In today's episode, we chat with Julie from A Girl and a Book all about what it's like to move across the country, our favorite books that have a big move or road trip plot, and a lot of other bookish things, like insta love in books, the idea of book flights, DNFing books, and much, much more. 

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00:00:00It was I tried so hard to get her to put that down because she wasn't enjoying it I hate it and it's a tire So many other books Another book Welcome to no thanks we're booked i'm molly and i'm katy and this is a podcast where we look
00:00:25at life through a bookish lens we're so excited today because our friend julie is on with us actually was one of our very first booker's friends that we made on book tube yep julie from a girl in a book how are you julie i am doing so great
00:00:48i'm so excited to be here with you guys this is i can't stop grinning because i'm seeing both of your beautiful face is in the last time we all saw our beautiful faces together was when we were in chicago because julie was in chicago i know that was
00:01:04almost a year ago oh my goodness is like i feels like it just happened it was like ten months ago maybe but i want to say so julie it was just saying that she's drinking a moscow mule tonight molly and iron drinking yeah well the heck i'm drinking
00:01:21some cherry coke because i was really tired earlier and i was like i need some caffeine so it's going to be a real it's going to be a mistake because i'm not gonna be able to fall asleep tonight but at least i'll have some more energy for our
00:01:32way to be in this spiritually like about all your mules i think you were always talking about her alcohol No you know what i mean and i was really nervous don't be well we all know julie before you get on a plane flight you have to take a
00:01:50shot as well to calm your nerves Yes so this is this this must be a similar situation I need to do that because i'm going to california next week and i'm already thinking about how i don't want to fly I'm excited to be there but i just don't
00:02:05want to fly there I need to take a shot you d'oh right Go you can't did you know you can take the little air like not the airplane bottles but the little small bottles you can have those in And though i don't actually think i knew that Yeah
00:02:19because they're under What is it Three ounces Yeah Oh my gosh yes You empty him out like here's All my liquor No Well i think they make you take him out I'll have him in like a bag and then i get out I mean it just makes me
00:02:34feel more relaxed because i do not like to fly I get really freaked out especially when i'm flying alone Like when i was dying to meet you guys or katie i'm the same way it was like five a m in the morning and i took a shot that's
00:02:54me that's just really okay i know i know we're like i'm not trying to be too chatty here but can i just say one of my favorite moments ever with julie was in chicago when we were at an airbnb and there was no wine opener an and julie
00:03:11and i were just trying to open this wine bottle so we literally well we literally tried to ask strangers we waited on the on the corner of the street making us sounds so weird well you also want knocked on all the yeah our knocked on neighbor's door is
00:03:27like who has a wine over opener how are you gonna have an airbnb and not have a white house but i want to be o it it wasn't it wasn't a decent place but it was complete completely unstuck in terms of just bear it was bare yeah really
00:03:41bare butt anyway so julie actually save the night because she liked popped open a bottle with a knife or his own my very resourceful you guys were totally making me sell like i like one i don't julie yeah we know you don't have a drinking problem i just
00:04:03like to have a good time hey same here same here okay so ladies what are you both reading currently or are you reading anything currently who's starting you start julie i want to hear what your heart truly okay so i'm finally getting back into reading since the move
00:04:24and right now i'm reading read clocks by lenny sumas oh yeah that was that that was a huge book when it came out a couple months ago yeah it's a hey pronounce her name i have i have no idea have you have you seen it around molly it
00:04:39was a huge release a couple months ago it's a somewhat dystopian even though i wouldn't consider just opened it does not seem that far fetched at all when you're reading it especially with our current climate of things going on mm until farm really enjoying it the writing would
00:05:00not be for everybody has a very particular writing style it's kind of choppy and i don't know if i drive with that's very kind of choppy and all you follow the perspective i believe five females and you don't know their real names they're all hooked the bayou for
00:05:20the bender the wife at the daughter that type of thing but i'm really into it i think it's really good and that have you really popular opinion have you read the handmaid's tale julie yes he doesn't feel anything doesn't feel anything like that hit it similar it definitely
00:05:42has a similar tone to it i mean i haven't gotten far enough into this book yet i'm on ly about fifty pages into it okay so i'll have them or idea once i finish it but so far i'm just really i'm really enjoying it i actually really like
00:05:57the writing style So molly the cover of the book what's The opposite of that Yeah it looks like a vagina Well it's gotta be a word I would remember that this gotta be a word that's the opposite of phallic But i don't know what an idea what that
