Straight from her Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom premiere, actress Daniella Pineda joins us this week. She shares how she stumbled into acting, always being prepared to be a superhero, and what it was like work with animatronics. She also delights us with tales of Jeff Goldblum.

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00:00:08Hey Jack third resulting how are you I'm good welcome to another episode of not you do very much you're welcome very much today we have an exciting young sprite lead talented female Danielle up Kaneda on today's episode yeah and I'm really excited because I've actually been a fan
00:00:26of hers have either a long time actually really how did you get into the Danielle a penne the school of entertainment so believe it or not she actually auditioned for me to really back in New York in back in twenty eleven yeah and so I was trying to
00:00:40castor in this shown alternately the EP's overruled me I didn't get to but I'm I was like your team Danniella yeah I really was because I was like she is funny and beautiful and she's got this really rad tech too and I was like she's gonna be assumed
00:00:55to be a huge star I just knew she gonna be you start I was like I want to get in on the his before she's like Superman and sure enough and then the seven years later she's not on the new Jurassic world I know and that's things like
00:01:05really cynical like saw her than she was doing shows for MTV for awhile and then and then when we got you know pitch this like Hey would you wish and having Daniel Pineda and I was like wow what she'd been doing %HESITATION courses in the new Jurassic world
00:01:17that's amazing yeah she's got a lead role in dress a world phone can fall in the kingdom yes which is probably out by the time we released this episode podcast course I'd I'm so curious because to me I'm like I pursue entertainment I like to audition and that's
00:01:33why I don't like to audition hate it's so deeply and thoroughly but it's insane I've been watching her story of like seeing herself on billboards and sang really to that that it must be this god damn world when also I just gotta know about Jeff Goldblum animalistic you
00:01:50gotta know about Jeff Goldblum there's a lot of Jeff Goldblum questions that are gonna take over this podcast yeah so I had my apologies in advance Daniella I'm very excited there's three like very interest like alright and Chris Pratt Chris yeah I guess and also does press hard
00:02:05on the very curious about all three of those personality to her bangs stay so in place for all of the mis adventures they have had all of the running around and he'll cash I mean I've as a woman that's cutter on banks twice and they get messed up
00:02:22when I likes stand up I don't know how she does it so hopefully we'll get the inside scoop Anna and also like just working in a film that is so much like C. GI though yeah you actually so strange to it's going to be so silly acting acting
00:02:36off of to agree that tennis ball is gonna eat you alive scared and cry yeah but I'm I I'm I'm excited because I actually just got back from a trip in Hawaii which is basically Jurassic Park which is basically dress apart yeah and so %HESITATION I fell in
00:02:53love with that I never been alive before it's good it's beautiful it's amazing it's Hawaii it's alive yes everything you think it is yeah and I think she just got back from the because they're doing a big press event there were Jeff Goldblum was singing Jurassic Jurassic hearty
00:03:09difficult movie Jurassic Park themes because we just did we just did an episode of Jurassic Park for popcorn yeah tonight and one of our favorite things that we found is people on YouTube have taken the theme song from Jurassic Park and added their own lyrics and their leader
00:03:24yes so stupid I've the old memes where people play like the recorder fantastic yeah that's a classic classic view and take the piss out of something that sounds so epic I wouldn't know what Steven Spielberg feels about that with the composer %HESITATION generally yeah he probably thinks it's
00:03:42hilarious he's gado or he hates it deeply I don't know I think he's really got a good will find out Daniel now yeah I have all the answers Danielle did have a I noticed today on her Instagram she had a photo with Steven Spielberg yeah %HESITATION honor instrumentals
00:03:56like so jealous you wouldn't know one of my heroes yeah she's existing in a very Bizarro universe right now that we're gonna dive straight into excited at and find out all about that and also that Jack will be able to directly relate to all of his experiences in
00:04:12Hawaii yeah can't we talk what was the closest what was the activity and why you did that was the closest to running away from velociraptor I guess kayaking with basically the modern day running away from raptors so I don't they're really going to impress anyone that but isn't
00:04:29that is the premise of the show of the movie that there's like a like a volcano goes off yeah that's how weird that that yeah that's exactly what's going on right now yeah they're trying to preserve the animals and then some bad guys I think are trying to
00:04:41sell the animals for like foul play this sort of scenario see like higher like a velociraptor hit man fault that idea there's some weird sex trafficking like overtones of these dinosaurs at the trial yeah yeah I must admit I don't get too deep about I want to find
00:05:00out about Bryce Dallas Howard's banks is yours I would again got it let's let's get into it let's start this interview with Danielle yeah not too deep to the yes what's occurring with occurs about today's episode not sponsored by the beyond a burger beyond me I'd heard of
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00:07:51not did yelled everyone I did yell yeah I mean is that must be is a pet peeve are you just kinda over it I don't really I used to correct people and now I'm like yeah whatever no I don't have any memory I I called her memory for
00:08:04like the first year of our friendship and she can correct me until like another friend a bar was like you know its memory and a boy watching her in interviews and people saying memory all the time I just wonder is anyone every lands exactly and so that's why
