Twins Hardeep and Mandeep Kaur believe we need to care more about what we wear. That’s why they release only one item of clothing every two months at their London-based clothing label, Per/se. https://perse.london
I talk to the twins about their #JustOne concept, about living with intention, and the fear of losing sight of who we are.
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00:00:00hello everyone and welcome to the nice to me to show my name is Tobias and you listening to the 16th episode of a nice to meet you show and I don't even know how to start the show anymore I had a little bit of a break for those of you who are a regular listeners to the show there has been a little bit of a break over the holiday season the last few months essentially and I'm I'm just super excited to be back again publishing out a new episode for you there's a lot of new episodes already planned with a guess that icon talk about yet but they will hopefully surprise you it's going to be something different but you will probably not expect an well for this episode I talked to Hardeep and Mandy they're both fashion designers their sisters and their the both Founders are co-founders off a company called Percy in London and that's why they are living right now there's only from India and essentially I personally really love the approach that they're having and I'm just going to give you the brief explanation here
00:01:00so they're having a fashion company so they're essentially making designing and producing clothing they're doing jackets and when you look at most companies out there most fashion companies it's mostly about fast fashion it's about selling a lot and doing you collections like every other month will not even every month like literally every single month there's a new collection for most of fashion labels and would the Two Sisters here with per se in London are doing is they having this concept is called just one so they're just producing one single jacket similar cut every about like 2 to 3 months so they're producing way way way way less than any other fashion company because there is basically focusing on this concept off you know less is more and you should be more considerate about the things that you're buying because when you look at most of the clothing right now
00:01:51you know you don't really wear it for a long time my most of the time when you look at sweatshirts or shirts you went in for like a few months and then you throw him out of you buying something you obviously that depends where you live in and what city you live in and what your you know you're at your social status is but there's something about the just one concept that I really love that and also both of them are you know self-taught fashion designers so that's what we going to do talking this episode we going to talk about fashion we going to talk about how to start your own company and especially on their thoughts about why are there doing something like that just one concept because it's just so much against what everyone else is doing so without further Ado we're going to start this episode I hope you enjoy it
00:02:39alright we will life come to the show thank you so much for your time and I'm always trying to pronounce their names right because that's how I remember when I met the one of you I see I'm even confusing the names now because it's meant deep and hard to eat right so so I got that right at practice at that thank you so much for being on the show at 4 your time
00:03:07so you're in London right now so just for the listener so everyone knows I'm in New York and London and you also grew up and down that's how I try to it to read up as much as possible about you working what you do and you're actually a pretty good with keeping laughing Secret at least like so I'm very curious about that but I'm pretty sure a lot of people are as well so yeah I know that you you grew up in London with Indian parents and you also in a lot to go back to India and you probably have a lot of family there as well what are the details I mean you're born in London how much time do you spend in India for example or like that after that where did you go to school like what was the first thing that you did in your professional career sort of
00:05:00Austin from Austin & Shakespeare history can see it in the work we will get back to that in a little bit but so it seems like what you study did anesa set by the way I have never been to India
00:05:23I know it's such a big thing on my to-do list I really want to go my girlfriend actually she went about I think it was like 2 years ago or so and it was just beautiful like the colors and I just want to go I don't think I've ever ever seen anything in my life like that probably so for those who like me where should I go first
00:06:10which is one of the weather it's so luscious and so the old ways of history off
00:07:10suburbs in finishes
00:07:22okay yeah I will okay I will put that on my list and it's it's just so bad you know I never really knew where to go and I definitely don't like the big cities are probably very different experience cuz they're so crowded yeah I just going back to your the things that you study English literature and essentially what are
00:07:55but I mean that doesn't seem like those other things that you're doing right now necessarily right so at the time when you when you started studying these things did you have any idea about the things that you're doing right now already or was that nothing that you were thinking about