00:06:13is I don't know i don't know if i've seen it maybe maybe i have but julie that's exciting that you're getting back into reading yester the move which we're going to talk about later i'm also reading one other book because i'm listening to a non audio and that
00:06:31is the good daughter by karen slaughter and his really good teo really i've heard good things about that book yeah karen slaughter is interesting she's a thriller writer really popular and she she rides dark books i've heard it but you know what's interesting yes there are like really
00:06:50like graphic scenes in her books but one of the things i really like about her is she really focuses on relationships and the characters in the book so yeah you're getting all of this character development all of these relationships and i just really like that in my books
00:07:07and that's not somebody really seeing thrillers very often when karin slaughter does that really well but that's why her books They're so big they're huge i mean her thrillers are like five hundred pages long oh my gosh i had no idea i haven't killed her books on my
00:07:21kindle which is why i didn't know they were so long oo long but the audio books are awesome She uses the same narrator i believe at least i've read pretty girls and now this one by her and i love the woman who does the narration i don't know
00:07:35who it is but the audio are fantastic fantastic always good i'm always looking for a good audio book well as long as you are okay i wouldn't start out with pretty girls pretty girls yeah you know that i am and have a hard time now it's it's it's
00:07:52a great book it's awesome but harrison there it's probably the most grab one of the most graphic thrillers like dark graph and rulers i've ever run so you have to prepare yourself for that like kind into it yeah but it's good and this one is a little less
00:08:10well the first fifty pages were really intense but i r that it slows down so that's what that's what i'm reading you can what are you reading Um well so actually i just finished reading a thriller with julie and april from getting hyuga with it s so we
00:08:30read now i can't even remember the name of it what was behind your eyes behind her eyes which was a huge thriller from like a year ago it was a really big deal the covers black and white it's like sort of a pixelated picture of close up of
00:08:45some of a woman's eyes and julie can speak to this a swell but so we just well julie finished it way before i did it took me a really hard really it took me a really long time to kind of get into the book It was very slow
00:09:02moving at the beginning of the alleged turner it was not a page during an easterner and that i kind of really need page turners these days so it really and also i just have to say that the ending the ending is it's one of those books that you
00:09:16either love or hate and i didn't really like it and julie didn't like it in april didn't like it so wait yeah but some people love it like some people it's the best thriller that they've read in the really time so i believe that i mean i am
00:09:30interviewing i think it's because of the shock value their arms i mean it's not something you're going to they're going to guess so and that and you know everyone's always looking for that in thrillers that you know that i can't guess that big twists and i think that's
00:09:47why so many people enjoy well yeah it is it's it's one of those it's a book that you sure it's a thriller that you're not going to guess the ending for and i think people really appreciate that about it but i i i didn't love it i i
00:10:03just i didn't hate it but i didn't i didn't love it i felt like if i gave it to stars on good reads so so i read that i finished that a few days ago and now i'm on to reading i wanted to go back to contemporary because
00:10:16that's what i'm really in the mood for right now And so i picked up a y a book which i haven't picked up I haven't picked up a y a contemporary and a really really long time like probably yeah and so i'm reading Oh it's it's by nikolay
00:10:32yun oh this sound is also the son is also a star yeah i haven't even read that i like it's such a it was such a hyped book like a year ago a year ago or so but i've been wanting i've heard good things about yeah so far
00:10:46i actually really like it i mean i think julie probably wouldn't like it there is some insta love just because it takes place yeah it takes place all in one day but the way it was just that the way it's working for me i'm not always a big
00:10:59fan of inst love but at the same time steve pretty much fell in love with me right away so in love with that adorable way but so instead loved instal if doesn't like that does it doesn't bother me because it happened to me it just i don't like
00:11:14the way that it's written in books for some reason it just really hear it i hear that i don't know why i don't know this yeah in this book it doesn't bother me and i'll tell you why because okay so i'm just going to tell you this one
00:11:31little part and i'm not going to be able to exactly describe it but the one of the characters the boy he is falling for this girl and she's not having it and he the way he describes falling for us is he says he's not falling in love with
00:11:50her but he he's like having visions of falling in love with her down the road like he knows that's where it'll go kind of so that's why it kind of works for me because he's acknowledging that what he's feeling right now isn't love but that it will be