00:08:18your brain automatically pronounces it that way but she's at the same point do or just like I just stopped correcting people yeah I mean it seems people I work with two and like you know me is it because both of your names and in a you think a
00:08:33that would make it easier to write for before reason it just doesn't %HESITATION well we'll make sure to say Danniella even less you have any nicknames that you prefer %HESITATION as this is something really does I remember when I went to the name what was it like angry
00:08:56like like crazy Matt how could face cut face well yeah well on Instagram and I wrote my manager like can I change what can legally not him but I just had to change for this movie to I was the real metal thing that that I have in this
00:09:10research that you were the real middle finger and you change it and to the point that you were so known as the moment of anger that the person that has that account now their bio has to say like I'm not Daniella Pineda I I wanted to write that
00:09:23person to be like you be good to that may I had to change it but you know you had to yeah I didn't want to ban it for brand recognition I feel like we will be able people Google you and then they can find you bad my Instagram
00:09:38that that it was the real little finger and the profile picture was a lady from the shining school I was cute I was very sad yeah what can match and why they wanted you to change but now it's not Daniella Pineda yeah which is totally original pretty sure
00:09:56TJ Miller was the first to come up with that his was like not TJ Miller that I've had that issue on like Snapchat grace Helbig was taken and then you're like what do I do it and then I went with real grace Helbig which sounds so obnoxiously like
00:10:10pretentious than everyone else's like fake but this is I don't know why I yeah I had I panicked basically good news is Snapchat's dead yes a dormant account yes through a culture thank you for being here because you just had your premiere last night last night I was
00:10:28like asking them I was going through like a stalker and your Instagram year in new Instagram handle and I was like could she trust and it puts this last night this is twelve hours ago yeah it was cool it was crazy like right now my Andre who's here
00:10:44my boyfriend we were like we're we've just been going through Getty images and like for a phone call I got in all of them I think all I don't like here it's so good your dress looked incredible your hair was awesome the what is the feeling of you
00:11:03have to describe to someone that's never experienced it the feeling of I liked thirty adults screaming at you to take their your photo I have no I don't know how to describe it now I feel like the people who are used to that stuff for like if you're
00:11:21a kid or if you're in your early twenties or you know and it happens to you you're just used to it like I am not used to it right on very regular ask person with a very regular **** life it's still regular but like last night was just
00:11:34so incredibly surreal I'm surprised the people it sounds silly I'm surprised people know who I am oh yeah yeah like a we were %HESITATION so you know the premier's last night the day before that the day before I arrived from Hawaii and we went to you know Chris
00:11:53always wants to do things for the troops and we had a screening at Pearl Harbor alone and a guy came up to me and and headed mia and he's like Hey a picture and Chris was standing right there does it all yeah sure you know I'll take it
00:12:06is no no with you and he hands the camera Chris Pratt what it you taking a photo of that photo happening pretty good out is really good about documenting a lot of crazy I mean that but it seems like you're just kind of at the beginning stage of
00:12:28like this whole press junket this whole press store on like a an egg and I kia that's just being born is just how is it going so far as it looks nuts I mean the billboards everywhere plastered all over everything like it's almost like it's a really big
00:12:42movie yeah like yeah like a couple dollars into it really marketing and marketing I don't know if this is confirmed or true but I heard that the marketing for our film is double what Avengers what age should adventures but we take everything everyone says on our progress as
00:13:05strict fact yeah yeah that's how it happened as it should be on the look at things back everything goes up on the internet it's basicly faxes so if we've learned anything from Twitter that's how the world works that's why I hate chemtrails I've been down that road the
00:13:22theory rabbit hole boy let's not get on the thought of in that can't work what's been the most most nuts thing so far and the whole press tour shenanigans of it all could you do the movie and then you how long was it from wrapping shooting to now
00:13:39it coming out you know it's funny is the waiting period right wrapping the movie being like a late and having that hive having just shot the film and then going back to my life and just sitting around waiting and then like about I would say two weeks before
00:13:59this all happened to me was about three weeks ago I kind of had like a mini meltdown Tom because no one wanted to talk to me I had to magazine shoots that like you know we're supposed to happen in like didn't happen it was like a well we
00:14:15don't know she is like you know in the movies come out yet no one seen use right like you know there's only so much that like my team can do because no one knows who I am sure but it it was like Noelle's talked me nobody cares this
00:14:28other than having a crisis moment of self of being like what's my worth what the value is are we just just stupid but it's true it's like you would think you do a movie like this it's all gonna come somewhat I already have really low expectations might share
00:14:43I think is the healthiest way to be in the entertainment yeah in general yeah I mean like you know I'm I'm lucky enough to I'm shooting a movie when I go back to New York City is like you know small cool indie with a lot of cool people
00:14:56but you know how come the next gig yeah yeah still hunt down that job in addition like crazy like you know it's nuts but also you have this insane press tour for this giant thing but I imagine that the period in between you wrapping to this now like
