On April 19th, 1989, 28-year-old Trisha Meili was brutally attacked while jogging in Central Park. In less than 48-hours, five teenagers between the ages of 14 and 16 were charged for the attack. The city of New York rejoiced at what they thought was "swift justice." But were the boys responsible for the attack? Or simply in the wrong place at the wrong time?


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00:00:00Due to the graphic nature of this investigation and trial listener discretion is advised this episode includes discussions of violence and sexual assault that some people may find defensive and may be upsetting for some listeners. We advise Extreme Caution for listeners under 13, if you or a loved one have been the victim of sexual assault support and resources are available 24/7 through the national sexual assault hotline at 1 800 656. Hope or online at Rainn. Org.
00:00:37A little after 1 a.m. On Thursday April 20th 1989 construction workers Benicio Moore and Carlos cologne finished the last of their beers at a bar on the west side of Central Park instead of taking the bus home. The pair decided to walk East through the park taking a footpath at 100th Street.
00:01:01Street lamps were few and far between but a full moon provided satisfactory light by 1:30 a m Moore and cologne reached a part of the park known as the lock a set of man-made waterfalls fed by a small Creek.
00:01:19Cologne heard a muffled noise coming from the brush and stopped when he looks to the side of the path. He saw someone so beaten and bloodied. They barely resembled a person their limbs jerked with involuntary Twitches cologne and more took off running looking for help.
00:01:41They came across two policemen and frantically told them what they found when officer Joseph Walsh reach the scene. He realized it was a woman lying in the brush. Most of her clothes have been stripped off and her hands were tied together in front of her face. She was covered in blood laying in a puddle of water and cold to the touch Walsh immediately commanded his partner to radio for an ambulance.
00:02:10While they waited for the paramedics Walsh tried to comfort the woman he covered her with a blanket but her flailing legs kicked it off. One of her eyes was swollen shut but the other stare directly at him wide with fear. He tried talking to her before realizing that even though she was awake. There was no recognition. All they could do was get her to a hospital as soon as possible and hope for the best.
00:02:41In the days that followed the woman would become known throughout New York City as the Central Park jogger and the details of her horrific assault were printed in black and white the public demanded Justice for her attack, New York Governor Mario Cuomo said of the crime, this is the ultimate shriek of alarm. This is the ultimate siren that none of us are safe.
00:03:17Who should we determine a person's guilt? Do we defer to the evidence discovered by police or the verdict reached by a jury and what happens when the evidence and the verdict to don't line up. Hi. I'm Vanessa Richardson. And this is not guilty a parcast original each week. We look at complicated criminal cases that test the limits of innocent until proven guilty this week. We'll follow the police investigation of the attack and sexual assault of the Central Park. Jogger twenty-eight-year-old Trisha Miley on April 19th. 1989 will see what led police to arrest a group of black and Latino teenage boys now known as the Central Park five for the crime next week. We'll see how the evidence collected in the investigation played out in the courtroom in two different cream.
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00:04:51By the time the ambulance reach the hospital at 2:30 a.m. On April 20th, 1989 twenty-eight-year-old. Trisha. Miley had lost nearly 80% of the blood in her body. She was hypothermia with a pulse so weak but it was hardly detectable when her full medical assessment was completed the report noted that she had cuts and bruises on every part of her body except the soles of her feet. Her skull had been fractured and the fact that her pupils were unresponsive to light indicated. She suffered some form of brain damage if she regained Consciousness, which doctors said was a slim chance, she would likely have deficiencies.
00:05:39In addition to their life-saving efforts doctors collected what physical evidence they could from Tricia hoping that DNA might be able to identify her attacker the used what's known as a rape kit and sent it to the police for processing after stabilizing her all doctors could do was wait and see if she recovered while police tried to locate her attacker. Fortunately investigators had a very strong lead Tricia wasn't the only person attacked in Central Park that night.
00:06:15The park has its own police division the 22nd Precinct throughout the evening of April 19th. Several Central Park officers had responded to complaints about a large group of teenagers causing trouble in different parts of the park just after 9 p.m. That night officer Raymond Alvarez enter the park on the east side at 106th Street. He was on his way to another Precinct to deliver some mail when he ran into a group of about a dozen teenagers laughing and fooling around when he turned his spot light on the group, they fled running South deeper into the park Alvarez continued on his way heading west.