00:12:05hey kind of kind of like that it's not really anyway okay so obviously people it is in her writing is good and it's kind of timely because it's about a young girl whose family is getting deported like the next day and because they're undocumented immigrants from jamaica and
00:12:23so she's trying tio figure out how to get her family give her family the opportunity to stay so that's one of the reasons why i picked it up because i felt like it was timely but also kind of lighthearted cause i don't want anything too heavy either so
00:12:39i don't know yeah i'm liking it though nice what about you mom you guys i put down crazy rich asians in january i want to say after having tried to read it since like november i basically i started the book in november didn't really make any progress with
00:13:01it put it down for a couple of months i picked it back up again and i'm flying through it it was so weird i feel like i'm rounding the corner out of this reading slump and it's so exciting i never i feel like yeah i don't that doesn't
00:13:17happen to me often like usually when i put down a book cause i don't have a problem putting down a book but usually it's a dnf like i don't really have an intention you pick it back up again but with crazy rich asians i was like so frustrated
00:13:32with myself because i kept thinking i really like this book i like what i want to know what's going to happen but for whatever reason i can't get through it and i think it was just my season of life for something that well it's a good reminder that
00:13:46we might enjoy a book later down the road like it was the wrong time that it was the right book at the right time and now it's the right book at the right time yes yes exactly so we're going to transition now to our patri on question that
00:14:03we answer for every episode and our wonderful guest julie is going to also answer the question hopefully um this question is by donna hetch hetchy killer and she asked do you try to purposely mix up your book selections for example fiction and nonfiction new release classic heavy light
00:14:25read different genres etcetera and kind of related how do you decide what to read next I feel like this is a broad question but i'm really interested to know what you guys think about that yeah i have a hard time with this because i feel like i'm a
00:14:42mood reader and yet you i and yet i'm always taking off a stack of books off my shelf and i feel like those are the ones that i have to read from so a and also i feel like i always end up at the beginning of the month
00:14:57being like okay i have to read these nice three books this month and sometimes that ends up being all the books i read and so i didn't i don't feel like i actually read by mood i read by based on what i had to read but i do
00:15:12like to generally mix up genres like i don't like to be multiple nonfiction or multiple books from the same genre i can read multiple fiction books at the same time but they have to be from different genres and ideally i like to read a nonfiction like my my
00:15:29ideal reading lineup is a fiction in a non fiction at the same time and on ly two books at a time but that's rarely how it ends up being for me so that's that's my answer i like it i'm similar to that as well but for me i
00:15:47typically like to have a physical book that i'm reading and then an audio book that i'm listening tio yes medio but i do tend to keep my genres separate so i really liked to listen to like thrillers so i'll listen to those usually on audio for some reason
00:16:02i prefer that over reading them most the time and then i will have a fantasy or a literary fiction or something that i'm physically reading i also don't like to mix genres or if i'm going to pick up nonfiction i typically like to pick that one up on
00:16:19audio too i just feel like it's so much easier to listen to yeah yeah that's i'm very similar to you katie i don't like to mix my genres i'm kind of i think i'm probably the same way it sometimes i find that all read and it's kind of
00:16:33just spontaneously happens that all read two books set in the same place or like some weird overlap that's yeah really great or can kind of confuse me but i feeling most the time it's fun i actually feel like going on kind of book flights is a really interesting
00:16:51way to rio so not reading them necessarily all at the same time but maybe reading some books back to back i think is a really like i have i have three books about the titanic actually and i really would love to read them kind of back to back
00:17:07i also have like two books on marilyn monroe one's a nonfiction and ones that look that i'd love to rio and i mean i actually i've thought about this a lot because i've got a lot of books on my shelf in that kind of in that with that
00:17:20mindset like i've also got last christmas i read the book by dylan klebold's mother what's the name of that book julie um a mother's reckoning on mother's reckoning and then i also have jodi picoult book about a school shooting called nineteen minutes and the nonfiction look called columbine
00:17:43that i'd like to read a cz well so there's all of these sort of book flights that i think are is a really interesting way tio can we do an entire episode on book flight ideas yes eyes love that idea yes please yeah i used to be able
