For Episode 81, it is the unofficial beginning of Season 3 on the Next Best Picture Podcast as we return back to our regular format now that the Oscars are officially behind us. Myself, Will Mavity, DeAnn Chiazzese and Josh Williams introduce a new member of NBP in Jacey Aldredge, discuss the weekly poll as it pertains to "Tomb Raider" and give our reactions to trailers for "Christopher Robin," "The Grinch" and "Mary Poppins Returns."
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00:00:00and the Oscar goes to
00:00:11frankly my dear I don't give a damn for real Market is slow week of words a little feel like I'm nothing
00:00:31something wrong goes to the shape of water up to episode 81 of the next best picture podcast I am your host Matt neglia and joining me today I will Maddie what's going on everybody it's been a long time coming she's already written two articles on the website and she has just been awesome for next best picture at least gentleman introducing our newest member JC Aldridge everybody
00:01:19how do you excited to be here excited I'm sure after reading some of your pieces on the website you wrote a piece of couple of weeks ago about Netflix and if they're going to be a factor in this year's Oscar season they have a couple of film slated to come out and then most recently you wrote a piece about Hollywood and the platform that they had especially at the Oscars to talk about political and social issues and is it the right place ultimately I now that we have you here I wanted to ask you a couple questions so that our listeners can get a chance to know you if that's okay bring a buddy else has any questions over here for JC feel free to ask away but JC I'll come out big guns favorite movie of all time
00:02:15be okay cuz this is where this is where I'm going to sound a little bit silly but it's okay I'm going to be a real Pirates of the Caribbean. Movie okay will you will you team Orlando Bloom or team Johnny Depp back in 2003 remember seeing in my whole life
00:02:40that is awesome anybody else for JC
00:02:43I'll wait since I guess since I got asked this question can you pitch a movie that you think nobody else has seen without giving away the title alright already got it off the bat so
00:02:59this is the movie This is the tale of a guy with a green Mohawk and his Trials of finding love while he wears a kilt they make some sandwiches there's a dad involved somehow they eat some food and eventually he finds love no green
00:03:24it's so funny you say green Mohawk and no green Mohawk warrior no no no it's called ten inch hero well that is really close that is really slow. She did I Googled it it's okay I feel like no but I'm biased because I am also obsessed with this TV show called Supernatural and
00:04:24danneel Harris and now they're married and I just think it's super cute because it's like that was how they met and now they're together so that's just a little fan girl in me but there you go. Will was that Jensen Ackles fan
00:04:47the last Oscar win that made you very happy in the last Oscar when that made you very upset easily one of my favorite movies of 2017 super happy that I monster movie won Best Picture I just think that's so so great for the Sci-Fi girl on me while it's like fantasy sci-fi you know whatever and okay they angriest would be when when Jennifer Lawrence took best actress over Jessica Chastain for Zero Dark Thirty I love Jennifer Lawrence but that made me so mad right now on the show that agrees with that when I would say Ryan agreed with it but
00:05:46yeah I'm actually believe that I still think mother is her best performance so far I would say it's very easy just your face you said I'm shape of water was one of your favorite films last year I just want to know what your favorite was baby driver excellent I Loved Baby driver top 5 or top 10 at all like in your in your head or I'm just curious to know everything
00:06:17I'm like of all time I don't know if I could do particular order but baby driver shape of water definitely I actually really love mudbound I might be staying some movie is out return here like off on the Fly I love to three Billboards and
00:06:43what c o i was this thing about Spider-Man came out I already can't restore love that okay Spider-Man homecoming love that yes it was also Logan to have already forgotten the year
00:07:16so all right this is all this is really really exciting I'm Jay-Z I'm very very happy to have you on board I'm sure as our listeners continue to tune in with us don't get to know you even more so I guess we're talking about the Oscars a little bit more here and you know one week removed now from the shape of water taking for including best picture and best director for Guillermo del Toro I'm just curious with them all the different thing pieces that came out the reactions and now that we've had some time to kind of think back on the ceremony and not so much like an instant reaction I'm just curious if anybody has any thoughts it all on anything does not be in this out of shape of water but just anything in general from that evening a week ago the first time I followed the race obviously is closely just being a part of this team and they take away for me that obviously was always sort of obviously there but I just didn't realize it it is that when when you talk about
00:08:16Subs that really what you're doing is taking away from the thing that one and I never really had a new level of sensitivity to the bad until this year for him like every time people talk about well this should have went that should have one is taking away from what did when and it is such an interesting conversation that even though I knew it was always happening I didn't feel as you know closely tied to it and so obviously there's been a lot this week just around you know in and out around shape of water and people's feels feelings about that win and I've just been surprised to really make that observation just talking about for example Jennifer Lawrence going over Jessica Chastain back in 2012 and it does make me wonder a lot about that as well