00:07:01At 9:05 p.m. 30 year old Michael vigna was riding his bike on East Drive heading north vigna reported that when the group of teenagers saw him the boys spread out across the path blocking his way vigna had to quickly swerve to avoid them when he passed by one of the boys tried to hit him vigna reported quote. I heard the sound of his fist barely making me in the face. He sort of swelling out and I jerk to the side.
00:07:35Close to 9:10 p.m. The group collided with another man on East Drive and Tonio Diaz. He was homeless walking through the park by himself and carrying a bag of food and beer bottles. He was stumbling a bit already intoxicated the teenagers converged on Diaz and one of them knocked him to the ground. Has reported that five of the boys started to kick and hit him as he lay there one of them stole his bag of food and started eating it the rest of the teams stood on the sidelines watching the attack but not joining in nor intervening the group eventually moved on continuing South on East Drive leaving Diaz lying in the grass by the side of the road bleeding.
00:08:25Around 9:15 p.m. 35 year old Gerald Malone and his fiance Patricia Dean were peddling a tandem bike when they saw the troop of teens as they approached a few of the boys left out into the road as they had done with Michael vigna trying to block the path the boys Crouch down bending their knees and stretching out their arms Malone thought they were going to try to pounce on the bike and mugged them spread out across the road like that. There was nowhere for the bike to go other than straight through the line of teenagers Malone stated. My first thought was there absolutely was no way. I was not going to go down when I decided I was going to get this guy the leader the tallest one who seemed to have the energy of the group. I was going to make him my mattress. I tried to hit him. I tried to hit him as hard as I could but he
00:09:25Jumped out of the way. He estimated that he and Dean were peddling at a speed of at least 35 miles per hour when they broke through the line Dean reported that a few of the boys tried to grab her and pull her off the bike when they passed after clearing the group. They rode to a police call box in the park to report the incident.
00:09:48Around 9:25 p.m. Officer Alvarez was returning from his errand and encountered Antonio Diaz still bleeding Diaz told him about the attack from the teenagers and Alvarez radio the Central Park Precinct to summon more officers at the same time that police were converging on the park 30 year old David Lewis was jogging around the reservoir a 160-acre man-made lake in the park surrounded by a 1.5 mile running path. He saw a group of teenagers up ahead when they saw Lewis approaching several of them Crouch down bending their knees and balancing forward in a football tackler stats Lewis heard one of the boys ask the group if they were ready another her older rock and Lewis's Direction, but it missed him striking the chain link fence that surrounded the reservoir instead Louis trying to mitigate the
00:10:48Haitian asked if the boys wanted to race one of them replied. Yeah, we'll race. Alright Lewis took off quickening his Pace 5 more teenagers suddenly jumped out of the woods and onto the running path Lewis swerved around them. But one of the boys punched him in the arm hard panicking Louis ran even faster to fast for the boys to catch up and they abandoned their Pursuit Louis didn't slow down until he reached the Central Park police station to report when it happened.
00:11:26By 9:30 p.m. 29 year old Robert Garner a British expat encounter the group on the jogging Trail some of the boys had split off but he counted at least 15 according to Garner. They surrounded him and forced him off the running path and into the grass immediately. One of the boys started punching him in the face. And torso Garner said I was terrified. I thought I was going to die.
00:11:55Garner asked the teens what they wanted one replied money, of course drawing laughter from the others. He explained that he didn't have anything on him other than the keys to his apartment. When one of the teams moved aside giving him the opportunity to flee Garner Sprint it away to the edge of the park then immediately walked home.
00:12:2140 year old John Laughlin a school teacher and retired Marine had seen the group of teenagers around Garner and stopped to help him when he approached the group after Garner. What are the boys snapped at him? What are you looking at? Are you some kind of vigilante more of the group taunted Laughlin with the Vigilante Mantra suddenly, one of the teenagers struck him in the back of the head with a metal pipe sending him to the ground the rest of the teams converged on him kicking and hitting him repeatedly. Laughlin was beaten so badly, he would spend the next two days in the hospital the police officer who later discovered him on the ground in the park described him as being dunked in a bucket of blood.
