Barbara Corcoran had worked 22 different jobs by the time she was 23. She faced more than the usual amount of rejection growing up before famously taking a $1,000 loan from her then boyfriend and turning it into The Corcoran Group. Today she's a bestselling author and also a shark, using her own money to invest in companies on ABC’s hit show "Shark Tank." Barbara shares an unheard pivotal childhood moment about her father's drinking habit. She also talks about being the only woman at the table early on in her career, competing in a male dominated industry and her tangible advice for entrepreneurs.
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00:01:05a lot of books I was like the scrappy blue collar girl that didn't know how to dress to talk coming into their world they rolled me off they thought I was going to be in an alley OC I surprised welcome to no limits I'm Rebekah Jarvis each week
00:01:22we're talking to women playing at the top of their game so how are they doing it whether you're looking for answers or you just want to hear a good story you're in the right place the woman you're about to hear from is someone who has been and continues
00:01:41to be a trailblazer for women in business she grew up in New Jersey with nine siblings and had worked twenty two jobs by the time she was twenty three it was around this time she quit her waitressing job against the advice of her own mom took a one
00:01:56thousand dollar loan and eventually turned it into the largest real estate company in New York today she's not only a best selling author but you can watch her on ABC's hit show shark tank Barbour corporate welcome to no limits happy to be here do you ever sit back
00:02:15and just think how did all of this happened I don't think about how it all happened because people are always asked me to tell me the story and it's the only story I know so I'm so tired of telling it you are so I don't try to think
00:02:26about it unless somebody's forcing me to say what it what is a moment from the story that you haven't talked about at this point wow that's a great question no one's asked probably you know such a weird thing came to my head but that's what they have that
00:02:40right I would say I just had left the light so I'll say it about my dad and at times when he would drink socially and it was not a nice drunk he would speak to my mother with great disdain and he adored my mother they kissed in front
00:02:55of us he was the love of her life blah blah but he turned into a different man when he drank and %HESITATION when he spoke to her with disdain I felt reach you know felt rage and I also felt rage in my career always not when a woman
00:03:12would talk down to me will put me down a challenging but whenever there was a big businessman with power and we've put me down it always brought out the best in me I think had practiced rage my whole life and I would make up my mind right then
00:03:25and there I'll show you and I think that had a lot to do with me doing very well and succeeding in a man's world that is wow I was at I would I wasn't either I meet the world I didn't mean to be deep and how depressing is
00:03:39deep down days but well you asked me and that was all that came to my head I don't even know if I could come up with another one I respect you for sharing it we've talked about your story before the fact that you grew up in a home
00:03:51with lots of siblings nine small hometown wings tie to view the fact that you were turned down so many job opportunities along the way didn't work out the way that you thought might they're all experience in hindsight all experience in hindsight two jobs to be exact before I
00:04:06started my brokerage firm that's a lot of experience by the time you twenty three what kept you going in those jobs all those jobs are great I mean they were menial jobs playground supervisor hot dog salesman credit call caller what do you do wrong is a hot dog
00:04:22sales person am I didn't do anything wrong %HESITATION I had a boss who is a little abusive in that situation you had to be a big man on campus but you know what I learned from that I learned that when I had dealt with other big men on
00:04:34campus later on that I had seen it all done in before I knew how to finesse about the whole thing so you learn you know I'm I don't think I had a single job except a nurse's aide where I had a post temperature charts and I was dyslexic
00:04:46so I reverse numbers and I thought I was killing the cancer patients whenever they mention Mrs Smith was dead I figured I had a hand in that because I had mixed up or numbers which I'm sure was the case but other than that one job I really enjoy
00:04:57the heck out of every job I ever had their world menial jobs but they're always on my feet there were things that didn't involve writing and reading which is what I couldn't do but they involve talking and I really learned how to talk I learned how to get
00:05:09along with people and talk and rely on that to get myself a better tip not a promotion but at least a continuation of the position you you really do talk to people from all walks of life in this role as a in real estate you talk to people
00:05:25from all walks of life what's the secret what's the thing that you know that makes you so good at that then you are a tough question and that's another one I never heard well sales as sales that's a little different than day to day getting along with people
