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Myself, Mike Vermette and Josh Williams review the "Merc With A Mouth's" first real debut on the big screen (We like to pretend that "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" does not exist) with Marvel's 2016 (Non MCU) film "Deadpool" starring Ryan Reynolds in anticipation for "Deadpool 2."
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00:00:00You are listening to the next best picture podcast and this is our patriotic throwback review of two thousand sixteen's deadpool i love you waken fight this you're right cancer's only my liver lungs prostate brain things i can live without what if i told you weii can make you
00:00:21better you're a fighter we can give you abilities most men only dream off make you a superhero is promise you'll do right by me so i can do right by someone else and please don't make the super suit green or animated one thing that never supplies despite its
00:00:43sense of humor we'll see about that part spice oh come on you know leave me alone here with less angry rosie o'donnell won't suit i want to thank your mother for what way you may be wondering why the red suit Well that's so bad guys can't see me
00:01:29bleed this guy's got the right idea he wore the brown pants that he needs to express some rage wait how many ways reeks like old lady pants in here it sounds like you have a dick in your mouth motherfucker You are hard to look at like a testicle
00:02:04with teeth like freddy krueger face fucked a topographical map of utah exactly wait i'm touching myself tonight giving tio giving teo you are i want to look like an avocado had sex with an older avocado thank you all right everyone you were just listening to the trailer for
00:02:49you deadpool and the story is as follows way wilson is a former special forces operative who now works as a mercenary his world comes crashing down when evil scientists ajax tortures disfigures and transforms them into deadpool all the rogue experiment leaves deadpool with accelerated healing powers and a
00:03:10twisted sense of humor with help from butin allies colossus and mega sonic teenage warhead deadpool uses his new skills to hunt down the man who nearly destroyed his life the films starring god's perfect idiot ah hot chick a british villain the comic relief a moody teen a c
00:03:31g i character a gratuitous canio it is produced by as hats written by the real heroes here and directed by an overpaid tool joining me for this review i have mike vermette you know everybody and josh williams what's going on everybody this is a patriot on podcast review
00:03:51exclusive to our patriotic subscribers and before we start off this review i want to give a quick shout out to all of them so bear with me everyone while just list off the names here and trooper audrey parker bryant be dangled jakes feeling film in block lock jason
00:04:08lynn jeffrey rexburg illston josh blumen krantz joshua connelly kevin claw witter kevin jacobsen matthew sinclair michael riccardi mike baranowski rebecca ricin ryan mcquaid stephen teller and wit fess meyer without all of you these would not be possible and we all just want to say thank you very much
00:04:30This was voted on as our review for the month of may our throwback review and it was tied specifically to deadpool too which is coming out now in a few days we know that some people in the world have had a chance to see it already so we're
00:04:46revisiting deadpool one you know And for this review we're going to give it back some of the effort as wade wilson would say so let's start off first with mike vermette Mike vermette what were your initial thoughts of deadpool when it first came out in twenty sixteen not
00:05:06so long ago and also to what was your expectation heading into this You know considering how expend origins wolverine our first introduction to the character played by ryan reynolds when i first saw this movie you know way back when when it came out i loved it i thought
00:05:25it was awesome I thought it was really funny I thought it felt fresh had felt like a different kind of superhero movie that we weren't used to getting definitely something that marvel couldn't dio regular standalone marble arms to you I'm not a deadpool family any stretch of the
00:05:42imagination i don't like him in the comics so i really had no expectations walking into this movie you know i wasn't really worried too much about his ridiculous taken x men origins because i had seen like that teaser footage they had released online they're supposedly leaked or whatever
00:05:59yeah i think what it was is that they don't notice is a who actually leaked the footage but it's essentially an all c g i version of the highway right Yeah yeah the highway scene and i think the story behind that is fox said no when they initially
00:06:15presented the footage the footage leaked online around comic con and fans went absolutely ape shit to the point where fox kind of gave in and green lit the project ultimately yes i mean based on that i mean i was one of those fans who went ape shit and
00:06:32i was like this looks awesome like i definitely want to see this but why were you offended the character originally the comic though i have a really weird thing with like comedy and humor i don't get a lot of light comedy so like his studies show over the
00:06:46top he said always breaking the fourth wall he's like show in your face like that to me i don't find funny so like in the comics i feel like i don't i'm not able to really connect with it but you know one of the things that ryan rounds
00:07:00is really well in this movie and i'm sure we'll talk about is that he's able to take that character who's so zany and so over the top and really give life to him and kind of make him a little more of us three dimensional character and the books