00:13:11After the attack on Laughlin the teenagers split up heading home their separate ways in small clusters around 10:30 p.m. Police and the park apprehended five teenage boys age 13 to 15 Raymond, Santana, Kevin Richardson, Steve Lopez Lamont McCall and Clarence Thomas. They brought them all back to the Central Park Precinct to call their parents while the kids were being processed waiting for their parents to arrive. Trisha. Miley was discovered brutally attacked and barely alive a detective at the hospital called the Central Park Precinct and instructed them to continue holding the five teenagers police believed all the attacks that night. We're related and these teenage boys were their number one suspects.
00:14:07Coming up police interrogate the group of teenagers from the park and try to elicit a confession.
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00:16:36Now back to the story.
00:16:40On April 19th, 1989 a large group of teenagers attacked and intimidated several bikers and joggers in New York City's Central Park when police discovered twenty-eight-year-old Trisha Miley brutally assaulted and left in the bushes to die. They immediately connected her attack to the other reported incidents.
00:17:03Five of the group of roughly 30 teenagers were already in police custody and their parents summoned to the station. They were initially arrested only in connection to the reported harassment, but now the police knew about Tricia they believed that she was another victim of the group of marauding teens.
00:17:2613 year old Lamont McCall and 14 year old Clarence Thomas were interviewed in the presence of their parents by officers in the Central Park Precinct. They told officers some names of other boys in the park that night and described what it occurred with the homeless man the bikers and joggers, but neither boy knew anything about Tricia's attack. They were issued an appearance date for family court and send home a little after 6 a.m. Before interviewing the other three boys officers prepared for a shift change for the night watch to the day Squad by now. The story of the attack was all over the city broadcast on the news and chewed over by talk radio hosts. The District Attorney's Office had already contacted the upper echelons of the NYPD to get an update on the investigation and their initial leads the assistant DA assigned to the case 30
00:18:266 year old Elizabeth Lederer was on site in the park by 9 a.m. Everyone in New York City Law & Order wanted this case solved quickly with airtight evidence. That would ensure Justice in court for the jogger.
00:18:42So by 10 a.m. Detectives from the Manhattan North homicide Squad had arrived to lead the interviews instead of the Central Park Precinct officers, even though the case wasn't technically a homicide yet. The Manhattan homicide division where the Heavy Hitters in these types of extreme cases of violence Central Park Precinct was happy to defer to their expertise.
00:19:08Detective John hartigan had 20 years in homicide under his belt with the explicit directed from his superiors to close the case as efficiently as possible hartigan aimed to elicit a confession from the teenagers juries always responded best to confessions and hartigan was proud of his ability to Garner rapport with suspects. He was the type of car. They wanted to open up to Once crack cocaine had flooded New York City 5 years prior heart again had seen more and more young black and Latino men at the center of violence. The so-called crack Wars had put money in their pockets and guns in their hands Act of aggression Spark by gang activity became the new Norm in the menorah neighborhoods of the Bronx East Harlem and bedford-stuyvesant.
00:20:02The waves of violence subsequently Spilled Out into the city at large and hard again had experienced the shocking statistics firsthand in 1989 City inhabitants reported 9 rapes 5 murders 255 robberies and 194 aggravated assaults everyday two months before this attack a gang member had ripped a three-year-old boy from his mother's arms to use as a human shield against his pursuers the boy was shot in the stomach, but thankfully survived the city felt gripped by the constant underlying possibility of violence know it appeared that Tricia Miley was just one more innocent person caught up in the blood shed.
00:20:56When detective hartigan set with 14 year old Kevin Richardson, he had him walk through the events of the evening. Again. He said he was hanging out at the basketball courts in Schaumburg Plaza housing project on the northeast corner of Central Park when some friends suggested they moved to the courts in the park along the way their group met up with some other boys who lived in the Taft house another project just north of Schaumburg, Kevin estimated that 33 boys have been in the group that night and he gave hard again a few names.
00:21:32Kevin was open with hard again about the attacks on the homeless man the bikers and the joggers his account of events. Basically match what police had heard from the victims as well as Lamont McCall and Clarence Thomas, but when hartigan asked Kevin to describe Tricia Miley's injuries, he was confused. There wasn't a lady jogger. The only woman Kevin had seen that night was the one on the tandem bike Patricia Dean it struck hard again is odd. Why would he admit so readily to the other assaults but not the attack on the jogger?
