Malaysia's new prime minister, Mahathir Mohamad, has said his predecessor, Najib Razak, could be investigated for his role in a multi-billion dollar financial scandal. A travel ban has been imposed on Mr Najib which comes days after his shock election defeat. He's denied any wrongdoing.
Also in the programme: the people of Iraq are voting in their first parliamentary election since the country declared victory over the Islamic State group; and from North Korea - an eyewitness account from the countryside by the head of the UN's World Food Programme.
Picture: Najib Razak leaves after a press conference in Kuala Lumpur. Credit: EPA/FAZRY ISMAIL
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00:00:00hello and welcome to this podcast from the BBC world service please let us know what you think and tell other people about ISIS on social media broadcasts from the BBC world service I supported by advertising welcome to newshour from the BBC world service I'm coming to you live
00:00:22from London he's two sets today we bring you the latest from Malaysia where the former prime minister has now been banned from leaving the country and we go to neighboring Indonesia are the and then mom talk about oil revolution in Java and why what they're asking can a
00:00:43woman become the monarch and Israeli chicken impersonations and Hungarian heavy metal it can only mean one thing yes indeed it's you revisions if that is the French entry you're hearing and our very own poll Henley is in Lisbon for us we start today's program with the dramatic twists
00:01:13and turns in Malaysian politics now the former prime minister Naji Razzaq and his wife for us months or have been banned from leaving the country reports had circulated on social media that they were about to board a private jet Indonesia but angry crowds gathered at the airport to
00:01:31try to stop them although they did say they were only taking a short break early this week Mr Najim sparse and national coalition suffered a shock electoral defeat he's now quit as the leader small SF as a way of life we all feel very sad over what has
00:01:51happened but as a party that upholds democratic principles we will accept the decision with open heart maybe this is an opportunity for us to improve on our weaknesses and the shortcomings that we need to address Mr not jeep has been accused of involvement in a multi billion dollar
00:02:09financial scandal the country's newly elected prime minister Mahathir Mohammed told a news conference said an investigation would be conducted if there was enough evidence does have these images and the investigation into the Senate and that has been done by the the user has to be done and even
00:02:35for this is that the rule of role we have five ninety two year old multi tier Muhammad back in power well to talk us through this new whirlwind of Malaysian politics we have the B. B. C.'s expert Jonathan had John that was quick work stopping it analogy Rostock
00:02:53from believing it sounds as though this new power of the old power is acting very very quickly I think not she kind of forced his hand ready I mean this passenger manifest of a chartered plane was leaked and put on the social media this morning Democrats down at
00:03:10the airport I don't know how much manipulation been involved in that but Mr Najeeb was cold looking as though he was fleeing the country and so at prime minister matesa quite naturally city has to be blacklisted in its its glassy him set the time the terms of the
00:03:24speed of this essay investigation it's an investigation that existed already three years ago %HESITATION an investigation was ongoing in Malaysia I many people believe that the then Attorney General was actually about to press charges against Mister Najeeb who then dramatically sidelined as Attorney General had retired on grounds
00:03:43of supposedly agent ill health but is a man who then promptly kicked him that agenda Attorney General he appointed does not in fact I said so I think we can expect this investigation to restart and out to my head to make the point that with a an investigation
00:03:57into this huge scandal going on at six other countries there is plenty of information and support that the Malaysian government the new authorities can go on to push this investigation home so he's got his is cautious remarkable doctor Mudge's cautious mark think if there was enough evidence is
00:04:12is really an understatement with a huge amount of evidence is going to be I mean not you press X. world has fallen upon us this is a man who fully expected perhaps to have a tough election but certainly to win it I'm not to suffer defeat on this
00:04:26this level I mean his party dropped from forty percent seven percent of eight to thirty two is a policy that is governed almost unchallenged for sixty years so it things are moving very fast they the one and DB scandal isn't fully understood by lot of violations but talk
00:04:41to Marty was very skillful in simplifying it for them portray Mr not cheap as a thief in as a man who would change his country and that puts a lot of public pressure on the new government to prioritize this investigation and I I think when you think of
00:04:54the details that have been exposed elsewhere of seven hundred million dollars showing up in his tonight jeeps account which he brushed off as an anonymous donation by Saudi prince you can see how how many areas they couldn't the investigating how bad it's going to look for the former
