Toronto, Ontario - December 2015

In the middle of the day and within the aisles of Shoppers Drug mart, an unprovoked stabbing leaves Rosemary Junor clinging to life.

In the days after the attack, the city became captivated by the manhunt for the beautiful, well dressed women, security cameras captured placing a bloody kitchen knife on a makeup counter and calmly leaving the store.

When the suspect is apprehended the story she tells involves mind control, nanotechnology, and a broad conspiracy. 

In this episode, we will pick up the story of Rohinie Bisesar from the point we left off in part one... Rohinie's twisted route through the Canadian legal system. 


The Story of Rohinie Bisesar part one: https://www.nighttimepodcast.com/episodes/rohinie-bisesar

'What happened to Rohinie Bisesar': https://torontolife.com/city/crime/rohinie-bisesar-path-stabbing/


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