00:09:04I tend to take a stance on usually in the moment like right after a ceremony has occurred I'm usually in that mindset of well you know what if you got nominated and you went through this whole process and you ended up winning you know what you deserve to win you know I mean it's only 8000 people it's not the entire world the end of the day if you want you want good for you you deserve it I think time plays a very huge factor in us all looking back and then our opinions changing a little bit afterwards like it seems to me that you know and I and I did this over the last couple of weeks I asked a lot of questions involving La La Land versus Moonlight how do you feel about it a year later or The King's Speech versus The Social Network and a couple of other examples and it's just funny how is the academy could ever do like a redo I often wonder what the outcome would have been. You know I don't know if you guys noticed that you guys officially
00:10:04kind of did a recount so to speak about Crash versus broke back a few years after the fact and I just say I think in a lot of regard Co in the moment I tend to not get like very upset anymore about the Oscars but looking back on it I tend to be like you know what that should have won you know if it's weird I think you're on to something in a way it feels like we know these people if it sounds weird to say but you know what I mean like you go through Las Cruces and I don't really want to shit on Damien chazelle and Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling you know looking back at La Land but it's easy for me to bitch about the cast and crew of Chariots of Fire in 1981 because we're so separated at such an interesting point that like the seasons we go through you know like
00:11:04we spend so much time following it it's like we know the people so no I don't want to be mean to talk about the snaps at them yeah I think that totally makes sense I think that's like those are all such good point because that's that's so true I was actually watching wanted Meryl Streep's like some of her her Oscar speeches and I was watching the one she wanted for Iron Lady and in Her speech she was talking about how she would hurt when she heard her name called she was like okay here they all go everybody is going to hate me now cuz here I am again and it's just interesting that
00:11:45we do for me is opinions about certain performance says and I end and then it made me think of how I didn't realize that they were kind of aware of that like I didn't I don't think it ever occurred to me that Meryl Streep was aware that people might be irritable about all of her nomination and that happen even thinks about that it seems like I think it's on the job of the pr people that you know whoever is on their team to the kind of keep their expectations in check with certain things like you have some people like like Woody Harrelson there's absolutely no way Woody Harrelson's mind is here. He thought that he said a chance of winning on Sam Rockwell in the rest of the cast and crew you know but like I don't know sometimes I say to myself like it is because these people do not have social media or they just you know cuz it is people like Steven Spielberg who doesn't have social media he just has his
00:12:45you know his team around him and then there are some people that even with whatever feedback is being put out there in the world they probably just disregard and shrug it off and they're just like you know I'm not going to let you know people saying that I'm always nominated for Oscars and I'm taking away nominations from other people or whatever the feedback is like in barrels case oh God not again not like if you all remember her see she just goes well whatever
00:13:15you just do you just do the song and dance cuz at the end of the day people like Joaquin Phoenix who have like a Viewpoint of Awards being kind of like meaningless and pointless and it's all just for song and dance really I sometimes really do believe that they're on to something and they really know what they're talking about a picture of Denzel losing for fences last year and you know deep down Denzel felt that he had a a shot at winning and be he wanted to win for that role starred in the Denzel is August Wilson
00:14:15essentially was like why the fuck was I nominated for this I mean if your credits greatest showman the look on his face is like he's astounded that he didn't win okay I'm not doing fine that I really want to come in for example like a doctor he just has the most crushed look on his face. Even blank or at least his hands or not within the frame and you just can't see it but I just remember thinking like a poor Chris he he thought his hometown would at least go for him they didn't see what the heck it's a hard knock life out there
00:15:15any surprises that we did have came in like categories like they have the shorts for example what's funny is that even though sometimes we we enjoy surprises me personally I don't really like surprises I don't like it because you know what happens is that the season has disability on me at least condition me for what we think is going to happen and then when something else happens it like I feel cheated almost you know what I mean because I'm kind of like mentally prepared myself for of course Gary all is going well of course you know Francisco to win of course and if someone else had one I just would have been like
00:15:59just dumbfounded you know what I mean it's like opening up your Christmas presents a month early and then when it comes to be Christmas you open them up and now they're totally different presents it's so terrible some people really quickly we had our predict the Oscars contest on next best picture and we had a couple of people 10 people altogether who got 20 out of 24 actually that was the highest score all together and I put all names into a randomizer of because there can only be one winner of the contest and the winner was Emily Wade we can follow on Twitter she won our contest the couple other people know who got 20 out of 24 included Rebecca Walsh DC boiling lights camera Jackson