00:07:11he's a little too my opinion a little more two dimensional and yeah i mean it just having him like being bodied like that really makes me connected character and making like the character a lot more than i do on the page so he's somebody you know i don't
00:07:24i had no real expectations for going into it so yeah definitely a big surprise and a big win of the movie what about you josh expectations and ultimate reaction to deadpool yeah so when the church when those trailers were first coming out that footage that came out that
00:07:39you mentioned i was definitely excited i'm the biggest ryan reynolds fan think he's funny and a couple things but i was like you know maybe it could be cool you know he's witty and fast on his feet like the character could really work and then when i first
00:07:50saw the movie i really enjoyed it i thought it was funny um and then on re watches i do not like this movie oh i agree with you josh my god So so i think the reason i really liked it in the theater is because of like the
00:08:07audience interaction like the audience is laughing at a lot of jokes and so i'm like you know this is lighthearted this is fun you know i can laugh at these jokes too but then watching it again by myself i a lot of the jokes are like really flight
00:08:22fumble e if that's a word they just like they can never find their footing and like how quick or how witty they want the jokes to be and that never lands with me ever there's like a couple jokes that i find really funny and then a lot of
00:08:37it is just incredibly stale and so that's just that's how i look at it i think that's a very unpopular opinion but i think aside from that the action is pretty good in a lot of parts but even that gets kind of short handed and scenes like the
00:08:53but the freeway scene is really cool at the beginning but it kind of i feel like they could be doing more with it and they just kind of kept it very basic and very stale and i think if we're going to introduce deadpool into the world you know
00:09:06this everybody knows is like this bad ass rated r character everything should just be over the top like just put the pedal to the floor right out the gate That was just what i thought So upon re watches i think it's very slow and it's not incredibly funny
00:09:21i thought jumping like on what josh said you know with the fact that like it wasn't so over the top i mean they had a really small budget fifty eight million dollars that's nothing take most movies in this genre have a number one in front of that Well
00:09:37yes that's that's like i'm not a hungry watching it I wasn't a huge fan either I didn't think the jokes worked as well when you're sitting by yourself watching in this movie but what did impress me was how good and actually looked for how little they spend on
00:09:53it It looks like it does look nice i will give it that yeah i mean it looks better than the justice league and like that would be cost twice as much if not almost three times as much So i mean tim miller i mean deserves like a huge
00:10:05props i mean this movie looks really well and for the money that they spent it's a blessing that it it looks as good as it does well i want to point out that tim miller started off his career as a visual effects artist so he definitely understands how
00:10:20to blend practical way with visual effects and to create a very seamless effect especially when it comes to the character of deadpool himself because there are moments in this movie where you look at it and you go there's absolutely no way that ryan reynolds or even a stunt
00:10:33double for that matter is doing the things that the characters doing so it must be an all c g i character but those moments i mean you know just from a visual standpoint when you watch the film play out i mean sure maybe if you pause and go
00:10:47frame by frame but to me the effect it's seamless the effects are really seamless yeah yeah i mean i there's never a moment where it ever broke my my illusion there over effects in the movie of her shots sequences things like that where i was kind of taken
00:11:05out of it a little bit you know like the character of colossus for example is like one that i'm just like that's not a good c g i looking character he doesn't look at it all especially in four k he looks horrendous yeah but the character deadpool himself
00:11:19you know that's the money maker that's what people are paying to see he looks great wiffle that said ok i can hear that there is some opinions on how it plays on a re watch now i saw the film in theaters opening weekend heading into it I remember
00:11:35the marketing was like someone was genius marketing i'd ever seen for a movie period and the story i remember like all of the uh the valentine's day promotional materials they were using to promote the film is like a romantic comedy and the most surprising thing about deadpool is
00:11:50how much it really is a love story at the end of the day so much so that he even has a line of dialogue in the movie where he says this is a love story later on he proclaims no this is really a horror movie but that that
00:12:02element to it the romantic relationship between ryan reynolds and morena baccarin am i saying that right I hope i'm saying that right their relationship really really really helps to carry the movie over for me and a unique and surprising way that it was not quite expecting and actually
00:12:19did help to kind of balance out the mohr sophomoric immature humor that is not even sprinkled throughout It is wall to wall throughout which is a complaint that i definitely did have at the time of release and i still have today is that it never breathes and never
00:12:36takes a moment to actually set up those jokes it's just constant jokes I mean when ajax where francis for that matter is just like telling it ball shut the fuck up like and he's getting like so in annoyed with him that he's a talker there were times while