00:05:08prime minister it's truly stunning how the tables are turning for so many people now it's confirmed on where Abraham will be released on Tuesday the same person that a doctor about your Muhammad had been jailed is now what is going to be set free so we believe but
00:05:26that was the deal it it is an incredibly because the queen keeping about this deal is how's it gonna work in future we don't to my heart is at an incredibly widely someone say devious political operator he's a sharp witted as ever at ninety two and actually physically
00:05:40very active he and I'm more a very strong personalities they were seen as a fantastic partnership when the nation was going very fast in the nineties and it's nostalgia that that has helped fuel that popular excitement about them getting back together again but they found out spectacularly was
00:05:57as am I was jailed in them and release and he was jailed again by not cheap it's a deal that they've done over the last two years when dot to Marty decided to abandon his party and to join the opposition is well fleshed out at the terms have
00:06:10been repeated time and again by dot to my heart here he will step aside in two years from is to and why but once that she get to governing and sharing power no one to show how they gonna what that one out Jonathan had I'm sure gonna hear
00:06:22a lot more from you about all this we thank you very much for joining us with your analysis of these extraordinary Tristen turns in Malaysian politics now to another kind of politics Iran's foreign minister Javad city for starting a diplomatic tour to try to salvage the nuclear deal
00:06:50after president trump announced the US is putting out Mrs reefs mission is to see whether other signatories to the deal including Britain France and Germany can provide to the trade and investment that Iran expects in exchange for the restrictions on its nuclear program but how much can Europe
00:07:07really do now I've been speaking to former French ambassador to the US your V. mom who's a senior fellow at Carnegie Europe and in Germany Shapiro of the European Council on foreign relations he was at the state department during president Obama's administration first email do friends in Germany
00:07:24have any tools left in there diplomatic tool kit there has been for the last three or four months a lot of discussion at the official level between the three European so Great Britain Germany and France with their American counterparts to try to propose a way of moving ahead
00:07:43leaving the nuclear agreement as it is moving into a negotiations on other issues the stick missile program of Iran TM the whole Iranian influence in the region in other words talking about the whole concept of regional security for the region but the problem has been from the start
00:08:03that to US officials have stated time and again to their European counterparts okay we work together we try to agree on the package then nobody knows what really the American president will say about all this and we have seen the results there which was %HESITATION trump's statement last
00:08:23Wednesday so that makes the whole discussion rather difficult Germany is a lot of danger in this destruction there's quite a bit of danger in this particular disruption and I think that that does have to do with the particular place of Iran in US foreign policy and with the
00:08:40advisers that are in these currently around Donald Trump I don't really think that Donald Trump has a lot of interest in Iran he has a lot of interest in undoing Obama's legacy has a lot of interest in appearing strong he has a lot of interest in undoing the
00:08:55Iran deal and not having to sign these waivers every three months and playing to his base but he doesn't really have a plan for Iran he hopes that he can disrupt things and it will all become better but I think that there are quite a few people in
00:09:09his administration who do have a plan for around which is quite different than some of the other issues that were mentioned %HESITATION and I think that these people are very interested in the idea of having a greater confrontation with Iran very interested in various ways of accomplishing regime
00:09:25change and I think that that means that this is an opening for creating that type of confrontation and and hoping from their perspective hoping that it leads to something that will allow the US to make gains against Iran in the region if Iran resumes its nuclear program then
00:09:42the Europeans will have to decide whether they add you sanctions to American sanctions for the time being desperately hope that this will not be the case will be a very difficult political moment for for Europeans if they have to do that so a lot depends on whether Iran
00:09:59decides whether if there's enough in the deal to stay in the deal because if they if they pull out and it's a whole new game you think can Germany and France who have tripled their trade with Iran after the signing of the nuclear deal continue to at least
00:10:13trade at the end of the day US sanctions will bite and there is very little doubt about this unless you have waivers it will be very difficult for French firms to go on investing and doing business with the with Iran even if they don't have a large stake
00:10:32in the US market people are talking about visual who knows who I am and which don't have much business in the United States for moving ahead in going ahead with the business with Iran this is going to be difficult even for them so let's have no no illusion
