy what you're listening to and you look forward to hearing more and review let me know what you guys are thinking what you want what you want to hear let's just keep this ball Rollin I have to pee
00:45:18thanks for listening to now what with me Jessica Graf new episodes are available weekly on podcast one the podcast one app or wherever you get your favorite podcast and if you love the show don't forget to leave a rating and review
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