00:17:57to read like so many more books at once but then i wouldn't finish a lot of them you know so because i'm a mood reader yeah i also mode reader so that's i i just went to the library today and checked out probably like seven or eight books
00:18:10oh yeah i don't know what i'm going to be in the mood for i do that you actually i'm julie are truly a mood reader like you don't feel any remorse about not picking up a book that you even might have felt like you should like i feel
00:18:23a lot of pressure to read certain books over the course of the month and you don't i don't put your old pressure like that on myself i wish i didn't every year i i make a resolution to not do that anymore and every year i still do it
00:18:37well you won't dnf books either and i have no problem putting a book down and never coming back to it you julie of the best advice about that as well because i don't remember what book i was reading but i was having a conversation with your new like
00:18:51katie if you don't want to say that your d n f ing a book just put it down for now like give yourself a raise about just putting it down for now and you'll come back to it if you want teo and that like what actually was crazy
00:19:02rich asians it made me it yeah but wait i finished it no he didn't didn't think it was the book on the concentration camp thing about the doctor who performed the doctor who performed all those experiments remember that um entry you hate it that you hated it you
00:19:27complained about it all the time but you said like i said finish it michelle ing it was called misha ling that's it michelle ing but the advice was still taken to heart it was i tried so hard to get her to put that down because she wasn't enjoying
00:19:41it i hate it and it's a tire so many other books there's so many other books out there willing at the time wilder was in the hospital i don't know if you remember that and so that was part of the recent think y just hated it so much
00:19:53but yeah but i have taken that advice later like last summer there were two books that i was reading that i just i was putting me into such a huge slump I just wasn't picking either of them up but i wasn't moving on and i i must have
00:20:06had a conversation with you then too because i do remember attached lists all the time you know and i remember actually setting setting those books down Good I'm glad i know and i haven't picked them up against Maybe i did do you not see but in your mind
00:20:21you're not telling yourself that you dean after you just set them down Yeah you know it's true saul what we tell ourselves No moving into the main conversation of the night although it might be shorter than the front section's we've already had because this is already running long
00:20:42but we wanted to one of the reasons we wanted to have julie on the podcast is that she just moved from kansas to colorado and so we kind of thought it would be fun to talk about moving across the country because all of us have actually done that
00:20:57at one point in our lives or another so it's beautiful there and i was beautiful oh my gosh it is everything that we imagined it was going to be when we decided you know a few years ago we've been talking about moving for about five or six years
00:21:14about you know picking up and moving out here it just never seemed to be the right time and this year everything just fell into place so perfectly so we knew it was time to go yeah it's just been absolutely credible it's so beautiful here i'm just so happy
00:21:32i'm just so happy that makes my heart so haven't you just talking to you in september of last year you were like we really want to make a move but i remember even then seemed like assistant green at because there were so many things need to fall in
00:21:50place you know i'm a stay at home mom right now and i could be anderson my job deal so we have to get there job here for what happened out And that was Relief off of us having to try and find a job And yeah it's Just everything
00:22:19really just fell into place our household with we had multiple offers no under two days So sour So please Another applicants on it way got it it's right by the school it's just it's just everything's been amazing we go out every single night and go hiking and just
00:22:50uh it's just beautiful have you how long have you been out there now three weeks uh yeah almost a month we came out here on june first so coming up on a month have you met any any other moms or any i have surprisingly listen to this i
00:23:10met this woman i met a woman through a colorado moms group her name is katie no and she reached out to me she reached out to me and was really nice we're talking about schools and stuff and i we've met a couple of times she has three girls
00:23:24they get along with my girls so much oh my gosh that's so good and you know the interesting thing is i'm pretty sure she has your exact same glasses and she's your doppelganger is living in colorado don't let her replace me if she gets a friend named molly
00:23:42and you guys all hang out together i'm not okay with this but it was so weird i probably really embarrassed she's a little bit more introverted than me just a little bit yeah so nice and so sometimes i feel like i may be trying to talk to her
00:23:57too much if you know what i mean It's just you like i need some more communication with people You know it's just like i did when i went over to her house the other day for the kids have a play date and i'm just asking her questions to
00:24:11try and get to know her a bit but then in the back of my mind knowing i mean i know lots of more introverted people and so then is back my mind i'm thinking oh my gosh um i asked her to any question i'm just overthinking it it
