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00:00:00episode 19 Ready or Not Ready or not we meet our new cookbook which is coincidentally titled ready or not and today's episode we're going to delve into what this book is all about and give you a behind-the-scenes look at the three-year long process we went through to produce this labor of love the full title of our cookbook is actually Ready or Not 150 plus make ahead make over and make now recipes by Nom Nom Paleo that's a mouthful dad
00:00:35chest also known as a Metta World Peace do you know what jersey number if I don't World Peace was on the Lakers this is not a basketball podcast Dolly no basketball talk but don't worry be covering more than just our new cookbook in this episode and encourage you to do some good
00:01:01Welcome to our program I'm not paleo podcast with Michelle Tam Henry Fong the Double O's join us as we go behind the scenes and reveal how we make a real food lifestyle fun sustainable and naantastic
00:01:17where the food nearby Nom Nom Paleo the award-winning food log app books and more we're also the parents into growing boys big oh hellos and Lil Mo there's a reason we do what we do
00:01:40what we ate few months ago how did the Blues Sunset magazine reached out and asked if I contribute a recipe and a storage with June issue to me for Sunset to come calling was crazy and kind of a dream come true for those of you out there who don't know what Sunset magazine is it's a lifestyle magazine that focuses on cooking home Garden & Travel in the Western United States California and as a little girl I passed the Sunset magazine headquarters on Willow Road all the time he was like to smile to my house and really close to the library and being a good Chinese go I went to the library a lot and even though Menlo Park is now much more famous for being home a Facebook back when I was a kid a long time ago was it since I was in our backyard with a big deal I mean the place wasn't dead in office building it was a campus on 7 Acres with gorgeously tended Gardens about 20 years ago Sunset magazine begin
00:02:40sing a celebration weekend for the public we were sort of a home and garden festival with shafts and wine and all sorts of presentations and vendors what are family had visitors in town we'd always take them to the Sunset magazine Gardens and test kitchens my great-aunt had a subscription and when I was little I dive into every issue as soon as it arrived most least look at the food talk to you probably should have paid more attention to the garden stuff though because that's why I grew up to have such a black thumb what's a black thumb I think it's when you don't wash your hands enough he sounded terrible Gardner or I would be a terrible Gardner if I ever tried to do it anyway after 60 something years in Menlo Park since its headquarters was sold a few years ago and I cleaned the class today to Oakland Jack London Square and a Sleek new building without the Lush Gardens
00:03:37but then Sunset out of the blue send you an email and the company recipe for an upcoming issue and if I wanted to do a clean them out at Celebration weekend in Sonoma even though I was nervous about the cooking demo I agreed to both right away in the past I've let my irrational fear of failure hold me back from doing certain things that scare me but nowadays I dive head-first into Tech your opportunities when they present themselves that's something I try to encourage the boys to a race ever since they were little do the cool things even if they scare you because what's the worst that can happen right well you could fail and look stupid but there's nothing wrong with failing as long as you learn something from it and pick yourself up afterwards so wait there is nothing wrong with feeling like we could get F's in school and they would be okay your dad didn't say that we're still Chinese
00:04:37how did you feel you're cooking demo at Sunset celebration weekend went
00:04:44well I made crack when it's not
00:04:49chicken remember you renamed it for the new book in front of a house you know what it wasn't too scary I just treated it like I was doing one of my weekly Facebook live videos and by the way if you haven't watched on Facebook live I come on every Wednesday night at 5 p.m. Pacific on my Facebook page Nom Nom Paleo I love doing that because it's just like me cuz me and my kitchen with the two kids just bugging me and I sort of pretend can you find a one-way mirror when people going to ask me questions anyway. Ask me questions and a lot less nerve-wrecking Love You by Mario for the article in Sunset magazine speaking of that article what was the summer story you told Margo
00:05:4950 year to make fish tacos wait that's not what the article says I'm kidding what are the dishes we having to make all the time or paleo fish tacos with a pineapple cilantro salsa because it's easy tasty and can eat it on the Lanai to Maui is that we actually have a kitchen so we don't feel forced to pay through the nose for overpriced meals at touristy restaurants where are the views are fantastic but the food is sometimes only mediocre in episode
00:06:25podcast we talked about eating on Maui the long story short we do our best to stock up on groceries as soon as we land on the island and cook many meals throughout the week and when we do decide to attend to go back to my favorite places restaurants that have come to know and love one of those places is actually Fish Market Maui Seafood counter near where we stay it's on our usual walking path to a little health food store where we like to go so it's really convenient. I love it and we go there I go there every morning sometimes twice a day they have tons of vegan dips and snacks and acai bowls and even though I'm obviously not being I appreciate that the food there is mostly on processed and whole it's good stuff I'm able to pick up lots of ingredients there and then on my way back I stopped by Fish Market Maui for fresh seafood