00:05:39a sales is getting along and speaking with people with an objective the objective being you need to close a deal and you don't get paid in sales leads to close a deal I think the genuine card is masterful in sales because I think everybody's a lot smarter than
00:05:55people generally give people credit for I think people can sniff out the real deal with the genuine whether you have your self interest foot so for me and sales I genuinely wanted to make sure they got the best they can get and that they were happy and I
00:06:10think people pick up on that I don't think you can fake it I think you have a lot of acting that goes on sometimes in that business but I think people see the difference is smart and so they close themselves if you're really working toward making them happy
00:06:24they're going to close themselves now when you take it out of sales and you just say what's the secret to getting along with people and speaking with people arm for me I think it's Saturday at that I genuinely think everybody's equal I mean and I know that sounds
00:06:38like a a hoagie kind of thing to say but I get that from my mom because she treated everyone exactly the same because she saw everybody the same and I think everybody in my family all ten of us came up with that kind of a upbringing so I
00:06:50think if you treat people as though they are exactly equal to you and that everybody has something to give in the something treasure a treasure and every person a you know for you for example I always point out the treasure right away when I see someone now I've
00:07:04met you before but if I'd seen you for the first time I would say you have the most warm sparkling eyes have ever seen which is entirely true that sample right then you are breath doesn't feel good but it does feel good but if I said to instead
00:07:16all my god you have the best figure I've ever seen on a woman you might say ample so you have a great figure but see it would change when you know it you know it's there yeah I know that was a complete lie no no you have a
00:07:29great show or not but a lot of the great figures say so going back to that that idea of treating everyone equal it what interests me about that is now in the world that you're in you're thrust into sort of a Hollywood world knew what a phony world
00:07:42that okay so coming from that background and then being around that phoniness wrong and all these people who have these facades up will tell a funny thing happens when you become a mini celebrity which I would say that I am as a result of happening having that lucky
00:07:58landing on shark tank that's something the pot luck that that kind of thing really happens to in life millions of people are trying to get in addition to do this and this that actually came to me so I feel like I cheated my way into that that seat
00:08:10away you know I don't have to work my **** off for what you did you had you had the resume to back it up at that point you had soldier company at that point right for millions of dollars you had created a successful real estate empire but going
00:08:24back to this question of now you're on the number one show everybody a lot of people are watching it and you're around a lot of fitness will to fake world where everybody's kissing your **** and everybody gives you importance that you don't deserve for example of the as
00:08:43many immediate benefits of having a some notoriety I can call up will have my system called any restaurant and if there's no seat they make a seat om people give me free merchandise in a store please take the blast for free watch with let me give you this
00:08:59makeup line for free people send me stuff but you know of the danger that is it could make you feel like you are different it can start to make you feel like willow I'm a big shot right and so a what it how it plays enemies kind of
00:09:13weird because I feel like I'm forced to play the imposter like complaining this even my day to day life of a kind of a selfie I watch your chart or whatever it might take everywhere I go you know you don't escape that now on it makes me feel
00:09:28like I'm I'm playing or acting in my real life you really can't get away with it until you get home with the kids and close the door at night that's when you get away with that they treat you the same they're going to **** and complain about not
00:09:39being a great mom what you not do off on whatever you know seldom so you have to learn to take the in genuineness of for what it is and be okay with it and I'm okay with it up because I can see from whence it comes you know
00:09:53the the best thing I ever heard of dressing that from someone Norma sleeve a world renowned is the guy who played Harry potter a someone interview asked him you know how do you handle the fame that you found as a young kid in that continues with you how
00:10:09does it not ruin your life is as easy he said I realize they could have put anybody in my seat and they would have been equally famous and I thought what a smart kid and he's really balanced and that's the truth with any of this anybody else could
00:10:21have landed there is such a baloney kind of a thing that you got to just keep your eye focus what a what a nonsense thing and then I see the comedy of it I have it Clint like I like could you believe this **** there there have to