00:10:49about how much do Europeans can can act that this will be very difficult for that at the end of the day what the Germans and the French maid proposed to Iran is that we keep the deal you keep your part of the deal and what we can guarantee
00:11:07is some economic benefits but certainly not of the level and the time mentioned that %HESITATION Iran was expecting so this is really where Iran will have to make a choice and it's going to be a very difficult one one other piece of president from some Mideast policy will
00:11:25be put in place on Monday with the moving of the American embassy to Jerusalem as you know gentlemen something always happens in the summer and it's often in the Middle East just one last comment from both of you to think it will be a hot summer in the
00:11:36Middle East Jeremy first it's always safe to predict the hot summer in the Middle East while I think that there's a tremendous chance of conflict and renewed conflict in the Middle East I'm not really sure that they can be directly linked in terms of timing to what's happening
00:11:49this week among well first of all I think the fire is already there in the region if you look at Syria Yemen is at the end and you could at other places in the region I think the credit crisis is sort of a crisis feeling is what is
00:12:05already there definitely the transfer of the US embassy and the recent decision on that the withdrawal from the Iranian nuclear deal I'm not going to help moment they're going to increase the tension there Indian stability so I think it's high time for those who would like to bring
00:12:24a little bit more stability in the region to move ahead in and to take initiatives here and there to build up a little bit of confidence of course it's easy to say and much more difficult to deliver indeed former French ambassador to the US peer V. mall was
00:12:39now at Carnegie Europe and Germany Shapiro of the European Council on foreign relations who is at the state department during president Obama's administration coming up on newshour property prices booming for Israeli homes in the occupied west bank they dont want to repeat the mistakes that were done in
00:13:11the past in the past the walls at the coloration of the building phase they didn't provide any peace agreement what about when it comes to compromises involving land twenty propensity I think your question is completely theoretical since the Oslo accord every day that passes we've gone further away
00:13:28from a two state solution we'll have our final report on key issues in the Israeli Palestinian conflict from our Middle East correspondent your launch now and just a reminder of our top stories this hour on the BBC world service militias former prime minister Naji Razzaq has been prevented
00:13:43from leaving his country he may now be investigated over a massive financial scandal you just need to the BBC world service I'm used to sex and this is news hour and it is that time of year again the Eurovision Song Contest love it or hate it it's a
00:14:11much anticipated date in the cultural calendar this year the final takes place tonight in the Portuguese capital of Lisbon and as you may know it's usually known for its outlanders Friels and frolicking across the states in the very political voting by viewers across Europe what can we expect
00:14:28this year our very own Paul Henley is there well look at least in a nutshell this is a party I mean I could go on about how this was a contest set up in nineteen fifty six to help heal the wounds of war torn Europe and to an
00:14:41extent it still bringing Europe together I don't want to over agate but look every embassy all over the world knows the diplomatic worth of a good party and this is a good party you're supposed to who disapprove enjoy a not enjoy but that's something about Eurovision it's catch
00:14:59this if you like that draws people into it and I was going to say two hundred plus million people con be wrong of course they could be wrong but they watch it so it's a popular thing worldwide now okay it's supposed to be about the music so what
00:15:14is on offer tonight I can talk you through a few of the highlights or lowlights depending on how you look at it at their awe of course some political songs this year some campaign songs was quite a moving number from friends %HESITATION with the words to which go
00:15:28I was born this morning on a boat somewhere between two continents I am hoping my name is Messi has a bit of it now France is offering it they said here they send out a truly has a response to the terrorist attacks in Europe that goes along the
00:16:01lines of we've done nothing to deserve this by contrast Estonia goes nylon already put in operatic full we did at Eurovision this year office as slick slice of perfectly produced pop and I Justin Timberlake sweet and really showing typical find shootings this context his many people's highlight of
00:16:55the evening listen to the chicken impression this is next to a feminist from Israel looking anything but a faulty tell she says this Bobby's got something to say I'm not yet toy is stupid boy they can see Lisa a mixed offering I feel I've already watched the final
00:17:22so I don't know what are the bookie saying who's who's in with a chance well according to the book is it could be a political campaigns on like friends as it could be Israel if they catch this year's me to vibe if you like it's more likely to
00:17:36be the very catchy but totally mindless pop dance number from Cyprus that goes I a I a I a forty go roughly translating as I a I a I a fire sum that all of Europe will hear at that Mediterranean beach by the some holiday and I was