00:07:25unassuming storefront in a strip mall and it's listening and fresh feeling particularly hungry or lazy fish tacos there in the night I'll buy fresh or no or mahi mahi and then bring it back to our kitchen to cook ourselves as long as I have my act together and I remember to pick up a few grocery items from the hippy-dippy vegan how to install are able to make some quick pickles make a pineapple cilantro salsa pick up the fish slice up some avocados and make lettuce wraps fish tacos for the family but let's be honest just buy store-bought salsa busted mom yes okay but the cell says that I made for excessive actually was inspired
00:08:12by the sauce is that way by there but you know it's very simple to make and we don't always have a blender there okay I just throw in some pineapple chunks by Tanya and olive oil garlic lime cilantro jalapeno themselves and I flipped it and then Walla pineapple cilantro salsa so no I don't make the one there sometimes but I could if I wanted to it's pretty great on fish tacos especially with pickled onions for that partly sweet finish Valley Vibe it only takes about a half hour prep work and the results are like a bright sunny bite of Summer if you want the recipe go grab a copy of the June issue since a magazine article feature 6 cook to talk about ingredients to capture the joy of Summer eating in the west by Shel waxes poetic about blackberries but when does she never wax poetic
00:09:09Vitaly Paley digs into plans Dana Rodriguez gets into green chilies Jessica koslow tells us about tomatoes Kris yenbamroong Praises avocados fish tacos all supposed to link to the article and rest be in the episode show notes what you can find on Nom Nom Paleo. Com no I want to go back to Hawaii. The summer kiddo this year we have a bookstore at least you can enjoy this Hawaiian Melody Owen
00:09:46the main course okay guys ready to talk about the new cookbook I am more than ready to take his years of work so I'm actually bursting at the seams to talk about our new book I cannot wait to share with everyone and I've been waiting talked about it for a long long time Saturday and I realize we actually started shooting photos for this book almost 4 years ago just about a week or so before first cookbook was released
00:10:20younger than all he is now that's crazy voice wasn't deep like this
00:10:30because even higher
00:10:32hey hey let's start at the beginning beginning beginning or just the beginning of the second cookbook book writing business in the first place and how cookbook comes together you know the behind-the-scenes stuff cookbook publishing 101 is this going to be boring well it all depends on whether you think cookbook publishing is born okay so this is going to be boring won't get too bogged down with the details of cookbook publishing but I will tell you a story about how completely ignorant about the process started and how are actually result in something good so let's rewind back to 2011
00:11:16back in 2011 Nom Nom Paleo the blog was about a year old Perry was growing fast like really fast and we were lucky to be riding that wave is one of the very first paleo blogs that was focused first and foremost I'm cooking time there were others of course Sarah fragoso had everyday paleo Mel joulwan had the clothes make the girl which is now well fed and Bill Staley and Haley Mason had Primal palate and hit the market there are a handful of them almost all published by small company called Victory belt or small at the time and these books were selling like gangbusters at the time I was one of the only ones who didn't have a deal and I was approached by a bunch of Publishers about possibly writing a book you did not want to do it
00:12:05well I did and I didn't as many of you listeners now I love cookbooks but I'm also a contrarian seeing everyone around me right cookbook maybe want to do something different that's what I saw an article in the New York Times about okay I didn't see it cuz I don't read the New York Times but are you sure cuz I have the iPad was revolutionising the cookbook publishing industry Apple's iPad had just been really is Miracle pointed out that was all the new features and functionality of the tablet traditional cookbooks were going the way of the dodo bird going forward apps for the future of cookbooks so they thought in 2011 we were in Hawaii when that article came out I remember that we read it and then just decided on the spot to stop taking calls from book publishers and instead take the plunge in the active element
00:12:58who knows maybe pineapple cilantro salsa a little a little jar of pineapple interactive iPad cooking app with step by step recipes and really cool features even though we had absolutely no idea how to get started thinking out there about developing a native mobile app meaning an app that's custom developed for a mobile device my recommendation is that you not rush into it without really thinking through hey your budget and be what you actually want to accomplish Because unless your coat or you're going to have to hire somebody to develop your app and to maintain that app update that app everytime Apple decides to update its its own operating system feels like every other week and none of this is cheap we funded the creation be ourselves and it's very very very
00:13:58like send your kids to college expensive and going to college
00:14:07get us wrong we love our app
00:14:10it's one of labia Ward and Apple has highlighted it as one of the App Store the best apps we continue the updated just read every week with a new recipe and we're committed to it long-term that said after the app have been out for a while I felt like it wasn't permanent enough so I mind drifted back to writing a cookbook even when I was a little kid I wanted to write a book one of my elementary school teachers told me that the Library of Congress hold all the books that have ever been printed in the United States and even though that's not even technically true I wrote in my diary that I wanted to write a book someday I would always be in the Library of Congress forever even after I die even after the sun explodes in 5 billion years
