On the 31st of January- Amazon, JP Morgan, and Berkshire Hathaway launched a healthcare company, Softbank invested $300 million in a Silicon Valley dog-walking startup, 60,000 North Korean kids may starve due to sanctions and Post office staff get new NIFT-designed Khadi uniforms
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00:00:02%HESITATION on Good Morning listeners on thirty first agenda lost a nation of this month last edition of this but because for awhile now today is the last episode I've learned a lot doing this day off today I hope you enjoyed listening to this I will be back at
00:00:25some point I knew in this book cost one small but for now I think %HESITATION trying to not spread myself too thin this year and hands one to focus on a few of the things that are in the pipeline I'm not sure if they'll pan out the way
00:00:40I want them to but he is a little has to kind of take a backseat to the objective of this book ghost was initially just a little selfish in terms of just me being updated with what's happening across the world and I think unfairly been successfully achieving that
00:00:57I have a good sense of the world the but the politics around different continents different countries to different issues that are of little importance in the one the whole field that have been doing this so yes let's talk about what's happening on the thirty first of January we
00:01:17have for things to discuss today this Amazon JP Morgan and books I had three launching a healthcare company this softbank that invested three hundred million dollars in the Silicon Valley dog walking start up sixty thousand all green kids may stall due to sanctions yeah owns nuclear program is
00:01:40leading children dying hungry and post office stuff in India get new nifty design called the uniforms first reason the news is about Amazon shaving all then looks at the company's plan to disrupt America's bloated healthcare sector free from profit making centers and constraints Amazon is disrupted fashion books
00:02:03financial food cloud based storage devices and much else besides not going for one of the biggest and most complex industries in the US which is the healthcare Amazon books said to Angie Mulder announced a week but market mowing plan to launch an independent company that will offer healthcare
00:02:21services to the company's employees at lower costs the wind chill which will be managed by executive from the phones will be done with a non profit then of for profit entity the market the market value of ten large listed health insurance and pharmacy stocks dropped by a combined
00:02:40thirty billion dollars in the first two hours of training at the time of writing in children mental life was the hardest hit down nearly nine percent for the day the assistant is planning to disrupt the healthcare %HESITATION way of doing things in the US for their respective companies
00:03:00it's quite normal now softbank invest invested three hundred million dollars in the Silicon Valley doleful can start on the deck giants hundred billion dollar lesion fun as big hopeful wagon that's what it's called a service that enables people to request for dog walkers for their own dogs what
00:03:17a busy to win that salicylates like an old word for dole the fund has been writing big checks to the companies that can collect the harness %HESITATION data of lost oceans like say the location mapping info from any army of the locals absolutely it's an app that connects
00:03:41people want to walk dogs with the owners of dogs want and oaks to be walked that is so cool sixty thousand north Korean kids of me is still viewed as sanctions as the UNICEF nearly sixty thousand children in North Korea face potential starvation new international sanctions against the
00:03:57regime of the providing humanitarian assistance is exempted from the sanctions the absence of adequate shipping routes delays in delivery of globally it sector on the way global sanctions have been imposed against North Korea over its ballistic and nuclear missile program available in German and what he's up to
00:04:19he's not doing anything else apart from getting is neovia these and other threatening insulting tone from from day in and day out lost based on the news about a post office stuff and then getting the new nifty design call the uniforms the department of political son would wed
00:04:37cocky colored uniforms from February twenty eighteen of the department the design the info in collaboration with the National Institute of fashion technology the forty eight crore rupees order to supply the farm uniforms to ninety thousand people has been awarded to the call the in village industries commission Mr
00:04:58St gala sing a long string of films on Tuesday CS from Feb going to see post office men in Cosby clad uniforms thanks to NIFT with that prison is wrapping up today's edition of news on the goal lost for awhile now you guys have a great first team
00:05:16on Wednesday morning in fact I will see you sometime soon and you will hear from me in the meantime please follow my other broadcasters is in conversation with a friend when I was guests from different fields %HESITATION about and discuss things that matter to me this books philosophy
00:05:33discuss fitness of people on and and different professions we had six guests cell phone all from different fields she there should definitely check it out I'm going to post the link to that book us in the description books of this episode if you guys want to show me
00:05:49some love follow and subscribe to the channel on different platforms put on some clothes experienced teacher and any other focused impactful also be happy to hear from you by the post in the comments box or write to me at ushering at often chubby at opal just AS H.
00:06:07W. I. N. S. H. W. and CW H. AB on a and that phone and leaving you with come home by decline DP I will miss you guys talk soon

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