00:17:51reading call that they're trying to do if it's possible tone down the frills %HESITATION well this was a call from last year's winner um Salvador from Portugal doesn't like frills he sang a very simple love song with few effects but no it's free Leah and at and fire
00:18:08area than have %HESITATION I've never been so hot in a contest from all the pyrotechnics and %HESITATION I understand there are fifty kilos of confetti waiting to be dropped on the winning contestant tonight's at Eurovision is is at its at catch full volume and why not now Ellen
00:18:25for areas for Cyprus as her song flag was actually about female empowerment in the fire that women have inside themselves want to listen for eight modern take on tradition in Indonesia feud has erupted in the Javanese Muslim royal family over whether a woman can become the first female
00:18:49monarch the current Soltan of Yogyakarta who holds a powerful political and spiritual position has no sons so he wants his eldest daughter to take the throne didn't seize river hench care was given exclusive access to enter the Japanese palace complex to meet the family %HESITATION yeah and then
00:19:10mom being groomed to dress in order to enter the palace so I'm wearing a sarong with the official take on it coming to the female part of the palace for a ritual to date that's being led by the queen and her tennis despite the outward calm sure not
00:19:33in the same way for hundreds of years of oil revolution is taking place final with new sons the current selection is grooming the eldest of his five to what is to be his area from generation to generation Sudan who range of democratic that a seems to death himself
00:20:01against the students of time Inbal were one of the royal court he is tells me his view on the matter of the ashes meander locate ways through tree lined courtyards into the private residence of the princesses in the past it's not difficult for the soup down the tubes
00:20:21one of the things to be his successor because in the past it is ordinary for the suit them to have more than five in Japanese culture much is conveyed through symbolism rather than anything said directly the sultan recently gave his eldest daughter of the title goosey kind generous
00:20:45to my uncle bill me which means the one who holds the earth and made changes to his own title so that its gender neutral the princess not when I say her time uncle bill me holds a lot of responsibility commies adept alluded to it as the eldest I
00:21:03have more responsibility than my sisters but the final decision is in the hands of my father and it got me this is the first time the princess is talk publicly to foreign press about succession and he's careful with the words when I ask her if she's ready to
00:21:21take on the role confirmed it with this guy it has decided yet but if you look at the other royal families in Islamic kingdoms there have been queens that's all I will see %HESITATION bottle but the sultan's fifteen brothers and sisters vowing to make sure a woman never
00:21:45takes power while his younger brother trouble Kusuma says they have written to the president to let them know they deep concerns and now most of the family are refusing to speak with the sultan retained royal offense committed that resulted our cultural traditions are very clear well done must
00:22:06be a man denim itself is made of what could be called a woman this routine there was about each uses his brother's family of being motivated by greed and the desire to hold on to the royal businesses and the younger brother has a strong message is threatening the
00:22:24daughters will not be tolerated this would I get us back out the door and Debbie after this to don has died with the hat off the people we will drive his wife and daughter out off the bellies yeah no longer members of our family when was the area
00:22:44that that would create quite is still rice say that's okay he laughs just remember who's in the wrong hands Alethea bottom you Rebecca hands gave reporting you're listening to the BBC world service signed a lease to sex and this is news hour coming up next we'll hear from
00:23:03the head of the world food program on his visit to North Korea but first the Rockies are voting today in their first election since the so called Islamic state was pushed from Iraqi cities but there are many other challenges facing the Rockies including economic hardship corruption and continuing
00:23:19security problems prime minister Haidar al Abadi is running again but so are many others let's check in with our correspondent Martin patients who is in Baghdad first of all Martin what to try to turn outlook in Baghdad and beyond why was just on the one polling station and
00:23:35not as a steady trickle but exactly what tolerance and some suggestions on the voter turnout will be lower than before and I think one of the reasons why that might be the case since people here like this of losing by points by government corruption as well as the
00:23:52weak economy I think to symbolize all of this one man was walking into voting shocking that all over the country attentions are up on leaks and is corruption the backstage view that everybody's talking about how science is only the things have changed in a black security these banks
00:24:10are across the country I'm people are not so much talking about performance but talking about a lack of opportunity now must ask you where you're speaking for Americans well I was just on at a police station but I'm in the heart all fine drastic where of sleep the