00:15:10premiering is like watching someone else have your baby you just wait and wait and wait yeah I hope when it comes out it's good and healthy happy linger sent I like cute clothes yeah yeah and I I you know in their work a couple of times I got
00:15:25a little panicked because well you know one it's like people ask me about the movie but I still had seen it yet right so I hope it's good yeah one yeah actually I am it exceeded my expectations but but something that really panicked me too when I had
00:15:44this mini meltdown was I was told that in the movie there's a reference that my character there's this really cool scene I shot with Chris Pratt's like me Chris and all these mercenaries in a car and I look at Chris some kind of like looking about the down
00:15:59like yeah good square job muscle structure tall strong I don't date men but if I did you'd be it yeah and %HESITATION call and wrote me and he said Hey I just wanna let you know because the sick for times like the you know we cut the movie
00:16:14down to two two hours originally was like two hours and forty minutes or something yeah I saw that it was a really big yeah they need to cut a lot so you know there's a lot of a lot of babies that were yeah baby love Daves RL in
00:16:27which you live editing reference not actual babies don't worry yeah so yeah it's a good editor really I think you kill your baby yeah I'll for sure then and now in two thousand eighteen it's not such a light term to be able to use a singular babies they
00:16:42abort your jokes works really well if that didn't make it in the way he did it in at that time there were a lot of articles about characters big franchises who it's like yeah they allude to the fact that you know their LGBTQ but they are about to
00:16:59say and I was really really really excited yeah I have that be a part of the character of and you know they didn't cut it because they didn't want to it was written in the script yeah I was to be in the movie was for time but I
00:17:12I was like sort having a panic attack of like being the person to speak on behalf of the band I was using a shout that which is kinda nuts and I mean especially right now it's a I'm sure like you said it's really wonderful to have the opportunity
00:17:26to be able to like represent that kind of community and then now I'll be like a spokesperson for like why isn't this fully represented like yeah I was a weird harsh line or no one's ever completely happy as an audience member right how things are represented yeah it's
00:17:40nuts it stresses stressed me out that's why stop making so many jokes on Twitter because it'll stressed out about their role little bit walking on eggshells right now but we are we are we totally are transitional period yeah I mean there's a light at the end of this
00:17:56tunnel you're right a nuclear light like a light hopefully so you used to and correct me if I'm wrong if you still do make you two videos and were involved in the whole world I'm I was so I was very if the draft is if you she was
00:18:15like a time line I'm lazy in the Jurassic era of view too beginning stages getting state yeah so when it was pure and often yeah you know before the beauty of Logan Paul yeah that Mister America I am a a you know I would make use YouTube videos
00:18:36were years that I was probably maybe two thousand ten yeah I think I was making these you tube videos for fun yeah and they were oddly enough the video that's I guess got me discovered was this video why play this dumb actress who's being interviewed by Lynn Hirschberg
00:18:55of The New York Times I waddle after test some of them are great of them are like real painful %HESITATION and I made a mock one so the funny thing is that I got discovered from a video were making fun of an actor and my manager my now
00:19:13manager approached me said you should be an actor and I was like god no it wasn't even on your radar at that time no not at all I I came to New York to be a producer to work on horror movies and all that's also gets working independent
00:19:25film %HESITATION never to be to be in I I did if I was in front of the camera I I could see myself doing something like a daily show like hosting as yourself yeah I would school for journalism I could use my degree and I could storm do
00:19:39comedy so that was you know sort of where I thought maybe if I was lucky it could go yeah yeah and here you are now address grilled but also I think in terms of like aquilo actors actresses performers you handle your social media still really genuinely and authentically
00:20:00you just like throw yourself out there throughout things that you think are really funny without like you're reading this like perfectly coiffed like here's beautiful photos and only beautiful and right or like I'm so cool I don't even have an Instagram yeah yeah yeah you know the real
00:20:14real cool kids that just are still unavailable right which as you know it's the one thing that I do worry about is how delicate mystery is so true yeah and you know Andre's very like don't do you know he's more like a bee on the private side of
00:20:34the way yeah history and there's where is the balance and how much you share on line of your real life versus how much you professionally proposed to the internet completely but where I could see it going is one I'm not good at not being myself which is good
00:20:49ultimately gonna give me a lot of hot water but I'm not good enough I'm not good at I I've never been no I'm you know a **** cool kid or whatever is that you are talking as actors yeah yeah yeah that they're not available yeah I never been
00:21:04that way so you know and I like to do for around and I like to **** around yeah I think things are funny but also you know I see people like Kevin Hart and the rock who just post a lot but they also pose funny **** in there
00:21:20they have a lot of flexibility and there aren't any like mega female superstars that also have that funny edge that also just feel wrong yeah a little bit that feel a little bit like they don't have a manager in the background telling them right changer Instagram plant and