00:22:10At the time the police in general employee, the Litany of tactics to draw confession from criminals. This may have included misleading a suspect about what the evidence suggested about their guilt or exerting pressure on a suspect by withholding food extending interrogations over several hours or isolating them from contact with anyone else. These methods were commonly justified by the guiding principle that only someone guilty of a crime would confess to one and an innocent person would never falsely incriminate themselves Studies have since shown that this logic is often times faulty, but at the time this was the norm
00:22:5514 year old Kevin Richardson had been arrested around 10:30 p.m. On the 19th. His mother had arrived at the precinct to claim him by 1:30 a.m. On the 20th, but the Central Park officers have been instructed to hold him by 11:30 a.m. On the 20th when hartigan was about an hour and a half into a session with Kevin. His mother was exhausted Kevin openly yond hartigan tried to play that angle with Kevin if he would just tell the truth about what happened with Trisha Miley Kevin and his mother could go home hartigan could tell that Kevin was worried about his mom. She was in bad health and needed to lay down hartigan offered a deal Kevin's mother could leave at his 24-year old sister. Angela could act as his Guardian instead during the interrogation. They agreed and hartigan and Kevin's mother left the room to fill out the app.
00:23:55Appropriate paperwork. Kevin was left alone in the interrogation room with another officer.
00:24:04When hard again return with Angela to continue his questions, he again instructed Kevin tell me the truth so you can go home eventually Kevin admitted to heart again that he had seen the female jogger in the park and he'd been there when the group of boys attacked her at 1 p.m. He signed a written confession attesting to such he name several other boys as participants including 14 year old Raymond, Santana seventeen-year-old Michael Briscoe fifteen-year-old Steve Lopez and 15 year old Antron McCray. He wrote quote. I saw somebody holding her arms and legs Raymond had her arms and Steve had her legs and Antron had sex with her. She was unconscious when they had her on the floor everybody left and she was still there the cop stopped five of us and arrested us and I was the one that did.
00:25:04Draper and quote some of the details of Kevin's confession were wrong. He wrote that one of the boys had ripped her blouse and at another Point describe the tank top she was wearing but Tricia was wearing a long-sleeved white cotton shirt and even though Kevin denied assaulting her placing himself at the scene of the crime was enough to charged with acting in concert of rape hartigan had him transferred to another precinct for processing and moved on to his next interview.
00:25:4014 year old Raymond, Santana had also been arrested at 10:30 p.m. The night before hartigan sat down with him around 1:40 p.m. On the 20th Raymond's father had arrived at the precinct to claim him around 5 a.m. But it's since been forced to leave for work instead Raymond's grandmother sat with him during hartigan's questions. However, she spoke limited English Raymond's interview preceded in a similar fashion as Kevin Richardson's for the first several hours. He admitted to the other attacks in the park that night but refused to offer any details about the sexual assault. He signed a statement at 4:40 p.m. To that fact, but an hour later at 5:40 p.m. He signed a new statement with an addendum after learning that Kevin Richardson had named him as one of the attackers Raymond's turned around and named Kevin Steve Lopez.
00:26:40Add Antron McCray as the perpetrators again similar to Kevin Raymond claimed. He had only witnessed the attack but hadn't taken part in it. He said quote I didn't have anything to do with the rape of that lady. All I did was touch her tits and quote.
00:27:01Having now been named by both Raymond, Santana and Kevin Richardson police questioned fifteen-year-old Antron McCray about the attack when he repeatedly denied any involvement in Trish's assault his mother Linda grew increasingly upset by the detectives continued questions. She started to cry and yell insisting that entron had told them everything he knew about what happened in the park the night before she didn't care what these other boys said detective hartigan didn't want her emotions to scare Antron out of talking so he suggested that Linda leave the room. He told her that Antron might be embarrassed to talk about what he'd seen in front of his mother Linda agreed to leave and Antron stepfather Bobby McCray remained in the room.
00:27:54After a few more rounds of questions, one of the detectives pulled Bobby aside and showed him the statements of other boys in the park that named Antron as a participant the detective advised Bobby to encourage his stepson to tell the truth. It would be worse for him if he's caught in a lie.