00:16:59Marcus Marcus E Gorman a couple of names and they are for sure and for everybody that entered into a contest we just want to say a quick thank you to everybody the right now I want to move over to something that we haven't done in quite a while on the next best picture podcast I want to get back to talking about some trailers that debuted online this week and let's all give our thoughts on them the first one that is up right now is a reimagining of a classic Disney property we've been seeing a lot of these lately in the live-action format this one is directed by Mark Forster a lot of people are very familiar with this work Monster's Ball Finding Neverland Stranger Than Fiction World War Z this is not going to be World War II and its Stars Ewan McGregor and has the voice acting of Jim Cummings as Winnie the Pooh was take a look at this weekend so we need to
00:17:59Frontier 7 your promise these people good jobs for this company
00:18:07have a good time
00:18:19what to do what to do what to do what to do in Dayton
00:18:40Christopher Robin I don't see any cracks my heart tomorrow I know people are saying they think it's weird but I II that little line happened at the end with the wrinkles I'm in Budapest who is kind of creepy that is so cool little bit when he said the wrinkles line to but yes it was so fabulous Paddington chill with one of my favorite movies of the Year still
00:19:40design is creepier than padington's filled with love and hugs and
00:19:52iconic one that that that alone did it for me I was super super happy what I was what I was more confused about that while watching this I'm confused about two things one was is this going to be like a Hook movie told from the point-of-view of an older Christopher Robin who's like moved on from that child boy fantasy and then the other thing I also was trying to also peace to give her my mind is the movie is actually called Disney's Christopher Robin and
00:20:38I I don't know if we just saw goodbye Christopher Robin last year and I'm saying myself like am I going to get like the same exact Story 2 years in a row it what what's going on here. Feel like this is going to be in and out of you know that what is it a Hundred Acre Wood versus real world where is goodbye Christopher Robin was completely all real world I think this will have more of a fantasy element is my gas so I'm hoping I hope so too I just I hope that Tigger makes an appearance cuz he is my favorite who else they had Toby Jones doing the voice of Al who's doing your Brad Garrett is doing Eeyore that's good Everybody Loves Raymond guy okay
00:21:30I don't know who's this doing piglet Nick Muhammad not exactly sure British comedian actor and writer I rabbit is being done by Peter Capaldi's doing rabbit wow Sophie Okonedo Okonedo Messenger right okinedo yeah from around here is also apparently got a small role in the film is well this is going to be a summer release this will be out in August 3rd of 2018 I just
00:22:16I need more this is definitely a teaser you know it yeah I love it even McGregor is Christopher Robin though I think that's a great choice with McGregor as an actor I like seeing him take on you no rules such as desk but he does have like that childlike Boy Wonder sensibility about him even though he's in his 40s foundation and still hasn't happened and it sure as hell isn't going to happen for this I don't think so I thought maybe he might get one for beginners but it was good I go back and I we watch him and Moulin Rouge to this day and I'm just like I like you so good
00:23:14that'll get them or maybe he'll end up like Hugh Jackman that I'm talking about
00:23:29alright everyone so Christopher Robin Napa next step of the show here today is going to be talking about the weekly pull them and talked about last week's pole in the results that were on there and then we're going to talk about this week's poll so last week's Paul though because it was Oscar week which is your favorite Best Picture Winner of all time we listed every single Best Picture Winner from Wings up until Moonlight we did not include the shape of water for we had not known yet when we post this bowl if the shape of water was going to win so lot of choices a lot of votes they were definitely all over the place I'm going to ask you all one at a time what you guys think one as the best as as the best Best Picture Winner of all time amongst our readers I'm going to start off with JC
00:24:20what do I think is was the polls oh gosh okay
00:24:30that's really hard there's like 90 okay
00:24:39let's see what would I think of you the majority I'm going to go I'm going to go with
00:24:46Forrest Gump why not let's just let's just do it and see bias here so I'm toggling probably between 12 Years a Slave in Moonlight honestly but I think I'm going to go with moonlight Josh I was also going to bounce off of the recency I was going to stay the night but I'll roll off dance Edition with 12 years of slave
00:25:23alright I'm going to start from the number 3 spot and I'm going to work my way up you love your anticipation don't you in third place
00:25:41I'm just I'm just going down this year it's a very long list of votes in third place
00:25:50the Silence of the Lambs
00:25:58second place we have a tie
00:26:03it is between one
00:26:10through three films
00:26:16yeah I mean it's very very long list and I don't have I don't know I don't know how to sort it by the count so I can tell you guys for sure I have to keep scrolling up and down it's at like look at it the right way all right so second place while votes for each film
00:26:35Casablanca Schindler's List all yeah the winner by one vote 13 votes first place as the best Best Picture Winner of all time
00:27:11the Godfather Part 1
00:27:24in a tie with the Godfather No Country for Old Men come on brother fans get it no country is easily the darkest Best Picture Winner I think we've ever had right yes
00:27:46I don't know I still found crash a little more depressing