00:12:53watching us where i'm like yeah seriously stop I can't take it anymore but thank god ryan reynolds is just so charismatic and the role that he does make it entertaining even if you don't agree with some of the jokes at least it's still fun to listen to and
00:13:10like you guys were saying to the movie looks very very good So ana rewatch i actually enjoyed it more on a re watch this time which was surprising to me because i hadn't i only saw it once in the theater and i never had a desire to want
00:13:25to rewatch it again since it came out on blue right My rewatch occurred specifically for vests I had not seen it again since it actually came out and i kept on wondering why is that Why am i so Hasn't it tow want to rewatch it Part of it
00:13:43is t j miller which we'll get into a little bit Another part of it was because of the humor like we were saying before i definitely think it works best with a large group of people at a theatre and i do believe that some of the jokes were
00:13:59tailor made specifically for that theater expiry You did not so much for v at home experience Does that make sense No yeah absolutely So i always had this like hesitancy with like wanted to go back and we watch It definitely was surprised to find that the movie has
00:14:19josh you were saying before you know about the pace of the movie i think the pacing is perfect It does not overstate welcoming all it's not even two hours It's one hundred eight minutes long it's really economically short And the movie doesn't really really brilliant job in my
00:14:34opinion of taking that tired old origin story and telling it in a more unique and different way than we've seen before Instead of it being linear they start us off in the beginning of the film dropping us right in the middle of the action At a segment that
00:14:47takes place in the middle towards the end of the film and we keep jumping back and forth with the narrative and i thought that was a really great way to tell the story that you know we've seen told a million times before in a unique way and it
00:15:02also tells us everything we need to know about the character as well what did you guys think of that structure I mean the structure is definitely like a high i would guess i would say a highlight i'm i'm a fan of how they decide to do the origin
00:15:15story like you were saying you know we've seen origin stories done time and time again and we've seen the typical origin story over and over and over again but if all of this since a lot of people don't know the origin story of deadpool you know it's a
00:15:25small obviously smart of them to the first temple film to be an origin story but you're very right it's very refreshing to see it done in a less traditional way So that way when we're watching the movie even it is funny like on opening weekend or or if
00:15:39people that still really like it today you don't get bogged down by on this is just another origin story like it helps keep the jokes alive in certain areas for sure well and also to i mean when when you're when you're watching it like for the first time
00:15:54ever you know the story takes a very very long time also to set up the revenge part of the movie which is ultimately like what his what you think his quest is really about And then of course the film kind of ties of back to this emotional relationship
00:16:11that he has with vanessa at the end that it's not so much about him getting back in a jackson francis and what he did to him it's more about him getting back to the love of his life and finding the courage to find the courage to admit that
00:16:28he's you know not the man that he once was and will she accept that And i actually like like i said i was quite surprised at how tender and how earnest a story of two jigsaw puzzles with their curved edges and their imperfections and weirdness are able to
00:16:49come together to formulate what is ultimately a heartwarming romance Yeah my rewatch i like my favorite parts is when we were the character interactions like i loved the interactions between you know wade vanessa and especially like you know deadpool with colossus and mega sonic teenage morehead you know
00:17:11his interactions with them are really cool because like key so over the top but they're able toe like ground him a little bit more and vanessa's a cool character because she really is a female version of deadpool so they play really well off each other And like the
00:17:25two actors had great chemistry together Ah and and i and i and i kind of hate admitting this i really do But i mean like i have such a negative view of t j miller now i can't stand him but yet his scenes with ryan reynolds like when
00:17:45he's describing his face to first time he sees him and some of his lines i got in mid i still laughed and i and i hated admitting that but it's it's just it's natural comedy to me you know talking about how it's like you look at your face
00:18:04looks like an avocado had hateful sex with another avocado stuff like that like i don't know if those lines were written or if they were improvised I have no idea but i mean there there are moments in this like you said from an interaction standpoint the lines of
00:18:19dialogue i think are the best when they are actually done between the different characters with wade wilson you know and he's not he's not trying to be funny for the audience it's just he's naturally funny and that's just his personality that's his character and he always tries toe
00:18:38find the humor in everything You know what i mean You're the strong Yeah you're right The strongest points in comedy or definitely from the interactions between characters Hey everyone sorry to interrupt Oh but that is the end of our partial review for deadpool on the next best picture
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