00:24:22is so hard to make friends as an it what is it it's such a it's such a strange thing too because i feel like and let me know what you guys thought about this when you move away from home my insecurities that i saw died in high school
00:24:39suddenly surface and it's like all of a sudden you're trying to figure out this new almost identity in a new place and you're just it's just weird yeah we're yeah it's just weird and i'm looking for a book club because they left my ladies and my book you
00:24:59a club you need to start a book club again though julie because here but he was so your book was so special and i mean i never actually i've never actually heard of a book club that was actually a book that was a full of readers like seriously
00:25:16these women loved books as much as i do so we we'll talk about that really that we're reading and then everyone would just sit and share all the books that we've been reading we'd all just you know go like but crazy and adeline tour good rickets i've been
00:25:30skyping in actually i skyped really they don't want me to leave and i miss that so much of the last meeting was very bittersweet who took over the book choices because i know you were a sort of curious still want me to do that my gosh really yeah
00:25:47so i well we did it where we would choose a genre something very easy and then i would research books that might be good discussion books and stuff so but i think my sister and i another woman named aaron are going to try and kind of do that
00:26:02a bit but i want to start a book club here it's just i reached out to like random groups on facebook like moms groups and that didn't go well i mean i just sitting get a lot of feedback so then i'm thinking about doing a meet ups but
00:26:17you have to pay for meet ups which i didn't know yeah you have to pay i think it's ten dollars a month and so i was thinking well if they could do that and then once i get a club up and running then i could cancel it china
00:26:32yeah so maybe we should talk about i don't know if you guys have any in light of moving across the country if anyone has any book recommendations having to do with like a move of some kind or road trip and i feel like i've read books that have
00:26:51this couldn't there were so many like everything's escaping me but um but i did pull out this one book did i bring it in here in the closet with me no i this book um it's it's a christian book what it's called uprooted a guide for home sick
00:27:11christians and it's bye rebecca van doodle lord don't do that is a name name high now and look at look at how thin it is though but this book did you read it yes when i moved from raleigh teo houston texas and it was way were only there
00:27:30for a year we knew we weren't staying there yeah very long so it's really hard to like put down roots when you know that you might not be saying and aaron was traveling a lot and anyway uprooted um it was such a practical guided for me like it
00:27:48was it's not really self help but it was it was like a bomb to my soul like i was so home good and yeah i mean not good but at least it was a book that you know affected you and touch you in the way yes so anyway
00:28:03there's that book and then i'm also thinking through painted deserts by donald miller donald miller i don't know Yeah i read that you wrote years ago we like jazz right that donald yeah yeah um i feel like there are other books those air like actual sort of helped
00:28:21me kind of well or through painted deserts is is it i am more memoir it's a memoir but it's his it's basically him moving i think road tripping to oregon ok and so its beauty but i remember reading and being like i have to do this this would
00:28:40be so amazing yeah gets like an old fan or something i don't know it's been years since i've read it but so i have three books that come to my show okay so in they're all fiction oh no one is nonfiction one and i've had julie read one
00:28:55of it one of them and she'll know what when i i already know i'll say that one last so the two fiction books that i that i that are about moving are both middle grade i feel like you'll fall often find it in middle grade because it's something
00:29:12especially when you're a kid moving it it's a big deal because yeah you know it's run things in your life uprooting yeah it's one thing for adults i feel like it and it's not that it's not hard for adults but usually it's the adults making the decision and
00:29:28so the kids are just sort of uprooted whether they they want to go or not So the two books that that i thought of were walked two moons which i know molly needs to read you're going to say that because the premise of the book is that south
00:29:43south salamanca moves with her dad after her mom leaves ah to be i think closer tow her grandparent's maybe i don't remember why exact well there's too many memories in in the house and so they move and then she also is road tripping with her grand parents to
00:30:03go and find her mother so there's that look in his eyes wonderful one of my favorite middle middle great books i read it when i was a teenager and loved it and then reread it this spring and loved it just a cz much it's it's just it's so
00:30:19wonderful everything about that book just it it's it speaks to me i love it and then the other book is by another favorite middle grade author and a for now okay for now and it's about it's about a little boy and his family who moved i think they