00:27:50I don't know. I think everyone has to say their favorite Best Picture Winner don't they I think it's a great idea so all I can start off a few damn what he got us well you're going to laugh it's fine it is what it is you know it's a dated film just in terms of obviously some of the content and storytelling being appropriate but it's still just as a movie that resonated with me I watched it with my mom growing up a lot and it also is a female lead in 1939 to have a movie led by female protagonist and then also you have your first woman of color to win first person of color won an Academy Award from this phone it's Gone with the Wind made I mean there's some themes that you know our little tough but I still stand by it even though it's 4 hours it just it just flies when you watch it
00:28:50such a fun watch yep alright okay alright so
00:28:57I got to go with all kind of too but for different reasons so platoon simply because it started Johnny Depp's career he played a dead body like a soldier who dies really really on this is more than just a Pirates of the Caribbean and I have three cardboard cutouts of him as Jack Sparrow but then the actual one I got to go with Titanic I mean I love Titanic that I had the VHS box set you know the like was it down like 7 years old you know pop goes in and just have myself a little evening with him
00:29:57I go back and I constantly watch Titanic and I know but it has some on the nose screenwriting but my God is that movie just a technical Marvel every time that's one of those movies that when I watch it even when I see the behind-the-scenes making-of I still and like James Cameron how the hell did you do this like it it's just it is so big and scope I I decide to this day I it boggles my mind I'm going to go and Wednesday are so good tattoos of Hearts of millions of people worldwide and still does to this day every time you do a release and people still go to dinner and watch it it's unbelievable Johnny Depp with JC I want to go to every single one
00:30:51show me you don't like Mordecai love God gosh Mordecai I know that I'm just kind of embarrassed for have it's that one and then Charlie and the Chocolate Factory I don't like his version at all
00:31:15okay it's okay first one gets me the one that he did with Kevin Smith what the hell was it called Jump Street yeah great Cameo performance in Black Mass really got overlooked in my opinion that is really good in that has an Oscar nominee it was like Johnny Depp is finally like caring again you know what I mean
00:32:15yeah I suppose so good we need to be able to do their roles in la-la land of Johnny can't sing and dance but I guess we'll be okay well have any chance you want to make some switches salmon is American Beauty
00:32:583 but I didn't see it till I was 20 theater watching a three-year-old Josh in the theater for American Beauty Grail of American Beauty okay thanks see me from like 7th grade my Facebook status was hard to stay mad when there's so much Beauty in the world movie to rooting well a lot of people but that was his year to actually get it
00:33:58would have made sense like it would make so much sense but oh well how many nominations that man have now 1413
00:34:07too many doesn't matter he still does have an Oscar in it and it hurts me so if we can make it happen okay we'll madly Best Best Picture Winner of all time
00:34:26what that was
00:34:33oh I know what it is
00:34:39oh oh is that where the Rings yeah come on man. Like Lord of the Rings will always have a special place in my heart as a best picture when just because I view it as the acknowledge the award for all three films about this winter the clip I have to stay like that my favorite thing about the Lord the Rings
00:35:23Oscar wins is if you look at like what one for Fellowship two towers and then also Return of the King and you put it all together it's really actually 13 Oscar wins if there was no overlap you know so 13 different categories that whole series 1 picture director screenplay art Direction cinematography editing makeup score song Sound mixing sound editing and visual effects like I like to think of it in my mind that the Lord of the Rings because in my mind it is one movie to split up over three parts is the most oscar-winning movie of all-time marathoning like waking up at 10 a.m. so you could watch all three Lord of the Rings before you went to bed that night was the first movie ever did that because it really is like the complete work
00:36:23can't Split That Thing Up
00:36:25Now and also to I I know I did a post about this recently but like I still I still subscribe to the idea that had Andrew lesney been nominated for return King for best cinematography and it's very likely that he probably would have one then Return of the King would be the most oscar-winning film Vault I'm with 12 why was nominated for sound at the only had three things that year but it's still weird that it was a nominee for sound editing mean two towers one for that it probably would have one for that too it could have easily had 14 wins.
00:37:01that is actually inside I would hate to be the audience at evening I definitely took my first Oscar ceremony I ever saw on television I could be wrong no I think was the first one I saw with interest I definitely saw ever once before that but I was so invested in Lord of the Rings winning and I'll never forget people get up on stage and making speeches and saying stuff like we're so happy the Rings was not nominated in this category okay you guys all know how green was my valley clearly this week's pole in honor of Tomb Raider being released this week starring Alicia vikander we are asking a very typical question of our readers this week because for many of them there is no answer video game based movie is your favorite soap film such as Wreck-It Ralph Scott Pilgrim versus the world hardcore Henry
00:38:01what films do not apply these are straight video game to movie adaptations so the list includes Assassin's Creed BloodRayne Doom Hitman Max Payne Mortal Kombat Need for Speed Prince of Persia Resident Evil Super Mario Brothers Silent Hill 2 Raiders won't Angelina Jolie Warcraft and then we have an option for none they are all terrible I just took a nap
00:38:36Prince of Persia the sands of time the winner is going to be the one that actually does love critics good ever happens never fall out of the day starring Johnny Depp tiny and it could enjoy that Last of Us movie is going to be very good