00:14:56yeah because by then the Library of Congress will be relocated to another solar system year
00:15:08can I have made the decision to write our first cookbook but just like we decided to develop an app we had no idea what we're doing we just knew that we didn't want to give up any creative control over the book even from the earliest days of Nom Nom Paleo I only wanted to put out stuff that I was truly proud of stuff that wasn't compromised by what other people thought Nom Nom Paleo should be earlier one of the book publishers that reached out told me they wanted us to write a book called Helio junk foods which I remember just made you crazy are blank nap are pretty unique in its tone and visuals and so I knew that the only way to do this right was to have creative control over the book ourselves which three
00:16:08that way we could control every aspect of the book and also we wouldn't have to split any profits we made with a publisher and Dave all four of us were in Estes Park Colorado and you and I picked Mel and Dave's brain and mostly because they just published their first book well-fed pushing was definitely the way to go here's what they pointed out the book publishing industry is in the middle of a lot of change in the old days book publishers would sign unknown authors and then help them develop their book ideas provide editing and other support and they would Finance the printing of the books and then they would use another sales and distribution channels to get books into stores it also Finance to Marketing in the books to get readers to to buy the books self-publishing has never been
00:17:08easier because authors can write photographs edit print the most importantly Market their books themselves the only thing authors can't do themselves is handled distribution which means getting the books physically in the book stores and other retailers even that can be done differently now another book distributors will take a cut of the book sales in exchange for handling sales and distribution in other words authors who have the means to pay for the printing of the book and can Market the books and sells well they don't necessarily need to rely on a traditional book publisher anymore I remember just nodding vigorously when melon Dave outline this whole thing out for us and by the time we left Colorado I was super convinced that we should self-publish
00:17:51but you still weren't completely sold
00:17:55you know I know it makes a lot of financial sense to self publish but I was concerned because we literally had no idea what we were doing we've never done this before and the only book development that you and Don Henry was just be the editor of your high school yearbook even think that qualified me for creating it a cookbook on our own. I should have believed you cuz you have done an awesome job but still and so I kind of wanted the backing and security of a publisher the new the ropes and get help us with the whole process besides I knew that it would be people out there who wouldn't respect her book if it didn't have the seal of approval from a real publisher but working the real publisher normally looks very different from self-publishing as you probably imagine most new Authors who want to work with a traditional publisher need to go through a ton of steps before they even get to a book deal Surfer example most start off by putting together a book proposal
00:18:55and in the cookbook world that means writing a sort of pitch document that outlines exactly what the book is going to be about in the recipes that are going to go in it the proposal would describe the look and feel of the cookbook and how the author plans to go about marketing the book and what audience and shop around to different Publishers to try to land a book contract agents don't work for free though I'll take a certain percentage of whatever advance in royalties the author gets the good news of course is that if you have a good Agent motivated to make sure the author gets the most lucrative deal actually Landing a book deal itself can be super challenging but publishing is kind of a big gamble write the publisher is investing in a book and really wants to make sure that that book will actually pay off in the end by selling a lot of copies so publisher is usually looking for authors with large and or loyal built-in audiences
00:19:55as well as book ideas that will appeal Bradley to a big swath of readers by offering lower advances are royalties so for example a new author might say like a $15,000 Advance on royalties of 10% of the book's cover price time out what does that mean what's an advance until after the book has already earned back the amount of the advance for the author for many books you never actually aren't any royalties on top of the advance of when we were traveling with some other cookbook authors and one of them actually came up to me and asked how do you guys actually make any money with Nom Nom Paleo because we all know that cookbooks don't make any money that's true
00:20:55I mean let's go. Really is labor of love will it get out for cookbook authors $15,000 Advance at first can seem like a lot of money especially to somebody who's completely unproven write a first-time author but you also have to remember that in advance is usually split into several payments some other might get a certain portion of the Advanced Pain signing the book contract and then a little bit more when the manuscript is finally turned in and then the rest when the book is published cookbook authors often find themselves having to pay for a photographer food stylist and prop stylist out of their own and dances it's not uncommon for first-time authors to discover that after paying out of pocket
00:21:55Rollies cost they don't actually earn any money at all on that cookbooks photographers can be thousands of dollars so that's why I was all-in on South publisher