00:10:36be these pinch me moments you remember what was there like a first moments where it dawned on you it dawned on me I was at a restaurant celebrating my sons who is now twenty two the first or second Caesar shark tank eight years ago a cell and I
00:10:50was celebrating whatever that birthday was okay with five or six relatives at a small round table a local restaurant and as we were singing Happy Birthday a woman came up and said Hey I just have to tell you about my business just a moment I just have to
00:11:05tell you that she wrote the whole them like holy crap is this woman for she was up she was early fan you know fortunately at that time anyone else watching didn't know what she's talking about is known as watching shark tank things change after the second season yeah
00:11:19really weird you know wrote in a restroom in the JFK airport three weeks ago the lady the next all say a U. barber from shark I look I'm talking to her leg but I saw the paper Barbara notion as that but I saw the company of that yet
00:11:37you must appreciate you know absolutely area so I would imagine that your children say for how you treat them are living in a much different experience than the one that you grew up in hell and I would imagine that it's important which gets how do you balance that
00:11:51and and is it important to you to give them a piece of whatever you experience in your childhood here's the skinny on this alright you can't give a rich kid a piece of you poor experience alright I remember one time of my son Tommy approach images name will
00:12:09kill me but say I had another son with a different I knew this kid I had once I'll call me and asked if he could buy a pair of loafers on a Saturday was with his girlfriend in his teen years I said of course and it's so nice
00:12:23to colonise permission Tommy very nice vehicle I really appreciate that all of course mom of course money comes trotting in a couple of hours later with a high fashion bag of brands that will remain nameless that I knew those low fares at that time maybe self is six
00:12:39hundred dollars when I saw that bad I almost killed him using ask if you go to that store you just set a pair of loafers you miss god made up of about I was so rough on him you'd swear that he had gone out murder someone but I
00:12:52was really upset his sense of value and then I went on to you know you don't have a sense of value those that means nothing to you know how hard I had to work to make that six hundred dollars and you know out from my view I thought
00:13:04I was teaching a lesson and he said you know mom I get it I appreciate I don't mean to be disrespectful but if you really want me to have you value I shouldn't have grown up on Park Avenue is the main he didn't grow up with ten kids
00:13:17in a two bedroom flat scrapping for everything and yet I expected him to have an appreciation for that you see it's wrong okay it what it the best I could do with my kids realize they've gone to good schools had all the help in luxury and best vacations
00:13:32of the entire life and hope they remain nice not get phony over that's it that coming from a different platform rich kids do that educated kids do that than somebody who comes up from nothing and you have to respect them for what they do with that advantage and
00:13:47so that's what I try to do you know I you know you could see of confused on that it's a rough one reformation and I don't know if yes the question answering it but %HESITATION it's it's complicated yeah you see you know one other thing that I often
00:14:01think about his health thankful I am that I had nothing to lose and nowhere to go but up all my parents wanted from each of us that would be nice people at some big order no pressure I mean I've worked with rich people my whole life building a
00:14:13trade in New York City in real estate of course and some of these kids are under such pressure out to their parents of measurable be somebody of be the attorney the dad was a grandfather was I was acutely aware my whole career like I don't have to be
00:14:28nothing man I just have to be nice that's not a big one and being nice is fairly easy right just stay on us so am I if you get a lot of gifts when you have nothing that it looks like the rich kids got all the advantage but
00:14:42they have a lot of disadvantages that you never had expectations a monster on the kids back and parents do without even thinking about it they really do and I've seen it again and again room a lot of good potentially could kids with hot spot and Hassel and really
00:14:57wanted to prove something of but against those expectations it's a tough one you know absolutely him I I've seen articles where you've talked about investing in wanting to invest in in kids that grew up poor people that grew up poor so is that it is that how you
00:15:12all you feel at this point because what you were just describing sounds like you see the value in both backgrounds and it's really what the individual comes to being now it is always what the individual is and comes to be on the advantage of me investing in someone
00:15:28who came from nothing is that kid scrap more coming up the ranks anything he wanted of any value monetarily he had to do the paper out for hustle baby sit work on weekends right the rich kids a went to lacrosse camps in the summer you know winter nice