00:24:29lecture will be the site of one of their earlier of places like basically was sacked or sixteen not accusation stronghold group there probably will be a strong turnout there because she leaders in this country make sure that people who want to hold what is interesting with English yet
00:24:46now which dominate rack that there's a split so a prime minister Haidar al Abadi space some expansively facing a tough race because there's two other candidates who could well a drawl supports away from and if the scene is risky actions that it could leave the country badly needed
00:25:06the healing more divided than ever I think there's a sense here that perhaps the reason opportunity to rebuild of slate this huge amount of task ahead of the next government to rebuild the city chapter of falling on my **** but there is a warrior I think amongst many
00:25:25Iraqis that the whole region is the cue creek squandered there's a fragile unity at the moment basic tavy integrations could come back to haunt Iraq many Sudanese facts the religious minority in this country they feel marginalized by the governments in maxim part plates to the wrong place of
00:25:43the so called Islamic state then unless their grievances are tracks then we could see extremism once again taking risks in our and just very briefly Martin about much concern there filtering through the elections about the repercussions of the Iran nuclear deal exactly I think there is a law
00:26:02of concern Iraq in many ways in terms of security he's in a good place for the last thing Iraqis want to see is their country becoming a casualty and any struggle between America and our Martin patients from Baghdad thanks for joining us listening to the BBC world service
00:26:26time these two sets and this is news our many eyes are now on North Korea as preparations continue for the first ever meeting of a sitting US president on all trump and a north Korean leader on June twelfth in Singapore this week the US secretary of state might
00:26:41Pompeii overturn from Pyongyang with three Americans who had been held prisoner move seen as a confidence building measure ahead of the talks now the head of the world food program David Beasley has also just ended a visit to North Korea my colleague Judy in worker asked what impressions
00:26:58the country had left on him well this was my first visit and it was four days on the ground all across the nation including two full days out in the field and two full days in the capital city mid move meeting with leaders and album the field the
00:27:14little out in the field I mean literally we were out in the field and we were visiting rural communities that hardly any outsider has access to which was unprecedented for us to have the access that we head you had men and women did not an extraordinary number of
00:27:29people out in the fields they don't have mechanization so they're out with oxen in piles and who's in shovels and rakes digging in with Chilean working %HESITATION to plant in a nation that only has fifteen to twenty percent arable land then you compound that with severe winters droughts
00:27:52flooding lack of rainfall a you can imagine %HESITATION the the struggle they have to to grow the have sufficient food to feed the population I did not see starvation we feel like there's been some improvement but there's a long way to go how free do you feel you
00:28:09were to speak to the people who you needed to speak to and to see the extent of what's going on there we were granted access it was unprecedented %HESITATION there's no question about that and I also because I mean you made the comment about you you didn't see
00:28:23starvation but was that because it's not that old because you weren't allowed to see the world food program has been on the ground now in DPRK now for twenty three years is so in the last year hire teams were allowed eighteen hundred site visits to evaluate the realities
00:28:43on the ground so I asked this question to mark the message what I saw was that reflective or representative of the average community that you're familiar with and they said it is you did not see the best of the best you saw what was the average now could
00:29:00there be starvation there may be but it's definitely not like it was in the nineteen nineties when you had a famine is there under nourishment severe issues with regards to study gene in issues like that yes there are industry obviously why we're there's humanitarian to address the humanitarian
00:29:17the and it was that David Beasley of the world food program ending a four day visit to North Korea overjoyed Visoki to park the rector of research and strategy at liberty in North Korea an NGO working with north Korean refugees some line from Seoul thank you for joining
00:29:34us okay park I think it would you agree with the with the very quick assessments by David Beasley that the food situation has improved in the in the countryside well it depends on the time frame that we're talking about in a long time time frame definitely since the
00:29:52nineteen nineties or over the last ten or fifteen years has been a long term improvement in food security by maybe over the last year more specifically I does seem like the sanctions are being implemented from the Chinese side and a much better way than ever before has affected