00:21:37tells us what I'm saying is I want under armor to approach me and give me a call okay so anything you are missing a big UFC fan yes how did this happen also you I I want to find out about training for this because I was deep diving
00:21:51like this doctor that I am into your Instagram and looking at all of your like Brooklyn training videos of like lifting tires like you're in the world strongman competition like what so you were already into that kind of thing did you get into that because of like training
00:22:04for roles and that sort of thing I think what it was I've always worked out a lot sure because it keeps me from going crazy Amalthea asks me from burning down all the building had yet shout out to the right and so I always want to stay in
00:22:25shape but I also know that if you ever have the opportunity to say being one of these Marvel films yeah but they're not gonna give you any time to train so you had already in shape to be ready for whatever life might throw you right so just I'd
00:22:41that's a good mantras like always be ready for a Marvel film into this matter you've been practicing running from dinosaurs yeah while pretty much what is she doing I wake up and say do I feel like for today and then I go on with my day you could
00:22:57go down hoping I just wanna be Hemsworth so perhaps that family sorry I love the laundry to with it Chris Hemsworth wife she's real person or any there are these greens like because I'm happy who are you how do you think yeah when you're like oh yeah god
00:23:28and creates like beautiful creatures that exist that are unattainable and it's just the Hemsworth's and their significant others yeah bless and what's his name he gets Liam Hemsworth gets major props for being with my desires that's what turned around Herber I mean she's the queen of re branding
00:23:44yes you really is that but so you're into it training and you're into UFC what got you into UFC I want to kick me in the UFC I'm I I started watching ultimate fighter and I I became so hooked on that show because I think that was the
00:24:05first time I sort of been introduced into like fighter mentality and eat like a lot of these fighters were trying to get into the UFC will have nothing they have had a hard for a license all they want to do is fight and so it's more the human
00:24:18interest side of leg yeah why yeah I'm really interested in there but they're who they are yeah and %HESITATION and it's it is very athletic and I you know I used to be I think a while back I used to be like oh you know that stuff so
00:24:31boxing so violent and me and my family is no Mexicans are Cecil boxing so I grew up watching boxing a lot and I always feel like I'm not so into that but now I realize that you know it's consensual these people are putting themselves in this position yeah
00:24:45they work their **** off and %HESITATION you know I think Ronda Rousey was like a big draw for me too what do you think is I'm obsessed well I got into you go see it as sort I dated a guy that was really into it and I had
00:24:57the same mentality that I'm like this is just bar fighting in a cage is is too violent it's too gross read a and then we need to well sort of but when I was with him most of mortgage he would watch it more regularly but because I understood
00:25:09that there's you know strategy that they're they're not drunkenly fighting each other to one of them dies or their friends pull them out of the ring right there is actually that to the mat exactly and there's athleticism and there's you know just like their sport behind it and
00:25:24%HESITATION now I've recently been superb tested WWE because it's like sports and theatre come right into one and run around the is now made her debut into the WWE and she was met with mixed emotions from like the majority of people but she's been amazing I was like
00:25:42how could anyone be anything but happy for her how could anyone be like you know I mean listen issue rough around the edges gaffe yeah did I think it was later that she didn't like shake hands with people during her matches yeah sure also like she's a ****
00:25:57bad **** like it is not just an actor she can actually beat the **** out of people exactly that's a terrifying thing about her being in WW now is that one she is up to acting game because you need that more than like fighting in WW yeah so
00:26:10she was kind of soft spoken now she rules but also I would be **** scared to go against her knowing that Debbie Debbie is not quote unquote real fighting so if she sees read all the sudden and then really arm bars you and break your **** shoulder you
00:26:26can't tap out of madness here's the **** out of me her and a sideboard Chris cyber at and say I'm not familiar I've been so out of it yeah go to you tube type and cris cyborg there is a a documentary there's a short like forty minute documentary
00:26:40about her okay she's she's what she's she's the most lethal female fighter really world and %HESITATION her trainer he first met her she was a real last name's been no just makes her sound and I was like that's such a cool as the only job you have is
00:26:57ultimate fighter I have to watch that would you ever go into UFC absolutely not okay that I had it on my way yeah I'm a spectator would you stay in that lane yeah exactly %HESITATION okay I have to ask about Jeff Goldblum away I think god my life
00:27:19is changed yeah tell everything give us the hot Goss okay Jeff Goldblum I like that you're readjusting your microphone Jeff Goldblum Ted talk please so people you know I didn't get to meet him while we were shooting and I remember the hair and make up women in London
00:27:39who I worked with they were like on my **** caves apps and you're like okay you're there to say that because god yeah and %HESITATION and then I've I've I've talked to a lot of people who worked with him in like we talked to some girls the other
00:27:53day who are like yeah we're working on a movie with them that we were in a church somewhere in like Atlanta and he started or Savannah and he was playing the piano for one of them was no place out here yeah so he's how do you need to
00:28:06go to his his show it's meant test may realize she went and he'd like look there in the audience and I grabbed her hand was just like you have fantastic hands doesn't have the manicured it always like they're just really raw and she was like it was the