00:15:49can nothing wrong with that I know I do with my kids I still do it I have eleven year old home of but did not feel they did not exposed to the same thing a poor kid is exposed to the not exposed to a trash on the street
00:16:03a bad people trying to hustle you of bullies they're kind of protected from that to a large degree and so they don't they don't have the same tough skin as a privilege kid does now the privilege kids that's gone gotten as Harvard MBA has a different advantage he
00:16:20can talk the language to the thing but what when I'm investing what I really want to do is I have I want to have somebody who's great at rejection someone gets smashed on the head is stupid enough to bounce back up and say hit me again that's really
00:16:34what I'm looking for and you know the rich kid doesn't really have that opportunity at Harvard Business School this studying how you do it but they're not really living how you do it where's support kid you can make the grand assumption he's seen a lot already when he
00:16:49steps into the tank so that's why I tend to be biased toward that kind of a kid I believe little bit more easily isn't it terrible I do have my prejudices and it is toward the poor kid and also I look for thankfulness I know that sounds like
00:17:03a weird trait but what I envision is I picture if I can make a huge success of this business and we're sitting at a table ten years from now I'm picturing this counting the gold because we just cashed out on a limb to be happy with me on
00:17:18what I did for them back ten years ago and I want someone who has the thankful gene you know I really appreciate what you're doing thank you so much anyone until I find that out in the due diligence process after commit to deal if I find that I
00:17:31have hooked in with the wrong person is not the least bit thank you thankful why would I want them in my life why would I want to help today smarts nice but thankful that better feels better than this March on you and so I need to have someone
00:17:46that I think is genuinely thankful and what is that come down to Chile comes down to ugh they've nice parents or one nice parents all one great growing up in their life that made a difference that they learn from it doesn't have to be a parents but I'm
00:17:59always looking for that thankful gene when you look forward at what you want your life to be from here on out what do you see one thing health health I'm sixty eight years old or something as but I have the energy of a twenty two year old you
00:18:16know why you dragged what do you eat nothing I a and I were born this way yes I have my mother's energy you know she raised ten kids as though it was breathing case you ran that household like a boot camp everything had its place choose a doting
00:18:30mom as much as you can dote on tenant wants us use of powerful role model shoes and optimist I mean I'm a so you know I got a lot of her in me but one thing I got from her was the ability to work really really hard you
00:18:46know I don't think she slept two hours and I just ironing through the night before they had clothes dryers right so I have her energy and her health and got so what am I looking forward to I'm hoping I can hit at least a hundred and ten with
00:18:59my health intact right I've no pains no joint muscle pain nothing I'm like I feel like I'm in better shape than most of the young moms at a meeting in the morning when I take my eleven year old school do you feel like do you feel pressure along
00:19:14the if the shark take lines that you've got this moment it's lasted longer than fifteen seconds eight years but you gotta take advantage and you've gotta build other businesses and come up with new ideas and make sure that while people are paying attention you do something with it
00:19:30absolutely but you have to realize it's a double header that's what hooks you and it's a drug yeah school success you get used to success the last thing you want people to do is talk about what you did versus what you're doing okay and then yes layer on
00:19:45top of the success gene that has been nurtured you by yourself in your body your whole life you've run hard you succeeded now you're addicted to success you throw on top of that this wacky TV gene of notoriety you're an addict you're addicted to the notoriety and success
00:20:03and so you're running like that journal in the cage at times I stop and think to myself okay why am I really doing this I don't have to do it I have more money than I need to live I have a great life I'm not bored by life
00:20:17I do a million things outside of work but you know I'm addicted to it I know it that's how you answer that question why am I doing this Dick did comment directed to it yes but I also love it I'm addicted to it because I really love it
00:20:31and what really keeps me in it is fear of what would happen if I didn't have it I'm not secure enough to step off that cliff and have a peak you know if I was doing yoga and I was really self evaluating I might have the stamina confidence
00:20:46to make you take a chance on not going to go there when someone happy wanted from board what have I turned into an alcoholic what those are your what if these are all my what if that doesn't look like a pretty abetted I've been to stay as is
00:21:00durable run like hell on this this world I mean you know it will and and I look at this world your your one of the extreme examples of it because you have the show when you had all this success in your continuing on in building out new companies
