This Khutbah was recorded on October 6th, 2017 at the Euless Campus

The story of Prophet Musa (PBUH) and Al-Khidr in Surah Al-Kahf is a source of profound guidance for situations many of us find ourselves facing in our daily lives. It begins with Prophet Musa’s (PBUH) relentless commitment to learning despite the fact that Allah had bestowed so much knowledge on him that his disciples were even called the People of the Book. Although Allah spoke directly to Prophet Musa (PBUH), He decided that these particular lessons will not be prescribed. They must be experienced. In their journey, Prophet Musa (PBUH) watches impatiently as the wise man, Al-Khidr, damages a ship, kills a child and builds a wall without asking for compensation. His actions shock Prophet Musa (PBUH) until Al-Khidr explains Allah’s merciful design. No matter how difficult our trials are in this world, we must have faith that Allah’s plan is always for the best.

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00:00:21the human truly unforeseen Elementary Medina
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00:01:33Mission today is to share with you some highlights from a very unique story in the Quran that says towards the end of South Africa have something we recite every Friday the prophetic way of letting us know that there are lessons in the soda that are going to be relevant in our everyday life especially on the day of Friday and this guy from all kinds of difficulty the story itself is very long and if I run into too much detail it would take longer than the allotted time for the Puppeteer things in particular that I'll try to highlight and I recognize that there are those of you that are listening that may not be familiar with the story so I'll give you something off this as we go this is one of the events in the life of moose great missions have been accomplished the challenge against the Pharaoh is done the crossing of the water is done the Israelites are somewhat there in the desert no excetera and it seems it's in that time frame metal
00:02:33give him a mission essentially but he has to go learn something the first thing I'd like to highlight is musalia saddam's commitment to learning he says when I recited in the beginning of this football he said to his young student his you can pay his intern his foot that is young man in other words he took it with him and he tested him I'm going to continue and stay committed to this journey until I reach the place where two oceans meet even if it means I have to spend multiple time finding it he's telling this to his student all of this the purpose of the journeys he's going to learn from someone so the first thing is teaching the student is that more than anything else he himself is a student teaching his student his own commitment as a student I don't I doesn't matter if it takes me multiple lifetimes
00:03:33I'm just heading in this direction and you're coming along with me but don't ask me to quit because I'm not going to I'm that committed tell Ernie this is a lot of also teaching us about to learn something trivial of course you know that who has the most mention prophet in the Quran he's also the recipient of the largest Revelation volume then the revelation of the Qur'an and he has been given and yet this man is but he's going to go learn and he and by the way to his followers what are they called they're called people of the book
00:04:20meeting people of learning is religion so much learning and so much knowledge that came after him and the people of information and the people of the book extra effort on his part even if it takes him lifetime there's something unique and valuable about these lessons that even the book of a life that time is not going to teach him he has to learn this from somewhere else you did with him in a very rigorous communication and you know this is not the kind of learning that even allowed teacher directly you're going to have to go on a journey but there's a very unique circumstance
00:05:20you don't just pass over this little bit of information you have to appreciate what's going on here the most knowledgeable person in the world you have to go somewhere else and so he goes on what seems like an endless Journey who is this person that he's going to learn from what are his credentials I mean if he's going to be going to become a student of someone we must really learn his name
00:05:51literally as one of ours are narrations and some of the opinions we find his interview schedule is pronounced differently I'm deliberately does not mention his name I need to get an argument with a human or a question you don't have to ask a question of our slaves what is that do that actually teaches us something profound about those who reached the height of knowledge are nothing more than
00:06:36titles are insignificant before where did you graduate from what elevation do you get supposed to be straight up could you just teach me I came all this way cuz apparently you know some things I don't know so why don't you just tell me I'm already tired. We've been pretty exhausted who's been in the desert
00:07:36dying of dehydration to find water ready for me he says who this individual he says to him because of what he's going to learn isn't just words he has to follow him this is the kind of learning that will come from experience if not I can not come from books or words he's going to show me certain experiences so he's asking permission to follow him and only by living those experiences will I learn something and of course his response is you don't have the patience for it
00:08:26I don't see you as capable of withstanding what's going to be coming I don't see that you have the grit the perseverance the patience it takes to learn these lessons by the way excuse me I don't have patience you know who's leader I am when we fly in the kind of things they said to me
00:08:57he doesn't say that clearly Musa Ali Salam you and I know his patient has been tested throughout his life these lessons his teacher is telling him they're not that easy it's going to test your patience you're going to lose it you're not going to be able to withhold recorded like that about moose on Instagram you'll find me patient in Chandler Wheels I'm not saying that I have that I will demonstrate patience for this Learning Station
00:09:46any buses will only be learned if you're in my patience is tested if we're put in difficult circumstances these lessons are directly related to difficulties and hardships where your patience and your grace is going to be put to the test go on their way instead of me going
00:10:22Athena ride with you so there's a favor the circumstances not just about to ship understand now we have a situation where there are people who did other people a favor the people that own the shift starts going you could imagine goes to the bottom of the ship and start ripping out the planks and damaging the ship is now starting to sink from inside
00:11:01you just damaged unheard-of thing you're doing
00:11:13the teacher turn statement says
00:11:24don't penalize me from this mistake and don't make this hard for me find fine but you do what you do but before we go any further I want you to appreciate something they are people that are going to be in your life and mine that you might be doing something good to
00:11:45you need something good to them and they do something terrible to you
00:11:49you're saying what