00:08:12I think we've always been there since beginning
00:09:12what you should be doing specifically so
00:10:12do you remember the conversation that you had you to where you were like let's let's do this thing because it seems like I mean you had the interest like you said you know it was kind of like in your head but you didn't really formalize it until a certain point obviously right because you were both if you were probably thinking I tell you know I'm I'm I'm going to become a liar and you know your family would have probably much like this is well that's another thing we can talk later about but do you remember the conversation that you had like the first one where was like I have an idea like let's see what do you think about this like what if you don't do what we just studying right now what if we do that per say
00:11:00company invitation by why don't we just translate what we are we just not taking that the benefit of kiwi
00:12:00so you are at the time you both were working full time already
00:12:22yes all right okay see it but that way that makes it even more interesting because I think there's just so many people also listening to to this podcast for example who who really admire the stuff that you do and and even more so just a decision and the guts that you have for you know doing that because you both had a full-time job and I wouldn't even I can only imagine that there's some some personal pressure because you went through all of this process to you know get where you are and then if you if you also grow up in it in a family that really values these kind of like career choices it's probably a big risk to just be like oh we're not going to do that anymore we can do something that we have no experience in whatsoever what's that was there was the decision did it came lightly to you to be like oh you know what I'm quitting today and we just going to do this
00:13:16I think it's funny because it's slightly wet what do I do
00:14:17I'm happy because he's being rich because the mindset is these things
00:15:17decisions Beauty
00:15:23mes makes total sense that you just like when you say it like this it's just sounds so logical and it sounds and it sounds so easy to do I was just very curious because I just know myself or anyone who has a full-time job and kind of depends on it financially and again you put so much work into it so I was just curious you know how you made that decision but I mean it seems like you you have this thought of like
00:16:23is what is the worst because it was the less you know where am I I like this a lot of its it seems like that was kind of what I'm curious about if you also if you have this kind of strategy of like mapping out like a worst-case scenario and soda like writing this list of like Pro cons and then you look at the worst case scenario switch is you know the worst thing that could happen in that case and then you realize you're like oh it's not it's actually not that bad but the worst case
00:17:23so when you so then you okay so you made the decision you like all right we're going to have a fashion brand now we're going to make fashion so that's the first hat right like what was was it pretty clear that you going to have your own company right away and you make your own products rather than you know going somewhere else and learning to craft or learning more about it was that pretty clear from the road from the get-go appreciation evening.
00:18:23thing that we desire to come cuz she did not own time to built across from us in the beginning
00:18:54that makes sense yet but when when you when you start it
00:19:03I can only just imagine that especially going into fashion is quite hard because it's not only I mean obviously you have to have the eye for it right you have to have that the concept that you have I'm going to speak about that a little bit later as well then you have to have the Croft you have to understand how it works and then on top of it is kind of I would I would assume it's feeling kind of cost intensive maybe unless you really know what you doing to get to the right materials like I I would imagine the sourcing being super complicated because I have all of these ideas I also kind of like how to know maybe to put it together like from the technical aspect and like I know how to sue together and stuff like that but now I need to get to the good stuff I need to get to the materials and then you have to also think a little bit about your business because now everything is still magic in your head and I think maybe you find these like you know gorgeous materials that you want to use and all these things but you also have to little bit think about your business you like okay how much how much will it cost for me to get all of that how can I
00:20:03do is like what if I get 100 orders like how how does a whole lot business aspect work did you did you give yourself some sort of like goals from the very beginning where you like sort of like business school stuff like where you want to be in a year or two or or even saying out you know what if if nothing works we will still try it for one or two years before we jump into something else did you talk about these things if move the lesson with your face it's nice because as much as great business
00:20:33directions to get based on. I think what we looking for
00:21:33resonate with my face also
00:22:33the metrics of success in all people coming up to you really interested did I miss it when you didn't send them because you said you didn't have enough to say that week.