00:21:13but anybody who is running a company now has to manage at least some of this public persona because of social media I see friends who are trying to start companies go wrong they focus so much on the outward facing thing they forget that the company also needs to
00:21:28be managed that there's the operation side of it how do you balance and especially with the entrepreneurs that you work with how do you recommend they balance that in this day and age where people just want to see things but sometimes what you see is not the reality
00:21:41now everybody wants to spin wants to have and be appreciated for public persona but it takes a lot of time and takes a lot of energy and also takes focus right now with my entrepreneurs that I work with not that they listen to me I get lots of
00:21:57advice the good ones don't listen that's the mark of a great entrepreneur they do as they damn please you know just like I did if I got advice yeah great great great ideas let me do what I want to do you know but I'm with those entrepreneurs %HESITATION
00:22:08I at least the advice I dole out because I'd have to give it to myself to all the time because it can sweep you up in that whole outward focus is you have to really focus on doing what you do very very well know it better than anybody
00:22:22else and nail it every time really prepare it over and over prepare and pay attention and incite people the people close to those of the people that are generally pay the price fastest as people you surround yourself with when you're not focused on your work and you know
00:22:38what happens you lose a talent I've done that my life when I built the Corcoran group is that over a thousand employees and I had a eighteen that I adored like they're my own children in fact everyone worked there I thought of them as my child and I
00:22:51treat them the way my mother cheated us adored them do anything kill from anything they needed I was there for them %HESITATION but you have to really remember that that's what makes you who you are that's what attracted people to you that's what made them willing to follow
00:23:06you off the cliff okay stay with you in the bad times right and you have to remember that that's the big kahuna the rest of the stuff is outward pressure it's like peer pressure basically when you're back in high school to be cool alone it's about being cool
00:23:23when I assess what a public persona does from my various businesses the truth of the matter is I can't really quantify it I know it helps but that keeps me careful as to not to spend too much time with her too much money at that thing what I
00:23:36really have to do is do what I'm actually doing for a living very well and I and I think that's prudent for almost everybody but it's hard to resist that peer pressure it's like role shadow boxing can't miss that kid miss sex that I was in Central Park
00:23:50a yesterday morning before school with my daughter Kate of because we had twenty minutes get the Dunkin donuts get to the parks are just like with a half a block and we're in that big metal up in the nineties running like hell around the meadow I was pretending
00:24:02I was catching I was almost ready to die I'm not that good and shapes when she gets to the top of a rock the sun is perfectly on her face she's got a bright orange switcher and I thought what a photo I said state Medicaid spirit that I
00:24:17got to take a picture at but then I didn't I felt so proud of myself because it would ruin the fluidity of a lousy fifteen ms scalar I thought what a selfie posts on social media in the park for early morning there daffodils behind it was a beautiful
00:24:32shot I could recognize a great shot but I was so thankful I didn't run it you know but I felt like guilty in a way of my work that I didn't freeze it and share it with my people who would love to have enjoyed it now and so
00:24:45I think you rest I mean that's it that's an example maybe a stupid exam no ideal I respected yeah so do you wrestle with that I think all the time public personal a public focused on your work that public poll is enormous today and I don't think justifies
00:25:00its worth in more instances than not my own feeling you seem like somebody who wants that you would like to help people only you can help people you want to hell why not so how do you handle that when people pitch you either bad ideas or ideas you
00:25:14know you just really don't have the time to work will like I don't have the time to work on anything outside of shark tank that is the truth right %HESITATION but I've created systems you know systems I learned from my mother can sell a lot of stuff if
00:25:26she could put all the boys socks in one role blue navy blue all one size and all the girls in another drop all white all one size and skin that cat every morning I could certainly create systems of for my business so what I have is I immediately
00:25:40say here's how you get on shark tank bill I've memorized that site okay if they want to pitch mail say senator my office I'll be happy to forward shark tank I immediately say I'm precluded from listening to the pitch because of my contract with ABC I can't get
00:25:54involved with other things on sorry but let me tell you what I can do if you Bubba so I have an answer and so you can help people but of course keep your life intact I mean I have to multiply myself times ten people to listen to all