00:39:20what would have been the one if they had been willing to get the funding Bioshock almost happened in BioShock we will never happen a crime Thriller it doesn't yeah you should just have a script as a crime through and Noble a car title and Collie Grand Theft Auto people hitting people with cars like that was just the game Journey
00:40:20being made a lot something Horizon zero Dawn Horizon that would be cool in this would make like an amazing movie and some video games actually give me the Cinematic you no experience while I'm watching it like Metal Gear Solid is a game series that is
00:40:5620% playing the game at 80% watching cutscenes for hours on end the world but Stefano sollima who's directing sicario 2 is directing the first in what Activision Blizzard hopes will be there around like Marvel Avengers Cinematic Universe he's directing the first Cod movie so yeah I'm dead serious so they're they're hoping to make Cinematic Universe is this going to be a modern-day Cod World War I think if you do a Call of Duty movie and needs to be Modern Warfare because
00:41:56be kind of we can just give up on them all together and just take Kevin Spacey out of the movie I think I I think I actually excluded those because it was like all this is pointless nobody's going to think that those are actually worth voting for but I did didn't you bowl to BloodRayne that's on there alone in the dark House of the Dead just great stuff in the Name of the King a Dungeon Siege tale that's a fun one right now I'll run Tomatoes as of this recording for Tomb Raider I know some people have seen it but I think there was an embargo right now on social media and elsewhere Josh I'll start off with you do you think Tomb Raider is going to be any good I don't think so now
00:42:48Jay Z I think it's got a shot the movies that got that made me fall in love with movies as sad as that is to say I saw that when I was like 6 years old and theaters making five years old and it didn't transfer me the blues anyway about the Angelina Jolie version is how it's Stars Jorah Mormont and James Bond looking back on it I really liked it but just like kind of a well-executed good action movie like just like I hope it's fun I just hope it's good I hope we have a shot
00:43:37daddy guys talk about death is not an adventure trailer that really just I was like oh no no no I don't think it's going to be good I mean underrated little video game based on though where the first two Resident Evil movies they're solid zombie films truly great video game movie ever
00:44:13Rampage arcade game sarampage is like an old arcade game from the 80s and what you did was you played like these giant animals and you had to break down buildings and was like there's something about how absolutely insanely stupid that movie looks that it's giving me like Jumanji Vibes and terms up the trailer makes me believe this is going to be awful but instead it Embraces how awful it really is and it knows how to play towards its strengths and it ends up being an entirely enjoyable movie and I think the rock is that a point is career I think he's very self aware of that I would say
00:45:07talking about Jumanji makes me wonder how they made movies about board games like a Monopoly game and the head Ouija obviously into ocean
00:45:29New Game Night movie which I don't know if you guys have seen it but it's really funny someone was talking about how it had all these little Easter eggs I didn't pick up on it when I was watching it but like there's like a little like a little dog that is supposed to be like the Monopoly dog and all of these things like hated throughout the movie that are referential to Classic board games it's so funny I mean I'm not I'm not trying to over cell but it was a nice surprise because it's awful I'm trying to stay positive about that one to Josh I'm so excited for the trailer now on our list here this is the next film from illumination and
00:46:29cement start Benedict Cumberbatch as the popular character known as the Grinch this is just known as the Grinch and will be coming out November 9th 2018 what's the deal with this one
00:46:56Call of Duty
00:47:25u.s. Congress
00:47:32bad banana with
00:47:47today we will do mean things and we will do them in style
00:48:28the Grinch mean one mr. Grinch and all that I'm feeling very mean towards this trailer and towards this movie I haven't seen it at Ellis why I don't think the jokes are funny I don't like the animation style I don't like Benedict Cumberbatch as the voice of the Grinch there was literally nothing about the test at work for me in any single way I mean it's actually funny how the original Grinch drawing know from the popular TV teetertv short like it's funny how that translates well towards the illumination entertainment like model so to speak but I don't like it though you know like it's just it's not not doing anything for me with this it anyway anybody else like like disagree with me or I will say I laughed really hard in the trailer when the Snowman blows up
00:49:26slaps him doing the score ever wise I don't care doesn't care either I mean this is someone who's very big is more than capable of doing really inventive and fun voices and you know is smog oh there you are here we have him just what he sounds like Benedict Cumberbatch and I feel like the Grinch that have kind of a raspy voice and it's like The Purge all of that from cumberbatch's voice and he's just like Max going over here you know you know what I mean
00:50:19she just doesn't feel like he cares and then also I don't like having the Grinch interacting with what appears to be with the modern can contemporary World either that feels weird in a supermarket
00:50:43I like I love the Jim Carrey version I really do too but I really dislike for the most part all animated films that are like super I don't know not to D like I wish they would have made a more 2D version I guess is like as like a homemade is it just probably just me it just bothers me I just miss like old 90s actor I'm with you on that
00:51:25I really have no sad but this one I really I really don't
00:51:34really that's cuz I'm a simple guy
