In today's podcast episode, I was able to sit down with Zach Zorn from MoneyNomad.com and discuss a recent buy and flip that he found on EmpireFlippers.com.

What I love about Zach's story is that he's been a long time Niche Pursuits reader and had NO affiliate marking or online business experience previous to this.  

In fact, Zach is currently full-time employed as a Yacht broker in San Diego.  So, if you are in the market for a Yacht, go ahead and give Zach a call.

Long story short is that Zach bought a site for $49k in January of this year.  The site was making him a profit of about $3k to $4k a month while he owned it.  So, he pocketed an additional $13k before he sold it for $75k in May of this year.  That's a cool $40k extra in his pockets from this site flip...not bad!

Zach has some really interesting ways that he was able to grow the site.  If you want all the details, I highly recommend that you listen to the full episode!

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