00:26:07the pitches at wanna come at me you know but thankfully I have that contract with ABC awhile back now it's been a little longer than a while but there was a comment that you made about thinking like a man in business that successful and there were mixed reactions
00:26:24telecom at him do you think that that's still the case that if you're a woman in business you have to think like a man knowing how I use that thinking is like this right ominous Boeing up remember I was the only girl in the boardroom table and went
00:26:39to a when I started a my corpsman group business every business was owned by a man usually second generation with a lot of books okay I was like and I was like this the scrappy blue collar girls that didn't know how to dress a talk coming into their
00:26:52world they rolled me off they thought I was going to be in an anti us you know I surprised them by coming in coming the largest rival but that kind of treatment helped me become the largest rival you know got me go I'm in okay but what I
00:27:06would do is if I was in a situation and the men were all our I'll have about talking any situation and I'm trying to say something and they're writing over me I would be quiet because I had a smaller voice and I couldn't be heard that even happen
00:27:20to me in the first second season of shark tank all over and over I would just be mowed over every time I spoke up before Laurie came on another woman it was harder even than the one Lori came aboard but what I would always do after a couple
00:27:34of years in the business is I would say what would a man do I say to myself what would a man do and you know what whether I knew what I was talking about and not I've I'd start talking because that's all men do they have to have
00:27:45the perfect answer perfectly but I'll tell you what I think and so I I didn't have a man's voice but up what my hand excuse me excuse me I'll tell you what I think I had to for me to shore myself up that's how I used to for
00:27:59me to push myself forward what would a man to another perfect instance where I would do amazing work in a team situation for outside developers something my creative juices my ideas on what to do on the marquee money redevelopment of the job site it was mostly me but
00:28:18there are men I would find it earlier in my career the men which take credit for my boss sitting for at the men would take credit for okay so then I learned what would a man do I would start taking credit when I was half way there because
00:28:32that's what guys do I know so many women and men in workplaces who feel like someone else took credit for their work all the time what do you do in that situation how do you get the credit you deserve you you speak up basically is what you do
00:28:47you speak up to who's supposed to know about it I just wanna let you know even though Joe mentioned that that was my that project okay let's say you haven't %HESITATION barked up you haven't spoken out for yourself which is really the right thing to do take the
00:29:02credit as you're doing it okay but let's see full dot and now Joe just took the credit you go to your boss say I appreciate the fact that show really love the project that we worked on together I just want you to know that in that project are
00:29:15you where I did eighty percent of the work I want to make sure you know that because I adore doing the project I love working for you I would do it again equally well in anything else you want to sign me a sign me something new there you
00:29:28have it you just ask for a quiet sigh of promotion going in a good direction more responsibility and you took the damn credit back but you know what a guy would do that evil guy is a more territorial by nature I know and I don't like stereotyping but
00:29:41the men I work with in my life I territorial get on their territory the fight women will share territory though even give you their territory if it's better for the team which is wonderful for managing people in building an empire that was my style give everybody the credit
00:29:56and let everybody participate you get the best out of people but if that were not the case in many instances I would say what would a guy do right and I would claim credit for being on top of the mount when I was only half way up there
00:30:09because that's what guys do because I'm not going to get to the top but I thought wait to get to the top some other guys going to claim the credit tomorrow morning Tuesday's meeting so true what's the toughest lesson you had to learn on this journey for me
00:30:23of the lesson that I that took me the longest to learn is that I'm not stupid because if you grow up with any kind of a problem in school children are defined by how well they can read write and how good they are academically and so as a
00:30:39child do you collect a lot of your self esteem in a group situation which happens in the classroom so for me I left the classroom thinking I was stupid because I just couldn't learn I mean I could learn other things I couldn't read or write that's a Biggie
00:30:52right math and decoding words were were problematic and so am I think it took me probably to levels thirty five of forty to actually knowledge that I think I'm probably pretty smart and probably have a decent IQ and probably EM us smart a lot of ways okay but