00:51:41Despicable Me I think it's such a sweet guy but I want to ask a couple of questions he ran off from our fans that came in one of them is from Ryan McQuaid that's Ryan McQuaid 77 on Twitter article immediately following the Oscars about Oscar contenders to look forward to in 2018 and Ryan's question is based on Dan's article who would you say is right now the early favorites for best director and if we want to open this up to a conversation on what we feel is going to be picks for next year and general let's do that so well
00:52:28so I think that there is going to be a push particularly if widows is a major best picture Contender I think there's going to be a push the spine rehab the first black best director in 2013 when his film won best picture but it still hasn't happened yet and I think there's a good chance Steve McQueen into taking this one I actually believe widows Could Be Our Best Picture Winner does the narrative have some sort of a social message or impact hi to your movie I'm thinking Mimi leder for on the basis of sex which is the Ruth Bader Ginsburg movie and
00:53:28Mimi leder is kind of interesting narrative cuz she did Deep Impact and then I fell off the face of the Earth and then came back and did several seasons of leftovers episodes and kind of got back on the map which people love. I haven't watched that show and fortunately I know blasphemy maybe I will now in preparation for this film to come out but anyway so I'm sure anybody anybody taken first man Damien chazelle as follow-up to La Land picture I don't think he's going to win like I mean who did it but I really don't think they're going to give us out director wins almost back-to-back I actually believe this is going to be Ryan Gosling's moment though
00:54:28look at Spider-Man 2099 Netflix platform is not going to be a good sign I don't think I think they should push it off till 2019 first Adam McKay for Backseat I actually put Ryan coogler and Best Director I don't know something just tells me like Panthers going to make a run I agree I think I definitely could
00:55:15I I I will believe it when I see it only because of just the way that that group The Academy on talking about it just how they treat comic book I just I have a very tough time seeing it happened but then again I said very similar things about get out exactly a year ago today you know I'll find a horror comedy film being embraced by the Oscars categories outside of screenplay and I was wrong about that so maybe I'll be wrong about this one too but wonder wonder woman I felt like really could have done it and in my opinion but the fact that I didn't get a single nomination anywhere that was telling to me
00:56:03I think you but I also think it if you're if you're predicting Mimi leder to take it then you should probably be predicting Felicity Jones take best actress I decided who I think swimming but yes let's do it I'll say it right here I Love Lucy Jones
00:56:22do you guys even get to the Joel Edgerton it would be funny if he couldn't get acting nominations for any of his roles but do you think he could end up getting his first nomination instead for directing the boys race cuz I think I could really be big
00:56:38he's been everywhere and as an actor this past year I feel like so it'll be it but there's a fan base for its really good yeah this is definitely on the verge of having a best actor nomination already this early in his career and it sounds like that could be the one for it but what would the one that's got me very curious I'm in a lot of ways right now is someone else making not the directorial debut but it's another actor turned director of Bradley Cooper with a star is born
00:57:38hi to that food is Gone Girl and I don't know it just feels like all the cards are there what about him with Chris Pine on board for a locking y'all I am totally on board I love hell or high water I thought it was such a great kind of modern-day Western I loved it greed and I feel like we might be surprised I think I lacking could really work at cuz I like Chris Pine I mean
00:58:17he does a lot of you know the Blockbuster type movies which I feel like this is kind of important. But I really think he's good still you know the wrinkle in time in my opinion really I haven't done that yet is going to be back with Steel film set in Mexico in the 1900s couple options that Robert zemeckis film to about the guy who recreates World War II in his backyard and Corral in Pharrell's in backseat to and apparently he's going to be the one to beat and supporting actor expressed trepidation
00:59:17I'm playing Henry V if he does pull it off you know Joel Edgerton apparently wrote that script to he's doing it for David Michaud who's until war machine has been a really promising director so too many shall miss playing Henry V that's an iconic role I think it which two actors been nominated playing that part in the past and subscribe is Game of Thrones meets Shakespeare if it's good I think it's coming out this year it could definitely be in Oahu therapy out looking for yet another one that could think it's also Netflix. But we the animals it's got kind of this Florida project 5 and it's definitely comes from kind of that angle you have all unknown actors completely so there's no you know Defoe in there so but it's very soon
01:00:17turn diet to that but then you add sort of tree of life and Moonlight to it so it is very small film The Quiet film but it's so visually stunning I think critics are going to love it it whether whether it's going to be you know take off like Florida project did and kind of creep into the award season I'm just not sure yet but it's not out of the question at all like I don't think it's going to win but I definitely think it's like Beasts of the Southern Wild where I can see it going all the way with adapted screenplay picture score edit my I take it you know it has what it takes to go pretty far all things considered a couple of other little tiny things in the best actress race out of the Sundance I saw two contenders just blew me away and that was our Carey Mulligan and Wildlife I think she's coming back with her next.