00:28:16An hour later and Tron to sign a written statement. He described the attack and implicated Kevin Richardson Clarence Thomas and Yusef. Salaam, Just Like Heaven and Raymond. He admitted to seeing it happen but not participating writing that he had held Tricia's arm. While others jumped on some details of his statements were all so inconsistent with the evidence. He described the attack is happening at the reservoir, but Tricia had been found by the lock almost half a mile away. He also in correctly describe what she been wearing
00:28:55When police went to Schaumburg Plaza on Friday morning the 21st to collect fifteen-year-old Yusef salaam for questioning. He was with a friend sixteen-year-old Corey wise the officers ask Corey if he had been in the park the night before and if he'd seen anything he said he had been in the park but he left around 9:15 p.m. After some of the boys had thrown rocks at cars a cab driver had been really upset with them and Cory was afraid he'd call the cops. So he went home. However, when Corey mentioned the sexual assault unprompted it caught the officers attention. Did he know anything about that Corey had heard about it from some people mainly his girlfriend the officer asked if Corey would also come down and make a statement about what he knew adding that any information might help out his friend Yusuf Corey agreed and they all went to the precinct.
00:29:57Because Cory was 16. He wasn't legally required to have a guardian present during police questioning. However, he was not his own best Advocate Corey had a difficult childhood in and out of foster care and had suffered hearing loss at an early age is a result of abuse his hearing loss a learning disability and unstable upbringing resulted in a significantly stunted education at 16 in the 9th grade. He had Elementary level reading skills detective heart again spoke with Corey for over two hours. He initially testified that he left the park after throwing rocks at cars but had heard from Youssef that Kevin Richardson and Steve Lopez had attacked a female jogger then half an hour later. He signed a new statement. He had seen the attack on Tricia, but he hadn't taken any part in it hard again.
00:30:56Why none of the other boys had mentioned seeing him their Corey said that he had hidden behind a tree.
00:31:06Wild detective hartigan spoke with Corey homicide detective Thomas McKenna interviewed Yusef salaam, when police first collected him from Schaumburg. He had shown the officer a school ID that listed his birth year as 1973 making him 16. However, Yusuf had written the wrong year to make himself appear older to the girls in his school as a result and unaware McKenna began questioning fifteen-year-old Yusuf without a guardian present so far several of the other boys had named Yusuf as a perpetrator in the attack. In fact a few of them had accused him of hitting Tricia in the face with a metal pipe suggesting. That was how her skull have been fractured John Laughlin who it intervened when the group of teens surrounded another jogger describe that he'd been hit with a pipe also police had so far been unable to locate the weapon.
00:32:06But hope that when they did they would be able to collect fingerprints and DNA evidence to confirm those statements.
00:32:16In the meantime McKenna pressed Yusuf on his involvement in the attack suggesting that he had been a ring leader of the group Gerald Malone. One of the tandem bikers had described how the tallest one seems to have the energy of the group during their encounter at six foot three Yusuf fit this description McKenna try to fairly common tactic to elicit a confession. He told Yusuf that they had found fingerprints on the joggers pants. Once they were able to match up whose fingerprints. Those were someone was going to be charged even if Yusef didn't say anything the truth would come out.
00:32:58It was an innocuous Bluff only someone who was worried the police would find their fingerprints would be compelled to confess to gain leniency ahead of the inevitable truth. And you should person would know that the evidence would exonerate them and maintain their statement. However, sometimes the opposite is true knowing that there is evidence to clear their name. If a suspect is under a great deal of pressure during an interrogation. They may provide a false statement simply defined relief knowing the evidence will eventually contradict it.
00:33:35Whatever the reasoning Yusef salaam did eventually tell McKenna that he had been present during the attack on Trisha Miley like the others. He denied any involvement in the sexual assault claiming. He was only a spectator. He named Corey wise and Kevin Richardson as the attackers. He also placed the attack at the reservoir instead of the lock. However, before he could sign a written statement to this fact youssef's mother arrived and interrupted the interview. She was outraged that the police had questioned her underage son without her. She wouldn't allow any further questions without a lawyer present then she collected Yusuf and brought him home.
00:34:21McKenna was equally livid not only did the lack of a written statement make it harder to press charges against Youssef, but now his entire testimony may be invalidated in court.