00:28:20weirdest most wonderful moment of her whole idea how that's how he makes everybody yeah he came up to justice Smith who plays Franklin in our movie and he had a just adjust it has like this little mole on his left the psychology looks like a it looks like
00:28:35a bad side tellement what are you trying to sleep with me and he will do it he's trying to sleep with every included that like he if he approaches you no matter what your orientation is you're you're like something happens you're like that I have exotic this must
00:28:54happen okay yeah yeah and also I feel like he's just grown into a parody of himself as the character there's folklore about him and I feel like I know him I've never met him he's like our generation's Christopher Walken the yeah yeah but you know what I will
00:29:08say is there's not a single mo he's very flirtatious and yet there is not a single moment where I ever feel uncomfortable yeah I guess his version of learning like it that's how he communicates I feel it is to everyone so it doesn't feel like flirting feels like
00:29:24it's true either understand flirting because the comparison is you watch someone else not flirt so I understand when they're Florida doesn't turn off like he and that he's on that level he's in that zone constantly so when I first met him we were doing was the today show
00:29:38knows that Telemundo interview the day before perfect he comes out in the first meet him yeah right of any comes up to the call Danielle it is like racing great I can't I don't think I don't famous person has ever made me feel that way like I imagine
00:30:00if I may say but like he came up to me and my heart was like pounding in the way he moves he looks like a praying mantis I can't bring me this in a leather jacket smooth blanket but also like silly mood yeah joints lubricated possibly moving like
00:30:24that and he I remember it that if you watch our Telemundo interview most of it is like to be sitting next to Goldblum and just watching him watching the interview I'm watching Goldblum because he's staring and he does this thing really he has his hand like I don't
00:30:40know how you describe the way my hand looks right now but just like a holding an invisible girl yeah and he sort of brings it back and forth to his face and he listens so whole heartedly yeah eyes are like squinting in like he gives you all the
00:30:56attention I was like holy **** like he's so much more gold blew me that I'm crazy I've never met anyone like you before yeah he's seems complete he seems like a space cadet that's completely dialed in at the same time that he's like this flighty completely present person
00:31:14that is the best way to describe it it's so bizarre and he's fascinated by just things that catches attention math if a feather fell in front of his face while he was giving like a speech at a you know whatever college commencement speech or something yeah that'd be
00:31:31forty minutes about this feather now falling from the ground it's he seems on real it is the scene between him and Laura Dern when he's putting the water on her hand like at her reaction I now that it says not acting I wake up soon I mean now
00:31:51I just on a movie with you and him like a buddy cop film of the two of you would be on freely I dreamed I posted a picture of me and him the day of our last exit posting every single picture because this will experience a like this
00:32:08could be it you know I'm gonna get as good as this would not have Pete early the sense of like bizarre criticism and cynicism in no way to know that appreciate what's happening right now legally and so it's great that you're doing that because so many of the
00:32:25people don't do that they just assume that yeah Chris rock has a has a quote that's here today gone today yeah I **** firmly believe in that contract so if there is a dream project that you could do in the future what would it be I think a
00:32:44dream project is that there's a dream project that I would have that I'm that I'm making yeah it is a dream project that I would want to be a part of okay %HESITATION if they made a movie like the other guys but I loved that movie that is
00:32:58one of my yeah I like the lads like toward the second or third act but it that's one of my favorite movies that movie makes me laugh like no other movies yeah money I would love to be in just that kind of comedy yeah %HESITATION I would love
00:33:12to be a comedic lead and I actually think I could do a really physical comedy like you know in a Jim Carey worlds L. yeah yeah that would be a goal and then my other big big big big big life goal is just to finally start producing and
00:33:28making this horror movie that I'm writing yeah you said your you originally wanted to get into horror lab in something since you're younger you went to school for journalism yeah I mean the the the decision to go into you know entertainment or film and television that didn't come
00:33:46until later but my love of horror movies has been very real ever since I was very young lay out you know well other kids were watching like The Little Mermaid I was watching The Little Mermaid and I was watching Hellraiser I watch he not only gave the PTSD
00:34:02but yeah yeah you have a healthy sense of cynicism and the fact that you could get gruesomely murder to any time in your life yes and if you're obsessed with serial killers you know that you could be a target of Qatar yes definitely obsessive serial killers is I
00:34:16don't know much is so much like true crime and %HESITATION cold documentaries has just like kept me awake at night yeah which is really fun like constant level of anxiety to just whirling we choose to falsely to those because %HESITATION you're fascinated by the fact that you could
00:34:34be kidnapped and murdered at any time and then you find the stories of people actually having that happen now do you have a thing where like with the past couple years I'm like alright who I know is a sociopath yes do I know is a psychopath yes really
00:34:46superficially charming who like I always try using categorize yeah yeah find out that people seem a little bit different than you originally thought looking at me we're sorry Jack take a quick break and when we get back we have a bunch of Twitter questions for you you right