00:22:12so five years ago we actually started writing our first cookbook assuming it would be self-published so even though I had reservations I knew that financially this makes sense because as I said before I am Chinese so you know it just means that we are hardworking and Frugal not to stereotype for anything but I feel like that is kind of stereotyping but okay
00:22:42anyway anyway back to how we started writing my first book so it's a little crazy because one day we just sat down and started traveling together book we had no real plan or anything and I never written a cup of proposal or outline we didn't even know we were supposed to come up with an outline or that we were supposed to write out the whole book before photographing it or laying it out on the page instead we kind of just approached it like we approach blogging which is you know you come up with a recipe you tested several times you cook it up and then I'd photograph each step as you were cooking and then we would finalize everything that the photos that lay out the head notes for the recipe literally everything before we would move on to the next recipe
00:23:29cocoa production from scratch at least our version of it most of what we made out of it turns out was totally the opposite of how most people we're doing it in other words it was wrong but still are a little raspy Factory just kept turning out these pages of the cookbook one right after the other for months the silver lining of course to our Collective ignorance was that we were creating recipe book that really didn't look like a cookie cutter book at all it was from a visual perspective super super unique full-time jobs at the time so it was actually great that we didn't feel any deadlines or pressure like we could really create really high quality stuff and we were rushing to know come up with you no set number of recipes like we were creating really really good recipes and taking the time to do all the photos and everything because we had no deadline we didn't have a publisher breathing down our necks and so weird
00:24:29how to do what we want to tell and to make it as high quality as we wanted to know that was definitely one of the benefits of not having a publisher but then the publisher anyway
00:24:43on purpose yes on purpose what made you change your mind about going with a big publisher still having this nagging feeling still going with a traditional publisher would mean better distribution and most of all greater acceptance acceptance
00:25:05you know just spied by the food that food media and people in the food business I mean at the time. Was so fringy that I knew that if we didn't have a traditional publisher behind us would probably be dismissed out of hand and as luck would have it well Henry was on a business trip to India I was contacted by Jean Lucas and editor for Andrews mcmeel publishing in my eyes Andrews mcmeel was perfect it is published all these award-winning cookbooks that I loved and I owned it was also famous for publishing really amazing cartoon books like the Calvin and Hobbes treasuries was turning out to be all about cooking and Comics Andrews mcmeel couldn't have been a better fit
00:25:50but at the time I was definitely the Debbie Downer I had still done the math and you the self-publishing would be better financially for us I thought that was at but then Christy Melville the publisher of the Enders McNeil reached out and let me know that to be traveling to Palo Alto on vacation with her family the following week and wanted to sit down with Henry and I'd have coffee to see if we can work something out of course I couldn't say no to a publisher was going to fly out and say hi to us and I secretly hope we could work something out when I got back from India I was super jet lag and kind of grumpy and ended up getting dragged to this coffee meeting at filled in Downtown Palo Alto I was I think I had a baseball cap on and sweat I was clearly not dressing up for this meeting because I was totally prepared to just stick to know
00:26:50he was cranky I figured I'd be a great excuse like you know they would say hey please reconsider I really sick and we got to go yeah Christy has got a great she explained how Andrews mcmeel could throw its logistical support behind our book even though we were probably acting like 60 60 70% of the way done already and then really help us refine it and whip it into production-ready shape they absolutely knew that the best way to produce the book would be to work with editors and I copy editors in and you know the people who actually knew what they were doing tax Lee Help Us sell and distribute the book so the only sticking points left really work creative control and finances and here's where we lucked out with Kirsty they really wanted to work with us I'm not even sure why but they really did and basically they came up with an arrangement that gave us final say on all creative decisions
00:27:50that was amazing even though we were totally improving authors and I knew that was the one thing that I mean besides the financial stuff that was keeping you back from signing on with a traditional publisher you sure these horror stories right about cook with authors who get into huge fights with their publisher because the Publishers like this is what your cook book covers going to look like and there's going to be no debate right and you get no input into you know what the photography looks like or what the format of the book looks like or you know what photograph goes on the on the cover of the book The control freak she needs to have that control so as soon as Chrissy said well maybe we can work something out maybe we'll have a real puppy not like it's very different now 2017 there's really there's a bunch of really awesome ones out there but back then I was part of that close-minded group that thought that it would be better if I went with a traditional publisher