00:34:35Police interrogated about a dozen of the teenagers from the park in the first 36 hours of the investigation of those it was only Kevin Raymond Antron and Corey that signed written confessions to being present during the sexual assault Yusuf didn't sign anything but he had still given a verbal confession each one denied that they committed the attack blaming each other instead. They also gave conflicting details on what Tricia had been wearing who had participated where the attack it happened and even when it happened it was puzzling to assistant DA Elizabeth Lederer would practically been working the case right alongside the homicide Squad since arriving at the crime scene the previous morning. She had seen the trail in the grass from Trisha being dragged off the road. She had seen how much blood was still pool.
00:35:35On the wet ground even hours later. She was determined to punish those responsible letter decided to conduct her own video tape interviews with the boys hoping she'd be able to sort out there and consistencies at the very least. She knew that a visual recording would be much more impactful when played than a written one, even if their stories didn't line up it would be hard to deny the words coming from their own mouths juries loved taped confessions.
00:36:11Coming up the teenagers give their confessions for the camera and the public react to the progress of the investigation now back to the story.
00:36:23On Friday April 21st 1989 less than 48 hours after 28 year old Trisha Miley was discovered in Central Park police had four Teenage suspect in custody who had confessed to being present for the violent assault. However, their statements were inconsistent assistant DA Elizabeth Lederer decided to interview each boy on camera hoping to find clarity as she sat with each of them. She first advise them of their Miranda rights, all of them waved their right to remain silent and the right to an attorney. She made sure that the cameraman turned to capture each of the boys parents in the room proving that the statements were being conducted with their consent, except, of course in the case of 16 year old Corey wise who wasn't obligated to have a guardian present each of them told their story again.
00:37:23Most part it match what it already been recorded in their written statements occasionally more details were added but it didn't afford letter any more understanding of what it definitively happen.
00:37:37Antron McCray stated that he got on top of the jogger, but he didn't actually penetrate her he only wanted the other boys to think that he had participated letter pressed him to elaborate had he taken his penis out of his pants. He said yes, but when asked if he put it between her legs or if he'd had an erection. He denied it Raymond Santana incorrectly stated that the attack it happened at the reservoir letter asked him if Tricia had been bleeding a lot and he said no though. She had nearly bled to death in the woods.
00:38:15Kevin Richardson admitted to grabbing Tricia's arm, but said it was to help her to try to stop the attack when letter or tried to clarify who had tied her hands in front of her face. Kevin said that no one had done that yet. She been found bound and gagged by the arms of her long-sleeved t-shirt Corey wise stated that one of the other boys head cut Trisha's legs with a knife and someone else had masturbated and ejaculated on her but police hadn't found any semen on her body and doctors didn't report any knife wounds on her legs later in the recording Cory admitted for the first time to being present for the rape and not hiding behind a tree. He said he played with her legs while the other boys assaulted her. He continued quote. So we were looking at her and I felt kind of bad and I kind of this is my first extreme I did to any
00:39:15Cheapest email in the street. This is my first rape. I never did this before and this is going to be my last time doing it and quote.
00:39:27Even in the absence of any physical or forensic evidence to link any of the teenagers to the attack when Elizabeth Lederer recounted the boys statements for a grand jury. They deem these confessions sufficient cause to move forward with indictments on Friday April 21st, 1989 15 year old Antron McCray fourteen-year-old Kevin Richardson 14 year old Raymond, Santana fifteen-year-old Yusef. Salaam, sixteen-year-old Corey wise and 15 year old Steve Lopez were formally charged with attempted murder rape sodomy sexual abuse robbery assault and Riot the majority of charges against Steve were eventually dropped as he never confessed to any involvement in the attack and there was no physical evidence to implicate him. He did plead guilty.
00:40:27The attack on John Laughlin the ex-marine and was sentenced to 18 months the rest of the group now identified as the Central Park five awaited trial.