00:30:11the general economy the price of rice still seems to be stable about the general economy and commodity prices do seem to have increased and that's making life more difficult for ordinary and rich grins alike and one of the other pressures on north Koreans living outside **** Yang Yang
00:30:31the pressures and the it the general human rights situation yeah I mean I think that that's the fundamental problem here that we need to look at which it starts people are not poor because of unlucky whether or geographical connections or something might find ultimately it's because north Korea's
00:30:50most close repressive and ideologically golf and country in the world I mean South Korea where I am right now has roughly the same geographical and weather conditions bought it's the eleventh largest economy in the world and so dot shows that this is because of the government's difference and
00:31:12the relationship that North Korea has with the outside world and so it's a completely artificially induced policy and some of the worst human rights conditions in the world as well is that kind of a system you know passed on from father to son is essential to the rule
00:31:31of North Korea or can you see any sign any possibility that it could start easing now that there's this new dialogue taking place I do think that change is possible and facts it's inevitable Kim Jong moon finds itself in a very difficult position it's kind of a time
00:31:51limit in the long run I think that he sees and we see this from his speeches and policy decisions while I but they need to economic development so some are kind of sustained at the system in the long run however opening up the economy to the outside world
00:32:07and leading information and ideas coming from the outside world is also a threat so I think that he's trying to navigate this very class full path way of developing the economy without allowing too much foreign country us our culture into the country and you'll be hearing loss about
00:32:24you to the ambition for did to denuclearize odd North Korea but you think behind the scenes there is talk about the human rights situation does that matter to South Korea and to do the United States just briefly no I think that that's the risk right now but all
00:32:42of the focus is going on security hole nuclear weapons and missiles and human rights have just been pushed to the to the wayside when actually we should be working in parallel on security on human rights and humanitarian issues because this is all some symptoms of the same thing
00:32:59are secure long term security resolution will not happen without more great change in opening up as a country so we need a more holistic approach soaking park thank you very much for joining us and now to our final report on key issues in the Israeli Palestinian conflict are
00:33:17Middle East correspondent your lawn now looks at settlements and borders in the past efforts to revive peace talks between Israelis and Palestinians have involved freezes on construction in Jewish settlements in the occupied west bank and East Jerusalem those are areas that the Palestinians want along with Gaza for
00:33:34their future state right now property prices for Israeli homes in the west bank are booming I'm in the front a west bank settlements when new homes being built property prices arising in Israel but in the settlements that going up even faster even though these housing projects contentious point
00:33:57in the peace process Palestinians see them as an illegal land grab previously when the US brokered peace talks Israel's government agreed to hold settlement construction and France met a dead VV its confidence that what happened on the president trump all I am in touch with different officials and
00:34:16the American administration the message that I go out is that they don't want to repeat the mistakes that were done in the past in the past the walls and the creation of a building phase they didn't provide any peace agreement what about when it comes to compromises involving
00:34:32land twenty propensity I think your question is completely theoretical since the Oslo accord every day that passes we've gone further away from a two state solution back in nineteen ninety three applause on the White House lawn as the Oslo peace accords were signed by Israel and the Palestinians
00:34:51the Palestinians got limited self rule and the framework was sent out to discuss the big questions including borders and settlements you'll see Beilin Israel's negotiator on the deal thinks that in the last failed peace talks red herrings came up he maintains the land must be politicians to create
00:35:11two states for two people and settlements must be dealt with I think that the policy of the drop the ministration to was the settlements he's very problematic in a way into a little bit datacenter invisible to Israel who is not ready to speak about the occupied territories he's
00:35:30not ready to speak about the settlements as a problem idols round he supported the settlements in the bus financially but if you ask me whether this is a game changer multiple the whole issue of the settlements can be quite easily solved the eighties jock to say that the
00:35:49two state solution is over because there is no other solution I've come to a coffee shop to meet a former member of the Palestinian negotiations team Deanna Bhutto imposed peace talks mutual land swaps were discussed something she disagreed with us now more controversial option so openly talks about