00:23:33we decided I want to order much about it you know it's like you like everything like the whole when and I encourage everyone who's listening to check out your Facebook and your Instagram I just love the mess the message that you're spreading and there's a like strong sense for that you care a lot about what you do but also the conversations that you have with your audience and but that's the thing that's why I find it so interesting is because you are obviously running a business and of course you need to do something that makes you survive and you need to make money but then at the same time you going completely against everything that you've ever seen in the fashion industry for them
00:24:33you know creating this code every two months I actually thought it's much aware than 2 months I thought it's only I thought it's only every quarter like every 3 months so it's an immediate sense of shooting in the United States engage people with witches
00:25:33but we mustn't say relate to people with something
00:26:08I mean it's so different to wear the fashion Industries heading or has been added in the last couple years right in and that's why I find it so interesting that you do it because it's
00:26:20it's so challenging to do that especially if you're running on like if you're like an independent company to to fight through this message because essentially what you doing this you fighting through against everyone else was creating fashion pieces who has who owns like the mass Market but you kind of like speaking to the same kind of customer in the way and you're trying to just you know give them a different message and be like look you don't have to get a new piece every week or like just when you look at the Fashion in the street I think it was like
00:26:52just like 50 years ago or so I mean we had I don't know it wasn't just how many collections what was it like to collections a year maximum and now it's it's just how many is it now a year it's like for at least that's crazy isn't that crazy as much father likes blueberries nuts the message
00:27:52they want to have a conversation I want to be inspired when you fancy at all so I'm going to say it
00:29:52not as well as consistent of what everyone else tells you it's a different message against all of the big companies you know who turning out new pieces every single week and they're trying to it's not it's not so much that they the fact that they do it but also the campaigns and the messages that they're spreading are kind of like going against of what you're standing for so you have to work even harder it but it's good because you reach the right people and the people you don't reach you at this very easy you know that very easily to find those people because those are people who are you know you just they're just following to the fashion trends right there buying something and then the moment they have it in there in that closet at home there would be thinking about
00:30:52I'm not sure if I still like it and haven't even worn it once you know
00:30:59is that we also sent it and I think it just about every 2 months and we Oscar to do your Pokemon team to the customer because I'm using the false of the sense of luxury
00:31:59so if you with respect you regenerate conversation people want to engage on the typical Marcus of success luxury and pool since leaving the type of people who awesomeness questions anyway I mean I was always wondering when because that's a whole different thing now because it's men's men's fashion essentially which is slightly different but then also there I always I was always thinking why is there none of these like big companies that is you know crafting a really good shirt you know just like a white shirt something really basic that I'm wearing a lot and I think we talked about this already where I feel like it's it's everything is considered you know that you can travel with it it's like wrinkle-free it's like something is like some Modern material but it's also saw
00:32:59beautiful it's something that I can identify with but it's also very practical as of you know what's good for traveling it's as you know it is a guy a month sweating a lot of centrally in that I like most of my white shirts are getting stains a lot so if it's like cheap material I can basically buy a new white shirts like every quarter almost and I was always wondering why big companies are not you know I'm not considering that why they're not building something that lasts but then of course it hits you you like well they're profit-driven you know they're Corporation so why would you why would you even consider doing something that last for 5 years or 10 years I mean that would be crazy right because you're not making any money on me anymore thanks for the idea of choice is a fusion
00:33:59it's make sure you say it's make sure that whichever you choose something from it doesn't benefit you because you spend so much time in the sense that you are in control that it's much harder to step away from that because you'll say think we live in a while it started this is on not sure right now because we have things we need that so I can choose the number fuck someone again that I can choose the number of things I'm going to buy Power and just stopping and seeing what do I have how does it fit into my life
00:34:59time does it bring me and maybe it's one of many things made of many things
00:35:08have you should yeah it's I mean everything just like everything just so you know spend together like like you talked about Choice which kind of like makes it seem like I have the choice right when they offer like a lot of things but then at the same time because they're producing it so often and they have so much Choice the quality of these things also going down a lot which is the reason why you know keep buying every 2 months like a new white shirt example
00:36:00I just don't know how it how it feels good to be done with your own money in the thing or like some pants that cost me you know $10 I would just