00:28:50I mean you still kind of are close-minded but at least you're but at least you're welcome being in Sun self-published books close minded as I once was some of our favorite books are by self-published authors like a well-fed series is actually one of our favorite cookbook series
00:29:12how about you
00:29:13self-published book that I Loved You by Kirsty put on the table I Financial offer to that even I couldn't say no to so we ended up signing a book deal without actually ever wanting to sign of a deal with a big polisher at least you know I never really wanted to sign a book deal with that with a big publisher and it ended up being the best decision for her first cookbook which I we wound up calling Nom Nom Paleo food for humans
00:29:40Nom Nom Paleo food for humans was published in December of 2013 and knows everything we wanted it to be with the pack of Personality thousands of step-by-step photos and cheeky cartoons was an extension of ourselves and our family I always said I wanted my cookbook to make readers feel like I was in the kitchen with them talking them through every step of the cooking process and I think we did it to our surprise Nom Nom Paleo food for humans became a New York Times bestseller and was nominated for a James Beard award it was a dream come true and then everybody lived happily ever after wait you haven't even talked about the new book yet more right after this musical interlude
00:30:33why do we do these little bits of Music in the middle of a podcast anyway podcasts are invisible there's no color
00:30:48so let's pick up where we left off Nom Nom Paleo food for humans comes out and it does pretty well you're now not just a blogger and an app creator but a bona fide best-selling cookbook author to we both are anyway the cookbook success led to a bunch of big changes I quit my job as a night shift Hospital pharmacist and you have changing jobs to for a while I focused mainly on the marketing efforts that come with selling a cookbook book tours radio interviews partnering with companies like pulse Foods along when you are publisher was getting antsy for us to get started on a second cookbook at the time though we really had nothing left in the tank I was incredibly busy with my new job and to be honest I kind of just wanted to try some new things I like learning to make new stuff and so that's why I really gotten into app development and why I threw myself into learning about designing a cookbook and then even making a vinyl nom nom
00:31:48Leo action figure to help with the marketing of the book so after the cookbook came out I was more interested in doing something different like it out figuring out how to put together this podcast one thing I definitely learned is that there are limits to how much I can and should take on and I'm on the Wolverine of of this family in this latest movie you started writing down recipes for it as soon as we got back from Thailand just a few weeks after the first cookbook hit stores at the end of 2013 but I just knew I was inspired by your travels around southeast Asia and I really wanted to capture in a corporate these new flavor profiles into my recipes I also knew that I didn't want a second cookbook to be
00:32:48Nom Nom Paleo book number two more of the same I want the recipes to tie together more cohesively and to have a theme that's really we're having a cookbook editor was incredibly helpful we sat down with Jean or Editor to brainstorm and try to figure out what approach the new book should take like to cook ahead of time and have stuff ready in the fridge or freezer another idea was to go the complete opposite direction and write a cookbook of quick and easy recipes dishes that can be made in no more than 30 or 45 minutes from start to finish in different ways to keep things interesting we debated for a while about what type of book would resonate with readers the most but pretty quickly we realize that readers actually didn't want just make-ahead recipes or just
00:33:48leftover makeovers or just quick and easy meals that we make I always think of myself as the consumer and I know that most home Cooks need all three types recipes on a regular basis because you know what I mean like there are days when you totally feel ready to cook and you have all the ingredients you need and you also have all the time in the world so you can cook up something that's a little more fancy or involved but there are other days where you're crazy busy and you're frantically trying to throw something together before your family starves on those occasions you just want to prepare a tasty fast meal that's how we came up with the concept of ready or not our new cookbook I love that name I love it almost as much as the working title for the book do you remember what it was is a collet Nom Nom Paleo to I like
00:34:46that sounds stupid dad when you say stupid you mean super awesome right now anyways I organize ready or not we decided to sort the recipes into five color coded sections that correspond to Hell Ready or Not Ready you might be on any given day or night stalker quick reintroduction to our family and what paleo is all about weed I'm into a section called get set the purple section this is where we talk about stocking up your kitchen with everything you need from basic cooking tools to store-bought ingredients you'll need to cook at the drop of a hat is purple sections also where we put make-ahead sauces and Staples like all purpose stir fry sauce what you've been posting a lot about on on Instagram a spicy kimchi and some butter hoisin sauce next it's the ready section so this green section of the book is for whenever you want to get a head start on the week by prepping your food is Advanced whenever you want to impress her guess with something more dazzling like pressure cooker