00:35:04back with more Danielle okay no not today to this episode of not too deep is brought to you by our good buddies at Casper we talk about them all the time I have a cast for mattress I absolutely love it Jack is coming in hot with a brand
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00:37:15dot com slash savings to save up to two hundred and twenty five dollars off your order valid until July ninth we're back with and Daniel banana and before we get into some Twitter questions I'm gonna ask you the two questions I ask every guest that is on the
00:37:32podcast and the first is who alive or dead would you most want to throw cold spaghetti act throw cold spaghetti at nine AM Stalin oh wow immediate answer of yeah wow right not a good guy now alright we'll know more follow up to that yeah so it's cool
00:37:55and the other thing I ask every gas is to tell us their worst pant shooting story but you can or close call but you can only use three words or three small phrases so mine is college jogging front lawn okay we receive frontline yes the word like that
00:38:13you can you can use a mix of smoking or just three single where I got it Vancouver hot yoga prunes well as brutal wow okay but leave it all in Canada the one thing I do when asked for him to try to questions what is it like you're
00:38:34doing a lot of acting again see GI yeah so you're doing a lot of like pretend on top of pretend which is already acting right yeah so like what is that like you know it's not as hard as people may sink I remember I'm I do remember however
00:38:53like one of my favorite movies of all time is contact with Jodie foster that's like one that's like that may be a reason why I like went into the business your %HESITATION India and encourage higher performance in that like you know inside that that the word ball or
00:39:08it was CG I could see how that could be hard but I'm you know when it comes to being surprised or having a reaction or feeling sad you know a lot of times G. A. would he would do what Kubrick used to do which is he would over
00:39:23the loud speakers he would play a song usually if you know something scored or something short of motion picture you know models sound tracks any would play that to give us a sense of what he wanted and the tone will it really help angle %HESITATION interesting unusually in
00:39:41our movies are an art in this movie when we are acting to something like that it's usually quiets right so he can play music it's not like a lot of talking sure sure sure usually you're writing you're running from a dinosaur or you're staring at a dinosaur right
00:39:57you're reacting yeah playing while they're wild scenes happening how well that's interesting yeah and so that was really helpful and the other thing too is that like we worked on I worked with the animatronic blue and that was the craziest thing that I've ever seen yeah what a
00:40:15life what is that in real life that's literally it's this thing that cost like I don't know how many Bentleys to make sure I don't it was crazy don't spill your wine on it yeah yeah yeah or someone will at university and I read this it at its
00:40:32eyes would dilate if if like if you simplify slide into it come alive dilate the blink the the eyes around cool in that freezing veins well he's dudes crazy like I know it's it's literally in a I which is one of my biggest fears against getting murdered and
00:40:50kidnapped a I it's gonna kill you also okay I can't believe I'm saying this go ahead here but this really weird for not on their donor editing we were thing happen to me I was I don't know how to **** describe this I was on a plane and
00:41:04I was sitting next to a woman I'm a salad a crazy person though I'm not here not here I was sitting next to a woman and I was having a conversation with her the entire time huh because I kept looking into her eye okay this is gonna sound
00:41:18**** I cannot wait you know when you look at a cat and it's the the behind the people an elective okay this one woman's role right I was blinking a red white one way like I tex Audrey I was like next to me and I said I am
00:41:42I crazy there's no light reflecting the window and I see this blinking theater people know that's no it's not so bad she crazy no he hasn't gone crazy because I believe this they probably are slowly putting these a I wrote but it's like you better be tested him
00:42:01out seriously just started season to a west world I don't need this **** my life right now really **** weird anyway let's talk about you I have a variety of it so he this giant like animatronic dinosaurs was so real that it was like an AI in there
00:42:26about twelve puppeteers underneath it were working right you know and it was cool that it was you know the the benefit of usually coming not anti CGI's shore no I you know when it's bad seed your eye and you can tell it's like yeah I Andre says like
00:42:44if it's used to enhance right because sometimes it'll take you out of the action that's happening if you're obviously if yeah yeah if it's enhancing something that's already there than it's really really cool like I love the the fox in anti Christ but says chaos reigns of CG
00:43:01I and it looked so real like it'll if its use a certain way it's great but charm %HESITATION but I don't prefer it I prefer working with an animatronic because an animatronic you can react to what it's doing the puppeteers and say Hey I'm gonna do this thing
00:43:16at this time right and then you know have her respond to that it's so much more fun than you know working with authentic you're having authentic reactions to the sleep thing that's in front of your face rather than like yeah here's a tennis ball pretend it's scary yeah
00:43:31and we're gonna take seven takes of it yeah but there was still that too right oh yeah a the scene where I'm looking up at the bracket source %HESITATION remember the right okay did ya it's really emotional they played the theme song to the movie ghost which is
00:43:47also one of my favorite movies so I felt like crying well then there was a piece I don't know there's something really funny about that as a method but that's really great but I think like my childhood like yeah I listen to the one body very song and