00:30:38live in new york and they move upstate and it's about him and that one is also just about him kind of sort of a little bit of a building's roman coming of age story and but also him dealing with some really serious issues and his family as well
00:30:56it's also an amazing book i love garish meant he's one of my favorite middle great authors Wonderful wonderful book and then the nonfiction book that i came up with a now what you're gonna say yes so it is called the indifferent stars above the indifferent stars above aaron
00:31:14saw the donner party bride yet it's about the donner party and it's incredible it's an amazing book it's about the it's about the people who basically took the oregon trail but they decided to then take this uncharted route over the sierra nevada mountains and obviously because of wrong
00:31:37information because of wrong information information given wrong information so this is this is ah obviously and historical account so it's not a modern day moving tail but it is these people who got caught in a very bad situation and and uh wait what is it called again it's
00:31:57called the indifferent stars above a donner news during saga of the donner party bright is what it used to be called thie indifferent stars above yeah it's whatyou title yeah but well it was it used to be the second part of her the subtitle about the the hearing
00:32:15saga of a donner party bright it the book does sort of focus on this one woman who was in the donner party and so obviously you know the donner party is very famous and a lot of people know the story but they don't know what like they've heard
00:32:29of it They know that it was a you know cannibalistic situation but they are they don't know a lot of the details and this book really is incredible i mean you do kind of have to have a strong stomach but the it's it's an amazing story of survival
00:32:46and um yeah with some really unsavoury aspect that some of the people in the party resorted to not everyone but some don't know but you know i have recommended this book to some people who actually read this with my book club and then i reckon i've recommended it
00:33:03teo to so many people and they have all loved it yeah it's just it's one of the best nonfiction books i've ever read and i thank you so much katie for introducing me to it because oh man it was great it's it's really good it's narrative nonfiction so
00:33:19it's like you're reading a story but also i think the reason that i this book popped up on my radar is because when i moved from wisconsin to california to go to grad school um you know i drove basically part of the route i drove through this year
00:33:37in nevada's teo get you go to the spot where they were where they were caught i want to take a trip out there you should you should so on the way i do on the way there i didn't on the way back my mom and i did stop
00:33:50at the donner part the site of the donner party and i'm right where they were caught for so long and i would love to go again actually because no when i did it with my mom if i had not read everything i hadn't read the book and so
00:34:04i feel like i have a much fuller picture now and we didn't need a little bit about it on the way with my mom had this other book that we read but it wasn't nearly as absorbing as thie indifferent stars above and i didn't learn nearly as much
00:34:16about it in the same way because i the indifferent stars above is just so absorbing and it is so i feel like i'd get a lot more out of visiting that that place that site then i then i did at the time my family oh that's a great
00:34:37one for this question because i feel like you know not a lot of people have probably heard of that book it isn't a make book it isn't but it's so good i wish more people would read it because every day more he wanted to read it so good
00:34:49it also as you were talking katie i just remembered marlena are marlaina however you say it by julie bunton my one of my favorite books from last year it takes place at uh the main character moves to a small rural town in michigan with her mom her brother
00:35:08and she didn't want to move There was like a big big uprooted thing and she just so happens to get to know the neighbor girl and becomes completely absorbed in her life and because it's a small town there's like really nothing for kids to do but drink and
00:35:27do drugs i guess yeah so she kind of she becomes she was this like straight a student who gets thrown into the kind of the bad crowd but it's really interesting to see how she changes because of that move there's like a psychological change and then her making
00:35:47her friendships and how that all plays out i don't know it's interesting because reading that i wouldn't even think about that as like a theme of the book like moving and being uprooted but it just that you're starting over kind of a night and that's kind of what
00:36:04moving brings about in us is this sort of starting over kind of like what you were saying sort of reince yuk if you have the opportunity to reinvent yourself but also even if you're not going to reinvent yourself you're still starting over with your friendships and your you
00:36:19know your community all that kind of stuff yeah moving can be hard but wonderful i remember when julie when you were when you were saying goodbye to your teo your family in canada it was very it was it was very bitter sweet right Because you were so excited