00:36:12Israel's government one minister advocates exchanging populations of Arab Israelis the Jewish settlers as well as territory others call for formally annexing the sixty percent of the west bank currently under full Israeli control Deanna thinks any new US peace plan wouldn't even envisage a viable state for the Palestinians
00:36:34if we take the pieces of what he's talking about trump is talking about a series of cantons that are internally controlled by the Palestinian authority quieted making sure that there's no resistance to Israeli military rule and that look in the facts like Swiss cheese separated from one another
00:36:53perhaps with the road here there but no real independence certainly no freedom and always under Israel's from I'm driving into the west bank I'm going through a checkpoint manned by Israeli soldiers and cost a spring that's now but in you Israeli visitors center for nature is a Palestinians
00:37:15living in a village nearby cold I wanted to have been told that the checkpoint table soon be moved so that some will no longer be able to access that farm lands at the village entrance I'm posting a new wool part of Israel's separation barrier and the settlement that
00:37:35took most of the land and nowadays with this war and so on it is not allowed to posit that this multi level tool to Borneo to its even I will admit was born in the original village of al wanted to that's now inside Israel seventy years ago in
00:37:53the Arab Israeli war he was among residents who fled to parts of the land that ended up on the Jordans control but things change dramatically off to Israel captured and occupied the west bank in nineteen sixty seven this village has had land confiscated and homes demolished because they
00:38:10had no Israeli permits I will admit it is the future we will do what is longing to have a better live free them we don't believe it is coming but they said that they would be two states and so on we hope that there will be a solution
00:38:28what if any believe people are already on on suffering from what is happening and what is said devoted the Israel Palestinian conflict is essentially over land and it has a profound impact on people's everyday life in the post it's often turned violent and settlers have been the victims
00:38:47of Palestinian attacks and yet Israelis continue to move to the occupied territories some for economic reasons others ideological ones while Palestinians say there's no point in peace talks while settlements expands Israelis wants negotiations without preconditions and they point out Israel has previously given up plans for its own
00:39:10security and in exchange for peace Yonge now reporting and a reminder of our top story this hour the former Malaysian prime minister Najib Razzaq suffered a shock electoral defeat this week has been barred from leaving the country he's been accused of involvement in a multi billion dollar financial
00:39:33scandal I've been speaking to the BBC's Jonathan had not you press X. world has fallen apart this is a man who fully expected perhaps to have a tough election but certainly to win it this is a party that has governed almost unchallenged for sixty years doctor Monty was
00:39:47very skillful and portray Mr not cheap as a thief in as a man who would change his country and that puts a lot of public pressure on the new government to prioritize this investigation and that said Jonathan had and in other news this hour E. Rockies are voting
00:40:01in their first elections since the Islamic state group was pushed from Iraqi cities listen to news hour I'm biester section this is the BBC world service the investigative journalist run in Farah who happens to be the son of mia Farrow and Woody Allen has a new book out
00:40:28it's about the state department called war on peace the end of diplomacy and the decline of American influence energy interviews warlords whistle blowers and policymakers including every living former secretary of state from Henry Kissinger directs to listen his new writing comes after pharaohs articles in The New Yorker
00:40:46magazine late last year helped uncover the Harvey Weinstein sexual abuse allegations and won him a Pulitzer Prize for public service so why write a book about the state department and how it works or doesn't he's in speaking to news hours roughly eight ball I had been a junior
00:41:04official at the state department in Afghanistan and Pakistan and in Washington DC and one of the most cute trend lines that I saw first hand was the shrinking space for diplomats as we make our most pressing policy decisions in Afghanistan especially it was apparent that if you wanted
00:41:22to do any of the work that was once the domain of development experts and negotiators you had to do it through the Pentagon or the CIA and I say that as an illustration of just how much we've surrendered to the expertise and the primacy of those institutions you
00:41:40have interviewed every living secretary of state is there a single quality that you think they all have in common each of them is sort of startling and candid in a different way in this book you know someone like Colin Powell one of the United States great military men
00:41:58sang were ripping the guts out of the state department we are mortgaging America's future here this is strong language and I I think the reason why they all decided they needed to go on the record was that regardless of the controversies of their track records they all believed
00:42:14sincerely in the project of making sure America's diplomats are not denigrated and has that come to the fore on the rex to listen the last one who has just been sacked or has it been happening over a longer period of time both things are true there is a