00:44:03I go **** and not that well yeah yeah yeah and to me that's meant for crying yeah but it was a who was like this little over this like little cute round like what PA who's like holding was called he's just like his like a little your keys
00:44:20and he's just sort of like doing like little steps across the way and then someone in the background like so what a production was just singing like DDT not helping me at all privacy this is my job I'm a professional I got there I did that moment I
00:44:44was like I didn't make the cut it wasn't the removed for time yeah water thing you play a paleo veterinarian that's the job did you do any like actual research and dinosaurs before I went outside to different vets one of them being my vet for my dogs in
00:45:03New York City yeah up but the other one who I who I worked extensively with was a guy named Jonathan who work with fact African reptilian wildlife well %HESITATION and he taught me how to you know to talk to me about reptiles skin he I I did all
00:45:18this background research they actually have some of the best immune systems their immune systems are ancient well so the that's why they can like live in mud and live with bacteria and crazy crap laugh you want to have you want to have alligator means system yeah here's hoping
00:45:34up yes that's super cool now you have all this knowledge that you're like what a way or to blog get awhile ago and resilient amuses the blog going okay here some Twitter questions for you this is from Pan Peter quill he wants to know if you could be
00:45:52any super hero who would you be moon or I mean you can choose I am going to extend this you can choose either to be here that is pre existing or if you could create your own superhero if that's your own super power all **** if I could
00:46:11be any super hero this is really hard wait hang on and I'll get there is a lot of good ones yeah there's a lot of good ones I guess I could have if I could have a light weight super power I would pick the you know you know
00:46:32when you have a conversation with somebody and then afterwards you think about what you just said I wish I just said it in the moment I had that power I think they had the button was like them the way go captain witty yeah captain witty or if you
00:46:47could like retroactively like edit your conversations that you had with someone he's a really cool add or delete yeah that that would be really fun visible hate or visible am I that let's see Jenny may want to know what was it like being a witch %HESITATION it was
00:47:08released being which was fun yeah I remember I watched the craft a bunch did you think that's a research yeah crap %HESITATION but I didn't get to be a witch for very long yeah I killed now federal yet how many episodes are you on a six six media
00:47:28but what was that how does that compare to what I definitely see myself more as a witch that I do like a vampire well okay you so veterinary really veterinarian comes first happening as I say just polarize our entire audience on one over the other that someone of
00:47:46the nineties for ever wants to know where you ever really scared of dinosaurs %HESITATION I think when I was a kid I saw Jurassic Park yeah you know yes the movie is legit was asleep when she I was scared of the first movie I ever saw that gave
00:48:01me nightmares I didn't even finish it I couldn't sleep at night I thought there was a T. rex outside of my bedroom had scared the **** out of yeah actors yeah I think you know being a kid and when when they tap the fingernail that was a signal
00:48:17to me like %HESITATION this thing is so so intelligence to human and more scary yes yeah like a I the woman on the plane with the book readily dot in her eye and he says he's a huge fan of our podcast social right in and let us know
00:48:31she's an older lady terminator did you keep her contact information I really want the other weird thing was she just kept talking about how she kept talking about human flesh nowadays are going to go to hell no no she loves gay people but is there since the sword
00:48:47she told me and I said and I was like a talking to her about how well you know I don't I don't think they are which probably makes me a sinner is like a lot because I guess I'm going to go to hell and she was like don't
00:48:59say that I was like well all be the coolest person and you say that really nice you saying these really bigoted things but you know that you are from a different time of yes she's a cyborg says yeah yeah don not to be confused a sideboard the greatest
00:49:19UFC fighter of all time they're two different things was crazy of now I'm literally I didn't bat an eye contact with like strangers but I'm going to be looking directly into the eyeballs of everyone I said now I know I'm late now I don't know yeah Jack Lincoln
00:49:32line %HESITATION at nine the times when snow last nineties always nineties yet last really good advice you got I'm from Jeff Goldblum follow up that's really oh well it's it's something that I've been told all my life but I haven't heard it in a row in awhile so
00:49:57I was raised by a different onsen uncles like I say I have two aunts and uncles my for parents to and that my uncle Arnold my on Celeste's who are like my mom and dad who are up in Oakland where I'm from they came down last night and
00:50:13you know at the end of the night they were at nearly came to the premier and they were like you know we were so proud of you in my own carnal was like he's I get to the front of the line girl show that dress gets done and
00:50:27I was like yeah okay that's pretty much been a an on going scene but it was a reminder of why I guess I deserve to be here that's great the final and that's a wonderful like reinforcement of confidence yeah to believe in yourself yet did that was a
00:50:43two things don't take **** and get to the final line that's awesome so year west coast raise but now you live east coast yeah I've been in New York for awhile now what are your pros and cons on either coast some pros and cons I think the there's
00:51:02a relaxation that is just not in New York City absolutely that I crave yeah I want from time to time %HESITATION but there is a but there's also just such with with the weather is good in New York City that is my best favorite place in the world