00:36:25but this is also the problem to it's the idea of money right money equates with what is valuable is a conversation conversation around if you're completely conscious and you are happy
00:37:25having that conversation true cost
00:37:34we haven't we haven't seen it three right and especially all these big companies were producing you know someone Asia essentially for very cheap cheap prices and it's it's there's like so many things like you to learn for you that you didn't know that was wrong about the fashion industry and not just the fact that they you know like the the workforce that they're using or that the workforce is actually not working very safe or the fact that because of the amount of clothes that we produce I think I was reading in 2015 was about 8 billion pieces in the and I'm not sure if it wasn't us alone probably like a billion pieces of clothing that the people consume and only 10% of it actually goes to be no second hand stores like thrift stores or it like to do
00:38:34so everything else 90% of those pills to Century land in a in a landfill
00:38:40and then there's there's so many things that's very interesting because this is only one of the aspects right now we're not even talking about that the fairness of how it's being produced we just talked about the fact that there's such a big amount of clothing that we can see him and we don't know where to put it and then when you think about it while we have 90% of these calls going into landfills let's think about what is these clothes actually made of and the majority is made of you know
00:39:05these are like fake fake cotton essentially right item genetically modified stuff and so we essentially putting that actually the landfill is that we we putting anything degradable until NFL so you think about all of these things and it's just because of the casino
00:40:05just being aware of just appreciate
00:41:05reconsider the messages and likes to dress the messages you send unspoken by things you wear uniform and dressing it something which is unconscious
00:42:05Discovery station
00:42:31I really think that at least for me when I saw things like true fashion for example the documentary because it was just a nice bundle together piece of information about the hidden cost of the fashion industry essentially I think that was really the moment I
00:42:47I mean it wasn't that I was completely blind before anything that you kind of know about this stuff but once you see something like that for example you dig a little bit deeper I feel like that's when I for example become a person who is even more interested in things have you do for example because I feel I understand it way more you know because now I can identify way way more because I understand there's so many and I understand what you're saying is you don't want to sound preachy and away right that's why everything that you do has always a very positive spin on it at least that's how I see it when I look at you Instagram or Facebook everything is very positive is about you it's about you know what identifying with like your clothing individualism and all these things is less about the fact that you know being preachy or being like look the stuff that you buying right now is me and I'll be made by kids somewhere that don't make anything you should so it's not about like guilt for you at all which I really appreciate but then obviously guilty as hell so strong driver when it comes to for me when I look at the true fashion recommend
00:43:47and like holy shit this is this is just nuts you know I didn't even know like I was already decided to satisfied with with what I'm buying already because it just breaks apart all the time and I don't know what to do with it but now there's so much more that I know that is behind it even like little things like example I didn't know that in the sixties Justin America Loan in the sixties like 95% of all the clothing was produced in the United States and that's it that's in the sixties that wasn't it's not that long ago and today and today 3% of all clothing is made in the US so it switched from the 60s to switch from 95% to 3% and there's so many things that are not not necessary right about that right I even knowing that you're like no I want I want to make sure that this is being made it doesn't let you know I'm not I'm not trying to say it has to be made in my own country but it you know automatically that it's being it would be more fair for everyone.
00:44:47if a human being sick but also for the planet it's the same thing like when I sometimes I look at I don't know like it like a drink or something and I see what's coming like literally for example like I look at the light just water like Stillwater and I'm looking at him like it's from himalia or something you know and I'm like why the hell would you
00:45:05isn't that like so much at 4 to ship a bottle of water to like cheer like from like across the world like we should we should be having water here to it like that's fairly okay
00:45:22ingredients to make a choice
00:46:21steps to making us imagine and dream but Austin the life we need is much more interesting and we just have to respect what are you avoiding having bad and then in general conversation
00:47:21so instead of being cream cheese you know it's still it's still good to get out the information and give people like a little nuts because like you said it's more about making your own decisions like taking an all the information that you have and then being like okay that makes sense to me I think I'm going to switch some of my lifestyle so I'm going to make a slight change here but you're not doing that because I'm always preaching at you or you know someone got you in a negative way it's more like because you got all the information. You can do it it's just
00:48:19we'd like to see you there sis I just want to ask so there's one point on that one thing I want to share with you I mean you've probably that you're probably familiar with the Sigmund Freud's work and there's this one.
