Global Editor and Curator, Jahdusha V. Shines catches up with old friend PABLO MENFASAWE-IMANI who shares his perspective on the secrets to wellbeing and his personal journey to wellness through yoga. Together they go on a journey of understanding how to live a more content and happy life by better understanding your brain, emotions and body.
This is Part 1 of 3.
Pablo is the founder of Afrikan Yoga, a system of integral healing with Ancient Egyptian origins known as Smai Taui. He is a certified Hatha Yoga teacher, a holistic health and wellbeing consultant and author of Afrikan Yoga ‘A Practical Guide to Smai Posture, Breath and Meditation.’ Pablo is also a massage therapist, and balanced health practitioner trained in Kinesiology. He was initiated into a Sufi order in 1996 and The Ancient Egyptian Order in 2000, studied Isha Kriya Yoga designed by Sadhguru J.Vasudev, and is initiated as a Hem Netcher by Heri Khafra Ndongo Kemetic High Priest of the Temple of the White and Gold Lotus Shrine of Amen-Ra, based in Georgia USA.
​Pablo also trained in meditation under the tutelage of the Venerable Bhante Buddharakkhita of Theraveda Buddhist Meditation tradition. He served as principle yoga teacher at the Uganda Buddhist Centre in Uganda, and was mentored by Dr Sekagya Yahayam of the Dr Sekagya Institution of Traditional Medicine at the Traditional Healers Forest School at Buyijja, Uganda. At present he is mentored by Swami Madhusudan Das, based in London UK.
​Pablo has taught dynamic yogic workshops and classes in the UK, France, Germany, Holland and Africa to clients that range from corporate professionals to athletes, dancers and students.
​Pablo’s style is user friendly. He concentrates on balancing emotions, detoxifying and de-stressing bodily system.
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