00:51:20when it's like just hitting summertime yeah four days are wonderful I don't I missed them completely last year it was like it and that's a way for you to sort of be intimate with the city in a way that you can't most of the year and also I
00:51:38feel like softens everyone that's usually terrible in New York yeah that's a funny thing to look when the weather's good new Yorkers are just that they liked the turn in the midwestern it's like they all took Molly the best day ever you like what happened nice yeah this
00:51:58is nuts that's like I it yeah we Jack and I met in New York and then moved out here to Los Angeles and have been here for like five or six years and that's the one time of year that I might near his beautiful and anytime I go
00:52:10back and visit and other than that in the winter especially immediately reminded like I know sexier everyone hates each other for space and that man sitting on a wall great okay there's a rat eating a pizza that's kind of funny I put that on the internet James okay
00:52:30someone to note is a Koranic three oh three with would you rather be ambidextrous or double jointed I I am ambidextrous yeah I eat with my left hand as in a write with my right hand we throw with my right hand okay so you're right handed but you're
00:52:49just really go with her left hand yeah maybe are not aimed at you throw it yeah I was just like yeah than you are yeah yeah I think I'm addicted to just be able to write with both hands I think it's I think it's a reduction is your
00:53:03don't have medium wrong I thought it was your your you don't say they write what the right hand in hand writing as **** and **** Reso can you write with the other hand your left him yes but all we do is text when is anyone writing anything down
00:53:17that they don't they don't teach cursive in school anymore really what how do you sign contracts business at the first thing of being double jointed what is double jointed just couldn't listen can do it we double check up you guys her fingers just did something crazy yeah dexter's
00:53:49you lose your right arm you still got that left true that is very true that was so creepy well I have a question for you because you are like dialed in in terms of social media and you use it I think really hilariously authentically is there one social
00:54:03media platform that you love above others and is there one that if you could delete from the digital space in general I would delete Snapchat on the digital space yeah or Facebook I'll wait yeah and you know what even in my mind anymore I don't use it it's
00:54:23just a place for old people to yell at each other it's really could yeah soon as my grandpa got on Facebook end scene away to be honest anymore is your grandmother actually on Facebook yeah he is and I am not on face I mean god bless him for
00:54:44figuring that out some practice I do have a question that your Twitter bio says ghetto punk princess yeah explain that to us okay so I like to think of my upbringing is like a hybrid of like you know because my family's from east Oakland right actually my family
00:55:04is from pretty much the exact same area where Ryan coolers from bring to clear made by panther okay director he ended frugal station who am and I eat dad I didn't know him personally but like I've met Oscar grant who because he used to work at the butcher
00:55:20counter at farmer Joe's %HESITATION so not trader Joe's not step brothers so I have this really you know I have like that part of my life but then also I felt like when I got into like high school I felt more like a punk sure sure sure I
00:55:43just feel like I'm a legit hybrid of the two worlds and a princess and I'm a princess of course I mean so I mean so it's speaks for itself base today is actually I had a conversation with someone in there talking about how mumble mumble rap is very
00:55:56much like English punk it's not a very talented musician ray who have this cool thing to say in this following the kind of represent the the counter culture of their time I was like early fall I never heard him mumble rap yeah twenty one savage like mobile rap
00:56:16yeah yeah it's it's no Busta rhymes no remember those and that's my main Twitter bio is I'm no buster I am hanging them we've reached the end of the podcast thank you so much for being here but before you go we give each guest a personalized fortune cookie
00:56:40just for them so make did open and put in a fortune so cool what time accidentally made fortune cookies I don't know how that was possible okay this is I'm so excited right now opening it I'm okay I'm unfolding it still very long yeah yeah like in Beetlejuice
00:57:04when they okay it says it will be revealed that at the real middle finger Instagram has been run by Jeff Goldblum this whole time oh my mind would be could you imagine I would literally reach like the the the whatever the stratosphere I would turn into just electron
00:57:27yeah you have to nirvana and never come thank you so much for being here and take your time in the middle distance same press or that you're on right now where can people find you on social media if they want to follow all the shenanigans and everything that's
00:57:43going on if you want to follow the shenanigans and you want to have a good time Marty is at an elephant ada and on Twitter it's admin Yella which is my name Daniella but with an M. okay that's what my friend growing up his call me they're telling
00:57:57me to change that for yourself yet small movie Jurassic oh yeah there's a movie called Jurassic world two fallen kingdom that comes out June twenty second that you can go check and I guess everyone and make sure all your friends yeah and check her out because you got
00:58:14your genuinely so funny and so fun to follow online that sounds like a creepy a stalker thing to say yeah I really happy actually very flattered you got it thank you so much for being here we'll see you guys next another positive not too deep goodbye so Dave
00:58:31who did do you not too deep is a production of grace Helbig incorporated produced and directed by Jack very producer Melissa de months with writing by Diane gang audio support by Chris Henry editing battles of the month an extra special thank you to flew low for the theme

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