01:01:17probably DG a first-time nominee I'm going to take a wild guess and say that as well and that hereditary which see the trailer for I'm telling you all right now Toni Collette is a motherfuking force of nature in this movie my God I mean I've seen a lot of performances in horror films that really Shook Me To The Bone such as what was her name in the babadook not so much but like Jennifer Lawrence in mother I think Toni Collette has a real shot at getting a nomination for this I mean it it's just
01:02:05I cannot wait for you all to see that one I really can't I think people are writing off Mike Lee is one of the most nominated people without an Oscar and his films never seem to connect quite enough the academy to win anything but he's got to fill no one's really talking about called Peter Lu coming out that could be spun to have a narrative so important you know it was a true democracy rally in Manchester where British forces attacked and killed the shit out of people you know it will be bigger scale than a lot of his other one's going to be flashy pretty looking film and they can definitely spend a lot of social narratives there so I don't know I mean I think it's a film to keep an eye on I don't think I'm not familiar at the top of my head what is he best known for
01:03:05Mr Turner topsy-turvy okay if you see any of them DNA highly recommend secrets and lies and naked
01:03:29alright very cool good question at Ryan's you got us off and going off on like a tangent their last question not Oscar related this one comes from Observer 46664 on Twitter are there any films or television shows do you think have healing qualities for example when you watch him they can be therapeutic for you oh yeah that lay the office I was going to say the office to you I'm feeling upset or depressed or anything like that I watch The Shawshank Redemption my gosh it is Christopher Guest or Lonely Island so like a popstar never stop never stopping when I was sick I was in the worst headspace and I put that on and it doesn't matter I'm just like glowing from the inside
01:04:29I love like there's mockumentary style comedies for for my healing
01:04:35that's great if anyone has a free watch Popstar never stop never stopping please do it is so funny I haven't seen it I want to watch it now
01:04:50I so wish I could have been in the red shirt original song nominee that would have been so cool have fun at JC let us know how you like it oh I will I'll live tweet yes recently would have been upset I've been watching Magnolia and that's looking at things the day is directed by Rob Marshall a name that we are all very familiar with he has done I mean the guy's got a very very
01:05:47eclectic career to say the least but I mean you all probably know him from Chicago Memoirs of a Geisha into the woods Pirates of the Caribbean on Stranger Tides JC script from David Maggie it is starring Emily Blunt and lin-manuel Miranda it is Mary Poppins returns
01:06:48it's just wonderful to see you
01:06:56okay so we're sticking I guess with the theme this week it's off all family filmed trailers the most part
01:07:05I know that if Michael were here right now I know he would have so much to say about Mary Poppins returns but unfortunately for him I have less to say
01:07:18okay like I'm I'm I'm ready to see what it's going to be like but Rob Marshall's our track record is one that does not give me that much confidence the Caribbean on Stranger Tides is the worst Pirates of the Caribbean movie of Love lemon while Miranda a lot
01:07:44yeah you know I don't this is so cranky but I'm just not a big fan of introduce it like writing a new song just to get an Oscar nomination Beauty and the Beast and I feel like Mary Poppins the original music is so good I feel like I'm just going to be annoyed with ever what sort of kind of new musically try to introduce in the film and that's just my cranky side talking that's a concern I have is doing the music for the mean he's done hairspray you know I mean the guys got any ain't done more than just that I mean he's done over music for a bunch of other movies as well you know there could be something there I don't know I feel like I'm being like really kind right now I will will I'm just curious cuz I know we talked about this for a lot leading up to the reveal of the tree
01:08:44I will now that you've seen like the visual Aesthetics and what they're kind of going for in terms of tone what what do you think I mean it looks like it's an aesthetically pleasing film it's got some Moody cinematography that will kind of play into like the Victorian smoke atmosphere I'm sure the costumes will be good I am one person in the world probably should just strongly dislikes the Mary Poppins property we talked about this even the name since the chill down my spine I don't know why I just hate Mary Poppins so I can get a ride I don't know what you're saying about your such like it's because you already trailer on YouTube and you just told that was so funny scary Mary
01:09:44I think it'll be technically well-made I'm sure the music will be good and I doubt it'll do much for me I don't I don't know this cast is like a Dreamcast it's got Emily Blunt lin-manuel Miranda Ben Wishaw Emily Mortimer Colin Firth Julie Walters Meryl Streep Angela Lansbury Dick Van Dyke from the original
01:10:10that's that's that's a Dreamcast here it's being shot by Dionne bbbb I never know how to say his name but he is the cinematographer who has worked on a lot of visually stunning movies and is also been a collaborator of Rob Marshall's I'm not going to talk about the last movie that he did which was maybe call the Snowman but ever been you know shock lateral as well place in 1964 when it sees Mary Poppins the foreman nanny of Jane and Michael Banks revisiting them after a family tragedy everybody
01:11:10yeah I kind of like that too I think my expectations low but I am leaving the possibility to be pleasantly surprised so I think that's a good way to do I would much rather I don't want to repeat at downsizing like my expectations are so high for that and then I was so angry I think it's better you know alright and now for the final segment of the show hear news of the week Mr mavety the floor is yours sir what happened this week Eric heizer is writing a film he's running a lot of films obviously post arrival but one of them is an adaptation of some superhero comic I think was created
01:12:10the same guy who created Deadpool called bloodshot I've got Vin Diesel starring in it when it's going to be the directorial debut of actually the creative director at Tim Miller who made the first Deadpool production company owns Dave Wilson play on words with everything it isn't the character in Deadpool name Wade Wilson yes the movie called bloodshot and in the film is called Deadpool what's up with taking these two words but in the