00:35:46ormoc McQueen's where I put a few of my favorite desserts to like Tangerine Dream tired and strawberry almond semifreddo they're delicious desserts there really really really good and I tested them a lot a lot a lot when I try them out of my friends who are paleo is there very good and there's only like a handful of desserts in there but all of them are really good and worth the time when we get into the kind of ready section which we usually just call the orange section of the book it suck what ideas and recipes for making over your leftovers and transforming pre-made Foods into totally new dishes so this is the section that I think we use most of all in our house because we're constantly scrounging around in the kitchen and trying to make the most out of my refrigerator scraps
00:36:36but my favorite section of the buck is the not ready section it's a red for emergencies like when you're tired after a long day of work but your in-laws are coming over for dinner as soon as slap something together that's healthy and delicious and so I stepped the section with quick soup stir-fry sheet pan suppers and fast snacks most of the recipes in the section take less than 30 minutes to make and some take his little 50 minutes finally we have a blue section which we called beyond ready it's all about taking your cooking of the next level by stringing together different recipes into weekly meal plans and also offering inspiration for no recipe recipes the goal is to make you a culinary rockstar no matter if you want to become a super meticulous planner or a seat of your pants improviser this is that ready or not it's like several books all crammed into one volume so no matter if you're ready to cook or not we got recipes that will fit your needs this all seems pretty straight for
00:37:36when we lay it all out but the process of putting together this cookbook was really really insane I remember just spending so many nights trying to like get out will this book into existence I and in many ways this was way tougher than creating her first cookbook
00:38:02the way we say it's going to fit or else it's lame and so it's the last time around we were just kind of repurposing some recipes for my iPad and to be honest no one expected anything unless we were kind of like we would throw in great recipes but we didn't
00:38:20we weren't expecting to be judged on them but this time around expectations are sky-high and we're aiming to go above and beyond that standard I mean I really wanted to go For Broke with ready or not every step of every recipe includes a photo that shows you what's going on and every step is also accompanied by an easy-to-understand caption that explains what I'm doing it's literally like I'm right there next to in the kitchen show you exactly how to make each step it's also presented in the comic book style like you're reading a graphic novel and there's lots of cartoon to yeah it makes it really fun and interesting for kids to it's even easier for me to cook out of it because he have it but I like looking at it totally our secret agenda was to make Ready or Not a book that cooks of every level and every age can enjoy you wanted kids to be able to pick up this book and get a kick out of seeing how Ron gredients are gradually transformed into incredible dishes like magic trick
00:39:20yeah this time around we also made sure to keep the foods and ingredients broadly accessible to a wide audience meeting and we focused on dishes that are popular with most readers
00:39:31best weather we included a lot of instant Pot recipes and you know I never quite know if I get these questions because people want more instapot recipes or they don't want so many instant Pot recipes anyway the answer to please everyone there doesn't instant Pot recipes in our book and they are 12 of the best ones I've created for the instant pot boil to make sure to include alternative cooking methods for those of you who don't use pressure cookers I tried my best to make this because inclusive is possible for everyone. You don't even have to be earlier to enjoy this book Ready or Not is actually all about getting folks to hone a basic life skill that can have a huge impact on your health cooking your own food no matter if you're ready or not and no matter if you're paleo or not
00:40:28at the risk of sounding like a terrible commercial I really can't wait for you guys to see this book Ready or Not is even bigger and better than her first book with more than a hundred fifty recipes and almost 2,000 images patent what's 352 pages and just like last time or publisher and is Mcneil give his total creative control over every aspect of the book from its photography and design to the weird little snarky bits that I added to the recipe instructions Andrews mcmeel didn't pressure us to cut costs so once again this is a coffee table quality full color hardcover book with a lay-flat double reinforced binding we even made a point to get the cookbook printed on the thickest bus heavyweight Pages possible there's a bookmark event to keep track of which recipes you're looking at and that's important because the book has 22% more pages then Nom Nom Paleo food for humans
00:41:22the vast majority is of the recipes in ready or not are entirely new they're not they're not old recipes that we pulled from the app or from the block or from the classic recipes in their high pressure cooker Kalua Pig and Cracklin chicken mom always crackling chicken if you're curious to see the complete list of recipes in Ready or Not there's a link to the recipe index in our show notes if you take a look you'll see that over a hundred and twenty of the recipes in the book are Whole30 friendly to link to a post that shows you a sneak peek of what the book looks like inside so you can check out the colorful cartoons photos and layouts the light you
00:42:11we made this book for you are loyal monsters and we can't wait to share with you so when the publication date already or not is available for pre-order now whatever books are sold cuz it will be released in just a few weeks on August 1st 2017 and if you preorder the book be sure to head to Nom Nom Paleo. Com and fill out a form that tells us where you ordered your copy so I can send you a couple of exclusive pre-order thank you gifts first you'll get a special 50-page preview of ready or not complete with 12 the recipes from the book including paper wrapped chicken bang and baby back ribs potsticker stir fry and Tex-Mex beef and rice casserole that we can start cooking right away