00:42:35new extreme now that's unlike anything we've seen before these are mass firings of our experts on crises around the world often of individuals in the middle of their missions like Thomas countrymen a career diplomat who was shown the door unceremoniously a couple days into the trump administration as
00:42:55he was in the midst of negotiations he's a great lens through which to view this because he was our top arms control official and that's one of our great challenges now that we are ill equipped to confront in the context of rex to listen how would you assess
00:43:08his ability to do that job was it really not down to him was it what was being done to him I use hands being tied in the conflicts between him and Jared Kushner trump sun angle I tell the story of the early Clinton administration when Warren Christopher that
00:43:26administrations for secretary of state got on the hill and sounded a lot like the trump administration calling for deep cuts to the state department and so while this is a new extreme we have clear lessons from the past that we can draw one of those is that when
00:43:40that happened in the Clinton administration it was devastating to our ability to conduct diplomacy around the world and it left us ill equipped to confront the challenges after nine eleven if you look at rex tellers and and his brief and tumultuous track record you seat the repetition of
00:43:56that very same mistake and he is as candid as he has ever been in the interviews in this book one of the last interviews impact of of his job where he says I may have just been too inexperienced and he plays a lot of blame at the feet
00:44:11of the White House pretty extraordinary revelations from him and I I think you know this was a combination of a man who was tasked with the evisceration of his own department and a man who never quite wrapped his arms around the challenge of dealing with this historically unique
00:44:28president who is hooked on Twitter and does a very different kind of diplomacy but isn't it also the results all of the direct relationship between rex to listen and president trump because the bottom line is that president trump doesn't take too kindly to being told anything there is
00:44:49a White House source in war on peace who in describing rex Tyler since failure to build rapport with the president gave us a counter example Mattis the secretary of defense's report with the president and served as a slightly unflattering imitation of him and says you know that matters
00:45:07would come in and say you know yes Mister president you're so perfect Mister president you win so much Mister president you know everyone loves you Mister president but also here's an alternative perspective and %HESITATION by that sources account rex tellers than is one of the end of rituals
00:45:21around as the president who never mastered that art of sucking up or contending with the ego issues there do you think that what we're saying now ways the United States walking away from the Iran nuclear deal was inevitable it was apparent from the very beginning of the trumpet
00:45:40ministrations that there was this disregard for expertise and disregard for the kinds of diplomatic endeavors that the Iran deal represented this is also very clearly political in nature %HESITATION this was viewed as an Obama accomplishment and it was there for urgent to I think wipe it away the
00:46:00great irony is not only does stepping out of the Iran deal send a dangerous message to the United States allies that we won't stand by our word and drives a wedge between the United States in those allies it also sends a message to North Korea that's extraordinarily dangerous
00:46:17right now as Donald Trump seeks to undertake diplomacy with North Korea and does so without any input from the career experts who have been so immersed and diplomatic entrees to North Korea over the years without any kind of safeguard against the very legitimate risk that we will be
00:46:35played in those talks and without that one president of a deal that for all its limitations was working with a rogue state so a lot of the experts in this book say what incentive does North Korea have to live up to their commitments if we haven't lived up
00:46:52to ours on the Iran deal one of the architects of the Iran deal of course was the secretary of state John Kerry president trump highs in recent days named John Kerry as somebody who is conducting informal diplomacy with the suggestion that somehow he's doing something that is against
00:47:09the best interests of the United States I wonder what you make of that the United States has always had a robust space for dialogue outside of government and public intellectuals who lobby for whatever they want to lobby for and I don't particularly see that as illegitimate or at
00:47:29odds with the space a government has to conduct its own policies I think that's part of having a vibrant and inform democracy that you have for officials and public policy thinkers speaking their mind Ronan Farrow investigative journalist and author of a new book called war on P. speaking
00:47:48to news hours prize yet all that brings to an end this edition of our program for me in the rest of the team thanks for listening rely from London he's has been a download from the BBC to discover more under the terms of use visit BBC dot com
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