01:12:57knockers what would Vin Diesel do in all situations do you not know the title that movie called blockers it's a play on words once I was like what the hell is that movie called knockers and then I was like a place I'm so high I'm so excited John Krasinski that will be so great
01:13:48this is a fun one they're doing a Sopranos feature film obviously not with James Gandolfini it's going to be a prequel but it's got the show's original showrunner helming at new line
01:14:01behind the film are there any soprano spell a fancier I don't know because I don't know how they're going to tackle it what way they can possibly chocolate if the title that can even be called The Sopranos
01:14:20I think this is one of those projects that is in development that personally I don't think is going to see the light of day. Stewart perfect TV shows you can get pretty much I feel like Breaking Bad in the wire and I kind of just don't want them to touch it at all but I said the same thing about Better Call Saul with Breaking Bad and obviously that's turned into a really good show so who knows but yeah I could see this not happening Michael Bay is done with robots you done with Transformers that deserves Applause
01:15:00to a New Direction directing robopocalypse what's happening so that was the truth for life science fiction book I don't entirely know the concept of future involving robots but Steven Spielberg it was one of those projects that had Spielberg's name on it for like 7 years and wasn't going anywhere and now he's going to produce it but Bae is going to direct so this is literally the exact formula for how Transformers came to be in the first place but okay Rick Samia really like dope I don't know about the dress
01:15:53so he's directing two different kind of comic properties
01:15:59is directing a superhero film for Netflix that he's teaming up with the Russo brothers who are do it you have taken over the Avengers franchise he's also doing an adaptation of acclaimed graphic novel black hole about a bunch of high schoolers to get some kind of STD that just turns them into mutants and he's doing that with Brad Pitt producing for Plan B so that's interesting so he's got two projects the superhero one I was like oh this is going to be cool in my two black panthers are we going to get some more people color superhero films know Keanu Reeves is playing the superhero yeah it's like the recent announcement like for Wonder Woman to hearing me out and it's like really like you and whatever Viola Davis and Lupita Nyong'o or a mother-daughter combo and
01:16:59film about a female military female military unit in Africa I think that sounds great let me see you again who's directing that wasn't a name I recognize that's the woman King it's it's based on a story by Maria Bello who sing me enough I don't believe it's signed to director yet so it definitely won't be coming out this year
01:17:41certainly intriguing I mean that's a great pairing of the two actresses right there so yes it is and then he's going to go back to his hillbilly elegy adaptation everyone was obsessed with that book last year if you guys number and Vanessa Taylor who was best known for Game of Thrones but obviously now we know her for Raikou riding the shape of water she's signed on to him the adaptation of that Phil so that's pretty much it for news from this week obviously we didn't do the News segment for like 3 months so there's all kinds of stuff you should go catch up on her own but we're back with his regular segment for the show so yay I'm in a new segment two that we're going to be starting won't be on the main show but I did something that we are doing actually later and we'll be posting exclusively to our patreon members is
01:18:41gummy doing a historical film reviews of these are from movies that predate the creation of next best picture that are voted on by the fans so our first review is going to be fantastic mr. fox in anticipation for Wes Anderson's new movie Isle of dogs that this was voted on by you guys to do a poll we do have another pool that is currently up on the website right now asking you all which April Applebee's film is going to be is which April 2018 movie should our next historical review be influenced by the choices are Avengers Infinity War Beirut the writer Tully and you were never really here depending on which film Wednesday at another poll will then be released with the list of options of movies that you guys can then vote on to be our next historical film review these monthly and depending on how they received we will release more but they will be exclusively for patreon members of next best picture so by all means check out our patreon page subscribe
01:19:41let us know what you think any suggestions are certainly welcome with that said Jay-Z you made it through the first episode on next best picture how you feeling ready to take on the day straight yeah everybody where they can find you on the internet yeah you can find me on Twitter and I got a little website Aldridge entertainment.com really original title I know it's like skeptical and if you Google my name I got some weird images. Come up on Google Images some of them are social with me some of them are not so you know I'm not liable for whatever you find in the end where can I find you on the internet you can find me on Twitter at Tweedle Dee Dee 33
01:20:36Josh Williams can you find me a Josh underscore Williams 09 William mavety I am throwing my behind in the event that the Avengers Infinity War wins that we review the 1998 Avengers with Ray Fiennes Uma Thurman Sean Connery because that movie so oh my God I was just a little fun no don't try to find this clip on YouTube for all our listeners that film got a PG when it came out in the studio was afraid no one would go see it this is like two weeks before it's been released so they like how do we fix this so they go in and there's a scene where somebody Falls to their death in his mouth is clearly not open
01:21:36or is he screaming but he doesn't say anything he's just like
01:21:41and then they had somebody who's obviously not him ADR and him going oh fuck as he falls so just like he's screaming and a drop at all the audience aerospike
01:21:55that's how they got their PG-13 by the clip it's so funny it's a really good cast in a really terrible with the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen
01:22:20well moving on from that you could find me at next best picture and all the social media networks thank you so much everyone for listening to episode 81 of the next best picture podcast you can subscribe to a iTune SoundCloud Google play Stitcher doing it player FM and also on castbox be sure to leave us a review on iTunes let us know what you think of the show we would really really appreciate your feedback and as always we will see you all next time
01:23:05so that is clearly not me that's not right
01:23:13I feel your struggle always
01:23:21I don't know if it's allergies or if it's a cold or what it is but he's always sick last year there's just one episode I do actually

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