00:42:59he'll also get a special 40 page ebook called one-and-done 10 healthy hassle free meals made in one pot or pan by Nom Nom Paleo the sea book contains 10 brand new never before seen recipes that can be made in just one pan or pot including kimchi fried rice and quotation marks Thai curry chicken casserole paleo chicken chow mein and meet them bonus guess what vanish Into Thin Air come August don't miss out thousands of you who have pre-ordered her cookbook have already started cooking the recipes in these bonus eat bugs and we love seeing results posted on Instagram while we're trying to get you to buy stuff we might as well mention that you can also order a copy of our 2018 Ready or Not while calendar to this is an Amazon exclusive and it's a companion tour new cookbook and it's packed with a mix of recipes for my books are blog and our app it's a 16-month calendar that covers September 2017 to December 2018 and best of all
00:44:00it comes with a sheet of Nom Nom Paleo stickers that you can use to decorate whatever you want hang this calendar on your wall is a daily reminder to get in the kitchen and then you can cook with Michelle throughout the year thing about the book I'm going to book tour across the country when ready or not hit stores will actually also be in Toronto so I'll be doing the tour the US and Toronto I'm so look out for a tour stop near you check out the events page on my website and RSVP to one of my book talks and signings I'm already exhausted looking at the schedule visiting different states and I'm looking forward to meeting all of you out there I'll be lugging a ton of free handouts and my book events including Sox calendar stickers magnets pins and more basically the entire marketing Budget on jet skis okay I think that's all we have to say about our new cookbook commercial
00:44:57but you know once in awhile we have to do our pledge break because we really do believe in the public radio model like we like to provide tons of grade free content all the time but once in a blue moon we hit you over the head with a pledge drive and ask you to support us by picking up a copy or three of our latest labor of lab so think of this as our version of a once every four years pledge break we really are just a mom-and-pop operation and everything we do is supported by listeners like you so we're thrilled to be able to put out something we think you'll really be excited about maybe all he will be able to go to college even if he doesn't get a basketball scholarship I only need one year of college after that I'm entering the NBA draft you are truly delusional
00:46:05clash of the week okay Owen your turn this time what's your crush of the week volunteering at the food bank
00:46:13pretty recently to
00:46:15volunteer every time that we were in Portland I would always see these homeless people on the streets and I felt really bad because we were always going to go and eat some really great food and I would always know that they were going hungry so I wanted to find a way to get myself involved and possibly help them to have a better situation in life
00:46:40so we did some research and found that while some food banks have an age minimum for volunteers many don't or have a very low age minimum and coincidentally we heard from the folks at feeding America at about the same time that they wanted us to help spread the word about volunteering at their food centers it was the perfect opportunity to get the whole family involved so not too long ago for whole family including fungi or my parents drove up to the Oregon food bank and signed up for an afternoon shift packing food
00:47:14we were there with a couple of big groups of volunteers from local companies as well as some individual volunteers to the folks at the food bank gave us some basic instructions on setting up a little assembly line to pack bags of dried beans that would then go into a grocery boxes for those in need
00:47:37and you'll see that in the stable at the same exact thing.
00:47:50and then we put on aprons and hair nets and gloves and got to work I got one way beans it was like working in a factory basically we are trying to pack the bean does fast as possible to keep the assembly line going I don't know about you but I was competing with the other table to being Packers we had the oldest my dad and youngest volunteer at our table and that was to ollie the we kicked but we've had more boxes than anyone else yes because volunteering is all about kicking other people's butts shaft you heard from the team at Oregon food bank about the impact the volunteers had on the community
00:48:32what size 1.2.2 beef and we also got a tour of the food bank it was huge it reminded me of that big Warehouse in me final scene of Raiders of the Lost Ark or really big Costco without any customers running to get free stuff
00:48:55like you aren't usually gluten free free samples for your run and then you stopped yeah unfortunately many of the gluten-free options for free samples at Costco are usually like tuna or something like that I need to get those free samples of other people out of the way because a trip to Costco should be all about kicking other people's butts everything it's not kicking people's butt so back to volunteering at the food bank again yes totally I want to do it again throughout the summer I'm sure we can find time for us to all do another shift at the Oregon food bank soon sure beats sitting around in our house and staring at a computer screen all day at work to find a food bank near you and get back to Summer if you do it in Portland you might even spot is working your shift