00:49:19tracking says Center of self or something like that I need to check out the exact name from Adam Curtis have you heard about it about is it talks a lot about you. Modern marketing on consumerism and basically it talks about when life cycle analysis came into consumerism and has basically driven marketing and like Brandon since then and essentially what it's about is and that's basically what would Freud was talking about a lot is he says that people are like irrational decision makers and their basic it deadly sins to a question here is like you because right now you're promoting rational decision making right you're promoting you promoting people who sit down taking all the information and then make a good and rational decision based on it but then again like in the world of psychoanalysis and people who are stunning it there's always two camps right there's the people who strongly believe that
00:50:19people are irrational bad decision makers even though they don't like the fact they like I don't like the fact that this is the truth but I still believe people are like that and then there's people like no I believe people can actually be rational decision-maker where where are you in the 10th song subconscious prejudices and stereotypes
00:51:19I don't have to be reactive wishes again when you think about the irrational Mind by the irrational decision makers is usually driven by by either fear or desire so even if you even if you doing very well there's there still fear because you fear that you could lose what you already have whatever that might be and then there's always desire to have to have more or a to be a better person or whatever the marketing is telling you and that's why you can identify with it so what do you basically saying is
00:52:19what kind of still be acting bass up on like fear and desires because that's just like we are because that may be basic primitive instincts of human beings but being aware of aware of it is actually where you can you know find a solution so being aware that okay I'm making decisions right now and then you'll just analyzing it and saying a pic and my making this decision based on fear or desire or what is that actually in the rational decision-making here and that's basically what you're trying to promote right
00:52:53principles to my friends is my reaction to this design.
00:53:53do you have the chips for a second you know
00:54:53DirecTV and you are insane and then you become Nestle and comfortable
00:55:53nice like that we have a sensor
00:56:06you have all the information at hand which is but that's also one of the that's one of the beautiful things about it but it's also the hard things right because most people are are they like to be you know they like to do a hand holding like if there's a lot it's the same with like they like to have Choice all we like to have toys we also like that choice up information in this this is beautiful that there's so much info information out there I can crop my own opinion but then at the same time I'm like I'm too lazy like just someone can someone just like give me something can can someone that's why people are so easily being submitted to like ideologies because because it's very attractive attractive to be like I'm just going to submit to this ideology and then things are sorted out if you know for me because it's very easy for me to did you submit to it instead of like having my own because if you make your own decisions you kind of like accountable for it as well and then you have to argue with it and it's it's really exhausting and
00:57:06because you have to have an opinion you know sleeping with I'm sorry for trying this new Hobbit like it's so nice that you
00:58:06why was it useful for you I think like risk-taking and just being you know, confident decision maker what are you what are you scared of
00:58:38how to say but it's the same as simple as you can what are you scared of like what if like that's look at the things that you doing right now because the per se in the company that you have in the product that you do I mean it seems like this is your life right now right so it's all kind of like one thing what is what are you scared of there that you know that everything fails or what what is it that you that you really scared of or nothing
00:59:03that we think is important I just not doing good we care about your seeing two people
01:00:03these buses so the biggest fears kind of like it's like a little bit like losing yourself in the way right like just like maybe getting getting I can totally identify with that sort of like getting sidetracked and being like you know it's kind of like capturing yourself or catching yourself being like oh shit I really
01:00:36I got sidetracked like the last 6 months that wasn't me like something happened to me I thought that was something went wrong I went into the wrong direction that's definitely something okay I can identify with that that's one of my biggest fears as well especially if you catch yourself being like Oh that was that's not that's not me but like where did that came from that strange
