Today, I'm excited to bring you an interview with one of the Niche Site Project 4 participants!  During the most recent monthly income report, most people reported no earnings.  

However, today's guest reported earnings of $889 after just one month!  That's almost unheard of with a new niche site.  As a result, I wanted to have him on the podcast to discuss what has been working so well and how he was able to earn so much so quickly.

Today's guest is Jae Jun from  Gorilla ROI is the site that he started as part of the project.

Now in all fairness, Jae had been working on this software project before Niche Site Project 4 started.  But he didn't launch the site until after, so it still "counts".

If you listen to the full podcast episode, you'll hear how Jae was able to hustle his way to his first few sales using Reddit and Amazon Seller forums.  But he also has plans on how he can consistently grow the business as well.


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