00:11:52why would you do this to me
00:12:02the last person you should be hurting is the one who did good to you I taught him how to do archery everyday and when his shot got really good shot me. This idea is so weird I was helping you anyway this is the first lesson they go on
00:12:36and I want to listen to see this kid is an absolute shock intervened you remember earlier on his in his life
00:13:09and he went up and he just stopped
00:13:15the shock and anger and frustration of
00:13:22are you serious have you killed it having or this child having committed any crime what kind of evil have you just committed and the teacher turns to him again what does corpse of a child in front of him and says you can't handle this
00:13:49anything else than okay you don't have to accompany I got it okay from my end I have no excuse are you you have every reason to leave if I if I if I do if I cross the line one more time I've been disqualified is the other nobody did anything to you
00:14:20you have nothing to do with this one and this is also something
00:14:31and 8 for what did I do.
00:14:36The people refuse to be hospitable to them in the least bit hey do you know where the water shut the door in their face pushing them around offering them any help you know I don't know which one of the strongest staring at him like something like they're not welcome here what you doing here stranger broken down and is tipping over you eat onions and looks like it's going to tip over in damage the whole street and his teacher says we're going to work on this wall what do you fix this whole lot
00:15:27people are cursing at people don't care for them people are clearly getting to know you better leave here you better get out of here and they're fixing up the street in the middle everything is well in the middle
00:15:42they won't even give us so much as a sip of water we've been working in laboring here all day building this wall
00:15:50if you want
00:16:00that much and he says this is it this is the time you and I part how about your uncle Vinny and ending with a part of knowledge and so now he tells him the reasoning behind all three of these there was a greater friend from Allah
00:16:30and in this plan those people who ship was destroyed actually their ship was about to be seized by the Navy the King was taking every ship to at the Navy when they came by their shift is all the ship is damaged you said no good for the Navy to let it go you're going to suffer damages they're going to have to fix it but at least I still get to keep them in the future this child was going to be a criminal's tyrannical to his parents and his parents also relief a great Calamity that was a nobody could have known that accept a lot
00:17:08in the case of this wall I love was looking out for two orphans in that town that was so mean to them whose father left a great deal of money behind and that money was buried under that wall if that wall tipped over people would have seen that treasure they would have the kind of people they are in a strong enough and Skip to protect their assets and then they dig up what is there's this was the last plan but in all of this something terrible that happened what I'm getting at is sometimes and you're not going to
00:17:54sometimes people are going to do terrible things to you you haven't done anything to them
00:17:59look for them to you or somebody else you see these are these things around you and when this happens your patience is going to be tested how can they get away with it why would they do this I want to give you one more place in the fraud which is also in a sense related to the people very interesting language
00:18:22you know the Israelites when they were established their finally became an independent nation eventually a lot of the weather in the history of the Jews in the history of the Israelites they were ransacked and invaded by Foreign Nations multiple times in a major major invasions in suicide understand that I'm understand what that means, but they broke into every home you don't have to go further when you describe soldiers Breaking Inside homes then you know what happens next. Doesn't have to be spelled out Terry's going to civilian Town name kinds of atrocities take place
00:19:20send to invade over you Servants of ours
00:19:31the strangest free those people disbelievers to terrible terrible things they don't even know if they're serving a larger plan from
00:19:49they don't even know they are actually at a service
00:19:56they don't even know why this is happening to them they don't see the future script going to test your patience because you don't know what's behind the scene all you see is what's happening in front of you don't know what's going on in the background that is only this is Allie will be unseen Ever Seen Crazy parents who lost a child or not going to say oh yeah I guess he was going to get older and be a big pain
00:20:38I wish you died when you were young because you can read it if you take something you're experiencing a kind of situation where you can understand why this is happening to you and then still don't think this is the best thing for you to do good in this for you
00:21:31it was good enough for you if you can internalize that then you learned one of the most important lessons in the
00:21:38one of those lessons that could not have been easily even if it's not easy for you and me to internalize it wasn't even expecting to turn into Angel we're not being expected to not be frustrated even if he can be able to handle it and we are going to go through those circumstances that we have to take a step back sometimes I just look at a loss plan and say I submit to it and I'm going to accept that
00:22:28and this is a lesson that was on days that I've had to be given we are not going to have someone like you know Musa teacher who will walk around with us and when something bad happens you going to by the way I know you're frustrated but you know the real thing you know you lost your job right now and you're really upset but actually a much better job is coming and you would never have even applied for it if this didn't happen and you're going to move to the town you always wanted to move to find out for you but I just want to tell you that's why right now I know you're pretty depressed cuz you don't have any saving my money to pay the rent and electricity bills and everything is falling apart but just wanted to let you know there's something in the source code you didn't understand that's going to happen
00:23:09that's not going to happen that's only with that messenger and that lesson that he had to learn that there's always a plan because of the story we always plan of a life always always meant meant to be something good you know that knowledge that this man had or this individual
00:23:36he says about this individual I gave him a mercy that comes especially from us and then secondarily says we gave him a noise that comes especially from us another words that knowledge that he has before it is even know it is a mercy
00:23:50before it's even knowledge like Mercy it didn't look like Mercy from the eyes of the Unseen there's Mercy in that too and really a heart that can withstand difficult circumstances that are laying down on you there's something good behind this that is on the horizon just have to hold on to your faith
00:24:50Ali Muhammad

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