01:01:36this is funny actually we've been talking for an hour I don't know if you noticed but I don't want to take too much too much more time with you I have a few a few more questions there going to be a little bit more faster okay or like a lil bit more practical because I'm pretty sure a lot of people are very interested in that so I guess you're working as a fashion designer you actually doing all the stuff yourself right you creating the Colts on that you're selling so you it looks like you know what you do at least they're sitting degree right even if you say it like you always like always learning right I mean you always challenging yourself you will probably look back at your first coat and you like what you saw pry but you like you know right but you like what the hell was I thinking but that's good because I just sent you shows that you're growing right so for someone who's interested also in becoming a fashion designer or creating like fashion pieces or it like clothing let's put it that way
01:02:36it's hard to say fashion has like negative association state but let's say I also want to create a piece that I can wear other people can wear and I'm really concerned about the quality and you know it's not about getting rich anything I just want to know Tracy's like limited pieces how do you go about that like I imagined like just a sourcing of materials and all these things it's almost like they're just like big wall of where I'm like how do I get how do I get in what is the is there even anything like it is there anything so can you describe a little bit like your process of how you go about like creating a new coat from you know the design Phase 2 then actually like executing a dreams like how do you how do you make it happen unless there's like some Secret Sauce you don't want to
01:03:22speak into the small studio in London se1 place a production how to apply
01:04:22imagination operation Miss fabric United some great streets here in London and say hi and Designs they have a genuine interest I'm intrigued about what you're going to do the flop break but I always happy to answer questions if you get a room with a humble mindset
01:05:22I was going to recommend Mission messing with a smile earning for the next 2 and the next he's the puzzle
01:06:22recipe healthy apps to cool but just to see a speed bump and I mean Google
01:06:59112 Highgrove that yeah it's just like yeah you totally right it's just like these things that we don't think about right because we there hidden from us right now but like if I if I tell 10 friends what I'm interested in chances are pretty high. There's someone was like oh I know someone actually I just met someone maybe I can connect you I love it a lot right next question I'm trying to pick like one of the last ones here
01:07:50I mean I mean this is already super helpful I think for everyone who wants to get into it I think one that's is this a personal question I already asked you that what about what about some some man's cements jacket or or or pieces I mean I'm not sure I wasn't sure like when when I look at the current jackets they're probably not unisex not meant to be I mean you could still if you want to I guess it doesn't seem like you're communicating it to be worn by man right now like the cops and everything have you thought about doing something for what I can buy Universal for life
01:08:45we want to provide women who want to be 60 but it's not the right time to do it yet
01:09:45yeah I'd love to like every time I remember the year when I saw the I forgot the names of the actual jackets maybe it's Anthem what's the one with the cork yeah so that when I saw that one I was like oh I want that for some reason you know but then I looked at the Cotton everything and then obviously all of your material you know it Like the Model said you choose you can clearly see it's not it's maybe not meant for me to wear but I I love the material and everything in the execution in the details about it was like this I want this just like maybe a slightly different cuts or you know like slightly different features but I just lost the materials already so that's why I and then the second one I really liked I forgot the name of that one like organic patterns I think you had any like some like reddish color and also like white like I really love that one
01:10:44BC Surf like you're like for me at least I could really see that sort of like a minimalism of like knowing that you're like in London and you have this like you know like modernism kind of like touch but then at the same time you could see the Indian
01:11:00I am like patterns in it and cause an ulcer like a little bit to cut that would say probably the shape and general like there's something about it and I really love that you have previously produced or are they basically done
01:11:24eternity lights random time everything off my life is quite like that so yeah
01:11:56when you when you do it that's like more practical questions now that's like because I'm just very curious about it like the pieces that you make all those pieces that you you can just wash in the washing machine
01:12:07what are the dry cleaning
01:12:11yeah I just ran up to the environment washing machine
01:13:11design piece of paper in a wash so you don't put the coat off the thing you have because you know any speed to talk to it also depends on the kind of you know the fashion piece that you doing oh clothing like a jacket so example or like a code when you talk about the code I'm used to taking way more care of those codes as well when I have one that is expensive anything it's the same way like a good leather jacket you really like you have a leather jacket for like 10-15 years or even longer you can actually send it to your kids but then certain pieces are like I want their like I use them so much like everything that's more like high active gear essentially it has two basic it has it has completely different requirements right I guess I called and maybe not like in that category