00:40:40In juvenile court, the maximum sentence allowed is 3 1/3 to 10 years except in the cases of murder arson or kidnapping. However, the 3 1/3 years could be increased to five years if the teens were convicted of more than one felony there four letter included lesser felony charges to increase the odds that they would face serious consequences, even if a jury failed to find them guilty of the sexual assault
00:41:12In addition by adding the rioting charge letter was able to call all of the people who have been attacked in the park that night rather than witness is exclusively relating to Tricia Miley's assault she would be able to paint the full picture of the night of April 19th for the jury. How would it escalated from robbery to rape and if Tricia did succumb to her injuries letter would happily tack on murder charges which eliminated the mandated maximum punishment entirely.
00:41:45When chief of detectives Robert Colangelo held a press conference the day of the arrest. He laid out a detailed timeline of events describing the movements of the group of teenagers around the park on Wednesday night and the different crimes. They perpetrated along the way ultimately culminating in sexual assault.
00:42:06Colangelo said the attacks appeared on related to money race drugs or alcohol instead. He related the teenagers told investigators that the crime spree was a Pastime called wildin. When asked to elaborate on the meaning Colangelo admitted that he didn't know exactly but thought it clearly implied they were going to go out and raise some hell.
00:42:32The definition and usage of Wilding were widely speculated by journalists and Talking Heads across the city. It was an unknown term and to some and Unthinkable one many New Yorkers already felt threatened by possible violence in their daily lives, but took precautions to prevent it putting 4 and 5 locks on their doors and sticking to the streets. They knew were safe the idea that this horrific attack on an upstanding well-educated white woman was perpetrated by a group of kids carrying out random acts of violence for fun was to senseless to Bear the meaninglessness of such brutality threatened any notion of perceived safety.
00:43:19The introduction of the term Wilding also signal the change in the way the group of teenagers were described by media headlines in all caps labeled them a wolf pack violent and predatory daily articles outline their night of savagery in the park. The events were printed as fact referring to the boys as the rapists and the attackers rather than the alleged attackers the city at large demanded that the boys be brought swiftly to Justice lock them up and throw away the key.
00:43:57While the majority of New York City Newspapers had decided to withhold Tricia Miley's identity referring to her only as the Central Park. Jogger. They printed the full names ages and addresses of the accused under age teenage boys adjectives used to describe them included best show monsters animalistic bloodthirsty brutal evil and mutant some articles even Harkins to the full moon that have been out that night as if it's presents had awakened something Primal in the young boys. They were not seen as children. They were not even seen as human.
00:44:41On May 1st 1989 less than two weeks after the attack and before police had even received the DNA results from Trish's rape kit a full page ad ran in for major New York papers to comment on the case.
00:44:58In block letters the add command at the city to bring back the death penalty bring back the police the ad copy limited the deteriorating state of the city and blamed it on liberal policies that favored criminals over law-abiding citizens. It continued I want to hate these muggers and murderers. They should be forced to suffer and when they kill they should be executed for their crimes.
00:45:28after this ad ran more articles and opinion pieces piled onto the demand for capital punishment a published letter to the editor suggested that if Tricia Miley had been the whole situation would have been avoided another attested that bringing back the death penalty was the only way for New Yorkers to reclaim their City from the murderers and thugs
00:45:55mayor Ed Koch said of the crimes and the concept of Wilding. I don't want to understand what motivates someone to engage in this kind of horror. I want him punished as an example to others and quote in the weeks leading up to the trial Koch said, I think that everybody here will look at this case to see how the criminal justice system works. This will be the ultimate test of the system.
00:46:23The implication was clear from all sides if the Central Park five were not found guilty by the New York courts. It meant the system was a reprobate broken and the city had no chance of recovery from the miasma violence that had taken over the future of New York. The future of decency was on trial.
00:46:55Thanks for listening to not guilty will be back Thursday with our next episode on the Central Park five first will cover the criminal trial of Antron McCray Yusef salaam, and Raymond Santana, then we'll explore the criminal trial of Kevin Richardson. And Corey wise will also talk about the DNA evidence that emerged in 2002 and how it affected the verdicts a decade after the fact you can find more episodes of not guilty as well as Olive park has other shows on Spotify or your favorite podcast directory several of you have asked how to help us. If you enjoy the show the best way to help us is to leave a 5-star review and don't forget to follow us on Facebook and Instagram at parcast and Twitter at parcast Network in the meantime based on the evidence presented decide for yourself. Where the Central Park five responsible for the attack on Trisha Miley and will the jury
00:47:55Angry with you find out next week.
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