00:49:56question of the week this week's question comes from Laura she writes hi Michelle I know that coffee is okay for Paleo eaters and one of my favorite summer drinks in the morning is a glass of cold brewed coffee and fortunately I'm finding that even one cup in the morning keeps me from being able to sleep at night I see that you have been posting on your Instagram stories about your morning matcha latte so I'm curious what that's all about and whether it's affecting your sleep thanks by the way I just love it it's super smooth and delicious and when I have it I sometimes add nutpods non-dairy creamer which is also not a sponsor to make it taste like unsweetened mounted coffee ice cream so good you have to constantly say that chameleons and nut pods are in a sponsor
00:50:56full disclosure and I pretty much have no sponsors but I like it that way that way I can just talk about what I like and what I buy and if I change my mind I can do it while staying totally honest with everyone when it comes down to Coffee I actually have a lot of favorites but I've never really needed it because I'm not the type of person who just has to have a cup of coffee to start the morning right but cold food just tastes really great to me so I drank it I don't know pretty regularly until I discovered that I to get really jittery when I have too much actually to tell the truth this isn't like a recent discovery it's been like this for a long time but I kind of ignored my body's response because they didn't want to have to give up my precious cold brew
00:51:43recently though I rechecked my 23andMe DNA report and I saw that I actually have a genetic variation in the enzyme that metabolizes caffeine which means that the stimulant or caffeine hangs around longer in my system that I'm most other people that's why I had heart palpitations and jitteriness and it can be hard for me to fall asleep at night that's also why you switch to cold matcha latte iced matcha which is a special type of finely milled green tea powder also contains caffeine but there is less of it in matcha than coffee also my check contains a compound called Elle Fanning that's supposed to exert like a calming effect so combined with the caffeine you get this increased alertness without you just missed or restlessness and instead I get the Zen like Focus you in the morning
00:52:43just cuz I'm then like does not mean that you guys are conducive to me being Zen like and then masterton ble and loud to Buster's hey Ray I use my Ted to make cold dairy free lattes it's like A.J green drink that's creamy little coconutty and a little grassy too but in a good way I can buy in a cup of coconut water with a teaspoon of matcha powder into tablespoons of dairy-free creamer I also had two scoops of Easley dissolvable unflavored collagen peptides to and blend it all together with an immersion blender the collagen gives my latte eye cream your texture while the same time it helps boost I got skin and joint health what do you think about the taste naturally high in your mommy and its natural craziness is the
00:53:35perfect soil to the sweet and creamy coconut denotes of course if you've never tasted go to your local neighborhood hipster Coffee Joint and Order am I to drink just to see if you like it I've had matcha another Japanese clean teeth my whole life so I really like the taste but I'd hate for you guys to drop a ton of money on a can of matcha only to discover that you don't like the taste high quality matcha can be really expensive so you should definitely try before you buy you don't have to get the ceremonial grade matcha that's used in the formal Japanese tea ceremony but even the organic culinary grade matcha isn't cheap so let's say you decide you're going to get it where can you find matcha
00:54:20Thrive Market in Whole Foods have lots of brands of March available online like Breakaway matcha is one of the spaceship in Napa and it's served at some of the top restaurants up there it's super high quality and you can find it online I also buy cans of March at my favorite tea shops and a Japanese Market the keno is to check with a matcha powder is bright green and not a muddy brown color by it from respected purveyor and if you're ordering online just check the reviews to make sure you get him a good stuff then heading over to Nom Nom Paleo. Com and search for my cold matcha latte recipe I also have the match of gummies that you can make to but this cold matcha latte drink is now my drink of choice in the morning whip it up after I drop the kids off at school or Camp so I can stay here in peace are you saying you can't save it when were around
00:55:12where peaceful where super peaceful were full of peace. Peace. Peace. Peace all of these pull up the OG
00:55:30so that's it for this week this podcast was recorded in produce did Nom Nom Paleo World Headquarters also known as the dining room table and our house located in the heart of Silicon Valley 50 feet from Jeremy Lin's parents are the Nom Nom Paleo theme song is by Mark Bartell's with an additional music by Big O little oh and probably tear this podcast is supported by Thrive Market or favorite online destination for wholesome products at wholesale prices hey 1 low membership price and you can shop from over 4,000 healthy natural products always 25 to 50% off retail delivered straight to your door right now if you go to Nom Nom Paleo. Com Thrive new users will get 25% off their entire purchase and free shipping on the first order unless stated otherwise none of the brands of products mentioned sponsor this podcast we just talk about the stuff we love if you like this podcast. Of two favors to ask first you can
00:56:30did I said Nom Nom Paleo. Calm for show notes and links they can also find hundreds of step by step recipes kitchen tips snarky rating and more we also have an app to cook book calendar and an action figure you can check out more information at Nom Nom Paleo. Com the last but not least don't forget to leave us a review on iTunes it helps us get a sense as to what you like
00:56:56Nom Nom Paleo podcast and this is little low signing out there by

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