01:14:05have you thought about doing actually going away from like you're one silhouette thing of Colton doing something something else
01:14:33not yet. I feel like it's multiple colors pretty much what we think I'm just assuming that whenever you get like a different piece of clothing now that is not a code for example or and whenever you get it from I can only imagine you have a very different view on that you like
01:15:33I wish I wish this would be like can we not you know I would I would probably get triggered like every time probably and I will be like if someone will have to tell me down write a message
01:16:31what are that's like my last question though what is give any books or documentaries that you want to recommend to all the listeners or to me that really help your can be anything really small world
01:17:31Brazil and Japan fantastic book recommendation was in a relationship that we have
01:18:20that one yeah which is interesting about everything is positive vacation to read
01:19:20Lassa fever is grounded
01:20:20well that sounds great I mean I I I fully agree with that I'm I think I'm I still haven't made a decision yet on how much information I want to take in every day because everyone has like a you know like a glass full like everyone has like a level when it's like this is this is too much what you have to protect yourself little bit but I really like I mean I personally like Publications like the BBC even because it's usually very simple reporting you know it's just like basically just giving you the information as it is and it's like this is this is essentially how it is right now and then you have to crop the own opinion around it so no one is actually giving you the shortcut and it's like this is how you supposed to feel it's more like this is what this is what happened you can decide for yourself how you going to feel about this is getting more rare actually I talk to a lot of friends about this is getting more rare finding Publications where like you mentioned before everyone has an agenda whatsoever
01:21:20but it's actually kind of rare finding a publication. Just just reports that is just face it like this what happened like we we have no invested interest in and telling you what you to feel or being preachy
01:21:32yeah I think that's good to read widely cuz I need some help with Stampy driving if you if you want to feel like depressed or anything you should go straight to like you to come and section or something
01:22:21you should always be surprised by people and it's always like it's like let's make that might be actually one of the biggest secrets that people might have like I'm when I'm thinking about my friend so, I'm always like who's like a who's like a commenter like who is like because I have I never ever comment on anything and you probably don't either but it's kind of interesting to be like who are these people and maybe you even know that it's like one of the secret passions of someone but it has very it's very specific people that's always like that's kind of like what I just finished reading the the new book from Tim Ferriss the tools of Titans which I can read I can recommend a real
01:23:21like that one and it was not the one lying about how like if you know who these people are who comment and to tell you like what's wrong and like you know everything better whatever like you if you know who these people are you would never ever engage with them because they have they have all the time in the world on their hands and you engaging with them was trying to educate them would be like asking questions to them it makes no it makes no sense because you don't have the time unless you want to take off for all your time to argue these people right
01:24:20that's practical advice like don't do not read the comments and going to be a happy person thank you so much for for doing this we already that's more than an hour already it was really nice talking but the time was like flying
01:24:37and that was another episode of the nice to me to show I hope that you enjoy listening to this episode if you want to listen to more episodes you can always do that at Ben schneider.com show you can find all of that in the description of this episode also thank you so much for the music for this episode by far beyond oldenburger it will be also a URL in the description he's a super talented musician you can find all of his songs on Spotify or even on Soundcloud you can listen to them they're definitely make sure to check out all the work that per se is doing Mandy been hard as super talented fashion designer self-checkout that you all of their website and maybe you even order some of their clothing who knows so well I'm I'm super excited to share than you attitude with you pretty soon and in the meantime you can just sign up to my newsletter on my weekly email list. I don't like to call it in his letter today I don't know why that just slipped out there but you can sign up on Van schneider.com will send a description
01:25:37and you will not miss out when there's a new episode coming out so thank you so much for listening and I talk to you soon again

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