00:31:11it took a lot of years for me to replace those basic in securities of thinking that I would fail because it wasn't smart okay but you know it now I realize it probably motivated me more than any single thing in my life so I'm thankful for even that
00:31:24and I it's easy for me to say because I've had a successful career in a successful life cities a look back and say right thank god I had that pain in the classroom being asked to read out loud where wonderful in the floor day after day indeed played
00:31:36sick in the morning and stuck my thermometer my mother's coffee so I could stay home because I could confront school everyday that's painful for kids but now that I have a happy ending it's like a long happy that happened because they had all the time in school to
00:31:48teach you and become creative in and now I had a like really work hard to get over that site work double heart of everybody else I could say it now but and I mean it now or eight of but that was the hot if you asked what the
00:32:00hardest to get over that took the longest yeah for sure and it's interesting you say thirty five forty because already at this point you were building your real estate empire I had a successful business but you know what I always felt deep inside that I had somehow gotten
00:32:18so many lucky breaks and it could never happen again I was always thinking my god how to get away with this almost like if they really know past I'll never get this job you know I think that the secret of almost all successful people they feel it's that
00:32:35imposter that insecurity that feeling of even if you believe they are smart and good at what you do you feel like shopping yeah motion is a big big player in your being your motion like a logic but your motion yeah feeling secure is big one or in secure
00:32:50as we just said is a big one for the better makes you run hard I also ask everybody with the worst advice I ever received was what's the worst advice you've ever received real advice advice I would have to credit my mother with that which is a shame
00:33:03because she gave me fifty million pounds of great advice my entire life okay but the one P. she's wrong on was when I was waitressing made my third waitress job I was twenty three and I told her I was going to quit my job and start a real
00:33:19estate business my boyfriend was willing to give me a thousand dollars to start it and her sage advice is with Barbara how many dozens of jobs have you had she exaggerated was not quite two dozen she's it why don't you just stay with this job for awhile and
00:33:33build your resume I mean it you need to say that you stayed with things to get a good job you really should stay with it and you can always do that later if I hadn't jumped out of that character that week and started the business the next week
00:33:49who knows if I would have ever started business who knows where I would have gotten a thousand dollars and who knows who would even give me an idea he'd be great real estate sales that's what Ramon Simone from the Basque Country told me even those really run forty
00:34:02fifth street in Harlem I found out later on and his real name is ray Simon was and removes Simone but he is a good market but wait who is Ramon some out and that was my business partner and my first corporan Simone company until he ran away with
00:34:15my secretary and that's what started me a core group so if I had listen to my mother build my resume how logical who knows so that was really lousy advice but fortunately I was of the age I thought my mother was stupid by them as we all do
00:34:30at some juncture and I ignored her and just jumped in Ramon Simone's car and wait to hear city sometimes the worst advice does cover people who are giving it for the best reason they're trying to protect you or they think that they're protecting you love and and you
00:34:46know a lot of the time when I asked that question people come up with bad advice from people who are out to get them all but yeah and that's possible too but that's a minor spot because you know they're the enemy but your own mom you really feel
00:34:58like a creep iffy nor her yeah well Barbara Corcoran this conversation I really enjoyed it I really enjoy you and I really appreciate your time my pleasure thanks so much for listening to another episode of no limits if you like what you heard please make sure to leave
00:35:16us to review it really does help get the word out and don't forget you can follow along with us behind the scenes on Twitter Facebook Instagram and Snapchat at Rebecca Jarvis special thanks to the team here at ABC that helps make this happen Taylor done Josh co hand
00:35:33Andrew kelp Michelle the cardio Steve Jones any of stock weight and Elizabeth packed and coming up on the next episode of no limits I had no money I was kind of floating and I was like **** might have done this it like twenty three out of your yeah
00:35:49what they tell you so you know in your twenties like I give myself a shot and that kind of dark clouds start to settle and I gave myself a shopper did I ever really try and now I'm thirty and eventually that plan B. has to come in but
00:36:00now I'm at the point where it's go time my friends and colleagues Sara Haines Jedidiah be left from the view until then take care brought to you by indeed used by over three million businesses for hiring where business owners and H. R. professionals can post job openings with
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