Dennis Fois, CEO, NewVoiceMedia, reflects on the challenges of leading a scale up through fast growth, the importance of vulnerability and permission to fail and why radical simplification and execution are the difference between winning and losing at scale.
- Why CEO’s must abstract themselves from the problems they are trying to solve
- If you build a great team, you must let them shape the vision
- On bastardising McKinsey’s Three Horizons!
- Stand back from your ideas - the moment you find yourself defending an idea too hard start to question yourself.
- In a world of no absolutes it is vital people can develop ideas without fear of failure.
- Why Dennis learned to love the SFD - the shitty first draft!
- Why radical simplification and execution are the differences between winning and losing at scale.
In-depth article: http://notion.vc/resources/radical-simplification-and-the-beauty-of-execution-with-dennis-fois/
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