00:36:37it's one of the most bitter sweet moments of my life i could never that's the only word to describe it because i have i've never lived this far away from my mother or really my sister my sister moved i got an hour away at one point and my
00:36:53mom and my sister and i are extremely close and my sister isn't one that likes to show emotion she likes to keep things in and so the whole entire day when she's helping me pack up the truck and everything she's not crying she's not doing anything and then
00:37:05right before i leave she says goodbye and her and donnie are walking the car and then she comes back and she's just crying they want to cry right and we just held each other and you know and then she came out to visit us like week after week
00:37:20yeah they had already had a colorado trip planned anyway yeah see that's the way to do it if you and i have a trip planned oh yeah yeah it was so i mean i've never felt more of a bittersweet moment yeah in my life because we wanted to
00:37:32move here so bad and we love it but saying goodbye to them it was just so good byes goodbyes are sweet and there should be good byes if there aren't oh sweet goodbyes then it's like i don't know i feel like the places that we moved with houston
00:37:50we had a handful of people that we really cared about that we hated to say goodbye to in orlando we were there for two years and so and we like really just kind of got plugged in with people and when we left orlando it was kind of gut
00:38:04wrenching and i didn't expect to really put down roots there but i remember a friend who lived there who lives there who's a counselor so she's like obviously very emotionally intelligent i guess but she was like you need to say goodbye to people because my whole thing was
00:38:26like let's just sidestep this painful process and she's like no goodbyes are good they're important and and like it's there's something really important and valuable about good goodbye you know yeah yeah that's it's just it was hard it was for my mom has having a really hard time
00:38:45with it she just kept telling me i've never lived this far away from either of my girls and i was just very does your mom their plans to come visit yes she will come visit my mom loves colorado and colorado springs i mean for the first like i
00:38:59don't know twelve years of my life we vacationed out here yeah so i have we have really violence that yeah well you came out here so much my dad loved colorado springs and actually he wanted his ashes spread at pike's peak but then things changed so that didn't
00:39:16happen but he loved it here so much that that was that was one of the things you know that he always talked about yeah so i think would be released there really i yeah i didn't realize that colorado meant that much to me like i knew that it
00:39:29was a place you guys wanted to live but i didn't know so there's a chance that that expectation of like what it's going to be like could have been like oh this we want to we want to live here it might not live up to our expectations but
00:39:45it sounds like it really has since it has i think it just so many great memories of my childhood yeah you were coming you have you moved to a place that still had a history for you which i think makes it a really different kind of move like
00:40:00you didn't you weren't picking up and moving to a place that you had no connection there had never been i was trying to think of a horror book that went along with this podcast and i found i thought of one oh let's hear it Okay so there is
00:40:16a book by ionia all born who was one of my favorite horror author she's a female and she is awesome and within these balls is about a father who moves his daughter teo washington i don't remember where they lived before but it was a long long ways away
00:40:32and they moved to washington into this house because he is a old crime writer and he got the chance to interview this old colt leader about thes crimes he committed and the colt lived in this house that he moves his daughter into and then really were that night
00:40:52and staying by myself tonight we cannot go into this well no i was just going to say i don't typically like supernatural horror but i really enjoyed this one i was listening to it on audio and it was scary misa and i'm like okay i'm gonna pick up
00:41:06the physical copy of it and then i was reading at home alone at night like this is not a good idea but i love annie all born that is just one of the reasons why i mean she writes horror that i wouldn't typically pick up when i d'oh
00:41:19i'm so into it she has you found it have you enjoyed all of her books or did i have read three of her books go far and i have enjoyed all of them but i still have a couple more left i enjoy some more than others brother is
00:41:35still my favorite but that book is not for everyone that is the darkest book i've ever read in my life so that would not be for everybody but i love that she's a female whore author which i feel like we're getting more of but they're still few and
00:41:49far between who isn't afraid to go really dark she isn't afraid to really push those limits and write a really scary book and i just i love it yeah yeah you've talked about her for a long time now i remember when you were reading brother and i was
00:42:04like this is not the book for me i know that look is not for you or molly yeah no definitely not um uh sorry katie thanks everyone for sticking around for this episode of no thanks we're booked if you like hearing us talk about life if you like
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